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After Gegen shuts off the force field around Chakotay, he and Chakotay make formal first contact between the two. A hadrosaur seen on the Holodeck, possibly the ancient ancestor with the unknown species.

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The Doctor finds that the DNA of the Voth and Humans are remarkably similar 47 genetic markers in common, a conclusion Gegen and Veer had reached earlier and Janeway makes the conclusion that the Voth evolved on Earth. Janeway goes to holodeck 2 and tries to picture the closest relative to the Voth from Earth. On the holodeck, she and The Doctor see various reptiles from the Cretaceous era , most notably a hadrosaur. The Doctor predicts that the hadrosaur continued to evolve after the extinction of other beings to the present Voth civilization.

On Gegen's ship, Chakotay and Gegen propose that any existence of the intelligence of the dinosaurs could have been deep under the surface, never to be found by the Humans on Earth. Gegen begins to see that the Humans and mammals as a whole are not as inferior as he once thought. When Chakotay requests to beam back to Voyager , Gegen denies his request and says that he must bring Chakotay to the Ministry to prove that Humans exist. Back on Voyager , Tuvok and Paris are attempting to understand the Voth cloaking technology.

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Suddenly an enormous Voth city ship several times the size of Voyager de-cloaks. Voyager goes to red alert, then begins to be probed with an energy beam that cuts through the shields before the entire vessel is beamed into a large hangar onboard the Voth ship. With Voyager inside the massive Voth city ship , the ship and weapons begin to lose power and Janeway orders to crew to repel boarders.

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Heading for the bridge, Tuvok is shot by a dart from behind and orders Paris, who is with him, to leave without him. The Voth manage to easily take over the ship, with Janeway and Harry Kim being interrupted by them while attempting to restore power.

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The Voth interrogate the Humans about their origin. When Janeway mentions Earth, the Voth suspects Gegen of spreading rumors. Paris is able to make it to Main Engineering and attempts to fire a full spread of photon torpedoes through the city ship, however the Voth are able to detect and block his attack. Meanwhile, Gegen gets a communication from the Ministry threatening to destroy Voyager if he doesn't return. He reluctantly sets course back to the ship. Professor Gegen meets the Ministry again and is accused of going against The Doctrine. He does not retract his statements, so Odala begins the trial.

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On trial, the Ministry further accuses Gegen of disputing Doctrine through the Distant Origin Theory and being a destructive influence on society. After given a chance to deny of the evidence, Gegen refuses.

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The Minister states that the Humans are not related at all to counter Gegen's theory. Chakotay responds by saying that Voyager 's fossil records prove otherwise. The Ministry stops and begs Gegen to admit that his interpretation and theory is wrong. Gegen again refuses and claims that the entire Voth civilization is from the Human planet of Earth.

When the Minister brings forth Veer and questions him about the theory, he states, rather unenthusiastically, that Gegen's research was flawed. The Kazon reappear and prove to be a powerful nemesis, while in " Phage " an additional threat is introduced, in the disease ravaged organ-harvesting Vidiians. Crucially, Janeway's decision to maintain Voyager as a Starfleet vessel is brought sharply into focus when a member of the former Maquis crew, Ensign Seska is revealed to be a Cardassian spy, and in a showdown with Janeway, defects to the Kazon.

Each of the primary cast members gets a chance to develop their characters in the first season.

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Chakotay 's heritage and relationship with Janeway are highlighted in " Parallax ", " The Cloud ", " State of Flux ", and " Cathexis ". B'Elanna Torres becomes the ship's new Chief Engineer in " Parallax ", reveals more of her Klingon character in " Faces ", and begins to adjust to Starfleet's code of conduct in " Prime Factors ".

Neelix loses a lung in " Phage " and faces up to the loss of his family, and his species' virtual genocide in " Jetrel ". Kes' mental abilities begin to assert themselves in " Time and Again " and " Cathexis ", and The Doctor EMH slowly begins to experience new emotions, and gain new rights, privileges and responsibilities in " Eye of the Needle " and " Heroes and Demons ". Supervising Producer: David Livingston.

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