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This blue pixie dust later appears as the main part in the film The Pirate Fairy when it is briefly stolen by Zarina. When she attempts to go find some lost things, Vidia asks her if she's going to the human house, which isn't too far from camp. The question makes Tinker Bell curious and she eventually sneaks off.

Vidia follows behind to watch over her. When Tink reaches the human house, she is amazed by their "horseless carriage". She takes the time to flitter around under the car, while Vidia tries to get her to leave. Eventually, they do, but on their way back to camp, Tink and Vidia stumble upon a fairy-sized house made by Elizabeth Griffiths , a human girl who wishes to meet a real fairy. Tinker Bell immediately heads in to investigate, despite Vidia's constant warnings to leave.

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Tink claims it to be perfectly safe, so Vidia uses her wind to slam the door in an attempt to give Tink a little scare, but it unintentionally locks Tink inside. When Lizzy begins to approach the house, Vidia tries to free Tink but it's no use. Lizzy discovers Tink inside the house and takes her to her home.

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She prepares to show her father, Dr. Griffiths , but upon witnessing all the butterflies he has pinned in display cases for research, she decides to keep Tink a secret. Back at the human house, Lizzy reveals her fascination with fairies to Tink. Tink is flattered by the child's obsession and since it's raining outside, Tink decides to teach her nearly everything about fairies.

She tells her how light fairies make rainbows, how animal fairies paint butterflies and much more. They record their information in a new research book given to Lizzy by her father. Tink and Lizzy have formed a great friendship, but after a while, the rain dies down and Tink is able to return to the camp. She makes her way out, but before she leaves, she watches Lizzy attempt to show her father the research. Unfortunately, he's too busy fixing the house's leaks, as usual, to pay Lizzy any mind. Tink returns and decides to fix the leaks so Lizzy can spend more time with her father.

After she does, she makes the choice to release a captive butterfly Lizzy's father was planning on showing to a group of scientists, which causes Lizzy to get grounded. To make up for what had happened, Tink shows Lizzy how to fly and when her father finds footprints on the ceiling, she tells him about Tink. He discards the claims and begins to throw her fairy drawings and research book into the trash.

This sight angers Tink and the tinker reveals herself, telling the father off while doing so though he only hears jingles when she talks. The astonishing sight of a fairy prompts Dr. Griffiths to capture Tink, but Vidia arrives and pushes her out of the way. Vidia is then taken by Dr. Griffiths to London for research, but Lizzy and the fairies are able to convince him to think otherwise, which he does. Vidia is freed and she and Tink form a friendship, while Lizzy and her father are now closer than ever. When the traditional Pixie Hollow Games arrive, Tinker Bell and Fairy Mary represent the tinker talent fairies, competing against all the other nature-talents in the world of the fairies.

Eventually, Tink and Fairy Mary were eliminated. And when they were, Tink began to support the combined efforts of Rosetta and her teammate, Chloe, as garden fairies have a history of losing every year with no wins whatsoever. On an average day, Tink, Clank, and Bobble are weaving baskets that are to be sent to the Winter Woods via snowy owl messengers.

Tinker Bell develops a fascination for the Winter Woods and begins to wonder what it is like. Clank and Bobble inform her that warm fairies are prohibited from crossing the borderline to the Woods. Just then, Fawn arrives chasing after a rabbit who's afraid of crossing over for the winter season.

Tink offers to help, believing animal fairies and those that assists them are allowed to cross the border to escort the animal. However, when they arrive, Fawn explains that animal fairies only see the animals off. Fawn then tries to wake a sleeping animal, and Tink takes the opportunity to cross over. When she does, her wings begin to glow out of nowhere.

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Fawn then uses Tink's fishing rod-type invention to reel the tinker back to the warm side of the border. Fawn rushes Tink the healing talent fairies when she notices Tink's wings half frozen. Silvermist, Iridessa, Vidia, and Rosetta meet with the two and Tink tries to tell them about the glowing wings. None of her friends believe the story, so Tink goes through some of the fairy history books to learn about glowing wings. She finds the "Wingology" book but the chapter on sparkling wings has been eaten by a bookworm.

Tink then asks a nerdy sparrow man information, but he claims only the keeper knows about glowing, glittering fairy wings. Tinker Bell meets a highly talented frost fairy, Periwinkle, for the very first time. The keeper lives in the Winter Woods, however, so Tink stows away on one of the baskets being sent over to the Woods.

