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I miss the days of taking pictures of other people. Now, onto the things I have seen in France last time. This is of course the tip of the iceberg of the images stored in my noggin. I could stay in bed all day and visualize inspiring architecture and art and have a great time. But I wanted to give you a window into what gets me excited. And to tell you, that travel is good for the soul.

This trip is in dire need of adventurers signing up. I am saying this of course having an ulterior motive: I want to go, and it will only happen if there are enough people signing up. Just in case you have been wanting to go to France and you can wing this trip, please sign up quick.

I promise we will get into all sorts of trouble. I have a way of doing that. Only the good kind though. At any rate, here is a doorway. It might just be the most magnificent door I know. I have come to know this door, having visited three times. The stories it could tell, if it was able to speak May this door symbolize for me-and throughout me for you too- all the good things that this new year shall bring.

Sunday, October 22, Welcome to my gallery of things that only exist for their own purpose What do I mean on this title? Well, I truly enjoy coming up with exciting class projects and kits. It's a challenge to make up a design that can be recreated over and over, taught to a great number of beady people in a workshop format. A project that features interesting elements, techniques, stuff people haven't done before. To me, that's about ten times as hard as sitting down with my own stash featuring one of a kind components, like semi precious stones I hoard, or a vintage purse frame, and then just letting loose and not ever thinking about the future of this piece as a project.

And as I was saying in my previous post, I oftentimes get reprimanded for not making everything, every part of my creativity accessible to everyone's needs. Because somehow my creativity has become public property. I don't resent this fact. At all. I love my life, sharing my creativity pays my bills and feeds my pups.

This sterling silver focal came from my friend, Marcia Balonis. It was a gift. Friday, September 1, Class Offerings for It's time to plan ahead for next year's classes! My teaching schedule is full till the second half of , so I figured it is time to post about the new projects that are coming everyone's way from Alaska to Florida and everywhere else inbetween. This really helps to finalize the little details, add anything that was missing and change things up, if needed. By the time I start beading, the piece already exists.

Which is great, because doing things this way allows me to move in a pretty speedy fashion. Also, I always loved malachite combined with amazonite, but let's face it, some things make great one of a kind pieces and impossible class materials. Understandably so.

Also, there are just materials one can not source in quantity. So how to create a feel that I loved about that precious combination of deep greens and blues? This is my answer to my own question. It does glow, and it is aquatic, and after watching the Titanic, it even looks a little bit like the giant blue diamond in the movie. Now the best part for me is that I successfully created a piece that is entirely usefully multi-functional. It goes from pendant on a rope to slinky wrap bracelet. It was not an easy task to make this happen. The shape had to be just right, the weight and feel had to be just right.

But it worked! I think the main selling points for this project as a class are twofold:. Then of course the obvious: Just look at that sterling silver badass bass among the aqua fuchsia waves! Husbands all across the country will be finally ecstatic about their wives beading workshops. Yes, Honey! Go make that bass bracelet!

Ok, jokes aside, there isn't anything super fancy technique-wise here. But the piece is super fun, super wearable and it will also come in a more grownup bronzey colorway, in case hot pink is just too sassy for you. Thanks to all of You, Lovelies taking my classes and buying my kits, I now get to go to Tucson to find exciting components at the gem show.

And that is how I found this lot of vintage purple abalone cabochons, of which I was able to get And the wee ones that are harder to see on the bottom. There are two of those on both sides of the big cab, bezeled. Tucson happened back in February, and the idea for this has been gestating ever since. See, that is what I mean on things existing before existing. By the time I sat down today to crank this piece out in one sitting,I had everything ready to go, ideas in place, sketch, materials. The interesting thing about this piece is that there is very little contrast, but it works.

The dark purple, the rich burgundy, the teal, it all is pretty dark. It's not something colorwise that I would normally do. I like a piece with different values.

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And this is all dark. But I had a feeling that it would do, and I went for it, and the outcome is a sinuous, curvy, elegant, sexy sort of bracelet. What do I mean on no variation in value?

Carrinho de compras

Well, let's take a look at this piece in greyscale. See, how the whole thing is all the same shade of grey without much contrast? But here is why it works: Look at the textures and patterns even in grey. They are so intricate and enthralling, the textures legitimately take the place of what I normally would assign to contrast of value. Because I only have enough materials for 4 classes, this class will only be available about 4 times next year.

