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As a gifted scholar in many foreign and ancient languages, as well as in philosophy and theology, she corresponded with other learned men and women all over Europe. She achieved international renown for her own defence of scholarly activity of women. Life and work of this Dutch femme savante of the 17th Century has thus far been studied by theologians, philosophers, literary scholars, historians, pedagogues and art historians, each concentrating on specific aspects of Van Schurman's biography or work.

A rather fragmented image of this scholar was the result. This interdependent collection of essays describes the life and work of Anna Maria van Schurman from an interdisciplinary - or rather multidisciplinary - approach and will outline a more integrated yet at the same time subtly differentiated picture. Nine contributions - from the disciplines of philosophy, theology, Dutch language and literature, intellectual and art history, and women's studies - partly based on new source material, shed light on Van Schurman's ideas on erudition and femininity, ethics and philosophy, as well as on her religious beliefs, within the context of the early modern intellectual community to which she belonged.

Audience: This collection of essays will therefore command the interest not only of historians, but also of scholars and students in theology, philosophy, art history, and women's studies. Anna Maria van Schurman femme savante language philosophy. Beunk, J. Wijbrans, V. Strasser-King, D. S Aug-Sep Marzoli, A. Renne, E. Piccirillo, M. Ernesto, G. Bellieni, A De Min. Science McHone, J. Non-plume magmatism and rifting during the opening of the central Atlantic Ocean. Tectonophysics, Umeji, A. Chemical Geology, Wells, M.

Overseas Geol. Williams, H. Precambrian Research, A Surprising Effect of Feedback on Learning. As meta-analyses demonstrate feedback effects on performance, our study examined possible mediators. Based on our cognitive-motivational model [Vollmeyer, R.

Motivationale Einflusse auf Erwerb und Anwendung von Wissen in einem computersimulierten System [Motivational influences on the acquisition and application of…. SIE allows the Block II controller to conduct its control functions while simultaneously furnishing the computational capabilities and sensor input interface for any newly defined health-monitoring functions. It is expected that the SIE technology may be directly transferred to any follow-on engine design. Yamauchi, M. It detects and extracts only the object data from raw image data. SIE has two functions: reducing image data and providing data for the satellite's high accuracy attitude control system.

To determine whether disease activity and disability independently correlate with serious infection event SIE risk in a large rheumatoid arthritis RA cohort. A 5-unit CDAI increase and 0. A 5-unit CDAI increase corresponded with a 7. The coat protein and NIa protease of two potyviridae family members independently confer superinfection exclusion. Superinfection exclusion SIE is an antagonistic virus-virus interaction whereby initial infection by one virus prevents subsequent infection by closely related viruses.

Although SIE has been described in diverse viruses infecting plants, humans, and animals, its mechanisms, including involvement o Over the past three decades, a small but significant increase in sea ice extent SIE has been observed in the Antarctic. However, in there was a surprisingly early onset of the melt season. The decline of the sea ice area SIA started even earlier, in July. The retreat of the ice was particularly large in November where Antarctic SIE exhibited a negative anomaly compared to the average of almost 2 Mio.

And, satellite observations show that from November to February , the daily Antarctic SIE has been at record low levels. Indications are that both the onset of the melt in July and the rapid decrease in SIA and SIE in November were triggered by atmospheric flow patterns related to a positive Zonal Wave 3 index, i. Additionally the Southern Annular Mode SAM index reached its second lowest November value since the beginning of the satellite observations.

Positive feedback effects led to accelerated melt and consequently to the extraordinary low November SIE. Regional Arctic sea-ice prediction: potential versus operational seasonal forecast skill. Seasonal predictions of Arctic sea ice on regional spatial scales are a pressing need for a broad group of stakeholders, however, most assessments of predictability and forecast skill to date have focused on pan-Arctic sea-ice extent SIE.

Mythes et littérature

In this work, we present the first direct comparison of perfect model PM and operational OP seasonal prediction skill for regional Arctic SIE within a common dynamical prediction system. This assessment is based on two complementary suites of seasonal prediction ensemble experiments performed with a global coupled climate model. First, we present a suite of PM predictability experiments with start dates spanning the calendar year, which are used to quantify the potential regional SIE prediction skill of this system. Second, we assess the system's OP prediction skill for detrended regional SIE using a suite of retrospective initialized seasonal forecasts spanning The PM experiments reveal that regional winter SIE is potentially predictable at lead times beyond 12 months, substantially longer than the skill of their OP counterparts.

Both the OP and PM predictions display a spring prediction skill barrier for regional summer SIE forecasts, indicating a fundamental predictability limit for summer regional predictions. We find that a similar barrier exists for pan-Arctic sea-ice volume predictions, but is not present for predictions of pan-Arctic SIE. The skill gap identified in this work indicates a promising potential for future improvements in regional SIE predictions. ABSTRACT Superinfection exclusion SIE , the ability of an established virus infection to interfere with a secondary infection by the same or a closely related virus, has been described for different viruses, including important pathogens of humans, animals, and plants.

Citrus tristeza virus CTV , a positive-sense RNA virus, represents a valuable model system for studying SIE due to the existence of several phylogenetically distinct strains. In this study, we show that p33 mediates SIE at the whole-organism level, while it is not required for exclusion at the cellular level. Primary infection of a host with a fluorescent protein-tagged CTV variant lacking p33 did not interfere with the establishment of a secondary infection by the same virus labeled with a different fluorescent protein.