When she arrives, she loses the Wingology book, and the said book is found by a frost sparrow man named Sled. Lord Milori , the ruler of the Winter Woods, tells Sled to send the book over to the keeper. Tink follows and meets the keeper and a frost-talent fairy named Periwinkle. When Tink and Periwinkle meet, their wings begin to glow, just like when Tink first crosses the border. The keeper, whose real name turns out to be Dewey , discovers that Tink and Peri were born from the first laugh of the same baby, thus making them fraternal twin sisters. The two fairies are more than happy to begin their newfound and strong sisterly bonding, but Lord Milori arrives and informs Dewey to send them back as it is too cold for a warm fairy's wings to withstand.

Caillou Full Episodes - 1 Hour Long Compilation Special! - Caillou Holiday Movie - Cartoon for Kids

Tink and Peri decide that one day together in the warm realms of Spring and Summer would not hurt. They spend time enjoying activities and Tink even meets some of Peri's best friends. After a near-death experience, however, Dewey also agrees that it's too dangerous. Tink and Peri are forced to part ways, but Tink tells Peri to meet her at the border the next day. That night, Tink gathers her friends to secretly create a snow maker machine. The machine will allow Peri to see the warm regions of Pixie Hollow. Tink also plans on introducing Peri to Queen Clarion, hoping the Queen would abolish the border law upon hearing how Tink and Peri are sisters.

The following day, the machine proves to be a success for a short time. Peri meets Tink's friends and is given a periwinkle flower by Rosetta as a gift, which Peri frosts. After a while, Peri became too hot and her wings began to shrivel. Peri is taken back to the Winter Woods where her wings are able to recover. Queen Clarion and Lord Milori arrive and only enforce the border law further after learning about Periwinkle's event.

If a warm fairy enters winter, their wings would freeze and break. If a frost fairy enters warm regions, their wings would shrivel and dry up. Tink and Peri say their goodbyes as they are forced to never see each other again. Queen Clarion explains to Tink that when Pixie Hollow was young, two fairies a Contest for the Pixie Hollow Bake off, from separate seasonal regions fell madly in love and recklessly crossed the border.

One had broken a wing and was unable to fly forever. That is when Queen Clarion created the law. The next morning, a small portion of the warm regions of Pixie Hollow have been frozen as a result of the ice machine going berserk. Tink and her friends destroy the machine but the weather has been thrown off, and Pixie Hollow continues to freeze.

Tink and the others evacuate all the fairies and animals to shelters. Tink then realized that the periwinkle flower Rosetta gave to Peri never died as a result of being preserved in frost. Tink flies over to the Winter Woods to get Peri and her friends to preserve the Pixie Dust Tree, which is being threatened by the dropping temperature. The frost melts within minutes of being shined on by the sun, and all is seemingly well.

However, when Tink traveled into the Winter Woods, she broke her wing. Peri and Tink connect their wings, which magically heals the shredded wing. Queen Clarion and Lord Milori then reveal that they were the two fairies that fell in love, and decided to allow Tinker Bell and Periwinkle to continue seeing each other. In the end, all warm fairies are allowed to cross the border when the frost talents preserve their wings.

Tink and Peri are then seen celebrating the newfound unity with their new best friends. In a Contest to bake the most delicious cake for Queen Clarion's arrival, Tinker Bell's not sure how it happened for the past years. She may have suggested that the Baking fairy, Gelata shakes things up a bit because she and her friends plan on a different kind of cake.

Although Tink and her team were eliminated on taste at the end of the contest, the queen is feeling much better, at least she made her points with Gelata. In the sixth movie of the ever-expanding Tinker Bell series, Tinker Bell and her five best friends - Fawn , Rosetta , Iridessa , Silvermist , and Vidia - go after a misguided and rogue fairy dust-keeper fairy named Zarina to return the vital blue fairy dust she had stolen to its rightful place in Pixie Hollow. After confronting Zarina, Tinker Bell has her innate tinkering abilities swapped and becomes a water fairy.

She is uncertain of her recently acquired water-controlling abilities and accidentally creates huge waves, puddles, downpours, and whirlpools with just a touch or snap of her fingers. Tinker Bell desperately tries to convince Zarina to return home with them but is taken to a place on the ship under a metal box. When she later discovers that Zarina has been double-crossed by James Hook, Tink willingly returns the blue fairy dust in exchange for Zarina's safety and well-being. She uses her unusually strong hydrokinetic abilities to push the waters back so that the others could save Zarina from sinking to her destruction.

