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They leave, and on their return are mocked by the ladies.

Love's Labour's Lost Translation

This provides them with many opportunities for comment and laughter. As the ladies prepare to leave, the lords affirm that all their expressions of love were genuine, but the Princess claims that everything was in jest. The ladies tell the lords that, if they are serious, they must carry out certain tasks for a year, and then return to offer marriage.

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The lords agree. Armado then presents the learned men in a dialogue between the owl and the cuckoo, representing winter and spring, by way of conclusion.

Love's Labour's Lost

Here you can find a very interesting study guide of the play. Don't lose your chance to see it! Posted by Pasqua at No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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The girls are on a hunt. The Princess is in a good mood and teases the Forester for not calling her fair as in beautiful. She plans to kill a deer to win praise.

We're introduced to two new characters, the schoolmaster Holofernes and Sir Nathaniel, the curate country preacher. Holofernes is learned and enjoys talking.

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  7. If he hasn't said something six differ Berowne enters with Speech 2 praising the pitch-ball eyes of Rosaline. He's got it bad. When he hears the King approaching, he hides. The King comes in with a classic Shakespearean love-groan 4. Holofernes, Sir Nathaniel and Dull enter from dinner.

    Nathaniel is up to his usual brown-nosing with Holofernes. He says how refreshing it is to enjoy a scintillating conversation after having spen The Princess and her ladies enter the grounds and compare gifts and letters from the men in their lives. They make ruthless fun of the long letters full of exaggerated flattery, and compliment