However, cellular coinfection by both viruses was rare. The obtained observations, along with estimates of the cellular multiplicity of infection MOI and MOI model selection, suggested that low levels of cellular coinfection appear to be best explained by exclusion at the cellular level. Based on these results, we propose that SIE by CTV is operated at two levels—the cellular and the whole-organism levels—by two distinct mechanisms that could function independently.

This novel aspect of viral SIE highlights the intriguing complexity of this phenomenon, further understanding of which may open up new avenues to manage virus diseases. SIE plays an important role in the pathogenesis and evolution of virus populations. The observations described here suggest that SIE could be controlled independently at different levels of the host. Networking as a Seismograph for Social Development. Miftelzu- wachs profitieren mochten.

Je st5rker eine Landesvereinigung Modellprojekte akqui- rieren muss, urn die eigene Funktionsf5higkeit Denn 5hnlich wie die Krankenkas- sen stehen andere Institutionen und Bereiche wie Sozialversicherungstrager, die Arzteschaft, Institutionen des Sports.

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Mit der vorliegenden Arbeit werden exemplarisch Chancen und Grenzen der Integration von Umwelt- und Naturschutz in Verfahren der ackerbaulichen Landnutzung aufgezeigt. Dieses Konzept haben Heidt et al. Eine Auswahl der von Heidt et al. Distributed computations in a dynamic, heterogeneous Grid environment.

Allgemein kann man sagen, dass solche Berechnungen um so schwerer und auch um so uneffizienter werden, je mehr Kommunikation zwischen den einzelnen Prozessen oder Prozessoren herrscht. Gerade diese Klasse von Programmen und deren Betrieb in einem virtuellen Superrechner wird in dieser vorliegenden Dissertation behandelt. Der Schwerpunkt liegt darin vorhandene, klassische Parallelisierungsalgorithmen zu analysieren und so zu erweitern, dass sie vorhandene Informationen z.

Skillful regional prediction of Arctic sea ice on seasonal timescales. Recent Arctic sea ice seasonal prediction efforts and forecast skill assessments have primarily focused on pan-Arctic sea ice extent SIE. In this work, we move toward stakeholder-relevant spatial scales, investigating the regional forecast skill of Arctic sea ice in a Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory GFDL seasonal prediction system.

Using a suite of retrospective initialized forecasts spanning made with a coupled atmosphere-ocean-sea ice-land model, we show that predictions of detrended regional SIE are skillful at lead times up to 11 months. Regional prediction skill is highly region and target month dependent and generically exceeds the skill of an anomaly persistence forecast.

We show for the first time that initializing the ocean subsurface in a seasonal prediction system can yield significant regional skill for winter SIE. Similarly, as suggested by previous work, we find that sea ice thickness initial conditions provide a crucial source of skill for regional summer SIE. This study aims to understand the relative roles of external forcing versus internal climate variability in causing the observed Barents Sea winter sea ice extent SIE decline since We identify major discrepancies in the spatial patterns of winter Northern Hemisphere sea ice concentration trends over the satellite period between observations and CMIP5 multi-model mean externally forced response.

Further comparison with control simulations from coupled climate models suggests that enhanced Atlantic heat transport across the BSO associated with regional internal variability may have played a leading role in the observed decline in winter Barents Sea SIE since Although SIE has been described in diverse viruses infecting plants, humans, and animals, its mechanisms, including involvement of specific viral determinants, are just beginning to be elucidated.

Mythes et litterature

In this study, SIE determinants encoded by two economically important wheat viruses, Wheat streak mosaic virus WSMV; genus Tritimovirus, family Potyviridae and Triticum mosaic virus TriMV; genus Poacevirus, family Potyviridae , were identified in gain-of-function experiments that used heterologous viruses to express individual virus-encoded proteins in wheat. Deletion mutagenesis further revealed that elicitation of SIE by NIa-Pro requires the entire protein while CP requires only a amino-acid aa middle fragment aa to of the aa.

Franz Xaver Eder - Wanderer zwischen den Welten. Some individuals who have had no previous flying experience other than as passengers may. Iota Epsilon SIE. Michael E. John Colombi, Ph. Mathematisches Bewusstsein. Atmospheric influences on the anomalous Antarctic sea ice decay. In contrast to the Arctic, where total sea ice extent SIE has been decreasing for the last three decades, Antarctic SIE has shown a small, but significant, increase during the same time period. However, in , an unusually early onset of the melt season was observed; the maximum Antarctic SIE was already reached as early as August rather than the end of September, and was followed by a rapid decrease.

The decay was particularly strong in November, when Antarctic SIE exhibited a negative anomaly compared to the average of approximately 2 million km2. In particular, in the first third of November northerly flow conditions in the Weddell Sea and the Western Pacific triggered accelerated sea ice decay, which was continued in the following weeks due to positive feedback effects, leading to the unusually low November SIE. In , the monthly mean Southern Annular Mode SAM index reached its second lowest November value since the beginning of the satellite observations.

