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MARK in a state of profound shock, in a trembling voice Have you indeed? Is that what you think? Look at him there, the most faithful of the loyal. Cast your eyes upon him, the dearest of friends. His loyalty's freest deed pierced my heart with its hostile treachery! If Tristan betrayed me, am I to hope that what his treachery has cost me should by Melot's counsel honestly be restored to me?

Fantastic dream! Deceitful and desolate! Fade away! Give way! MARK deeply affected This to me? This, Tristan, to me? Whither has loyalty fled now that Tristan has betrayed me? Das dir zum Pfand ich gab, ob ich mein Haupt gewahrt? Ich zeigt' ihn dir in offner Tat: Namen und Ehr' hab ich getreu vor Schande dir bewahrt. Sieh ihn dort, den treuesten aller Treuen; blick auf ihn, den freundlichsten der Freunde: seiner Treue freister Tat traf mein Herz mit feindlichstem Verrat!

Dies, Tristan, mir? Wohin nun Ehr' and honesty, now that the champion of all honour, Tristan, has lost it? As Tristan appointed himself its emblem, where has virtue flown to, fleeing from my friend, from Tristan, who has betrayed me? Tristan slowly lowers his gaze; while Mark continues there can be read in his expression growing sadness Why did you serve me for so long? Why the reputation of honour, the power and greatness which you won for King Mark? Did the honour and renown, greatness and power, the services beyond number, have to be repaid by Mark's dishonour?

Did you value so lightly his gratitude which gave you as your very own inheritance that which you had won for him, his renown and his Kingdom? When, childless, his wife died, he loved you so much that never again did Mark intend to wed. When all the people from court and country thronged to him, begging and imploring him to give the country a queen and to take for himself a wife; when you yourself swore to your uncle that you would carry out the wishes of the court and the will of the country, then, against the wishes of court and country, in opposition even to you, with circumspection and kindness he declined until you, Tristan, threatened und echte Art, da aller Ehren Hort, da Tristan sie verlor?

Die Tristan sich zum Schild erkor, wohin ist Tugend nun entflohn, da meinen Freund sie flieht, da Tristan mich verriet? And so he let it be. This glorious woman that your courage won for me, who could behold her, who could know her, who could proudly call her his own and not think himself blessed?

She, whom I could never dare approach, she for whom I foreswore my desires in bashful reverence, so splendid, so lovely, so sublime, who could not but refresh my soul, despite enemies and dangers this royal bride you presented to me. Now, since by such a possession you rendered my heart more open to pain than before, there, where I was rendered soft, sensitive and exposed was I stricken without hope that I might ever be healed. Why so sorely, wretched man, did you wound me there now? There, with the weapon of tormenting poison, searing and maiming my senses and my mind so that my fidelity to my friend is stifled, my open heart filled with suspicion, so that now, secretly and in the dead of night I creep up on you, my friend, eavesdropping, and see my honour ended?

No heaven will redeem it for me - why this hell for me? The uncharted depths of its mysterious causes, who will make them known to the world? He turns to Isolde who looks up at him longingly Wherever Tristan now goes will you, Isolde, follow him? To that land of which Tristan spoke, where the sun's light does not shine; it is the dark land of Night out of which my mother sent me when he, whom she bore on her deathbed, left her in death to reach the light. From that which, when she bore me, was her fortress of love, the wondrous realm of Night, I then awoke. That is what Tristan offers you, thither he will precede you.

Whether she will follow him in grace and faith, let Isolde now tell him. Now you are returning to your own estates to show me your inheritance; how could I flee that land that spans the whole world? Wherever Tristan's home may be, there let Isolde go, there let her follow him in grace and faith, warum mir diese Schmach?

Den unerforschlich tief geheimnisvollen Grund, wer macht der Welt ihn kund? Was, da sie mich gebar, ihr Liebesberge war, das Wunderreich der Nacht, aus der ich einst erwacht; das bietet dir Tristan, dahin geht er voran: ob sie ihm folge treu und hold, - das sag' ihm nun Isold'!

