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Beyond the competition requirements, innovative activities are inserted with the program to address the actual needs of the permanent local as well as the temporary tourist populations.

One of these, an emergency care facility on a movable barge, could be docked at multiple locations throughout the lagoon; another, an open-air theatre within a retention landscape could host the Venice film festival screenings. Others such as the landscape incisions and the programmatic voids are resilient measures for the future conditions. Carmelo Pomodoro was one of the most promising fashion designers of his generation. With additional talents in acting, photography, architecture, and painting, he envisioned a showroom for Carmelo Pomodoro Sportswear Ltd. The showroom had to have a runway, four separate areas to highlight the fashions of each season, and a production area for sewing sample designs.

The constraints imposed by a minimal budget inspired the architects - Margaret Matz of Axis Architecture, Design and Planning, in a joint venture with FTL Design Engineering Studio - to create unusual design strategies; for example, no doors and no field cutting of construction materials. The result satisfied all the client's requirements. Open-ended, slightly bowed wood walls defined the clothing display area.

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Fabric panels over ceiling lighting formed triangular canopies, and display tables had elliptical glass tops. Moveable curved panels of buffed and lacquered steel allowed the space to be reconfigured at different times to highlight current fashion samples. Its underground vault housed antiquated transformers and switch gear that required upgrading and modernization. The challenges this project presented were to maintain operation of the existing equipment while the annex structure was being built, accommodate all the new equipment required, and provide rooftop access for future replacement of a diesel-powered backup generator, in a way that would makeit both serviceable and secure.

The team designed a column-free space modeled on the construction systems of the existing building. A feature of the design was a removable roof assembly over the area of the backup generator. A trussed structural system, using both top and bottom chords that couldsupport and distribute the weight of the roof, was specified. Thus, the roof could be removed in one piece to allow a new generator to be lowered into the building. The team also defined an equipment layout for the new space, creating a footprint that would permitoptimal servicing of new high- and low-voltage switch gear and avoid conflict with the existing underground vaults.

The design challenge for the new innovative waste water treatment plant, in Staten Island, NY, and for the alternative site, in Brooklyn, NY, is to invite the community to engage with the main new building on the site and to reclaim a part of the the industrialized area for public use. The Po'Num dance was originally performed in upon the emancipation of the slaves of St. Martin, and had been a traditional dance of the island's people ever since.

However, due to cultural shifts, the dance was in danger of dying out; this prompted Ms. Clara Reyes to thoroughly research the origins of the dance and its steps, in the interest of preserving it for the enjoyment of future generations. This research resulted in a comprehensive text, which was completed in In the spring of , Milestone was approached to produce illustrations of the Po'Num dance, based on photographs of dancers performing the steps, and to design what will be the only academic text currently available on this subject.

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A collaboration with the Dance Notation Bureau resulted in the addition of technical dance notation, ultimately creating a definitive documentation of and guide to a cultural art that might otherwise have been forgotten. The book will be published in Martin, together with the University of St. The lecture and visual presentation was in two parts. The audience at the fair comprised every segment of the population of St. The lecture prompted an engaged and lively discussion on such issues as: Are food cultivation gardens being included in current residential projects?

Is traditional architecture inherently more sustainable than modern architecture?

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Is sustainable architecture in essence political? Certain of the images above were used in the lecture by permission from the copyright owners. James Madison University is an educational institution in Virginia that specializes in foreign affairs. It explores cultural transformations in relation to architectural transformations, the process that led to architectural innovation, and the relevance of innovation for our contemporary culture.

Architect Charles Matz was the graphics editor. Research assistance was provided by Yoseph Shair and Jonathan Wittaker. The design objective was to incorporate elements from multiple cultures, and the design team was asked to articulate the project using sustainable design principles. The abundant natural light and high ceilings of the space lent itself easily to various planning layouts. Simply Smiles is a not-for-profit organization that provides bright futures for impoverished children, their families, and their communities.

From the mountains of Mexico to the prairies of the American west, the unique and holistic Simply Smiles approach has proven to be: impactful - sustainable - scalable - and successful. Its present location in midtown Manhattan is a brownstone built in and altered to a neo-Gothic form in To accelerate the schedule and minimize risks, the design team took on construction management of the project, serving as liaison between the client and the contractors.