She later used a sword to fight and distract the pirates while Zarina attempted to reclaim the blue fairy dust from James. When they succeeded in making the ship go off course, Tinker Bell and the others were caught in a sack from one of the ship's sails. When released, Tink used her water-controlling abilities to create a tidal wave over the pirates as well as wash the pixie dust off of James, removing his flight.

Using the pirate ship to return home, she convinces Queen Clarion and Fairy Gary that Zarina had practically mastered her unique and strong fairy dust-controlling abilities and that they all should see her in action. She soon thanks to the reformed and redeemed Zarina for fully restoring her exceptionally strong tinkering-talent abilities with light green-colored fairy dust. Tinker Bell appears in Legend of the NeverBeast along with the other fairies, where she helps Fawn protect the mythical, legendary NeverBeast from harm.

In the animated film The Black Cauldron , Tinker Bell can briefly be seen amongst the other sprites emerging to meet Taran and friends. Tinker Bell appears at the very end of Who Framed Roger Rabbit , first briefly seen after Roger reads Marvin Acme's will, then seen helping Porky Pig close the movie with her pixie dust. Tink makes an appearance in the animated short Electric Holiday , sprinkling pixie dust on the entrance to a fashion show's runway, allowing the Disney characters that enter, to gain the bodies of world-renowned fashion icons as they strut down the runway.

Tinker Bell appears in Saving Mr. Instead, Goofy accidentally uses Tink as an ingredient, creating flying stew which flooded the club. Right after, Pete demands her to open his bag, but she sprays him with pixie dust, causing him to fly uncontrollably. In that same episode, Tink assists Mickey in his attempt to prove that Von Drake couldn't possibly know everything, only to fail in doing so.

In Mickey's Magical Christmas , Tink appears at the very end to close out the film. The Guardian of Never Land informs Jake and his crew that only the pirate who truly believes in himself can save Never Land from vanishing completely, Jake must break off from the rest of his crew and go alone to save the Forever Tree. Unknown to Jake at the time, the magical ball of light sent by The Guardian to guide him on his quest to save Never Land is Tinker Bell, and furthermore, the Guardian was none other than Peter Pan, as he and Tink were testing Jake, for one day, he'll become Never Land's guardian.

Peter Pan gives Jake the power to fly without pixie dust and invites Jake to explore the worlds beyond Never Land but he'd have to part with his friends. While flying with Tinker Bell and Peter Pan, Jake cannot shake the feeling that his crew may need his help and quickly soars back to Pirate Island.

Forcing Captain Hook to retreat but not empty handed, he manages to capture Tinker Bell and use her pixie dust on the Jolly Roger, granting the ship flight and allowing Hook the means to plunder the riches beyond the Never Sea. Peter and Jake soon chase after Captain Hook aboard Bucky. As a diversion, Hook imprisons Tinker Bell in a lantern and tosses her overboard, forcing Peter Pan to give up the chase to rescue and free Tinker Bell from the lantern, while Jake is left to deal with Hook.

She also does her waving the screen with pixie dust to the screen as it went from the end of the episode to the song by Sharky and Bones in live-action form. When the young Regina fell from her balcony, Tink saves her life by using her pixie dust to allow Regina flight. Afterward, the two form a friendship of sorts. This induced Tink to prove to the Blue Fairy that Regina can find good despite her background.

To mend Regina's broken heart, Tinker Bell decides to guide Regina to a tavern that would offer a man with a lion tattoo that would bring a better life for Regina, unfortunately, Regina's fear of moving on from her past love prevents her from meeting the person. When Tink returns, Regina lies of her fear and states that she would never move on from the past and blames her incident on Tink, and coldly rejects her as a friend as well. Tink, heartbroken over this, flies off. In the sky, Tink is stopped by the Blue Fairy, who is disappointed that Tinker Bell disobeyed her order to stay away from Regina, and despite Tinker Bell's apology, strips Tinker Bell of her wings, and leaves Tinker Bell to her fate.

After losing her status as a fairy in the Enchanted Forest, Tinker Bell, in an unknown manner, ends up living in Neverland. She becomes an ally of Peter Pan, although she is aware of his malefic nature. It infers that she is for his service possibly to be able to survive on the island. But she always waited for the opportunity to escape from Peter Pan and Neverland.