Wo Tristans Haus und Heim, da kehr Isolde ein: auf dem sie folge treu und hold, so now show Isolde the way! Tristan bends over her and kisses her gently on the forehead. To vengeance, King! Will you suffer this shame? He fixes his gaze on Melot This was my friend, exalted and dear was his devotion to me; for my honour and reputation none was more concerned than he. To impetuousness he drove my heart; he led the crowd that urged me to add to my honour and renown and to give you to the King as bride!

The sight of you, Isolde, blinded him too. Out of jealousy I was betrayed by my friend to the King, whom I had betrayed. He strides up to Melot Defend yourself, Melot! As Melot raises his sword towards him, Tristan lowers his and falls wounded into Kurwenal's arms. Isolde falls upon his breast.

Mark holds Melot back. Duldest du diese Schmach? Er heftet den Blick auf Melot Mein Freund war der, er minnte mich hoch und teuer; um Ehr' und Ruhm mir war er besorgt wie keiner. Er dringt auf Melot ein Wehr dich, Melot! Castle garden. At one side a tall castle building, at the other a low parapet with a look-out post; upstage the castle gate. The location can be seen as being a rock height; through openings the sea and the distant horizon can be seen.

The whole scene conveys an impression of being deserted, ill-tended, here and there in poor repair and overgrown.

Downstage, inside the wall, Tristan is lying in the shade of a tall lime-tree, asleep on a couch, laid out as if lifeless. At his head sits Kurwenal, bent over him in anguish and carefully listening to his breathing. As the curtain goes up there can be heard from outside the gate a shepherd playing a sad, yearning tune on a reed-pipe. Im Vordergrunde, an der inneren Seite, liegt Tristan, unter dem Schatten einer grossen Linde, auf einem Ruhebett schlafend, wie leblos ausgestreckt.

Listen, Kurwenal! Hear, my friend! Kurwenal partly turns his head towards him Is he still not awake? KURWENAL sadly shaking his head Were he to waken it would only be to depart for ever, if she, the healer, does not first appear, the only one who can succour us. Have you seen nothing yet? Still no ship out at sea? Now, tell me truly, my old friend, what ails our lord?

You can never know. Keep a sharp look-out, and if you see a ship play merrily and clearly! Sag, Kurwenal! Kurwenal wendet ein wenig das Haupt nach ihm Wacht er noch nicht? Kein Schiff noch auf der See? Nun sag auch ehrlich, alter Freund: was hat's mit unserm Herrn?

Why does it waken me? That voice! His voice! My lord! My hero! My tristan! Life, oh life, sweet life, restored to my Tristan! Where have I been? Where am I? In peace, safe and free, in Kareol, my lord! Do you not recognise the castle of your fathers? Diese Stimme! Seine Stimme! Tristan, Herre!

Mein Held! Mein Tristan! Leben, o Leben!

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Wo war ich? Wo bin ich? In Frieden, sicher und frei! Yours is the house, court and castle! The people, loyal to their dear lord, as well as they could manage, have looked after the house and court which once my lord, as their very own heritage, granted to the people when he left it all behind to travel to a foregin land. To Cornwall; bravely and gaily, what glory, fortune and honour Tristan my hero won for himself there! How did you get here? You didn't come on horseback; a boat brought you here. Dein das Haus, Hof und Burg! Das Volk, getreu dem trauten Herrn, so gut es konnt', hat's Haus und Hof gepflegt, das einst mein Held zu Erb' und Eigen an Leut' und Volk verschenkt, als alles er verliess, in fremde Land' zu ziehn.

Wie du kamst? Now you are home, at home in your own country; really at home in your mother country; amidst your own meadows and delights, in the light of the old sun where from death and from your wounds you will blessedly be healed. I know differently but I am not able to tell you. Where I awoke, there I was not, but where I was I cannot tell you. I did not see the sun, nor did I see land and people; but what I did see I cannot tell you. I was where I had been before I was and where I am destined to go, in the wide realm of the Night of the world.

