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Are you tired of stereotypes limiting your options? Do you want to create change, but are not sure how to start? This is a guide for young women to understand the true meaning of being empowered. Because of lingering inequality we need to learn how to make decisions and question the status quo about our rights. Learn about why and how you can create positive change by teaching yourself to question the status quo, learn critical thinking skills, solve problems, and make healthy decisions.

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Use the resources in this book to make choices that resonate with your beliefs. Take control of your life and your future. Ultimately it is up to you. Leah Oviedo is a self defense instructor, artist, author and activist in southern California.

Here are 22 quotes to empower girls to be the best version of themselves.

Her background includes work in areas of business management, art, youth, domestic violence, and sexual assault. Individual empowerment is a recurring theme in her work.

After working in various fields she realized that she could make a positive difference working in prevention and educating people on how to make positive life choices. She regularly writes articles on self defense, human rights, and individual empowerment. In she created ImpowerYou.

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Sign Up Sign In. Some months ago, I've asked a friend of mine from London about people she knows who are engaged when it comes down to female empowerment. Her answer: Keshia Hannam.

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This girl is a true "active" activist. She's a writer and speaker, she builds up communities around the world and stands at a point in life where many of us are currently at: figuring out who we really are.

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Currently based in New York, Keshia took some time and we spoke about her co-founded organisation the Cam Once in a while you discover a new brand, website or even an individual and you think, wow, that looks pretty interesting, I kind of wanna know more. Quite some time ago, I've met the former lecturer of my partner. A fierce lady, someone who is very passionate about her job.