A better spatial and temporal coverage of reliable ice thickness data is needed to assess the change in ice mass rather than ice area. The summers of and had the least sea ice extent SIE in the Arctic. These observations seem to agree with the trends noted by Parkinson, et al. Rigor, et al. Given that the latest trends in SIE are different than those shown by P99, one could ask whether the affect of the AO on sea ice noted by Rigor, et al. Using data from the International Arctic Buoy Programme and the National Centers for Environmental Prediction, we will show that the changes in sea ice extent are primarily driven by dynamic changes in sea ice thickness and discuss the implications for predicting summer SIE.

Predicting the synaptic information efficacy in cortical layer 5 pyramidal neurons using a minimal integrate-and-fire model. Synaptic information efficacy SIE is a statistical measure to quantify the efficacy of a synapse. It measures how much information is gained, on the average, about the output spike train of a postsynaptic neuron if the input spike train is known. It is a particularly appropriate measure for assessing the input-output relationship of neurons receiving dynamic stimuli.

Here, we compare the SIE of simulated synaptic inputs measured experimentally in layer 5 cortical pyramidal neurons in vitro with the SIE computed from a minimal model constructed to fit the recorded data. We show that even with a simple model that is far from perfect in predicting the precise timing of the output spikes of the real neuron, the SIE can still be accurately predicted.

This arises from the ability of the model to predict output spikes influenced by the input more accurately than those driven by the background current. This indicates that in this context, some spikes may be more important than others. Lastly we demonstrate another aspect where using mutual information could be beneficial in evaluating the quality of a model, by measuring the mutual information between the model's output and the neuron's output. The SIE , thus, could be a useful tool for assessing the quality of models of single neurons in preserving input-output relationship, a property that becomes crucial when we start connecting these reduced models to construct complex realistic neuronal networks.

Building a sense of virtual community: the role of the features of social networking sites. In recent years, social networking sites have received increased attention because of the potential of this medium to transform business by building virtual communities. However, theoretical and empirical studies investigating how specific features of social networking sites contribute to building a sense of virtual community SOVC -an important dimension of a successful virtual community-are rare.

Furthermore, SOVC scales have been developed, and research on this issue has been called for, but few studies have heeded this call. On the basis of prior literature, this study proposes that perceptions of the three most salient features of social networking sites-system quality SQ , information quality IQ , and social information exchange SIE -play a key role in fostering SOVC.

The research model was examined in the context of Facebook, one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. Data gathered using a Web-based questionnaire, and analyzed with partial least squares, were utilized to test the model. Implications for theory, practice, and future research directions are discussed. This research examined the role of psychological availability as a means of psychological engagement between self-initiated expatriates SIEs and their host-country nationals HCNs colleagues during their work and interaction adjustment. To reveal this process, this study presented the concept of psychological availability, which refers to an individual's belief that they are physically, cognitively, and emotionally ready or confident to engage the self with their colleagues, as a mediator between proactive personality and adjustment.

Io Echo: Ministry of Love (Interactive Music Video)

Also, it investigated the relationship between proactive personality and psychological availability and how it was moderated by supportive supervisor relations. Our finding supported the hypothesis that psychological availability mediated the relationship between proactive personality and their adjustment to an international work environment; in addition, the relationship between proactive personality and psychological availability would be stronger when the level of superiors relations support is high between SIEs and HCNs.

This study demonstrated the value of proactive personality as an antecedent effect and supportive supervisor relations as a moderating effect, and investigated how these factors can lead to a sense of psychological availability and boost psychological engagement between SIEs and HCNs in order to improve the adjustment between them. Antarctic sea ice increase consistent with intrinsic variability of the Amundsen Sea Low. Off West Antarctica there is a high correlation between trends in SIE and trends in the near-surface winds. Pre-industrial control and historical simulations from CMIP5 indicate that the observed deepening of the ASL and stronger southerly flow over the Ross Sea are within the bounds of modeled intrinsic variability.

Reliability models for dataflow computer systems. The demands for concurrent operation within a computer system and the representation of parallelism in programming languages have yielded a new form of program representation known as data flow DENN 74, DENN 75, TREL 82a. A new model based on data flow principles for parallel computations and parallel computer systems is presented. Necessary conditions for liveness and deadlock freeness in data flow graphs are derived.

The data flow graph is used as a model to represent asynchronous concurrent computer architectures including data flow computers. Die hier betrachteten Signale werden auch als stochastische Signale bezeichnet. On the relation between orbital-localization and self-interaction errors in the density functional theory treatment of organic semiconductors.

It is commonly argued that the self-interaction error SIE inherent in semilocal density functionals is related to the degree of the electronic localization. Yet at the same time there exists a latent ambiguity in the definitions of the terms "localization" and "self-interaction," which ultimately prevents a clear and readily accessible quantification of this relationship. This problem is particularly pressing for organic semiconductor molecules, in which delocalized molecular orbitals typically alternate with localized ones, thus leading to major distortions in the eigenvalue spectra.

This paper discusses the relation between localization and SIEs in organic semiconductors in detail. Its findings provide further insights into the SIE in the orbital energies and yield a new perspective on the failure of self-interaction corrections that identify delocalized orbital densities with electrons. Wie gewinnt man im Spiel? Arctic sea ice has been undergoing rapid and accelerated loss since satellite-based measurements became available in late s, especially the summer ice coverage.