That is, in its current form. I could surely make something similar with different materials, but that is for another day. Finally, before I finish up this post, I would like to point out something,that has been on my mind for a while. Every time I travel for workshops I have a bunch of eye candy to look at. Stuff that's one of a kind, and inevitably there are the questions of when and where is it a class? The answer is just no. It isn't, it won't be, it never meant to be, and just no. Some things are one of a kind, and they can not be classes. I just lug them around to share them with You All, for fun.

For inspiration. For the sake of sharing. And sometimes I even feel like I should not, I should just hide them, give them away, hoard them, whatever, because it does get frustrating to become a source of infinite disappointment when my inevitable NO surfaces. It is not because I am such a tease that I make those things, or that I show them at the places I teach at.

It is because by making one of a kind pieces- just for shits and giggles- that I learn, that I grow and that I am able to come up with ideas I can successfully implement in stuff that I can reproduce to make up class materials and kits. It is my playtime. I am ever so grateful for being able to make a living now on what I love doing. But without the playful experimentation things would get boring. Not just for you guys, for me too.

Even my most awesome job would become tedious, repetitive and un-enjoyable. Consider this:. It is so much, much, much easier to come up with opulent, over the top, crazy expensive or simply too impossible one of a kind designs, than to be able to come up with something I can teach over and over with materials I can buy enough of, and with techniques that I can explain. Does this mean that class projects are inferior to one of a kind pieces? It does not have to mean that.

It just means that my own experimentation paves the road for more clever class projects, and that rightfully so not everything I have ever made or will ever make will become a class.

Best Bead Stringing images in | Beaded Jewelry, Bracelets, Pearls

And that I really should not be made felt guilty for "keeping things" to myself. And sometimes I feel like I don't even want to show new pieces I made for the sheer joy of creating because it gets so tiring to have to repeat, that no, not everything can become a class. I have made some pretty awesome new pieces inbetween the last blog post a year ago, and now, and they are nowhere to be found online, because I don't want to disappoint people by telling them no, you can't have this.

Even though I got super good at saying no, I don't do it with a light heart. I am after all a pretty agreeable creature, aiming to please. But I am considering posting them all sometime in the next month or two. Take nice pictures of them and just put them up here Just for the sake of sharing, like I said. Maybe they can serve as inspiration Maybe there will be just never ending questions. And may this be my toughest dilamma this year. I am off to count my blessings.

Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. The largest beads in this set are 0. Oh, sorry, I thought I was done with the orange-pink combination, I wasn't This is a long time favorite color combination of mine, when I made this strand I think I wore reading glasses that were a little too strong, so I was surprised when I opened the kiln - they are quite small.

At least they looked a lot bigger when I made them, lol. Found myself in the mood for a springy focal - this one is a large squeezed bead, 45mm tall, 3mm wide and 11mm at it's thickest point. This little gem took me almost 2 hours to make, I hope it will put a smile on someones face. Happy Easter! I always love this kind of square bead, even though the design initially started as an attempt to "fix" an unevenly squeezed bead.

Sometimes I flatten the rim to the same level as the bead, but in this set I left it slightly raised, which produces more interesting color shifts. Gigantic flat lentil with palladium leaf, which usually turns peacock colors as in the focal above , but in this bead it turned golden-pink for some reason, it's possible that the gold pink of the flower fumed the palladium.

Very interesting. I just can't help myself, I am in love with the black-white-pink combination. I tried to use blue, purple and green instead of the pink, it those colors somehow lack "pizzazz" If you have suggestions, please let me know. I'm sure you are all familiar with the "end of the day bead", where you use leftovers from cane or Murrini you made that day, but I have a new category of bead: The under the table bead. I only used stuff that I found under my studio table But sometimes the idea leads down a variety of wrong paths I made 3 beads of each flower to get ONE I could be happy with.

So, the price reflects a little of that extra time it took me to get there the backside of each bead has flat vines and leaves Yummie cool colors with flowers and delicate stringer decoration, small heart shaped charm bead, 6 orrb shaped beads, 0. Once a while I make something with a necklace in mind, these would be perfect to lay flat around your neck Still working in my new favorite color combination, dark grey and pink and white and black thanks Svetlana!

