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It's the first red build on the right if Hat Kid walks straight forward when the act starts. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Act 1: Dead Bird Studio. Act 2: Murder on the Owl Express. Run around collecting Director Icons and walking up to Moon Penguins to increase your popularity. Murder on the Owl Express. Dead Bird Studio Act. After sneaking past the Conductor the first time there is a house with a water tower next to it. Jump to the tower to find Ice Yarn on the back side. At the second moveable platform, hit the switch to move it forward and then hit it again so it moves to its starting position and get on it.

Climb the ladder to find the yarn. At the crossroad where DJ Grooves is filming, take the right path and tightrope walk to a platform with three moon penguins.

Avoid them and reach the top to find another tightrope. Cross it to find a chest with a Relic in it. After the slow moving platform where DJ Grooves and the Conductor are in glass rooms, go behind the glass room with the Conductor to find a platform into his room. Be careful not to be spoted by the owl while you get the chest with the token in it. On top of the the room where the Conductor is, look back towards the slow moving platform and you should see a chest ontop of a giant set. Jump onto the nearby building panels to the side, walk toward the very end, then jump toward the platform with the chest containing a relic.

Use the brew's hat to destroy them and enter the room. The relic is in a box on top of the bed. Upon entering the luggage room you should see it's rainbow aura. Jump over the small wall and grab it. Be careful not to be spotted by the crows. Again in the luggage room, but this time it's at the very top of the room right above where you first entered. Climb to the top of the luggage and perform a dive jump to get it.

In the lounge, on the right side of the platform where the two crows are marching back and forth. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings.

External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. A wealthy San Francisco socialite pursues a potential boyfriend to a small Northern California town that slowly takes a turn for the bizarre when birds of all kinds suddenly begin to attack people.

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Director: Alfred Hitchcock. From metacritic. IMDb's Superhero Guide. Filmes que assisti em Marvelous Movies. Horror movies for kids. Share this Rating Title: The Birds 7. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. User Polls Hitch' Number Five Nominated for 1 Oscar. Learn more More Like This. Rope Crime Drama Mystery. Marnie Drama Thriller. Frenzy Vertigo Mystery Romance Thriller.

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Dial M for Murder Crime Thriller. Strangers on a Train Crime Film-Noir Thriller. Psycho Horror Mystery Thriller. North by Northwest Adventure Mystery Thriller. Rear Window Mystery Thriller. Realizing the sounds are emanating from above, she cautiously climbs the staircase and enters Cathy's bedroom, where she finds the birds have broken through the roof.

They violently attack her, trapping her in the room until Mitch rescues her.

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Melanie is badly injured and nearly catatonic; Mitch insists they must get her to the hospital and suggests they drive to San Francisco. As Mitch readies Melanie's car for their escape, a sea of birds gathers menacingly around the Brenner house. The radio reports bird attacks on nearby communities such as Santa Rosa , and suggests that the military may intervene to quell the unexplained attacks.

Cathy retrieves the lovebirds from the house and joins Mitch and Lydia as they carefully escort Melanie to the car past a mass of birds nearby. The car slowly makes its way through a landscape in which thousands of birds are ominously perching. The screenplay for the film is based on Daphne du Maurier 's novella, " The Birds ", which was first published in her collection, The Apple Tree.

Hunter began working on the screenplay in September The initial humor followed by horror would turn the suspense into shock. Hitchcock solicited comments from several people regarding the first draft of Hunter's screenplay. Consolidating their criticisms, Hitchcock wrote to Hunter, suggesting that the script particularly the first part was too long, contained insufficient characterization in the two leads, and that some scenes lacked drama and audience interest.

Pritchett , who both offered lengthy reflections on the work. Originally, he wanted the film to end without a "THE END" card, but he was forced to include one before the film's full release. The seagulls were caught in the San Francisco garbage dump [20] and the sparrows were caught by John "Bud" Cardos. However, the captured sparrows had to be used alongside birds from pet shops to achieve full effect in the scene where they invade the house.

Hitchcock decided to do without any conventional incidental score. He wanted to use the electroacoustic Mixtur-Trautonium to create the bird calls and noises. He had first encountered this predecessor to the synthesizer on Berlin radio in the late s. It was invented by Friedrich Trautwein, and further developed by Oskar Sala into the Trautonium, which would create some of the bird sounds for this film.

The director commissioned Sala and Remi Gassmann to design an electronic soundtrack.

Source music includes the first of Claude Debussy 's Deux arabesques , which Tippi Hedren's character plays on piano , and "Risseldy Rosseldy", an Americanized version of the Scottish folk song, " Wee Cooper O'Fife ", which is sung by the schoolchildren. Once the crow attack and attic scenes were assembled by the film's editor, George Tomasini , they were sent to the special effects department for enhancement. The SV process films the subject against a screen lit with narrow-spectrum sodium vapor lights.


Unlike most compositing processes, SVP shoots two separate elements of the footage simultaneously using a beam-splitter. One reel is regular film stock and the other a film stock with emulsion sensitive only to the sodium vapor wavelength. This results in very precise matte shots compared to blue screen special effects, necessary due to "fringing" of the image from the birds' rapid wing flapping. Utilizing an optical printer , his superposition of a group of small birds flying inside an enclosed glass booth made it possible to multiply the birds in the living room.

Most of the special effects work done at Disney was completed in the Process Lab on printer ten, which was made from Iwerk's own original design. At MGM , Bob Hoag was put in charge of the optical effects for the sequence where Melanie hides inside a telephone booth as it is attacked by the birds. Hitchcock had requested that Hoag remove any shot where Melanie looked placid and urged that she be in constant movement instead.

Hoag, along with a team of thirty, worked together on the blue backing and sodium matte shots. He was asked to produce a rough cut of the sequence before Hitchcock left for Berlin in December of Abbott organised two teams — both working eleven hours a day — to work on the sequence simultaneously. Abbott's biggest challenge was size ratio, as he had to ensure that the birds looked like they were attacking the children. He achieved this by placing the birds within frame and zooming in on them to make them the correct size in proportion to the children.

The film premiered March 28, in New York City. The Museum of Modern Art hosted an invitation-only screening as part of a film retrospective of Hitchcock's film work. The film was screened out of competition [29] in May at a prestigious invitational showing at the Cannes Film Festival [30] with Hitchcock and Hedren in attendance. The film ranked No. Hitchcock also received the Association's Director Award for the film. It also won the Horror Hall of Fame Award in Among the central themes explored in The Birds are those of love and violence.

The representation of the birds in the film constantly changes to reflect the development of these themes, and the story itself.

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At first, the lovebirds in the pet store signify the blossoming love between Melanie and Mitch, and the sexual tension between the two. Hitchcock stated in an interview that the birds in the film rise up against the humans to punish them for taking nature for granted.

Another theme explored within the film is the entrapment of civilians. She interprets it as an ode to the many facets of female sexuality and, by extension, nature itself. She notes that women play pivotal roles in it. Mitch is defined by his relationships with his mother, sister, and ex-lover — a careful balance which is disrupted by his attraction to the beautiful Melanie. Montage editing and slow pacing are used within the film to build suspense and elicit a greater emotional response from the audience during the attack scenes: "The pattern of The Birds was deliberately to go slow".