For the Arctic as a whole, the long-term trend for the annual sea ice extent SIE minimum is about It detects and extracts only an object data from raw image data. It will be launched in and needs two years mission period. Data is obtained, by rotating the imaging system including CCD at a rated synchronized with a vertical charge transfer of CCD.

Obtained image data is sent through SIE to the Mission-controller. The role of summer surface wind anomalies in the summer Arctic sea ice extent in and Masayo Ogi 1 and John M. Wallace 2 masayo. The June SIE in was lower than that in and was the lowest for that calendar month in the year record.

Aïe Aïe Aïe !

The September SIE in would have set a new record low had it not been for the fact that the ice retreated more slowly during the summer months in that year than it did in Hence from early July onward, the SIE in remained at levels above those observed in The SIE minimum in September proved to be the third lowest on record, eclipsed by values in both and The SIE minimum in proved to be the second lowest on record for the period of Summertime atmospheric conditions play an important role in controlling the variations in Arctic SIE.

In a previous study based on statistical analysis of data collected prior to , we showed that anticyclonic summertime circulation anomalies over the Arctic Ocean during the summer months favor low September SIE. We also found that the record-low ice summer year was characterized by a strong anticyclonic circulation anomaly, accompanied by an Ekman drift of ice out of the marginal seas toward the central Arctic and eventually toward the Fram Strait, as evidenced by the tracks of drifting buoys. Here we assess the extent to which year-to-year differences in summer winds over the Arctic might have contributed to the differing rates of retreat of ice during the summers of , , and Our results show that the May-June MJ pattern in is.

Using species abundance distribution models and diversity indices for biogeographical analyses. We examine whether Species Abundance Distribution models SADs and diversity indices can describe how species colonization status influences species community assembly on oceanic islands.

Our hypothesis is that, because of the lack of source-sink dynamics at the archipelago scale, Single Island Endemics SIEs , i. To test our hypothesis, we used arthropod data from the Azorean archipelago North Atlantic. For each category, we modelled rank-abundance plots using both the geometric series and the Gambin model, a measure of distributional amplitude. We also calculated Shannon entropy and Buzas and Gibson's evenness. We show that the slopes of the regression lines modelling SADs were significantly higher for SIEs , which indicates a relative predominance of a few highly abundant species and a lack of rare species, which also depresses diversity indices.

This may be a consequence of two factors: i some forest specialist SIEs may be at advantage over other, less adapted species; ii the entire populations of SIEs are by definition concentrated on a single island, without possibility for inter-island source-sink dynamics; hence all populations must have a minimum number of individuals to survive natural, often unpredictable, fluctuations. We conclude that these differences in the SAD models and diversity indices demonstrate that the study of these metrics is useful for.

Hammett equation and generalized Pauling's electronegativity equation. It was demonstrated that the equation was applicable to disubstituted bicyclo[2.

It was also demonstrated that Hammett's equation was a derivative form of the above equation. Thus it was shown that Hammett's equation was a derivative form of the generalized Pauling's electronegativity equation and that a generalized Pauling's electronegativity equation could be utilized for diverse X-spacer-Y systems. The existence of the cross term i.

Further studies on multi-substituted systems suggested that the electronic substituent effects should be pairwise and additive. Diagnosing sea ice from the north american multi model ensemble and implications on mid-latitude winter climate. Arctic sea ice plays an important role in the climate system, moderating the exchange of energy and moisture between the ocean and the atmosphere. An emerging area of research investigates how changes, particularly declines, in sea ice extent SIE impact climate in regions local to and remote from the Arctic.

Therefore, both observations and model estimates of sea ice become important. Three of the models in this project provide sea-ice predictions. The ensemble average of these models is used to determine seasonal climate impacts on surface air temperature SAT and sea level pressure SLP in remote regions such as the mid-latitudes. It is found that declines in fall SIE are associated with cold temperatures in the mid-latitudes and pressure patterns across the Arctic and mid-latitudes similar to the negative phase of the Arctic Oscillation AO.

These findings are consistent with other studies that have investigated the relationship between declines in SIE and mid-latitude weather and climate. The proxy sea-ice estimates also show similar relationships to mid-latitude temperature and pressure as the actual sea-ice predictions. Oxygen consumption, substrate oxidation, and blood pressure following sprint interval exercise. This study examined the acute effect of sprint interval exercise SIE on postexercise oxygen consumption, substrate oxidation, and blood pressure.

The participants were 10 healthy males aged years. Following overnight fasts, each participant undertook 2 trials in a random balanced order: i four s bouts of SIE on a cycle ergometer, separated by 4. Time-matched measurements of oxygen consumption, respiratory exchange ratio, and blood pressure were made for 2 h into recovery.

Whether these acute benefits of SIE can translate into long-term changes in body composition and an improvement in vascular health needs investigation. Chips aus Plastik: Organische Elektronik. Meilensteine in der Erforschung der kompakten Objekte. Neutronensternen wird der Gravitation der Quantendruck eines Elektronengases bzw.