Friday, February 8th, just in time for Valentine's Day. Less sugar than Chocolate, longer lasting than flowers The backside of these beads has a similar decoration, just without the hearts. One of those "fancy" colors from Effetre, that happened by accident and look amazingly similar to granite or sandstone. I got a little bit carried away with these, intricate stringerdesigns, different on both sides, one side has hearts, the other just dots, so if you're not in a loving mood you just flip the beads over.

I have a couple of customers who have really tiny wrists, so I am planning on offering a couple of strands of mini beads to keep these friends happy. They are named after my friend Barbara B I love exchanging ideas with customers and friends - I would have never thought of mixing black, white and red hearts in one strand.. Although when you look at it it seems like the most natural combination. Thanks for the suggestion Svetlana! These beads are "weighted" so that they lay perfectly on you skin on a relatively short necklace This strand is funky and fun - I'm sure you can turn this into a showstopper for any time of the year.

I had all kinds of encased heartshaped focals planned, but then life somehow got away from me and this is the only one that escaped my kiln: One of the largest beads I have ever made Sometimes people offer collections of "Orphan beads" - there are NO orphans in my house, all by beads have a loving mother Today I have only finished jewelry for sale, mostly bracelets, but also a "monster necklace" that is looking for a loving home. Hope you will find something you can't life without Most of the bracelets are strung in a way that I can adjust the length you can see the extra length of wire in the pictures, the given measurement goes from the end of once clasp to the other I also added a couple of "remake request" buttons, which will charge you 1 cent.

The average time for a remake is 3 days. One of my alltime favorites, it will put a smile on your face! Strung with sterling silver beads, peweter findings, pears and chrystals. Never get tired of playing with patterns and shapes and adding findings to add some bling. Made these beads last summer and for the life of me can't figure out what I did, but I think I used silvered ivory and silver plum shards. Simply beautiful. A variation on my favorite purpelicious set from last time, but the dichroic is more on the fuchsia side A square look into a flowershop.

Two distinctively different sides, you won't find another one like this One of my very early fossil bracelets, I was never willing to sell it, but then again, can't remember the last time I wore it, so I hope it gets to see the world on someone elses wrist Similar to the black and white miniature madness, the beads are small but they take forever to make up to 20 minutes for one bead This one is for a small wrist, I can only make this longer by adding more stuff inbetween the beads - but it looks best the way it is. I kept these beads because I always wanted to make more, I really love these square beads.

And it's easier to make something again if you have the "real thing" to look at, no matter how good the photos are. Now I want to move forward These fun and crazy beads were the brainchild of my friend Karen, when she suggested to "squish" encased quark beads my initial reaction was "impossible" - but i gave it a try anyway, and I'm so happy I did.

This bracelet is "artsy" and joyful Similar to the Princess Diary bracelet, but more "sophisticated"? Pure beadmaking joy and like eating potatoechips, you can't just make one - and each bead is different from the others, it really challenges your creativity I made the bracelet first and then still had so many variations on the dot and line theme up my sleeve that I spend 3 more days on making beads for the necklace below.

Bumpershoot Jewlery Tutorials

I assume you read my commentary to the bracelet - this is maybe the most "I'm proud of this" piece of beaded jewelry I have ever made. I tried adding silver spacer inbetween the beads, but the black is just way more elegant and showcases the beads better. All of todays beads have a winter theme - and are based on a core of Dichroic, which adds a subtle or not so glimmer, like a frozen field of snow in the first ray of the sun Remakes should take no more than 1 week and I'll send you an image for your approval before mailing them out. Bold and exciting.

Total length of strand: 6. Similar to set 1, but the beads are larger, 1 " in diameter. A "statement" size for woman with slightly larger wrist, but I would totally wear these as a bracelet, and I have a small wrist. These are handsdown my favorite beads of the day, intricate decoration on gorgeous purple dichroic, magnified through the clear wings, accentuated with dark silver plum. I usually charge more for my favorite set, because I wouldn't mind just keeping them for myself enough beads for a bracelet with matching earrings, or a short necklace.

I usually make beads for bracelets because that's what I like to wear , but now and then a necklace strand escapes my kiln. The snowballs have a variety of designs, melted in, raised, partially etched, all on a base of silver dichroic. I think they would make a stunning necklace for any time of the year. A "chadwick" style set with raised white decoration and matching snow-angel frog charm. Simple but stunning - clear stringer decoration over encased silver dichroic, like stepping from a warm house into 10 degree cold, but the sun is out.

