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Find the light. Inside of your Deepest secret fear". I made nacht der untoten in fortnite creative. I have a link to my map tour if you want to check it out. I need some help to submit this map so if I can get a shout out than thank you.

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Long time no DJing If this room doesn't get you hyped for some OG black ops zombies then I don't know what will!! Tune in at 7pm and relive the moments that truly put zombies on the map pun intended, queue comical laughter Subscribe and hit that notification button to be kept in the loop! Where it all started.

How Call of Duty Zombies began Call of Duty: World at War. As my first post I'm gonna give me thoughts on the first cod zombie map and its remakes. Back in you had to complete the story to unlock this mode which everyone knows at this point. There was 0 story, no perks, no power, and pretty shitty guns. The only things it had was the mystery box and the ray gun and of course the objective is to survive. When this was first discovered people were confused but ended up loving it, it was unique and new in the cod community. Lets really dive into the map Nacht is a barebones map but that doesn't mean its not fun, its actually the opposite Nacht is very fun.

During the beginning rounds its slow since the zombies take forever to reach the windows but the higher you got the harder unlike some maps like Der Eisendrach or Revelations. For its simplicity Nacht was one of those maps you hop on play for some time and then die. These days though it's not enough, these days Nacht has to be tweeked to be replayed. Bo1 remade it with little to nothing but it was. Bo3 that changed Nacht into something else, during the last dlc Zombies Chronicles Nacht came with and was revamped and born in a new light but the chance a made it to easy since you can use gobble gums.