Ein solches Gas besteht aus Elektronen bzw. Neutronen, die auf ihr niedrigstes Energieniveau zusammengepresst wurden. Durch die daraus resultierende hohe Bewegungsenergie der Fermionen wird der sogenannte Quantendruck erzeugt. Terror mit Atomwaffen: reale Gefahr? Nukleare und Radiologische Waffen. Selbst der Bau einer primitiven Atombombe erfordert einen hohen technischen Aufwand und Spezialisten. Wahrscheinlicher ist deshalb der Diebstahl einer kleinen taktischen Kernwaffe. Nichtperiodische zeitkontinuierliche Signale. Kunststoffe Polymere.

Nachdem wir uns mit den Prinzipien der ART und einigen Beispielen vertraut gemacht haben, kommen wir nun zur Berechnung des Zwillingsparadoxons aus Sicht des reisenden Zwillings. Sie befindet sich in ihrem System S'in Ruhe. Nach einiger Zeit werden die Triebwerke abgeschaltet, und das Raumschiff fliegt mit konstanter Geschwindigkeit weiter, Phase 2.

Die Erde, auf der sich Michael befindet, bewegt sich mit x' t' aus Sicht von Katrin im freien Fall von ihr weg, s. Designing lateral spintronic devices with giant tunnel magnetoresistance and perfect spin injection efficiency based on transition metal dichalcogenides. Giant tunnel magnetoresistance TMR and perfect spin-injection efficiency SIE are extremely significant for modern spintronic devices. And due to the huge barrier for spin-down transport, the spin-down electrons could hardly cross the central scattering region, thus achieving a perfect SIE.

We find that the TMR increases with the increasing bias voltage, and the SIE is robust against either bias or gate voltage in MTJs, which can serve as effective spin filter devices. Our results can not only give fresh impetus to the research community to build MTJs but also provide potential materials for spintronic devices. Genetic diversity of dihydrochalcone content in Malus germplasm.

Dihydrochalcones, beneficial phenolic compounds, are abundant in Malus Mill. A few species contain sie Kants Theorie der Sonne: Physikgeschichte. December , in Steven P. Patriotic War Naval Institute. Moscow: Voyenizdat, Adragna , Stephen P. Doctrine and Strategy. Overcoming the most aphid resistant genes, SBA biotype 4 has become the greatest challenge in utilizing plant resistance in soybean [Glycine max L.

Since the late 's more than million tons of toxic wastes have been discarded in an estimated 30, to 50, hazardous waste sies HWS. Choice of address forms, a socially crucial feature in German communication, is context-dependent on situations a where the unmarked form of address is "du" T , b where it is " Sie " V , and c where the two systems a and b coexist. The first two situations are, apart from their fuzzy edges, rather clearcut. The third situation, however,…. Comparison with a time series of fast ice at South Orkney Islands reveals a relationship between BP A sub n and sea ice in the northern Weddell Sea that is relatively consistent over the twentieth century, except when it is modulated by atmospheric wave patterns described by the Trans-Polar Index.

The trend of increasing accumulation on the Bruce Plateau since approximately agrees with other climate records and reconstructions in the region and suggests that the current rate of sea ice loss in the Bellingshausen Sea is unrivaled in the twentieth century. Decline in the Arctic sea ice extent SIE has profound socio-economic implications and is a focus of active scientific research. Of particular interest is prediction of SIE on subseasonal time scales, i. However, subseasonal forecasting of SIE is very challenging due to the high variability of ocean and atmosphere over Arctic in summer, as well as shortness of observational data and inadequacies of the physics-based models to simulate sea-ice dynamics.

The key success factors are associated with DAH ability to disentangle complex regional dynamics of MASIE by data-adaptive harmonic spatio-temporal patterns that reduce the data-driven modeling effort to elemental MSLMs stacked per frequency with fixed and small number of model coefficients to estimate. This report presents statistics for the total United States, regions, divisions, and each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia based upon the Survey of Income and Education SIE.

The data provide a profile of the social and economic characteristics of the individual states. There are two sections of text: Demographic and Social…. Ray Diffraction Various Temperatures Cr Ka Radiation The Central Valley of California, like most dryland agricultural areas in the Southwest United States, relies heavily on winter snowpack for water resources. Projections of future climate in the Sierra Mountains of California calls for a warmer climate regime that will impact the snowpack in the Sie More Supernova Surprises.

E veryone appreciates the beauty of dai- sies , chrysanthemums, and sunfl ow- ers, and many of us enjoy eating lettuce On page of this issue, Barreda et al. Self-interaction error SIE is considered to be one of the major sources of error in most approximate exchange-correlation functionals for Kohn-Sham density-functional theory KS-DFT , and it is large with all local exchange-correlation functionals and with some hybrid functionals.

In this work, we consider systems conventionally considered to be dominated by SIE. Electron correlation and the self-interaction error of density functional theory. Correlation functionals contract the density towards the bond and the valence region, thus taking negative charge out of the van der Waals region where these effects are exaggerated by the influence of the SIE of the correlation functional. Hence, SIC-DFT leads in total to a relatively strong redistribution of negative charge from van der Waals, non-bonding, and valence regions of heavy atoms to the bond regions.

Sternbilder und ihre Mythen.

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Aus den Besprechungen: " His request was in Leader James S. Markert, COL. Doucette Mark S. Holt Doug J. Denne Joan E. Both proteins are phosphorylated with prominent phosphorylation sites between residues and of connecdenn 1. A large scale proteomics screen revealed that connecdenn 1 is phosphorylated at residues Ser and Ser in an Akt-dependent manner in response to insulin stimulation of adipocytes. Interestingly, we find that an Akt inhibitor reduces connecdenn 1 interaction with Rab35 after insulin treatment of adipocytes. We propose that Akt phosphorylation of connecdenn 1 downstream of insulin activation regulates connecdenn 1 function through an intramolecular interaction.