In case you wonder what these beads might look in a bracelet, here is one I made as a gift for Wayne's Mom, "Mama Thora" I had so much fun stringing this that I decided to offer finished bracelets for my next sale. SOLD, thank you! The bead itself is 2 inches tall. It's been almost 2 month since my last sale, I've been busy falling in love But, I also fell in love again, with an "old" bead design: my Chadwick beads, named after the color combinations from a fashion catalog I received in the mail years ago.

Just some basic stringer decoration on small beads - but with endless possibilities.

Featured categories

I had to literally make myself quit and put this sale together, or I would have had sets on my hands and no food in the fridge. Hope you will see something that speaks to you The beads are more or less mm wide, if they are smaller I will note it in the description, along with the length of the entire strand Tuesday, April 17th in case you're checking, I got tired in the middle of writing descriptions Also, I tried different recipes for the jellyfish "head", and came up with something I can be happy about Still, it's an amagin bead, escpecially if you like blue Almost 2 inches long teardrop.

This is more MY color combination, lighthearted and refreshing. Think Maui! Slightly different shape, "fat" 1. The thicker shape allows for more depth, have a little puff of something and you'll be off into the magestic underwater world. I love this 2 inches tall slender bead, for no particular reason, maybe the shimmery triton background, or the variety of stuff on the ocean floor That's it for a while, I'll be back from Europe on May 16th, hopefuly full of new ideas, have a great spring!

Monday, April 16th I'm getting ready for my class in Switzerland, the topic is "Back to Nature". Let's go and smell the I hope that nothing will prove to be as inspiring as a nice, clean, empty box! A winning combination. I showed this picture in my last newsletter, but it might make a little more sense in today's context: these are all the murrini cane and twisties I made for the beads shown below first a picture of the two sizes of "Balls of fire" I have - one for a necklace and a smaller size for a bracelet I was on a roll.

No lentils in this strand. These beads are relatively large for my bead size 10 beads, 4. Today I'm selling a few pieces out of my "private collection", to replenish my Vet-fund, after Bonzai's little mis-adventure last month.. And on top of that, I already have too many darn beads I have no time to turn into jewelry.. This bracelet might not look like anything "special", especially to those of you who have followed me for 10 years or longer, :- , but this is actually a "hell-yes-one-of-a-kind".

I made this a few days after coming home from Cincinatti, where two of the students had bought beads from me many many years ago, and they were both wearing bracelet with my beads, and I couldn't believe my eyes - the beads were so small - like "did I REALLY make those?? After one week of struggle, cursing and scratching my head, I made enough beads for ONE bracelet, and this is it. I'm done. I'm too old for this.

Strung on Stretch Magic, fits a small to medium wrist can be restrung on request Just to get an idea of the size: in comparison with a Pandora-style bracelet in a similar design. I had these beads in my special "Corina-to-be-worn-someday" box If you are any better and inspired by these beads, you will get to play with 7 "focal" beads, slightly graduated from 20mm to 23mm across the hole A bracelet set matching the beads above, in "tres petite" - mm each bead, with all the "usual Desigually detail" like handmade murrini, bullseye-dots, dichroic and intricate stringerwork, all on a small scale.

I am definitely "stuck" on the Desigually Design thing, it's the beadmaker's dream - a bead you get never tired of - and it gets better with every bead you make. I'm not sure it shows in the pictures compared to the last batch , but the designs are more delicate, and more complicated. I am going to teach this in California next weekend, and I hope that I can "infect" the students with the excitements I feel when creating these beads When I was working on a quark focal it suddenly dawned on me: I am working with murrini and twisties - exactly what I had made for the Desigually bead.

The same material - a completely different way to put them together. Flat on a bead versus 3D inside a heavily encased bead. I had so much fun with it, and had probably kept going, but darn - I ran out of propane The bead is pretty big, I measured it as 1 inch, but I could swear it is a lot bigger.

In case you are new to my site and don't know what a "Quark" is: this is it. Did I say that Desigually Beads are my favorites? Or, wait, maybe Quarks! But then again - there are oceanbeads, and I definitly love making those Both sides of the beads are pictured! This strand was made with the same glass of my first set: Black Pearl Since these are made on a single layer of glass, the beads are slightly smaller than the ones below. Perfect for a small wrist - you might even have two beads left for matching earrings. This is probably my favorite color combination of the moment, the core of each bead is made with encased "DH Thallo" over clear, which gives a stunning green metallic look that is impossible to capture in the photo.

