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It is more instructive to look at individual subjects and their sense of self. It creates a space where both the I and the We resonate. It is in this space that the masses of participants turn their ideal of society into reality. He works as a photographer and is also editor of Osteuropa, the main German-language journal on East European affairs. He was a member of the team that organized the Kirchentag in Hamburg. Abdellah Hammoudi Forms of Coming Together and Emotion I would like to use the hajj, the great annual Muslim pilgrimage, in order to describe what happens to individuals and among them on certain occasions when they come together, creating a phenomenon that can evolve independently of each of them, and even independently of them as a group that forms for the occasion.

I am concerned with forms of coming together that take place at regular intervals and are regulated, such as concerts or pilgrimages. Coming together results in crowds. Crowds evoke extremes: mobilized masses, for better or for worse, blind fanatic masses—or communities in which the self is fully realized. Using ethnographic observations from my own hajj experience, I will show the power of intersubjective exchange in constituting a pilgrim Self that is dissociated from and in tension with the Muslim Self.

I will also attempt to describe the sort of space which is opened up in that process, and talk about how emotions emerge, change, and gain intensity, and how they morph into narratives of self and other. He has done extensive work on the ethno-history of his native Morocco, fieldwork in Morocco, Libya and Saudi Arabia, as well as participated in major development projects in these three countries.

He has also participated in the production of several films for television based on his ethnographic work, colonialism, French ethnographic theory, and political anthropology. Passionate people engaging in protest demonstrations might end up in confrontations with the police. As a means to decrease conflicts between police and protesters, dialogue policing was introduced as an element in the new crowd management tactic for the Swedish police that was implemented in the final years of the last decade.

Ultimately, the goal is to facilitate freedom of speech and the right to demonstrate. Its fulfilment will contribute to another important objective—to decrease confrontation between crowds and police and between opposing groups of demonstrators. Johannes Knutsson received his Ph. He is a judge for the Herman Goldstein Award on best problem-oriented policing projects. He has published several evaluation studies of crime preventive measures as well as studies on policing. Police use of firearms in the Nordic countries, ed. Clarke, ; Evaluating Crime Prevention Initiatives ed.

Kuhns, ; Preventing Crowd Violence ed. Madensen, The fundamental freedom of assembly and demonstration is sometimes difficult to reconcile with security concerns.

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In this presentation I will present legal and practical solutions to this problem. He served as a research assistant at the Federal Administrative Court in and as an administrative court judge in — In —79 he was a municipal counselor for city planning, and in —81 for education, in the Berlin district of Charlottenburg. He has had his own law practice since , and in —97 he was vice president of the Berlin state constitutional court. In —91 and again in — he was a member of the Berlin House of Representatives for the Social Democratic Party.

This paper explores what we might be able to say additionally about these issues by examining the physical gathering together of the personnel of a modern military. The military is certainly a crowd when it gathers soldiers together for mass exercise, movements, and parade, or for mass engagements with the enemy. The notion that the military is the very definition of a highly regulated, regimented, and normatively superior group, however, has prevented its being seen as a crowd, particularly as the notion continues to have force that the crowd is emotionally volatile and tends to irrationality and that the modern professional military does not.

The larger question of what the crowd feels and does as a result, that is, what the emotional life and impetus is of the normal gathering together of thousands of soldiers for military action, continues to go unmarked and unremarked. Catherine Lutz is the Thomas J. Watson, Jr. She is the author or co-author of many books and articles on a range of issues, including security and militarization, gender violence, and transportation.

She is currently a Guggenheim Fellow. Crowds may gather to mourn, to celebrate, to protest, to take flight, or out of sheer curiosity. The large group dynamic oscillates between feelings of depression, elation, fury, persecution and prurience and it always centres on a specific individual or a specific event real or imagined.

Individual and collective reactions in crowd behaviour emerge out of a constant dialectic between fear and desire. This presentation will connect and compare subjective and collective emotional experiences of participation in mass gatherings from a psychoanalytic perspective. One hundred years of studying these phenomena theoretically and clinically take us from Sigmund Freud and Wilfred Bion to contemporary work by Earl Hopper, Haim Weinberg and others. Bernet, Brigitta Mitbestimmung oder Selbstverwirklichung?

Hess, Silvia Morgarten: die Inszenierung eines Ortes. Nachahmen im Mittelalter: Dimensionen - Mechanismen - Funktionen. Nationalism and racism in Franco-German controversies about colonial soldiers. In: Wouters, Nico ; van Ypersele, Laurence. Nations, identities and the First World War: shifting loyalties to the fatherland. London: Bloomsbury Academic, Neue Perspektiven auf den schweizerischen Landesstreik vom November Lieberman, Max Staufen and Plantagenets: two empires in comparison.