She developed a kind of hostility with Hook, although they remain courteous the one to the other one. Exhausted from the long journey, Regina wipes herself with a handkerchief and unknowingly drops it onto the ground, which Tinker Bell picks up. Emma notices Regina lagging behind, and they talk for a moment. Though Emma is curious about what is her relationship with Tinker Bell, Regina would rather not go into details about the complicated history. Regina urges Emma to go ahead with the group while she rests. Once she is alone, Tinker Bell emerges from the brush to confront Regina about their "complicated history".

The ex-fairy states she has waited a long time for this. Taunted by Regina, Tinker Bell counters by blowing poppy dust to knock her out. At a cave, Tinker Bell binds Regina's wrists together while she is still unconscious. When Regina awakens, Tinker Bell demands answers about why she did it. Ignoring the question, Regina responds she was just a terrible fairy, but Tinker Bell pulls out a knife dipped in dream shade and presses it against her nemesis's neck. She threatens to end Regina's life, but the latter gives an even more tempting prospect by pulling out her own heart and handing it over to Tinker Bell.

Regina pushes her to crush it, but an angered Tinker Bell asks why she didn't go to the inn and meet her true love.

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Tearfully, Regina admits to being afraid, and because of uncertainty in what she might've been without all the anger in her heart. She points out her heart is the product of not having chosen love as it is almost completely blackened, so Regina asks Tinker Bell to pick between vengeance and hope. Tinker Bell believes it's too late to backtrack, but Regina promises it won't be if she doesn't crush the heart. Wavering in her decision, she asks if Regina loves her son, Henry.

After receiving an affirmative response, Tinker Bell returns the heart unscathed but warns Regina she won't be helping her find Henry, and it's possible Pan already got to him. However, Regina comes out and reassures them Tinker Bell does not have bad intentions.

Through much discussion, Mary Margaret convinces Tinker Bell to help them in exchange for passage to Storybrooke. She agrees to the deal and is welcomed into their campsite. Approaching Regina, Tinker Bell wants to know if she ever went back to look for the man with the lion tattoo. Regina replies she never did, which prompts Tinker Bell to say her actions were selfish. Confused, Regina doesn't understand how, so Tinker Bell makes known that her actions not only ruined her own life, but her true love's as well. Tinker Bell has appeared in a numerous amount of video games. Some of the games she appears in include those from the Peter Pan franchise as well as the Disney Fairies franchise.

She is also prominent in crossover games such as Disney Universe as a costume which resembles her outfit from Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure. Tink appears in Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion as well. Her appearance in the series retains her feisty attitude especially toward Wendy , but helps the player by giving them the ability to fly via pixie dust.

Tinker Bell plays a role in Peter Pan's Flight mini-game. She also appears in the Pixie Hollow mini-game during Fawn's story and makes an appearance during the Mickey's Soundsational Parade mini-game. When the player lands on her space, the player or CPU are allowed to switch spots with another player on the board.

Prior to , the only appearances for Tinker Bell at the Disney theme parks were in the nightly fireworks shows, in which she would fly from one side of the park to the other through the fireworks, started by Walt Disney himself. Following the release of the Tinker Bell film , when Disneyland converted Ariel's Grotto into a representation of Pixie Hollow with the character having meet-and-greets, along with a few of her fairy friends.

At Disney California Adventure , Tinker Bell kicks off World of Color during the introduction and also appears in small snippets alongside her friends from the Disney Fairies franchise in the winter rendition of the show, Winter Dreams. She also appears alongside Peter in Mickey's Soundsational Parade. Tink made a special appearance at the end of Soarin' Over California , in the finale scene above Disneyland.

She appears again in Soarin' Around the World, in a new final scene, also set above Disneyland. In Back to Never Land , a tourist in a Goofy hat the actor Robin Williams is magically transformed into a cartoon "lost boy" so that he can learn firsthand how animation is produced. Little Robin is happy about his transformation until his host- Walter Cronkite- drops him into a background painting of a pirate ship.

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  7. Robin encounters Captain Hook himself, who wants to know where Peter Pan is hiding. Tinker Bell and the Crocodile show up and help save little Robin from the notorious pirate captain. Robin compares Tink to Barbara Streisand at one point. In Fantasmic! Tink made a special appearance at the end of Soarin' , in the finale scene above Disneyland.

