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Hurley, A. Reparation by proxy: experiences of working with pregnant teenagers and adolescent mothers. Journal of Child Psychotherapy, 36 2 , Kammerer P. Klein, H. The adolescent as mother: Early risk identification. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 16 , Kochanska, G. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 86, — Lalande, C.

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Effects of maternal age on parenting role. Developmental Psychology, 18 , Rocher-Barrat, C. Rohner, D. New Haven, CT. Roosa, W. Ludmila, Kireva, M. Mihaela Ionita, M. Daniel Madani, M. Grace Lalonde, M. Meet Our Pediatricians :. Maroua Abderrahman, M. Bruce D'Souza, M.

Mher Barbarian, M. Lyne Chiniara, M. Meet Our Pediatric Specialists :. JP Capolicchio, M.


Kathryn Samaan, M. Sheila Venkatarangam-Jacob, M. The Family and School Services clinic :. Director of Family and School Services:. Elizabeth Triassi, M. Psychopedago gy. Audrey Perreault Ph. D Neuropsychologist. Lora Lerh, Psy. Annie Drouin, Ph. Angela Stratigakis, M. Maria-Lisa Bozzo, M. Ariane Rate l le Trudel, M. Allixia Blouin , M. Adriana Gentile, M. Rafif Zarka, M. Nour Wattar, MSc. Isabelle Bisaillon, erg Occupational Therapist. Requisition forms from non-agoo physicians and from external clinics are also accepted for the above mentioned services.

Newborn assessments. Healthy routine check-ups. Same-day emergency visits. Family and School Services department is dedicated to promoting optimal development for children between the ages of 0 and Our services include support, intervention-skills training, prevention, evaluation and therapy. We believe in quality collaborative care. Our multidisciplinary approach allows for professionals and doctors to share their expertise on the same intervention plan.

We are deeply committed to the children we serve.

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ABOUT AGOO Agoo is a state-of-the-art center that offers a fun and friendly environment to children and adolescents from birth to 18 years , and a unique experience to parents. Your time and comfort are important to us. During the very short waiting time, we offer play areas in well-separated waiting rooms for healthy and sick children. Rest assured that we are taking all measures to avoid going home with a new germ or virus.

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  • My Mummy Wears a Wig - Does Yours? A true and heart warming account of a journey through breast cancer.
  • Bibliographie Adolescence et maternité - Psychologue, psychothérapeute Crêts en Belledonne.

Examining rooms have different fun motif that put patients at ease while our doctors examine them and discuss with the parents, respond to all their questions and address their concerns. Agoo offers your child the best care possible and to you, the parent, they information you need to make the right decisions and feel at ease. No more long waiting time for rushed examinations and unanswered questions; these are all in the past once you join the Agoo family and soon establish a long-term rapport with our healthcare professionals.

We bring the experts to you; forget long waiting lists and running from one clinic to the next. We form advisory committees composed of our experts and any required expertise around the world to discuss special cases in order to offer state-of-the-art care. Our team of researchers headed by Dr. John Sampalis, tenured professor of McGill University and world renowned epidemiologist, is working hard to bring to us the best evidence based care medicine can offer.

Social emotional learning intensive program. Laughter Yoga. For the Family and School services, press extention You can also email us at info agoomd. Agoo became a public clinic in September All of our medical services are covered by RAMQ. The only services that are charged are accessory fees for procedures, vaccins and visits with other healthcare professionals such as psychologists and physiotherapists. We have certified nurses and nursing assistants who perform ear piercings on site.

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We also offer EMLA cream to numb the area. Unfortunately, Dr. There is, however, a waitlist that you may add your child's name to. I recently gave birth, how do I get access to an AGOO physician or my pediatrician is retiring, are any of your doctors accepting patients? We currently have a wait list for check ups with a family doctor and we would be happy to add your child or children to this list. We are unable to confirm the wait times for appointments.