Zey, Claudia Saeculum, 68 2 Dusinberre, Martin Overseas migration, Routledge handbook of modern Japanese history. Sorge, Giovanni. Psicologia Analitica e Anni Trenta : il ruolo di C. Reparations, victims, and trauma in the wake of the Holocaust. In: Goda, Norman J W. Rethinking Holocaust justice: essays across disciplines.

Friedrich der Große Alles oder Nichts - Doku Deutsch über Friedrich den Grossen

New York: Berghahn, Rezension zu: Arie van Steensel and Justin Colson eds. Renaissance Quarterly, 71 4 Rezension zu: Lars Nowak Hg. Krieg und Literatur, Rezension zu: Marco Bogade Hg. Rezension zu: Paulmann ed. European History Quarterly, Risikowahrnehmung im Mittelalter: ein Versuch in kognitiver Geschichtswissenschaft. Risikogesellschaften: literatur- und geschichtswissenschaftliche Perspektiven. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag, Lenggenhager, Luregn Ruling nature, controlling people: nature conservation, development and war in North-Eastern Namibia since the s.

Basel: Basler Afrika Bibliographien. Ostinelli, Paolo Scritture, uffici e potere. Spaces for urban drama at the threshold between the Middle Ages and the early modern period. Urban spaces and the complexity of cities. Caflisch, Sophie. Spielend lernen : Spiel und Spielen in der mittelalterlichen Bildung. In: Rothmann, Michael ; Wittmann, Helge. Reichsstadt und Geld : 5. Februar bis 1. Petersberg: Michael Imhof Verlag, Subjekt — Substanz — Gesellschaft: Sucht nach Handbuch Drogen in sozial- und kulturwissenschaftlicher Perspektive.

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In: Tsygankov, Andrei P. Routledge handbook of Russian foreign policy. The Prnjavor women fight for their midwife: professional, social, and cultural continuities from the Habsburg Bosnia to Yugoslavia. Transport in Thracia. Willasch, Friederike Ostfildern: Thorbecke Verlag. Von Toten und Teufeln: Reformation und Geisterglaube.

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Paderborn Sur les traces de saint Maurice. Geschichte und Legende. Frascoli, Lotti ; Hodel, Tobias Alle Jahre wieder — die Sache mit dem Schokokuss. Meier, Marietta Sammelrezension zu: Theodore Jun Yoo.

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Berkeley ; Nina Saloua Studer. Arbeit und Algorithmus. Die Medienwissenschaft entdeckt die Logistik und die soziale Frage. Berichte zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte, 40 3 Sell it — to protect it! In: NZZ, 22 July , p. Judith, Hochstrasser ; Koller, Christian. In: Sonntag, 13 July , p.

Rezension zu: Burgerbibliothek Bern Hrsg. Eichenberger, Pierre ; Ginalski, Stephanie Socio-Economic Review, 15 3 Wider Screen, :online. Wagner, Innsbruck , S. Race will be televised! Mank, Vincent ; Koller, Christian. In: Blick, 3 June , p. Museum Helveticum, 74 1 Aschkenas, 27 1 Sonderegger, Stefan ; Stadelmann, Nicole.

Gallens direkter Draht zu Luther. Galler Tagblatt, 17 May , p. Foucaults Wende. Le foucaldien, 3 1 :online. London: I. Jetzt ist ihre bestechende Arbeit in Genf zu sehen. In: WOZ, 16, 20 April , p. Transracial identity: Rachel Dolezals Kampf um Anerkennung. Graber, Rolf Japan, Global History, and the Great Silence. History Workshop Journal, 83 1 In: SonntagsZeitung, 9 April , p. Moskau einfach! In: Work, 31 March , p. Schiel, Juliane ; Zweifel, Philippe. In: Tages-Anzeiger, 27 March , p. Dommann, Monika ; Moccand, Dominique. Lager rufen Erinnerungen wach, Interview mit Monika Dommann.

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Gallen, Mendocino: University Press Audiobooks. Geschichte erforschen - Geschichte vermitteln : Festschrift zum Geburtstag von Peter Geiger und Rupert.