    She appears again in Soarin' Around the World , in a new finale scene above Epcot , filmed specifically for that park's version of the Soarin' attraction. In Disney Dreams! After successfully doing so, Peter, Wendy, and Tink enjoy a flight together. The original version at Disneyland was one of the first attractions to open with that park in In , Tinker Bell became the lead character for her own line of licensed products called Disney Fairies.

    This program, a spin-off of the popular Disney Princess line which she was a part of before this new franchise started includes toys, accessories, clothing, Halloween costumes, books, and a direct-to-video movie series. In it, Tinker Bell, who lives in a secret place within Neverland called Pixie Hollow, and three of her fairy friends are faced with the task of protecting the egg responsible for keeping Neverland's inhabitants forever young, pretty, and beautiful.

    Chinese Simplified rights to Beijing Xiron Books. All other rights available. Featuring elements of time-slip and the supernatural, Kisiri centres on Brit Ally and Kenyan Leli's fight to protect Leli's ancestral homelands from an ever-more encroaching modern world of corruption and ecological exploitation. WEL to Guppy Books. WEL with Zuntold. World Rights are with Scholastic. World Rights with Snow Books. The novel opens on a fatal knife incident at Hayley's 21st birthday and then takes us back to Protestant Hayley's first encounter with Catholic Liam, aged 14, and unfolds their tragic and moving love affair year by year, culminating in the knife attack and the trauma of the resultant court-room trial.

    Fraternal twins Nina and Alfie have always swapped identities for fun and mischief, but when sensitive and frail Alfie is called up to fight, feisty and uncompromising Nina assumes his identity against his wishes and goes off to fight in the trenches in his stead, leaving Alfie to become Nina and take up her nursing post as a girl. As Nina finds horror, love and heart-break on the front, Alfie is left to process his own sexuality and gender identity back home in different, but equally challenging, circumstances. The Branford Boase Award recognises the achievements of author AND editor of debut novels and is always an interesting list of writers to watch out for.

    Also on the list is a super secret all new member of Team BIA, whose identity will be revealed So that's three novels out of twenty! Huge congratulations to all three writers and their editors and team! A continuation of her unique brand of scary and page-turning story-telling skills, her latest book has already gone down a storm in classrooms around Wales. Strange figures in a fog, ruined houses in the woods, weird drawings of little girls, wild storms approaching… This is a chilling contemporary ghost story from the award-winning author of Gaslight, inspired by the sweeping Welsh shoreline.

    If ever there was a book that deserved a wide readership, it's this one. Here's to being Rosie's year and to her story finding that elusive crossover readership success it so richly deserves and, in doing so, to Rosie's story changing us ALL for the better in the way that only the likes of Rosie and Jack ever could. Huge congrats to all three writers and to all the other very strong writers who made it alongside them. This agent couldn't be happier for them all and is feeling very proud of their achievements. Here's more: "A thrilling fantasy quest.

    One to watch" The Bookseller "Teeming with tension, danger, fast-paced action Book of the Week" ReadItDaddy. Happy Book Birthday Kate Wiseman, whose second book in the awesome Gangster School series, The Brotherhood of Brimstone is out now: " A fun and fantastical school adventure that refuses to take itself too seriously.

    Forget about Hogwarts, young readers will be aspiring to join lessons in Defiance and Discourtesy at Gangster School! This leads to many amusing incidents, making for a hilarious read, both for children and adults. A fun rip-roaring adventure. Is there a real Gangster School? If there is can I go?

    Tinker Bell

    And if yes, can I have a robot dog? Huge congrats to Eloise Williams' whose Seaglass has been been pick of the crop all over; is a PrimarySchoolBookClub pick and then there's been this critical response! I hoped it would never end. Truly exceptional. More on Eloise's author page. Joining Jack, Coco and Pablo the Penguin in this new adventure are: a camel-riding cowboy; the dastardly cake-baking-genius Dr Spleen; a peahen called Margot and a herd of rather improbable yaks! The perfect read for your own little mischief-makers! A hilarious story, with equally hilarious drawings by Judy Brown, this is just the sort of book to encourage children to enjoy reading.

    Happy Book Bday to MA Griffin, whose Payback , is everything you'd hope - compelling and electrifying as Lifers , Payback has a timely political edge to it too AND it's a super-clever, high-concept, heist-thriller. The teenagers of the anti-capitalist Takeback group have one mission: to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Her writing is culturally sensitive, incorporating various Arabic phrases and Islamic practices without Orientalizing them or sensationalizing the circumstances.