But one certain knowledge is ours there: divine, eternal utter oblivion. How did I cease to perceive it? Yearning remembrance did I call you, driving me on anew towards the light of Day. The one thing that I remembered, a warm and ardent love drives me from the terror of Death's bliss to see the Light, which, deceiving, bright and golden, still shines about you, Isolde!

Kurwenal, in the grip of terror, hides his face. Tristan gradually raises himself up Isolde still trug ich dich; - die sind breit: sie trugen dich dort zum Strand. Nun bist du daheim, daheim zu Land: im echten Land, im Heimatland; auf eigner Weid' und Wonne, im Schein der alten Sonne, darin von Tod und Wunden du selig sollst gesunden. Ich weiss es anders, doch kann ich's dir nicht sagen. Wo ich erwacht, - weilt' ich nicht; doch, wo ich weilte, das kann ich dir nicht sagen. Die Sonne sah ich nicht, noch sah ich Land und Leute: doch, was ich sah, das kann ich dir nicht sagen.

Ich war, wo ich von je gewesen, wohin auf je ich geh': im weiten Reich der Weltennacht. Kurwenal birgt, von Grausen gepackt, sein Haupt. In the shimmer of Day still, Isolde! What longing! What fearing! To see her, what desire! The crash that I heard behind me was Death's door closing: now once more it stands wide open, the sun's beams have burst it open; with wide open eyes I had to emerge from Night to seek her, to see her; to find her, in her alone to expire, to vanish has it been granted to Tristan.

Alas, there now rise up within me, pale and fearful, Day's wild urgings; baleful and deceiving its orb rouses my mind to deceit and folly! Accursed Day with your light! Will you for ever be witness to my anguish? Will it burn for ever, this Light, which even at night kept me from her? Ah, Isolde, sweet beauty! When at last, when, oh when will you extinguish the spark, that I may know my fortune? The light - when will it be extinguished? He sinks back, exhausted When will Night come to the house?

Im Tagesschimmer noch Isolde! Welches Sehnen! Welches Bangen! Sie zu sehen, welch Verlangen! Verfluchter Tag mit deinem Schein! Wachst du ewig meiner Pein? Brennt sie ewig, diese Leuchte, die selbst nachts von ihr mich scheuchte? Belive what I say: you shall see her here this very day; that consolation I can give you - if she is still alive herself. Isolde still lives and keeps watch; she called me out of the Night. Even if you think Kurwenal is foolish, today you will not scold him. As if dead you lay there since that day when Melot, the villain, dealt you a wound.

That evil wound, how to heal it? To me, simple that I am, it rather seems that she who once before eased for you the torment of Morold's wound, she could easily heal the torment of Melot's sword. The best physician [Isolde] I soon discovered: to Cornwall I have sent word; a faithful man is bringing Isolde here across the sea. Glaub' meinem Wort: du sollst sie sehen hier und heut; den Trost kann ich dir geben - ist sie nur selbst noch am Leben.

Muss Kurwenal dumm dir gelten, heut' sollst du ihn nicht schelten. Wie tot lagst du seit dem Tag, da Melot, der Verruchte, dir eine Wunde schlug. Isolde approaches! He struggles for the words Oh faith! Bold, sweet faith! He embraces Kurwenal My Kurwenal, dearest friend! Unshakeably faithful, how is Tristan to thank you? My shield and my guard in battle and strife, in merrymaking and sorrow always by my side. He that I hated, you hated too. Him I worshipped, you worshipped too.

To the good King Mark, when I served him well, you were truer than Gold! When I had to betray that noble lord, how glad you were to betray him too! This fearful longing that sears me; this languishing flame that consumes me; were I to give you its name, could you know it, you would not tarry here, you would hurry away to keep watch - with all your senses longing to get away to keep careful watch for their billowing sails before the wind where, aflame with the urgings of love, to find me, Isolde is sailing towards me.