As such, we predict that the wait times will likely drop. If your child needs to consult a specialist like a pediatrician for a specific issue, please send us a copy of the referral from your doctor. Yes we do. For more information on our services click here. For more information on appointments, click here. Ayleen has taken many additional Nursing courses throughout the years to advance her practice like Nursing with Childbearing Families, Pharmacological Knowledge for Nursing, and Family Nursing to name a few. Aside from her extensive Nursing background, Ayleen has significant expertise in baby and child sleep learning as she has been helping families experiencing sleep issues since Complementary to her work helping families with sleep, Ayleen has also taken courses in Child Development through Concordia University, as well as infant feeding with the World Health Organization, in order to provide a full range of expertise when working with each baby and family.

Ayleen became interested in pediatric sleep after her own experiences with post-partum depression and severe insomnia after the birth of her second daughter. Lora Lehr, Psy. She is experienced in neurodevelopmental disorders and learning disabilities in children and adolescents and has led group therapies for Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD. She provides individual therapy for children and adolescents with anxiety, depression, ADHD, lack of motivation, and social difficulties.

Sheapplies psychology to help youth athletes maximize their wellbeing, enjoyment, and sport performance. She offers group therapy for difficulties with executive functioning e. Lehr also provides coaching and consultation for parents of very young children with behavioral issues. Her primary interests include early language delays, reading and writing difficulties and emergent literacy impairments in preschool and school aged children.


Marisa Marino, Physiotherapist. Marisa graduated in from Sacred Heart University in Connecticut with her doctorate in physical therapy. She began working at a comprehensive therapeutic center for children with special needs in New York. She gained valuable experience treating in clinic, school and home settings there and became trained in aquatic therapy, infant massage, and neuro-developmental treatment.

Marisa then went on to become a New York City Early Intervention provider with focus on children 0 to 3 years old with torticolis, plagiocephaly, genetic, neurological and musculoskeletal syndromes as well as various gross motor developmental delays. She also became level 1 certified in Cuevas Medek Exercise. Upon moving to Montreal, Marisa became a full time student to learn French and passed the ministry french exam in March Marisa is passionate about children and their well being and is part of the talented and dedicated AGOO family to make a positive impact in the lives of children and their families.

Isabelle Bisaillon, Occupational Therapist. Trained in neurodevelopment, with among others, the Padovan method of neurofunctional reorganization and the primitive reflexes approach, she works with children from the ages of 0 to 10 years old presenting functional difficulties. Her field of practice includes children presenting motor difficulties, difficulties with sensory information processing, cognitive issues, motor language disorders, and emotional and behavioral difficulties.

D Neuropsychologist Audrey Perreault, Ph. She holds an Attestation for the evaluation of neuropsychological disorders. Her focus resides in assessing children and adolescents presenting different neurodevelopmental e. Audrey Perreault completed her undergraduate degree in psychology at Concordia University, where she graduated with distinction. Throughout her education, she participated in many research projects which have resulted in multiple scientific publications. Her doctoral thesis obtained exceptional mention. Finally, she has accumulated considerable clinical experience working with a diverse clientele in both private and public sectors, such as the Douglas Mental Health University Institute, the Montreal Neurological Institute, and the Montreal Mental Health University Institute.

Occupational therapist.

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Her clientele consisted of elementary school children ranging from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. During her studies, she completed her university internships working in a rehabilitation centre with clients of the preschool and elementary school ages suffering from various problems ranging from; hearing loss, dyspraxia, dysphasia, and voice disorders. Furthermore, she worked in a hospital setting with an adult clientele who had acquired language disorders as well as problems with swallowing dysphagia, dysarthria, and aphasia. Her fields of expertise include language delays, developmental language disorders, dyslexia-dysorthography, dyspraxia, joint disorders and associated language disorders such as; autism spectrum disorder, overall developmental delay, learning disabilities, etc.

Nour Wattar, Nutritionist Nour completed her undergraduate degree in Nutrition with distinction from the University of Alberta. She did her dietetic internship in multiple sites and hospitals. Driven by her passion for the profession, she pursued a Master of Science in Nutrition and Metabolism. Nour enjoys coaching clients and helping them achieve their health goals. Outside work, she enjoys playing with her children, exercising, baking and exploring new recipes!