The color in this set was kind of an accident, I was trying to get the hot shimmery pink look below, according to Miriam Steger's "Hot Pink recipe", but I forgot the clear layer between the transparent orange and Clio - and it turned into a metallic blue of sorts. Very pretty - in the picture there is a subtle brownish tint around the edges, but that is only in the lighting in my photobox, on your skin it's just the pretty metallic blue The beads in this set are the largest of the bunch, basically because I had to layer 4 colors to get the hot pink look that is so popular I don't think I have ever had this many beads at once: 3 month worth of delightful labor.

In order to not confuse myself when I pack and ship, I have not given these beads any fancy names, but I named them "by appearance". Thanks so much for stopping by, hope you will find something that will bring some extra sunshine into your heart. I usually sort beads from "simple" to complex, but this time the order is more or less random, though I am showing my floral focals first, and then oceanbeads at the end, with a few sets in the middle.

I made the images a little smaller than usual, if you want to the a larger view of a bead you might be interested in, just email me Today I have just one type of beads - but in a seemengly endless variety Each strand consists of 14 lovingly lampworked beads, including stylish pewter spacers. Each strand should be more than enough to make a bracelet for a medium to large wrist - It would look very pretty to just string them "as is" on stretch-magic, but personally, I don't quite trust putting a small fortune on a piece of rubber.

Thus, I recommend to use Softflex wire and a toggle clasp.

Beaded Heart Earring Tutorials DIY How to make

Each strand comes with a pewter class of your choice - I added a picture with all the clasps I have available at the end of today's listing, just write the number of the clasp of your choice in a paypal note. While the strands are relatively similar, I have kind of sorted them by intricacy of design, similarity in size, size I would string these into a relatively snug fitting bracelet, so the beads can't flip over.

All beads come ready to wear as pendants, measurements shown are ONLY the bead, not the "pendant hardware". Most of today's beads are made with CIM "Sakura" I strung all of todays sets with pewter toggle clasps, but they are NOT bracelets There is just no way to capture the way the light moves through the beads as you hold them Oh, and I made a few more "Bouquet Medallions" - they are more expensive than a bouquet of flowers, but they will last a LOT longer I always love the orrb-shaped beads for bracelets, they are really comfortable, even when typing on the computer.

This is probably my least favorite set of the collection, I just the Sakura glass "straight", while all of the other sets were made with a base of white, a layer of Sakura and a "top-coat" of clear. A lot more work, but well worth it. These little guys remind me a little bit of the work of my dear friend Jill Symons Same as above, just bigger.

This is one of my favorite orrb-based designs, because it developed from a mistake - and it turned into a beautful design that I never get tired of. It combines the "easy-to-wear" part of the flat orrb with the "encased depth" look when viewed from the side. As always, the beads are much prettier in person I usually prefer to make sets with a different design on each bead, but sometimes the design is so "precious" that it can be carried throughout a strand.

Poked Flowers are such a design for me If you like the encased flower look, but want something a little "bolder" than a bracelet or something matching I usually list my frogs on a separate page, but today I only have one, and he would be a little longely on that other page. If mom needs someone to take her to a party, he is the one who will accompany her!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the bead, I actually like it a lot. But people usually come to this page after the "initial day", so, once in a while you can find a deal if you check back a few days later. Today I have all floral focals for sale - after my "fancy floral" class at the Dallas Craft Guild I was "on a roll" - hope these will bring a little whiff of spring into your life on rainy day Usually I start with the least expensive beads and work my way "up", today I start with the prettiest They come ready to wear as pendants!

I really like poppies - so there are a lot of different poppy beads to chose from, in all sizes and shapes. This is the second bead I made in this style I initially made this set for myself, to go with an outfit I was planning to wear I have a very girly side in me - and then I never did. So, I hope someone else get's to enjoy this strand of 11 bracelet sized beads clasp included.

It's been quite a few years since I made this kind of set, which is called "Don't worry, be happy". The bright colors and whimsical designs really make you smile If you prefer something ready to wear, this bracelet might be perfect for you. It's 8 inches long, for a medium wrist.. It is strung on heavy soft-flew wire, with Sterling Wire-guard and Crimpcover beads, for the "perfectly finished" look.

