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Book 11 of Book 12 of More About the Authors. Niall Teasdale. I was born in the vicinity of Hadrian's Wall so perhaps a bit of history rubbed off. Ancient history obviously, and border history, right on the edge of the Empire. I always preferred the Dark Ages anyway; there's so much more room for imagination when people aren't writing down every last detail. So my idea of a good fantasy novel involved dirt and leather, not shining plate armour and Hollywood-medieval manners. The same applies to my sci-fi, really; I prefer gritty over shiny.

Oddly, then, one of the first fantasy novels I remember reading was The Dark Is Rising, by Susan Cooper later made into a terrible juvenile movie. These days we would call Cooper's series Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy and looking back on it, it influenced me a lot. It has that mix of modern day life, hidden history, and magic which failed to hit popular culture until the early days of Buffy and Anne Rice.

Of course, Cooper's characters spend their time around places I could actually visit in Cornwall, and South East England, and mid-Wales. In fact, when I went to university in Aberystwyth, it was partially because some of Cooper's books were set a few miles to the north around Tywyn.

I got into writing through roleplaying, however, so my early work was related to the kind of roleplaying game I was interested in. I wrote a lot of superhero fiction when I was playing City of Heroes. I still loved the idea of a modern world with magic in it and I've been trying to write a novel based on this for a long time. As with any form of expression, practice is the key and I can look back on all the aborted attempts at books, and the more successful short stories, as steps along the path to the Thaumatology Series.

Writing, sadly, is not my main source of income. By day, I'm a computer programmer. I work for a telecommunications company in Manchester, England. Kim's Hollows books were what finally spurred me to publish something, even if the trail to here came by way of Susan, back in school, several decades ago.

Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account. Just based on reading them I assume the Aneka book was written considerably later than the first Ceri book, just due to plotting, structure, characterization, etc. The first couple of Ceri books are really rough. And honestly, just from a first impressions, back of the book kinda perception, the Aneka one sounds less… silly?

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I exaggerate slightly but yeah. Anyway, thats a very long winded way to say I think you should re-release the Ceri books, especially the first couple. Or something. Less embarrassed than Twilight, but still.. Even if the Thaumatology books had ben better promoted on Amazon etc. I first came across The Steel beneath the Skin because it was visible in a place I was browsing — i. And that came after The Steel beneath the Skin. Also, seriously, why do you have like 10 different blogs and stuff?

Until I realized you used twitter it was almost impossible for me to find out when a new book was being released. Well, the original theory was that I was separating the fantasy and sci-fi series. As for the gay werewolves… maybe. Seriously hooked. I agree with the one poster that it may be down to marketing and ease of access finding it on Amazon.

More like far out science fiction. I agree with Robert that the presentation of Thaumatology was rough. Thaumatology already had a new cover, but I had this idea for a sort of theme, so I have new covers lined up for the first 5 or so so far. I read Steel when it came out — Amazon recommended it to me. I liked it, so I looked to see what else you had written, and I read Thaumatology straight through.

I read the Aneka books as they come out, and now the superhero ones as well. I read it and loved it so thanks for the push, in a manner of speaking, that made me read it. I cant say for sure, but I think I just got tired of the Thaum series. For me Thaumatology is the series i prefer but I hare all the Steel series and enjoy that as well.

Ugly is still not finished as I got about halfway through and just could not keep interested. I have yet to get Kat as the blurb and reviews put me off. SF is more inclusive for most people. Sorry if there are errors in this posting I have new progressive glasses and seem to be having problems seeing the posting. Steel was the first book by you that I read and enjoyed.

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Then again I usually dislike super hero stories but loved Ugly and Shadow. The steampunk was well done in that. Reminded me of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I am definitely not into high fantasy at the moment. The 2nd issue finally came out and it does mashup high fantasy and anime Sci-Fi pretty well. My personal opinion is that Thaumatology series is the best, and surprisingly I think Unobtainium is the second best series. What I think you can do to make your books more popular is to get the series in several categories. Because when I look at your books, they are not in any spesefik category.