Self-Interest and the Design of Rules. Rules regulating social behavior raise challenging questions about cultural evolution in part because they frequently confer group-level benefits. Current multilevel selection theories contend that between-group processes interact with within-group processes to produce norms and institutions, but within-group processes have remained underspecified, leading to a recent emphasis on cultural group selection as the primary driver of cultural design.

Here we present the self-interested enforcement SIE hypothesis, which proposes that the design of rules importantly reflects the relative enforcement capacities of competing parties. We show that, in addition to explaining patterns in cultural change and stability, SIE can account for the emergence of much group-functional culture. We outline how this process can stifle or accelerate cultural group selection, depending on various social conditions. Self-interested enforcement has important bearings on the emergence, stability, and change of rules.

Specifying the role of the left prefrontal cortex in word selection. Word selection allows us to choose words during language production. This is often viewed as a competitive process wherein a lexical representation is retrieved among semantically-related alternatives. The left prefrontal cortex LPFC is thought to help overcome competition for word selection through top-down control. However, whether the LPFC is always necessary for word selection remains unclear. We tested 6 LPFC-injured patients and controls in two picture naming paradigms varying in terms of item repetition.

Both paradigms elicited the expected semantic interference effects SIE , reflecting interference caused by semantically-related representations in word selection. We argue that item repetition increases interference caused by semantically-related alternatives, resulting in increased LPFC-dependent cognitive control demands. The remaining network of brain regions associated with word selection appears to be sufficient when items are not repeated. Zeitspiel ist keine Alternative - Warum der Wandel zur Pflicht wird. Die Energiewelt wird durch den digitalen Wandel nicht verschont bleiben.

Von Start-ups lernen - Methoden und Entwicklungsprozesse, die Jungunternehmen erfolgreich machen. Disruptoren hervor, die jede Branche betreffen und so gut wie keinen Lebensbereich auslassen. Zunehmend adaptieren etablierte Unternehmen innovative Entwicklungsprozesse und Methoden. Ein interessantes Forschungsobjekt sind die T-Zellen, die das Immunsystem steuern. Medicinal plants are used as a complementary and alternative medicine in treatment of various diseases including cancer worldwide, because of their ease of accessibility and cost effectiveness.

Multicomposed mixture of compounds present in a plant extract has synergistic activity, increases the therapeutic potential many folds, compensates toxicity, and increases bioavailability. Saraca indica family Caesalpiniaceae is one of the most ancient sacred plants with medicinal properties, exhibiting a number of pharmacological effects. Antioxidant, antibreast cancer activity and toxicological evaluation of Saraca indica bark extract SIE were carried out in the present study.

The results of the study indicated that this herbal preparation has antioxidant and antibreast cancer activity. Toxicological studies suggest that SIE is safer to use and may have a potential to be used as complementary and alternative medicine for breast cancer therapy. The physics of aerobreakup. Strain-thickening liquids. We extend our previous work on aerobreakup of Newtonian and viscoelastic-liquid drops to liquids of dense nanoparticle suspensions with strain-thickening rheology.

Anthrax meningoencephalitis is very rare especially following skin location. We report a case of meningoencephalitis secondary to skin lesion. The diagnosis is based on clinical presentation and confirmed by microbiological tests. Its evolution remains fatal despite aggressive resuscitation. Published by Elsevier SAS. Adaptive Modeling and Real-Time Simulation.

Describes circumscription which is just the assumption that everything that is known to have a particular Grundlagen der zeichnerischen Darstellung. Die Besonderheit dieser Technik wird hier dargestellt. Southern Ocean sea-ice extent has experienced an overall positive trend over recent decades. While the amplitude of this trend is open to debate, the geographical pattern of regional changes has been clearly identified by observations. Mechanisms driving changes in the Antarctic Sea Ice Extent SIE are not fully understood and climate models fail to simulate these trends.

Changes in different atmospheric features such as SAM or ENSO seem to explain the observed trend of Antartic sea ice, but only partly, since they can not account for the actual amplitude of the observed signal. The increasing injection of freshwater due to the accelerating ice discharge from Antarctica Ice Sheet AIS during the last two decades has been proposed as another candidate to contribute to SIE trend. However, the quantity and the distribution of the extra freshwater injection were not properly constrained.

Recent glaciological estimations may improve the way the glacial freshwater is injected in the model. Here, we study the role of the glacial freshwater into the observed SIE trend, using the state-of-the-art Antarctic mass loss estimations. The combination of an improved iceberg model with the most recent glaciological estimations has been applied to account for the most realistic possible Antarctic freshwater evolution scenarios.

We conclude that the observed SIE trend over the last decades is due to a combination of both an atmospheric forcing and the extra freshwater injection. Our results advocates that the evolution of glacial freshwater needs to be correctly represented in climate models. National Dam Safety Program.