The design and construction teams increased the walkable surface by replacing traditional skylights with glass paver skylights. They also installed shading devices and custom benches for more comfortable seating, and put up safety railings.

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  6. Beyond the Grid is a pro-bono based collective of experts in engineering, architecture, communications, and community development working in partnership with community organizations and residents. This proposal is meant to solve some of the problems that occur during power outages, whether natural or human caused. Currently residents and small businesses have no means to safely shelter-in-place or maintain communications to share information or seek help. Beyond the grid proposes the use of alternative energy sources to retrofit residential and commercial buildings and critical facilities to create a microgrid that provides electricity and heat independent of the main utility grid.

    Beyond the Grid partners residents, community organizations, small businesses and agencies to create a community based energy and communications network. By installing energy efficient combined heating and power CHP and renewable energy systems, the proposal will reduce carbon emissions and give buildings the capability to function during power outages.

    These green energy sources will power a resilient community wireless network. In addition to these retrofits, Beyond the Grid proposes barriers to protect buildings from flooding and extreme weather. And with all that in mind, I wish you good luck for the rest of your adventures in this little thing we call life! Edition: Available editions United Kingdom.

    Milestone enrollment tops list for a memorable year at IU East

    Tim Whalley , University of Stirling. Doing the exam jump. Dear class of , Finishing school can be a daunting experience but you are young, bright and have your future ahead of you — easy for me to say, you might think. Yeh, I got this. Make the most of your time I wish that before I left school somebody had told me to stop worrying about what the future held and to make the most of the present time.

    Just hanging around. Pexels Having worked in a number of different countries it is true, travel really does broaden the mind.

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    Never stop learning When I left school I thought that was the end of homework. Taking learning outside the classroom. Pexels And with all that in mind, I wish you good luck for the rest of your adventures in this little thing we call life! You might also like Open days help students work out where to apply. Foot in the door: after his three-month City internship in , Prince William opted to continue his career as heir to the throne. The Honors Program inducted 66 students, its largest group to date, during the annual Honors Induction and Pinning Ceremony held in November The Honors Program is an academic program that provides an intellectually enriched curriculum for highly-motivated students.

    The project was to foster a campus and community discussion about themes and ideas inspired by a common text in an effort to develop camaraderie, inform knowledge, and inspire action towards positive civic engagement and improvement. Isay visited the campus October to present stories to the community and to speak at the Spirit of Philanthropy Luncheon. The diverse and far-reaching themes in this collection of oral histories, and the emphasis on self-awareness and a sense of place and personal history are well suited to foster dialogue and feature intersections among people, places, and projects throughout the community.

    Katherine Frank, dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, introduced the idea of a one book project. Celebration held in January Prior to the presentation, Steele met with students from Girls Incorporated of Wayne County for a session about empowering young women of all backgrounds. She also met with IU East students, faculty and staff. IU East took a Red Wolf bus full of students, faculty and staff to cheer on the tennis star in her first tournament match near IU East.

    Williams is a student at IU East she enrolled in and is pursuing a B.

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    He sat and visited with the group during the match. Williams invited the IU East group to meet with her following the match. The figure was announced by Indiana University following a study conducted by Tripp Umbach, a leading economic development impact analysis firm, to measure the economic, employment and government revenue impacts of operations and research of all of its campuses and affiliates. Former IU East Chancellor Nasser Paydar was invited to the White House to participate in a roundtable discussion on college affordability and completion with administration officials held March Invited attendees shared their perspectives and best practices on enhancing productivity, increasing access and attainment, and leading change at institutions of higher education in efforts to ease the financial burden placed on students and advance strategies for more students to attend and graduate from college.

    Richards, professor of informatics and management, had been serving as executive vice chancellor for academic affairs. A nationwide search for a new chancellor is going on now, with the goal of having a new chancellor in place by July 1, IU East celebrated the life and legacy of Frederick A. Grohsmeyer passed away July 21, , at th e age of He along with Earlham College President Landrum Bolling and a group of community leaders, proposed to the Indiana University Board of Trustees the idea of a regional campus in Richmond.

    Grohsmeyer and his wife, Sally, worked with local community and government leaders to raise funds to purchase the acres where IU East is now situated and for its first building, Whitewater Hall.