I do not know if you can change this, but it can have a big impact on whether people can find your books. When people not familiar with urban fantasy see something classified as urban fantasy, visions of Twighlight and Lestat dance in their heads. While your books have their share of sex and romance subplot, your characters still act like real people even if they exhist in fantasy worlds and have fantastical lives.

On a side note, every time I read that your next book will be from a new series or in a series other than the one I just read I get mildy frustrated because I want to see that series continue on. Then I read said next book and want to see more in that series instead. Not everything has to be Game of Thrones overly complicated, sometimes you just want a fun read without having to struggle to keep track of way too many characters and subplots more complicated than other authors entire books.

Even paper stores have shelves devoted to urban fantasy. You run the risk of getting buried in there but clearly its a genre that sells and sells well. While the Honor Harrington series by David Weber started small, his characters quickly became overwhelmed by missiles and spaceships. I must say that the part I liked the least in the Steel series was the space battle. In spite of her being my favorite character all over your worlds. I also think that the Unobtainium universe has big possibilities. Bigger than the superheroines, which in my opinion have already many too many characters cluttering the scene.

Interestingly, I consider the main arc of Ceri and Lily to be completed with Vengeance as well. Sorry for the reply volume, for some reason I spend a lot of time thinking about things like this. Something someone said earlier in this thread made me think about how people classify books. Much is made of the idea that your first impression when you meet someone is formed in 7 seconds or what not and lasts forever. Hopefully it would give you some kind of idea as to who actually buys your books and why. I still think its mostly a marketing issue though. Please, keep going. I think you mentioned the name reality hack on twitter at one point?

I mean, its one thing not to have that info in an author profile or.. See also my previous comment about combining blogs and cross promoting! However, you have given me an interesting idea… Hmm…. And obviously its easy to say from my perspective over here, but it needs some hype! And slap that sucker in the banner of this site! Obviously hers is a complicated just because of the logistics of pr and getting paper copies and stuff, but she ended up with a specific date and was able to build towards it.

Ms Hamilton is one of my favourites too.

Thaumatology Book Series: kejycerubolo.tk

And Reality Hack is going to get a load of publicity as of next week, when I can sit down and breathe. Hi there, First of, thanks for writing amazing books. I have followed your books since a few days after your first release on amazon. In my opinion your problem with thaumatology is that it is your fist series. The plot developed too fast in the first books and it is obvious that you just startet as an author.

I am reading between 70 and books a year and your books are one of my favorites. Like it was said in the other comments, I think your problem with the sales is that UF is viewed as this vampire romance genre. Now Fatasy vs. Sci-Fi vs. Urban Fantasy …. There is so much more I want to know about them Is Ceri immortal, can she learn to take dragonform, how will they govern the demon world and what about the classes Ceri will give?

I hope this helps you out. Best wishes Markus. The English is fine. Perhaps you could start a thread on amazon or goodreads or.. Its not the most selective or scientific way to do a survey but it does get it in front of a bunch of semi-random people easily! Now Ophelia actually likes it. Responding here to some of what Robert has said regarding Thaumatology. Having said that, I am a bit sad to hear that we will be seeing less of them, as I think there are directions you can go that will keep the focus on Ceri and Lily.

What comes to mind for me though, would the other worlds besides Earth, Otherworld, and the Demon Realm. I believe it is in The Other Side of Hell that it is mentioned that demon lords occasionally send demons to places other than Earth and Other world. More on original topic though, I forgot to mention in my earlier comment that, as others have stated, I agree you may wish to consider, for lack of a better term, upgrading your covers some.

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I actually preferred the original cover for Steel to the one you have now…sometimes less is more. While alot of people who read many Indy authors will dismiss the quality of the cover art if its not up to the standards of those with a publisher as simply a fact of life with Indy works, an obviously high quality cover will help to attract those who partially judge a book by its artwork. I started with Thaumatolgy and loved it. I ended up really enjoying it and liking it nearly as much as Thaumatolgy. Then I checked out your steampunk series but was overall disappointed.