Phase I Inspection Report. Deficiencies found during the inspection will require remedial treatment. The following are brief summaries of deficiencies Deficiencies discovered during the field inspection and office analyses will require remedial treatment. The dam and appurtenant Design and fabrication of multimode interference couplers based on digital micro-mirror system. Multimode interference MMI couplers, based on the self-imaging effect SIE , are accepted popularly in integrated optics. According to the importance of MMI devices, in this paper, we present a novel method to design and fabricate MMI couplers.

A technology of maskless lithography to make MMI couplers based on a smart digital micro-mirror device DMD system is proposed. In this paper, impurity parameters m i and k i have been calculated for a range of impurities I as detected in the eutectics Co-C and Pt-C, by means of the software package Thermo-Calc within the ternary phase spaces Co-C- I and Pt-C- I. The choice of the impurities is based upon a selection out of the results of impurity analyses performed for a representative set of samples for each of the eutectics in study.

Tables and plots of the impurity parameters against the atomic number Z i of the impurities will be presented, as well as plots demonstrating the validity of van't Hoff's law, the cornerstone to this study, for both eutectics. For the eutectics in question, the uncertainty u T E - T liq in the correction T E - T liq will be derived, where T E and T liq refer to the transition temperature of the pure system and to the liquidus temperature in the limit of zero growth rate of the solid phase during solidification of the actual system, respectively.

Zusammengefasst werden die Beziehungen 5. In this paper, we use a recently compiled data set, which comprises galactic-scale strong gravitational lensing SGL systems to constrain the statistical property of the SGL system as well as the curvature of the universe without assuming any fiducial cosmological model. Neglecting this correlation in the analysis will significantly overestimate the constraining power of SGL data on the curvature.

These oils are therefore not recommended for preservative treatment of wood with which cattle 4 may come in Other knowledge- based approaches offer the Reducing development costs and development time ing an increasingly powerful focus for business activities. Sie - The immediate goal of telecommunications efforts is a mens is actively involved in defining and implementing configuration based on ISDN and.

T;9 rid Sie S. Traumatic brain injuries are fairly sensitive to hypoxia. For patient with associated lung and brain traumas, different means used to improve oxygen blood level are poorly described. We report the use of ECMO in a refractory hypoxemia occurred to a multitrauma young patient with neurological lesions. The interannual variability of summertime Arctic sea ice extent SIE is anti-correlated with the leading mode of extratropical atmospheric variability in preceding winter, the Arctic Oscillation AO. Given this relationship and the need for better seasonal predictions of Arctic SIE , we here examine the role of stratospheric circulation extremes and stratosphere-troposphere coupling in linking the AO and Arctic SIE variability.

We show that extremes in the stratospheric circulation during the winter season, namely stratospheric sudden warming SSW and strong polar vortex SPV events, are associated with significant anomalies in sea ice concentration in the Bering Straight and the Sea of Okhotsk in winter, the Barents Sea in spring and along the Eurasian coastline in summer in both observations and a fully-coupled, stratosphere-resolving general circulation model.

Consistent with previous work on the AO, we find that SSWs, which are followed by the negative phase of the AO at the surface, result in sea ice growth, whereas SPVs, which are followed by the positive phase of the AO at the surface, result in sea ice loss, although the dynamic and thermodynamic processes driving these sea ice anomalies in the three Arctic regions, noted above, are different.

Our analysis suggests that the presence or absence of stratospheric circulation extremes in winter may play a non-trivial role in determining total September Arctic SIE when combined with other factors. Leben gibt es auf der Erde seit fast 4 Mio. Jahren, trotz allen Katastrophen.

Mythologie grecque - Mythes et Légendes #1

Die Idee des Lebens scheint unsterblich. Der Tod aber offenbar auch. Ozone synthesis improves by increasing number density of plasma channels and lower voltage in a nonthermal plasma. Improvements in ozone synthesis from air and oxygen by increasing the number density of plasma channels and lower voltage for the same specific input energy SIE were explored in a nonthermal plasma based on a sliding discharge.

The number of plasma channels and energy per pulse increased in direct proportion to the increase in the effective length of the anode the high voltage electrode. Decreasing the discharge gap increased the energy per pulse for the same length and allowed the installation of more electrode pairs in the same space. It allowed the increase of the number of plasma channels in the same space to achieve the same SIE at a lower peak voltage with less energy per plasma channel.

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A gradual increase in SIE beyond J L-1 gradually increased the ozone concentration to a certain maximum value followed by a decline, but the rate of increase and the maximum value was higher for the greater number of plasma channels and lower peak voltage combination. The results are explained on the basis of characteristics of the plasma and ozone synthesis mechanism. Foreign policy and strategic analysts are familiar with such expectations Harkabi, A third characteristic is the public nature of a commitment. In order to accurately identify a commitment, there must be explicit evidence The estimated annual savings resui- ng from this increase was Vitamin C acts as radiation-protecting agent.

It is well known that vitamin C L-ascorbic acid is a very efficient, water soluble antioxidant. Its multifunctional biological and biochemical activities are rather well established in the last few decades e. Sies and Stahl, ; Meydani et al. In the present letter we are reporting briefly the pronounced radiation-protecting properties of ascorbate AH - observed on bacteria E.