“The greatest gift of my career”

It approaches! Isolde naht! Er ringt gleichsam nach Sprache O Treue! Hehre, holde Treue! Er zieht Kurwenal an sich und umarmt ihn Mein Kurwenal, du trauter Freund! Du Treuer ohne Wanken, wie soll dir Tristan danken? Mein Schild, mein Schirm in Kampf und Streit, zu Lust und Leid mir stets bereit: wen ich gehasst, den hasstest du; wen ich geminnt, den minntest du.

High As Hope

Dem guten Marke, dient' ich ihm hold, wie warst du ihm treuer als Gold! Musst' ich verraten den edlen Herrn, wie betrogst du ihn da so gern! Dir nicht eigen, einzig mein, mit leidest du, wenn ich leide: nur was ich leide; das kannst du nicht leiden! Es naht speedy and brave! It waves, it waves, the flag on the mast. The ship! There it goes past the reef! Can't you see it? As Kurwenal hesitates, so as not to leave Tristan, and the latter looks at him, silent and tense, there sounds out, as before, at first near by and then in the distance the plaintive tune of the shepherd KURWENAL disheartened Still no ship in sight!

TRISTAN has been listening with failing enthusiasm, now with growing melancholy Must I understand you thus, you ancient, solemn tune with your plaintive tones? Through the evening air it came, fearfully, as once it brought news to the child of his father's death. Through the grey light of morning, ever more fearful, as the son became aware of his mother's lot. As he begat me and died, so, dying, she bore me. That ancient tune of anxious yearning sounded its lament to them too, asking me then, and asking me now, for what fate was I then born?

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For what fate? The ancient tune tells me once more: to yearn - and to die! Ah, no! That is not it! While dying to yearn, but not to die of yearning! Never dying, yearning, calling out mit mutiger Hast! Sie weht, sie weht - die Flagge am Mast. Das Schiff!

Carole King:What Have You Got To Lose/de Lyrics

Dort streicht es am Riff! Siehst du es nicht? Zu welchem Los? Die alte Weise sagt mir's wieder: mich sehnen - und sterben! Ach nein! So heisst sie nicht! Im Sterben mich zu sehnen, vor Sehnsucht nicht zu sterben! Die nie erstirbt, sehnend nun ruft for the peace of death to the far-away physician. Dying I lay in the boat, silent, the wound's poison near my heart: in plaintive yearning the tune sounded forth; the wind blew the sail towards Ireland's child. The wound which she closed, with the sword she opened up again; but then, the sword, she lowered it; the poison draught she gave me to drink; as I hoped fully to be healed by it, then was the most searing magic unleashed: that I might never die but inherit eternal torment!

The draught! The fearful draught! From my heart to my brain it forced its furious way! No healing, no sweet death can ever release me from yearning's distress; never, ah never shall I find peace: Night casts me out into Day, ever to feed my sorrows in the sight of the sun. Oh, this sun's searing rays, how my head burns from its scorching torture! For the burning longing of this heat ah, no shade's dark concealment! For the burning longing's terrible torment what ointment could bring me ease? Die Wunde, die sie heilend schloss, riss mit dem Schwert sie wieder los; das Schwert dann aber - liess sie sinken; den Gifttrank gab sie mir zu trinken: wie ich da hoffte ganz zu genesen, da ward der sehrendste Zauber erlesen: dass nie ich sollte sterben, mich ew'ger Qual vererben!

Der Trank! Der furchtbare Trank! Den furchtbaren Trank, that brings me anguish, I, I myself, I prepared it! From my father's distress and mother's anguish, from tears of love everlasting, from laughing and weeping, happiness and hurts, I found the poisonous draught! What I had prepared flowed towards me; devouring it blissfully I enjoyed it - be accursed, fearful draught! Cursed be he that prepared you! Dreadful Magic! Love's deception! Passion's urgings!