I probably wont read any more of that series if you publish more. I also felt like new readers might be confused as I am very familiar with your writing from reading your previous books and it felt like you wrote the book in a style that felt like it was a continuation of one of your other series and not a brand new series New readers would probably end up giving it a lower review than more veteran readers of your work. I recently tried out Ugly, also a genre I have never read and enjoyed it but still am a bit skeptical.

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You mentioned you have trouble writing in male main characters which is why your books almost always are purely female and largely lesbian. It is another part of your books I enjoy. I like writing female leads. I just wish I could do more convincing to me male characters. When I do find something I enjoy — e. I know I have a lot of trouble finding sci-fi to read. That was the only reason I finished it. But it was constantly annoying me while I was reading it. The writing is very poor indeed. Homonym errors abounded.

The books would be improved enormously by deleting every occurrence of this word. Just, for example, read his descriptions of the space elevators that are so important to the story and compare them with the Wikipedia article on the subject. Robert Lynn Aspirin had a great series where demon ment Dimension traveler. What would Ceri do in a world with NO magic field? How many different worlds? One day she helps a Tall white haired woman named Aneka who shows her a larger universe. I love both the fantasy and sci-fi series for different reason, but I lean more towards the fantasy.

Aneka is too powerful. Cygnus is close to falling into this trap too. Also all around Anika has had a bigger impact on her world than your other characters and she just keeps getting more important over time. I also think there is a bigger exploration factor in the Anika books. A since of adventure on a Galaxy sized scale. Witch leaves the reader with a less predicable and there for more exciting future. Your other books take place on a smaller scale then the Anika books and leaves you with a since that they are less important in the grand scheme of things.

I like both fantasy and sci-fi. In my opinion the story and characters are far more important then the genre itself. Ceri and Anika are both great characters in an interesting universe with a good ensemble of supporting characters Did I just call Lilith a supporting character? But in comparison I like Ceri more because with Anika I have the feeling she is a little bit to omnipotent and got there to quick. So Ceri is more down to the earth and more believable in the frame of urban fantasy and sci-fi.

But both women have a nicely crafted universe around them and there stories are captivating. I hope there will be more books about them because I feel and hope there is much more to tell.

Niall Teasdale

It is a great story and I like to read moe about Cygnus and Twilight. Ceri is a more interesting character because she has the obvious flaw of still being essentially human. She needs to breathe, can be shot, conked on the head, needs food and water, she gets tired, subject to extreme temperatures, and there are powers out there greater than her some of the Fae and spirits are obvious. Aneka, while interesting in her own right, is just too damn strong. I enjoy both fantasy and sci-fi for fantasy I like stuff like this Anthony is Xanth novels they have good characters a bit of fantasy and some quirk to them as for sci-fi I find it falls into two main categories.

Both sci-fi and fantasy have some erotic parts to them but a lot of the sci-fi dose not do it well. I think that it is this that has led to the success of Steel it puts these two thinks to geter well and nether obscure the story or the characters. I am one of those who like both. I have read all of the Thaumatology and Steel books. I also love the magic as science part. I originally started reading Thaumatology because it was suggested by my Kindle. I did not read it immediately because the plot blurb did not peak my interest. Sorry about the armchair editorial. Love the books, please keep writing!

Sixty years later, aspiring thaumatologist Ceridwyn Brent just wants to expand the science of magic. But first she must deal with demons, werewolves and a succubus house mate! Academic warfare is lethal when wizards and witches are involved! I too prefer the Thaumatology series.

But the other books are all very nice too, which incidentally are turning out to be a lot of different books and settings. But I think which books someone prefers after reading them is not really all that important sales-wise. Before reading any of the books the Aneka series looks a lot more unique, finding sci-fi anywhere close to the Aneka books is very hard. So I think being a bit more clear about what makes the Thaumatology series unique would help it a lot more than doing the same thing would help the Aneka series.

One other thing, and I apologise if this comes over a bit rude. I think the covers of the books might not help the sales. When I have all of them the Thaumatology more than the Aneka books in iBooks it looks a little like I have a collection of porn. Again sorry if this has offended. High fantasy usually manages to connect only through relatable characterisation, and by creating parody of real events either current or historical , and usually functions as a form of commentary on humanity as a result.