The disk shaped spacerbeads "float" over tiny sterling beads, so they move slightly Prefer to "Do it yourself"? I have 3 more sets that have exactly the same beads, but in slightly different sizes, from "petit" to "regular" to "jumbo", well, sort of From the bright bold colors of the Don't worry You might remember my Desigually bracelet beads, with shades of purple and teal on top of Black Pearl. Sadly, in the photographs its very hard to see, but this combination is "killer" I hope you trust me and give these beads a chance Actually, most of the time Wow, I sure wasn't very creative in the naming Then there was not much juice left for the photography.

Again, you have to trust me when I say these two focals are stunning A very similar design - the dichroic in the right picture looks much different in person, not as red I thought the photography of the beads above was bad - THIS one is even worse One of the wonderful possibilities of working with Murrini and twisties is that they can be used on the surface of a bead, as in all the beads above Where did this come from?

Totally out of sync with all my other offerings today I guess I was in a brief mood for something different. Cool, actually. I posted pictures of the following two sets on Facebook and got some really nice feedback The perfect bracelet set for the gardening fans among you, especially during this sad time of the year, garden-wise.

Each squeezed bead is approximately 1 inch or slightly less, the flowers are only on one side I made a few with flowers on both sides, but they were just not comfortable to wear The strand without clasp with small green faceted spacers is 7 inches long, a bracelet in the making Not much explanation needed: you pretty much see what you get. The "fish-head" bead is one of my favorite beads ever, don't know why, but he looks alive somehow The designs are mostly on one side there are a few lily pads on the back These beads are orrbs or straight sided lentils , 1 inch in diameter Celebrating the newest issue of the Soda Lime Times - with a little tutorial featuring beads like some of the ones below.

I have made all the black and white and pink beads over a period of about 2 month - for the purpose of a new "Inspiration-file" on designs with dots and lines. I took pictures of each bead individually, so I'll work on that project when I have nothing else to do..

Each side has different designs Diamter of the beads is shy of 1 inch, the total length of the strand is 8 inches, these would make a really cool bracelet for a slightly larger wrist. This set of Valentine's orrbs is oddly charming, I went a little bit just a little out of my color comfort zone - adding chocolate brown stringer to turquoise, and then just for kicks etched the beads, after "masking" the little hearts with nailpolish.

This takes quite a bit of extra time, but it's really worth it, the texture of the beads is downright "delicious" As I mentioned above, the orrbs in these 3 sets look more or less the same, but these beads are "dainty" compared to the black and white strand. This cool silvery look happened kind of by accident, I meant to use a clear stringer, but it turned out some kind of Double Helix color. Of course I have no idea which one, so I probably won't be able to re-create the look. Love it though Hibiscus on both sides of the heart, which is 40 mm tall.

Same description as above, though the bee has no wings - but the bead has more silver on it, so it's pretty in a different way. This is definitely a bead for someone who love BLUE. Nothing else to say those of you who have known me for a while know that I am not a big fan of blue I really like this heart - love the contrast of the creamy ivory with "teardrops of clear, the bright pink roses and the metallic vines, which reminded me of the Balcony in the the Romeo and Juliette story Almost the opposite of the "dreamy" heart above, this one is somewhat "medieval".

Get the sword out and rescue the damsel in distress! I love how the purple ribbon kind of meanders around the heart Most of todays focals are florals - I had three classes about this topic last fall, and I fell in love with florals again It never gets as good as nature, but it's fun trying.

Make sure to sign up for my upcoming Webinar on "Making your florals come alive with stamen" My favorite part of this 1. This bead is of the kind of "can't do this too often", it's a double encased lily-bead meaning, the bead is first encased, then pressed into a lentil, then the lilies are applies, encased again and pressed in a larger lentil mold. Takes for f Very pretty, with dichroic sparkling on both sides. This bead doesn't depict any particular type of flower, but is more a play with stamen-type.

Again, an iridescent Triton background, tiny white flowers on the inner level, and lavender and purple flowers with white stamen on the upper layer.