The world's loveliest delusion, what has happened to you? Here he lies, the splendid man, loved and adored as no other. See now what thanks Love has won for him, the thanks that love always wins! Are you still alive? Has the curse borne you away? He listens for his breath O joy! He is moving, he is alive! How gently he moves his lips! Can't you see it yet? Verflucht, wer dich gebraut! Schrecklicher Zauber! O Minnetrug! O Liebeszwang! Der Welt holdester Wahn, wie ist's um dich getan! Hier liegt er nun, der wonnige Mann, der wie keiner geliebt und geminnt. Nun seht, was von ihm sie Dankes gewann, was je Minne sich gewinnt!

Lebst du noch? Er lauscht seinem Atem O Wonne! Er regt sich, er lebt! Siehst du's noch nicht? Of course, it will be here today! It can't be far off now. Can you see her? Can't you see her yet, as she sweetly, bravely and gently wanders across the watery plains? On soft waves of blissful flowers she gently comes into land.

She smiles at me, giving comfort and sweet peace, she brings me my last refreshment. Ah, Isolde! How lovely you are! And Kurwenal, tell me, do you not see her? Go and keep watch, foolish wretch! What I can see so bright and clear, do not let it escape you! Can you not hear me? Quickly, to the lookout! Quickly, keep watch!

Are you still there? The ship? Isolde's ship? You must see it! Must see it! While Kurwenal, hesitating, restrains Tristan, the shepherd sounds his pipe. Wie sie selig, hehr und milde wandelt durch des Meers Gefilde? Auf wonniger Blumen lichten Wogen kommt sie sanft ans Land gezogen. Ach, Isolde, Isolde! Was so hell und licht ich sehe, dass das dir nicht entgehe! Zur Warte schnell! Eilig zur Warte! Bist du zur Stell'? Das Schiff?

Isoldens Schiff? Du musst es sehen! Musst es sehen! He leaps to the lookout post and gazes out to sea Ah! I can see it approaching from the north!

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Didn't I say that she was still alive, sustaining life in me? As the only thing it holds for me, how could Isolde have departed the world? How bravely it sails! How the sails are filled! How it streaks along, how it flies! The flag? The flag of joy! In the clear light of Day, to me, Isolde! Isolde, to me! Can you see Isolde herself? Von Norden seh' ich's nahen. Sagt' ich's nicht? Wie es mutig steuert! Wie es jagt, wie es fliegt! Die Flagge?

Der Freude! Hell am Tage zu mir Isolde! Isolde zu mir! Siehst du sie selbst? Is it in danger?

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There, in the turbulent current, ships are wrecked. Who is at the helm?

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Wretched man! Can you see her yet? Safely through! All my goods and possessions I bequeath this day! Can you see Isolde? She is waving! Bringt es Gefahr? Siehst du sie wieder? Hei ha ha ha! Kurwenal, treuester Freund! All mein Hab' und Gut vererb ich noch heute. Siehst du Isolde? Sie winkt! Isolde - ah, with a single bound she is leaping ashore! Help her! Help my lady! But you, Tristan, promise to stay on your couch. Isolde, ha! Mit einem Sprung springt sie vom Bord ans Land. Hinab an den Strand! Hilf ihr! Hilf meiner Frau! Doch du, Tristan, bleib mir treulich am Bett! This Day!

Ah, this joy's sunniest day! Coursing blood, rejoicing spirit! Bliss beyond bounds, joyful delirium! Confined to my bed, how can I bear it! Up then and onwards to where hearts are beating! Tristan the hero, rejoicing in his strength has snatched himself back from death. He raises himself up With bleeding wound I once battled with Morold, with bleeding wound I now pursue Isolde! He tears the dressing from his wound Ah, my blood! Cheerily flow, my blood! He leaps from his bed and staggers forward She who my wound will finally heal, like a hero approaches, she approaches, my salvation!

Let the world perish before my rejoicing haste! Ha, dieser Tag! Ha, dieser Wonne sonnigster Tag! In your e-mail, always include the names of the translators if you wish to reprint something. Und wie du das Herz der Planzen erfreust, wenn sie entgegen dir die zarten Arme strecken, so hast du mein Herz erfreut, Vater Helios!

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