Umsetzung der Unternehmensstrategie mit der Balanced Scorecard. Das entscheidende Merkmal der Balanced Scorecard ist dabei, dass sie ein ausgewogenes System strategischer Ziele herstellt, welches das Unternehmen hinsichtlich der vier Perspektiven Finanzen, Kunden, interne Prozesse und Mitarbeiter und Potenziale strategisch ausrichtet Kaplan u. Norton Epidural anaesthesia for caesarean section in pituitary dwarfism. We describe the anaesthetic management for caesarean section in a year-old patient with pituitary dwarfism. In addition to supportive treatment, we offered a postoperative epidural analgesia pump.

The patient recovered well without any complications. Demographic models and IPCC climate projections predict the decline of an emperor penguin population. Studies have reported important effects of recent climate change on Antarctic species, but there has been to our knowledge no attempt to explicitly link those results to forecasted population responses to climate change. Antarctic sea ice extent SIE is projected to shrink as concentrations of atmospheric greenhouse gases GHGs increase, and emperor penguins Aptenodytes forsteri are extremely sensitive to these changes because they use sea ice as a breeding, foraging and molting habitat.

We show that the increased frequency of warm events associated with projected decreases in SIE will reduce the population viability. To avoid extinction, emperor penguins will have to adapt, migrate or change the timing of their growth stages. However, given the future projected increases in GHGs and its effect on Antarctic climate, evolution or migration seem unlikely for such long lived species at the remote southern end of the Earth. Nous rapportons un cas d'injection accidentelle de bupivacaine en intraveineuse directe. Une fistule recto-vaginale rentrant dans le cadre d'un syndrome de Currarino.

The median population size is projected to decline from approximately 6, to approximately breeding pairs over this period. Tiefenschichten des Streits um die Evolutionstheorie. Die Evolutionstheorie ist eine der erfolgreichsten wissenschaftlichen Theorien. Sie erlaubt es, unsere Herkunft zu verstehen und riskante Merkmale gerade der menschlichen Spezies zu begreifen. Zugleich ist die Evolutionstheorie eine der umstrittensten Theorien. Anscheinend geht es schon um recht tiefe Schichten unserer Kultur und nicht nur der wissenschaftlichen, wenn - wie seit Jahren - um die Evolutionstheorie gestritten wird.

Wie sehen diese Schichten aus? Theoretische Konzepte der Physik. Als Vehikel seiner Absichten dienen dem Autor geschichtliche Fallstudien, insgesamt sieben an der Zahl. Sie sind originell, didaktisch klug und genieren sich auch nicht, von der Faszination zu sprechen, die Ergun et al previously demonstrated the efficacy of hydrostatic dilation in a TRAM flap model in an experimental study.

We investigated the effect of hydrostatic dilation on a fasciocutaneous flap model. Eighteen female Wistar rats were equally divided into 3 groups, of which 1 served as a control. In the second, the abdominal fasciocutaneous flap surgical delay procedure was performed by division of the left superficial inferior epigastric SIE vessels.

In the third, hydrostatic dilation was performed on the left SIE artery and vein, with a mean pressure of mm Hg, while elevating the flap on the right-sided SIE pedicle. The groups were compared by microangiography and by the survival ratio of abdominal flaps 7 days after elevation. The mean SD flap necrosis rates were as follows: control group, There was a significant difference between the control group and the other 2 groups P Fracture Mechanics Analysis of an Annular Crack in a Three-concentric-cylinder Composite Model. A boundary-value problem governing a three-phase concentric-cylinder model was analytically modeled to analyze annular interfacial crack problems with Love s strain functions in order to find the stress intensity factors SIFs and strain energy release rates SERRs at the tips of an interface crack in a nonhomogeneous medium.

For the validity of the SIF equations to be established, the SIE of the three-concentric-cylinder model was reduced to the SIE for a two-concentric-cylinder model, and the results were compared with the previous results of Erdogan. A preliminary set of parametric studies was carried out to show the effect of interphase properties on the SERR.

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The method presented here provides insight about the effect of interphase properties on the crack driving force. Exercise-intensity dependent alterations in plasma redox status do not reflect skeletal muscle redox-sensitive protein signaling. Redox homeostasis and redox-sensitive protein signaling play a role in exercise-induced adaptation. Furthermore, whether post-exercise plasma redox status reflects skeletal muscle redox-sensitive protein signaling is unknown. Plasma hydrogen peroxide H 2 O 2 , thiobarbituric acid reactive substances TBARS , superoxide dismutase SOD activity, and catalase activity were measured immediately post, 1h, 2h and 3h post-exercise.

Plasma catalase activity was greater with SIE Plasma redox status did not, however, adequately reflect skeletal muscle redox-sensitive protein signaling. Morbidity in relation to feeding mode in African HIV-exposed, uninfected infants during the first 6 mo of life: the Kesho Bora study Background: Refraining from breastfeeding to prevent HIV transmission has been associated with increased morbidity and mortality in HIV-exposed African infants.

Design: HIV-infected pregnant women from 5 sites in Burkina Faso, Kenya, and South Africa were enrolled in the prevention of mother-to-child transmission Kesho Bora trial and counseled to either breastfeed exclusively and cease by 6 mo postpartum or formula feed exclusively.

Maternal-reported morbidity fever, diarrhea, and vomiting and serious infectious events SIEs gastroenteritis and lower respiratory tract infections were investigated for infants for 2 age periods 0—2.