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So what is it about food that can make us so sleepy? However, if you do eat lunch, the nutritional content of the meal you consume could accentuate your natural desire to siesta. Meanwhile, the University of Manchester research suggests that the food we eat at lunch contributes to our human need to siesta. The study, published in the scientific journal Neuron in , shows that glucose the sugar in our food stops our brain cells from producing the signals that keep us awake and alert.

Glucose inhibits neurons that make tiny proteins called orexins, which are responsible for the normal regulation of our state of consciousness. Why does coffee make me anxious while others can drink it before bed? There's a really good reason you can only drink one coffee a day before you get jittery and another person can skull an espresso after dinner and still fall asleep.

You have a heightened caffeine sensitivity. Basically, if you had a sleep deficit and then napped, you would be putting more sleep credits into the health bank. Lack of sleep makes you hungry and slams your willpower Find yourself reaching for fatty, sugary foods - or just really hungry - after a bad night's sleep? There's a reason for that.

People learn more after a siesta, say scientists

How eating rice can help you prepare for daylight savings Daylight savings can leave you feeling hangry. Here's a few expert food tips to help you reset your hunger-clock and send you to sleep, naturally. Maybe it's not carbs causing your food coma, after all Falling asleep at your desk? Could be that burger you ate for lunch. Signout Sign in Create an account. Taste le Tour.

When it's time for siesta - Work With Vietnamese

Eating a carb-laden meal will make you feel more sleepy while protein-based meals keep you more alert and sharp and less inclined towards sleepiness. Previous Next Show Grid. Previous Next Hide Grid. The Southern Europeans who siesta - nap after lunch - really do have it right. A quick nap could help us recover after a carb-laden lunch and balance our hunger hormones if we're sleep deprived.

By Yasmin Noone.

Viva la siesta! Six reasons you should take a nap today

Find yourself reaching for fatty, sugary foods - or just really hungry - after a bad night's sleep? Daylight savings can leave you feeling hangry. Perhaps that's getting ahead of ourselves — but certainly there exists a body of evidence to suggest that an afternoon nap is a good thing. Baroness Thatcher famously slept for just four hours a night during the week, though she took regular daytime naps.

Sir Winston Churchill managed on just four hours sleep a night during World War Two — but insisted on a two hour nap in the afternoon. Different people report different experiences of siestas: some find they wake up raring to go, others say they feel groggy and disorientated.


Interestingly, a study has shown that regardless of how you feel, a post-lunch power nap will power-up your brain. Tests were carried out at 9am and 7pm, and again at 9am the following day. The boost in performance was so marked that scientists, led by Dr Sara Mednick, concluded: "From the perspective of behavioural improvement, a nap is as good as a night of sleep for learning on this perceptual task. T o all the bosses out there: it's time you consider allowing your employees to take a nap. He claims that humans have only adopted long night time sleep patterns since the industrial revolution and believes it may be damaging our ability to think creatively.

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The answer is a minute nap, of course. I have a nap every afternoon," said Prof Walsh. Companies should allow naps in the afternoon.

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They should get rid of the habit of clocking in and clocking out. US researchers found that toddlers who miss just one daytime nap become more anxious and less interested in the world around them. Back in , Spanish scientists, presumably fresh from a quick kip, issued guidelines for the perfect nap.

Preferably, it should take place in an armchair or a sofa rather than a bed, to stop you falling into a deep sleep. N aps can restore alertness, enhance performance, and reduce mistakes and accidents, according to the National Sleep Foundation NSF. A study at NASA on sleepy military pilots and astronauts found that a minute nap improved performance by 34 per cent and alertness per cent.

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