Reward Yourself

It has an amazing depth that makes it fun to look "into". This bead is strangely simple and beautiful, a purple core, green vines, little turquoise "forget me nots" and aqua-purple fantasy flowers with pink striped cane as stamen. I had this particular bead for quite a while, and "fended off" a few potential buyers, but I guess sometimes I have to remember that I made beads so that OTHER people can enjoy them, since with me, they can of sit sadly in a plastic box till the next class So, I hope this one finds a lovely neck to continue it's existence. This is a bead for someone who likes more variety in life, a glassy rendition of our own garden, with a stargazer lilie, an orchid, iris, roses, lupines, pansies, a peony and tiny white flowers This batch of quark beads is "fresh" from the kiln, almost I haden't made any of these for a while, and I had a sudden urge Any kind of bubbles you might see in the pictures are actually NOT visible with the bare eye.

Darn photography The quarks are listed by size - they get bigger the further below they are I had this gorgeous bead for a while and always planned on turning it into a pendant for myself, but just never got to it since I don't really wear long necklaces. So I hope someone else gets to appreciate it's intricate detail.

Lots of seaweeds, a turtle, jellyfish, starfish and a small school of clownfish make this large focal really special. Today I have a few sets and focals in my currently favorite design: "Desigually" inspired by the Spanish Designer. Today I have a "variation on a theme" - dichroic, orrb-shaped also called "straight sided-lentils" beads, summer-themed stringer design, and contrast between matt etched and sparkling.

I am really happy with the way these sets turned out, these beads will "set-off" your summer tan just beautifully The bracelet is adjustable, from 7. I really love the design of these earrings, very classy, with a beautiful contrast of matt "body" and sparkling silver dichroic belt The same design as above, with a different location of the dichroic belt, 1. For those of you who like to have all their jewelry matching - a pendant, slightly shorter than the earrings, "topped off" or rather, bottom offed with a multi-faceted chrystal.

This strand is "almost" a bracelet, I dug a little in my bead boxes and found some purple AB Swarovski chrystals who perfectly match the multi-colored Dichroic over a purple core. These orrb-shaped beads are 0. The strand of 5 beads and spacers is 6. This strand is made with the same corkscrew dichroic as the beads above, but instead of wrapping the dichroic around a purple core, I used clear for these beads. The effect is completely different - it's very "etherial", like a whiff of a light perfume in the air The little green spacers pick up the green of the frog.

The frog bead could be either used in the center of a bracelet - of as a small focal all by itself. A perfect strand to keep the summer alive A friend of mine fell in love with my bracelet in these colors you might remember from a few month back I hope that whoever gets these will enjoy the beads just as much as "the rest of the club" Shades of purple and teal on top of "black pearl" and different hues of dichroic. A delight for anyone who enjoys intricate design and beautiful colors I included some color matching spacers This is more like a BAG of Gummy-beads: 67 beads, strung LIKE a necklace but I didn't add a clasp, because if anybody get's these, she might have more interesting ideas about what to do with these up her sleeve.

The total strand includes a bunch of silver rhinestone rondells and measures The colors I used in this strand are pink, aqua, lime green, purple and lavender Need a payment plan for this kind of strand? Welcome to MY world Oh, did I mention that there will be a surprise included? Just like in life, these two turtles are bound together, but they don't exist on the same "page". They will never get together, divided by so little Just born, baby turtle escapes the danger of the beach and is folling his buddies into a new life Two turtles chasing each other - well, I guess you can guess where that is going..

Encased turtle in dark greenish blue water, you kind of expect a shark to appear as you turn the bead There is something enchanting about this bead - when using triton in the background it's always a little bit of a "hit and miss" as to what color it turns out - in this bead it turned a golden blue with hints of green, which is accentuated by the dichroic in the seaweed. Extremely fine detail makes this one of my favorite encased ocean beads so far. One of those beads you want to have in your pocket when you're sitting somewhere waiting for something to happen Dive into a world full of detail and wonder.

Sadly, something I can't do due to some inner-ear problems So I have to stick to looking at books and making my imagination take a dive I named this bead after the Aquarium in Monterrey, which I got to visit a few years ago. The special exhibition at that time was "Jellyfish", they had a lot of tanks you could walk around The reason it's quite a bit more expensive than the other beads is because it wears me out to make I have only made three of this style in the past 2 years This strand was made as a "demo-strand" for my recent class on Ocean Creatures - but I could see you pick your favorite beads out of the strand and turn them into a beautiful bracelet.