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Bendern: Verlag der Liechtensteinischen Akademischen Gesellschaft, Kolb, Anne ; Speidel, Michael A Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Bartels, Jens In: Rizakis, A. Athen: National Hellenic Research Foundation, Ein historischer Kippmoment im Romanformat. Hacke, Daniela Hacke, Daniela. Ruling the script in the Middle Ages : formal aspects of written communication books, charters, and inscriptions. Eichenberger, Pierre Bern: Schweizerischer Gewerkschaftsbund, Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy, 29 4 Medienwandel - Medienwechsel - Medienwissen.

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In: Loud, Graham A. The origins of the German principalities, : essays by German historians. Sport transfer over the channel: elitist migration and the advent of football and ice hockey in Switzerland. Sport in Society, 20 10 In: Grote, Georg ; Obermair, Hannes.

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A land on the threshold : South Tyrolean transformations, — The OECD and the international political economy since Edited by: Leimgruber, Matthieu ; Schmelzer, Matthias Westermann, Andrea The end of gold? Monetary metals studied at the planetary and human scale during the classical gold standard era. In: Borowy, Iris ; Schmelzer, Matthias. Budapest: Central European University Press, In: Fuhrer, Hans Rudolf. Wettingen: SGB, Werner Jaeger, der Dritte Humanismus und Italien.

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Medienkulturen des Sports. Wien: Ferstl und Perz, Writing histories of the OECD: introduction. In: Ertl, Thomas.

Gefühlspolitik : Friedrich II als Herr über die Herzen?

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Journal of Asian Studies, 75 3 Ethnopsychoanalyse als Utopie: Paul Parin zum Kluge, Alexander ; Koller, Christian Historische Anthropologie, 24 2 Heinemann, Julia Royal Studies Journal, 3 2 Fitter, healthier, and more productive: das Ideal des selbstoptimierten Menschen ist der Cyborg. Gasser, Fredy Tanner, Jakob ; Fanizadeh, Andreas. Being in Transit. Edited by: Dusinberre, Martin ; Wenzlhuemer, Roland Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

In: WOZ, 26, 30 June , p. Russo, Santina ; Koller, Christian. Einst war Fussball ein Kampfsport. Gli strumenti del comunicare scarica. Grondslagen van de ergotherapie boek. Le Granse. Guests pdf download by Journals For All. Het kleine dikke pastaboek boek Merkloos pdf. Hold Fast pdf download by Blue Balliett. Bergmann online lesen. Wozniak Download. La espada del inmortal 7 Seinen Manga libro. La forza della memoria. Dalla tragedia del terremoto ai ritardi nella ricostruzione: Giampaolo Giuliani denuncia i misfatti di una ricerca scientifica. La maledizione dei Constantine. Hellblazer: 9 scarica.

Last ned Hus, hjem og sted pdf. Last ned Ikke alle vil spille bingo [pdf] Rita Jakobsen. Last ned Lokale medier [pdf]. Charrow Download. Le voleur d'ombres. Antonio Lagares epub. Chardon pdf. Liv efter liv owiivh9wxtdmaa1d. Livro Em Risco Patricia Cornwell pdf. Ma cuisine lesbienne.

Manege Appelbloesem - Pony's zijn geweldig boek - Pippa Young. Antboy 3 bog. Mr Nastase: The Autobiography download. Nas Fronteiras de Wittgenstein. New Ace 4. Student Book livro Eduardo Amos pdf. Niet alle bijen maken honing boek Ineke van Pelt epub. Nieuw Sloten ebook - L. Nomar Garciaparra High 5! Baseball Superstar. Nouveaux Bracelets Bresiliens. Numera negerkung pdf download Kevin Frato. Oeuvres Completes de Voltaire, Vol. Ontwerp en bouw: ongelooflijke Minecraft steden boek. Patterns of Discovery in the Social Sciences. Quiet Talks on Service pdf by S.

Gordon Download. Redewiedergabeverfahren in der Interaktion: Individuelle Variation bei der Verwendung einer kommunikativen Ressource Sprache - Literatur und Geschichte. Rugby Skills, Tactics and Rules. Scarica scuse per non fare sesso libro - Marco Palagi. Scarica Come liberarsi per sempre dallo zucchero: Bye bye stress, brufoli e chili di troppo - Debeugny Charlotte pdf.

Scarica Gli ebrei : Piero Stefani. Scarica I modelli di governo societario e la revisione legale dei conti in Italia - Davide Rossetti. Scarica Il muro di ferro. Israele e il mondo arabo libro - Avi Shlaim. Scarica Impressioni di Napoli. Testo inglese a fronte [pdf] - Charles Dickens. Scarica Karnak e Luxor [pdf] - Alessandro Roccati.

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