    With her two characters, Williamson movingly makes it clear that working-class solidarity traverses borders, race, ethnicity, and religion. April and it's a very happy book birthday to Victoria Williamson. In addition to quotes further down, here's more: "Deserves to be one of 's most lauded books. Tackling racism, discrimination and bullying head-on in a book aimed at upper primary children is no mean feat, but Victoria Williamson does it with great sensitivity This is a book that I wish every child would read" ThatBoyCanTeach, book blogger and teacher "An uplifting story about the power of acceptance and friendship.

    I just loved it and it needs to be in every primary and secondary school library" BookloverJo, primary school librarian and blogger " A truly transformational read. Intensely powerful and immensely poignant at the same time… such a groundbreaking, essential and accomplished debut that not only changes perceptions but also has the power to alter attitudes The Martian Girl , was, again, excellent.

    The final instalment is absolutely amazing. Definitely a book to devour and a series to savour. Times were unbelievably tough and it wasn't easy. At all. This photo is made up of just some of the books written by the wonderful and talented writers in TeamBIA and published in that period, most of whom hadn't been published before. I couldn't have dreamed of doing what The BIA has done without their support, for which I will always be grateful.

    Among these books, you will see prize winners and bestsellers, some have movies and TV series in development, others are quietly cementing their authors' reputations behind the scenes. There are also those that haven't yet had their chance, from writers that haven't yet had their moment.

    Me, I'm just immensely proud of them all. Here's some quotes from early reader reviews: "A touching, thought-provoking adventure. Thanks to all at Teach Primary and to all those early readers. Full reviews over on Victoria's client page. The news was broken by The Guardian and Deadline Hollywood. This from The Bookseller : "Legendary Entertainment acquired the worldwide film and graphic novel rights to the award-winning YA series Further international publishing deals The atmospheric storytelling will have you gripped from the first page.

    And that's not even just in the children's books category, we're talking General Fiction. All fiction. But even that's not all. Yep, that's 24 whole months Seems a good time too to reveal the design for the paperback which really needs to be seen in the glorious papery flesh to appreciate it in all its sparkly glory. McFall mixes realism, romance and the gothic to impressive and moving effect. Fans new and old will be well satisfied.

    Luckier still, he has his magic feather to help him. Or does he?! It is a satisfying story of good versus evil and little versus big that will resonate with young readers. The characters are affable and adventurous I loved it! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to explore some other aspects of the society that we didn't get to see much of in the first book. We also get answers to some of the questions left hanging but there's still a lot left unresolved. Everything ended on a very exciting note that has me eager to read on in the series.

    I need to read The Long Forever now! A third novel, as yet untitled, will follow in It really is distinctive, appealing, moving, funny. Strange, but very grounded in a real and believable world. This is the real thing. Daykin is a terrifically talented writer It's a brilliant award that encourages young people around Scotland to read books about and from their country and their culture. But it also encourages them to get involved by taking part in the competitions for readers that run alongside.

    This is why I write. It doesn't shy from the inevitable denouement but somehow, hope is always front and centre. I loved it. It's incredibly powerful and thought-provoking on big issues such as nationalism, war and refugees, and poses some challenging moral questions. It's also brilliantly funny with characters that you will really root for. And it's utterly different. More news and reviews on Brian's client page. Strange and beguiling, quirky and literary Utterly true and compelling Will break your heart in the best possible way. Claire has also been named one of the ten most influential writers in China for , the only non-Chinese writer to feature on this hallowed list.

    All of this has led to Claire together with selfless Agent Ben being invited on a promotional trip to Beijing in January Bring on the pandas, I say All of which leads me neatly on to The third as yet untitled instalment will introduce us to Betty Crocker, a camel-riding cowboy with a penchant for baked goods. Catnip is to publish. Fans of Paul's will be no stranger to his many books and audio dramas from the Doctor Who-o-sphere. I recommend the entire trilogy Fabulously promising" Minerva Reads Book Blog "a superb sequel, and I am sure it will be making an appearance in my favourite books of Happy Book B'Day to Eugene Griffin whose first novel for teen readers, Lifers , is out now and will appeal to fans of The Maze Runner.

    Writing as Fletcher Moss, M. The in-the-moment action feels like watching a thriller through the eyes of the hero, and the theme of young people fighting corrupt politicians is explored with style and poise. It's incredibly powerful and thought-provoking It's also brilliantly funny, with characters you will really root for.