She offers services in French, English and Spanish. She assists patients and their families with managing the behavioural and psychological difficulties that may arise from accepting and adjusting to a medical diagnosis. She also works with children and adolescents who fear going to the doctor or have difficulty completing medical exams or following medical regiments, including taking their medication, respecting food plans, wearing glasses, or using hearing aids.

Annie also completes psychodiagnostic assessments with children and adolescents who present with behavioural, developmental, emotional, or academic difficulties. Annie recognises the importance and value of patient-centered care. She works in close collaboration with all members of the family to develop treatment plans and recommendations that are useful to the realities of individual families.

Allixia Blouin, Speech and Language Pathologist Driven by a firm belief that communication is the essence of human interaction, Allixia knew from a young age that she wanted to help individuals communicate. She has experience in a variety of settings, including a school board, university clinic, hospital and a public health unit with patients having a wide range of speech and language difficulties. Derek da Costa earned his medical degree at McGill University and has been practicing as a family doctor in emergency medicine and pediatrics since He currently practices at the ER at St.

Prior to studying medicine, Dr. He also pursued graduate studies in Neurophysiology in the United States. Nicole Audet teaches and practices family medicine at University of Montreal. Bestseller and Award wining author. She has received several national and international literary awards. To order her books from Authorhouse, call this Department. Rebecca Kennedy is a graduate of the faculty of medicine at the University of Calgary, class of During her training she developed a love of community paediatrics and chose to focus her medical practice on the care of children and families.

Kennedy also has an interest in teaching the next generation of medical students and family medicine residents, and holds a faculty appointment with McGill University. After 3 years working as an Interior Designer for an architectural firm in Calgary, Alberta, she was presented with an opportunity to volunteer on a hospital ship in West Africa for 5 months. The experience had a significant impact, and in she decided to leave her career in interior design to volunteer full time for a not-for-profit organization that served poor communities in several resource-poor countries around the world.

Following the tsunami of , she joined a disaster relief team to Sri Lanka to help those affected. It was there that she met several doctors with the skills and training she longed to have.

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She returned home inspired to go back to school to pursue a career in medicine. She continues to maintain an interest in global health, and values opportunities to use her medical training to serve those less privileged both at home and abroad.

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At the end of a rewarding day at the clinic, Dr. Kennedy happily spends her time with her husband and her own two young children. Emil was born in Cairo, Egypt and grew up in several developing countries where his parents practiced as physicians. During his residency, he spent two years in laboratory research at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. After completing his pediatric surgery fellowship at McGill, He returned to California in to join the surgical faculty at the University of California, Irvine UCI , where he was rapidly promoted to the rank of Associate Professor.

He led the Division of Pediatric Surgery at UCI from until , when he was recruited back to McGill as chief of pediatric general and thoracic surgery. Child Development, 58 , Culp, R. Adolescent and older mother: Comparison between prenatal maternal variables and newborn interaction measures. Infant Behavior and Development,11 , Journal of Adolescence, 14 2 , Daguerre, A. Delassus, J. Entretiens de Bichat , tome 2 , p. Paris, Palais du Luxembourg. Maternology and early Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect. Dynamiques Sociales, 5 Cahiers de matemologie, 20 , DeLissovoy, V.

Child care by adolescent parents. Children Today, 35, Deschamps, J. Autrement, Deutsch, H. Fonlupt, D. La Vie , oct , Fraiberg, S. The adolescent mother and her infant. In Fraiberg, L. Selected writings of Selma Fraiberg. Furstenberg, F. The children of teenage mothers: Patterns of early childbearing in two generations. Family Planning Perspectives, 22, Adolescent mothers in later life, Cambrige University Press, Family Planning Perspectives 22, Garcia-Coll, C. Maternal and environmental factors affecting developmental outcome of infants of adolescent mothers.

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Developmental Psychology, 42 2 , McAnamey, E. J Premature parenthood: A preliminary report of adolescent mother-infant interaction. Pediatric Research , Mc Cullough, M.