Each orrb-shaped bead also called "straight-sided lentil" is 0. The backside of each bead is "empty", which makes the beads more comfortable to wear A fairly simple bead with a starfish on one side and a turtle on the other A really pretty "dreamy" focal heart with pink Murrini roses on a pale pink background with swirling goldstone stringer Bold aqua flowers with black stamen over a sparkly purple on silver foil background. A special treat for the lover of lilies, lots of detail in pale pink and in bright fuchsia on the other side If beads could be like a breath mint, this would be the one.

Lavender and purple flowers on aqua over silver foil. This one will put Mom in a cheerful mood for sure. Lime green and bright pink, 1. In the picture this one doesn't look any different from the previous hearts, but it is BIG. And beautiful of course. This might have been one of the more difficult beads I have ever made - encasing all the little murrini and twisties AND keeping the hear shape An interesting variation on the Heart of the Ocean-idea - a cone with the ocean bottom on top, and two little sea turtles swimming around the center.

Ready to wear as a pendant, 1. Of course, this couldn't be missing in a collection of heart beads, the mini-version, 1. A smaller version of the Butterfly I made a little while ago A step into the far far away past - Rainbow beads. These are made with my favorite color combination of the moment: purple and teal. As you can see, I was on a roll, some beads are just so much fun to make that it's hard to stop. I have a bracelet like this, and it always makes me smile when I wear it. Maybe it has the same effect on your Mom. I didn't turn these into a bracelet, because then you couldn't claim that YOU made the bracelet for her - unless you want it ready to wear, let me know Today I have some "miniature" heart of the ocean beads.

I usually wear just short necklaces, so the regular size was a little too big for wearing it this way, so I made a smaller version for myself, and the first day I wore it I got three compliments from total strangers Each bead is not only ready to wear as a pendant, but it also comes with a shiny sterling silver snake chain, either 16 or 18", let me know which one you would prefer The first picture shows the mini version in relationship to the regular size, so you get an idea Besides all the frogs and not everybody is a fan of those, of course I also have two bracelet to offer.

It's always "questionable" when you have ONE bead in a bracelet that is heavier than the rest, but I "test-wore" this for a few hours and when you wear it relatively tight not tight-tight of course, that wouldn't be comfortable - the frog actually stays on top of the wrist. I sometime comment on a bracelet, saying that "I hope that nobody buys it", so I can keep it for myself.

Today I have 3 finished bracelets Each of the three bracelets is 8 inches long and the chain extension makes it possibly longer - but if you want it SHORTER I can restring, but I will have to take some of the lampwork spacers out and exchange them for crystals or simpler spacers Subtle and warm, the perfect winter bracelet, kind of "lady like" but playful This is a variation on a bracelet I actually kept for myself - it cheers me up every time I wear it, which is quite nice in a dreary Northwest weather This is possibly the favorite bracelet I have ever made - the base is a beautiful color called "Black Pearl", which describes it very well, it starts out black, but reduces to a subtle black pearl finish.

It shows best in the little heart-shaped spacer. The designs and colors were inspired by a purse I bought a few month back at some airport I am confusing myself where I've been and where I've done what I made one "Heart of the Ocean" beads shortly before going to Florida - and I picked up the idea and moved it forward, heart by heart. The colors look slightly different in person, again, darn photography I often get comments from people that my pictures don't do my beads justice, and I think that's a good thing. It's always better to be delighted when you open a package, rather than disappointed, right?

The bead is not as dark as it appears I really like this one well, I actually like all of the hearts This heart bead should be called "Heart attack" - making a frog with all the "scuba-frog detail" on top of the thinnest part of a focal is a dance with disaster - the bead has to be kept hot all the times - but the frog can't be hot or he loses all the detail. I pulled it off though, with a fair amount of sweating and cursing.

It will definitely be a while before I will attempt another one. And if you made it all the way to down here: the last bead is a prototype and might be the only one ever created - it's a "love-bird". I really really like it - the idea came to me during an after-hour demo of a hollow fish at bead camp - as I was shaping the hollow bead into a fish it TOLD me that it wanted to be a bird I tried very hard to ignore it, but in the end it became a bird not this one, I kept the original for further inspiration , with dichroic wings and a cool red sculpted beak.

So I made an other one after I got home, added some tiny feet, and then spent almost an hour at Michaels to figure out a way to attach the feet to the body without copying Sharon Peters original chicken-feet All in all, way too much work for my taste