    At times uncomfortable and heart breaking, it is also a celebration of friendship of difference and how humans can survive. I utterly recommend this novel. It's a triumph of a read. And an original one, too. We loved it. Hugely entertaining and highly original. A Chinese language feature animation is also underway, as well as a fully illustrated Hardback edition. Already named one of the most influential writers of teen fiction in Scotland, Claire has also since been named one of the Top 10 most influential writers in China for and will be embarking on a publicity tour of China to support these sales.

    Mohamed has created another page turner jam packed with action, imagination, intelligence, emotion, humour, and a talking dog! I couldn't ask for more out of a book Italian rights have gone and interest remains high in other territories. The heartache, the trauma, the lies and the love between friends. This book will make you cry, but it will also remind you that for every tear in life there are some of the greatest moments of joy.

    It's that rare and wonderful thing, a thriller of the heart, written from the heart, and it hits home straight to the heart. Janet Thomas, acquiring editor for Firefly had this to say: " We are so excited to have a new book from Eloise. Nansi is an unforgettable heroine, real, heroic and at times heart-breaking. Eloise has an extraordinary gift for voice and character, and that is clear in the vivid world she creates here, without ever losing the drive of the thriller for a moment.

    To celebrate, there's a whole new series jacket design.

    RIVER OF INK: GENESIS by Helen Dennis

    The humour and optimism remains, but the stakes are upped hugely, with villains on every corner and, yet again, a plot that soars like an Indie superhero blockbuster, defying expectations and entertaining on every single page. Stanly is not just the hero we need, he's the one we deserve. The writing is brilliant, the characters vivid, and this series continues to be a definite one to watch, given that Mohamed has created another page turner jam packed with action, imagination, intelligence, emotion, humour, and a talking dog! Likely to captivate beyond its Young Adult target audience, this compelling book series is becoming more essential with each episode.

    The Branford Boase recognises author and editor of the most outstanding debut of the year and, while it's a very strong list, it's all the stronger for featuring Lu's name up there among such promising new talent. I think this series will do well, especially among fans of mystery thrillers. For more information, check out Helen's author page here. December - So the Christmas round-ups are upon us and am thrilled to see so many BIA authors singled out in papers, online 'zines and blogs as among the very best of the best.

    We are delighted to announce Bloomsbury's acquisition of a powerful collaboration between two of its most acclaimed authors, Brian Conaghan and Sarah Crossan. We Come Apart is dark, gritty and completely original. We Come Apart will publish globally and simultaneously in hardback in early In Sarah's own work she makes every single word matter and every quiet moment significant.

    I've never been interested in working with another writer before, but when Brian suggested we co-write a book, I jumped at the chance as I'm such a fan of his writing! Brian writes with warmth and his use of language is original and funny. The process itself was without doubt the best writing experience I've ever had though it was suitably intense, sending chapters back and forth all day long for weeks.

    Though their lives are very different, both are difficult. Nicu has emigrated from Romania and is struggling to find his place in Britain. But they find light in each other and hope. This stunning novel explores their stories as an incredibly moving friendship and romance grows between them. Excited much? Here's some early ACE praise: "Scabby earlobes! Don't be a scaredy sock and read it NOW!

    You had me at 'Oi! Dozy Knickers! There's madness. There's even a pet sea lion! Here's what the bloggers and booktubers are saying: "A roller coaster of lies, betrayal, dark beliefs and suspicion. I can not believe what I have just read! I have had chills down my spine whilst reading this novel. Claire is a master at creating atmosphere that leaks off the page and seeps into the world of the reader during the reading experience Will the hideous truth of what happened ever come to light? And Is Heather safe now?

    Deep Water speaks loudly of tolerance, elemental power and the importance of learning lessons from our ancestors… only by getting close to nature and understanding the past, can we accept those sometimes unexplained events in our present. An original, captivating and thought-provoking debut…" Lancashire Evening Post "A great story, full of magic and myth, and very well told.

    The setting with its ancient villages and windswept beaches is wonderfully atmospheric and magic oozes from the pages. Perfect summer holiday reading. Excellent news and a very fair comparison to draw too! He and a girl called Naeo discovered they have special powers, which brought them up against the dark lord Thoth. This is classic fantasy stuff, really well done, and fans of Tolkien or Garth Nix will find much to love in these ambitious adventure stories. Enticing and well-written July and it's another double book birthday for TeamBIA.

    Massive congratulations to Lu Hersey, whose award-winning debut Deep Water is published today by Usborne.