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Tinder, meanwhile, claims to have finally solved the problem of men lying about their height on the dating app, with a new height verification feature they promise is coming soon. Men are instructed to post a picture of themselves in front of any commercial building.

From this, Tinder promises to calculate your true height and give you a verification badge on your profile. Their present ground will be turned into a vegan market and drop-in centre. There is good April fools news for zombies though. Capcom, responsible for a series of games in the zombie-shooting genre, are looking to hire some replacement zombies.

How Did April 1 Become "April Fools' Day"? - Everything After Z by kejycerubolo.tk

If you apply, you get to find out which zombie you have been allocated. Doctor Who fans, meanwhile, could be forgiven for treating with some scepticism the announcement that David Tennant and Billie Piper were returning to the BBC as the Doctor and Rose in a new spin-off entitled Meta-Crisis.

Uncertain beginnings

After 6 weeks training meet the forces new drugs sniffer rabbit Benni be sure to say hello if you see us on patrol SSThomas pic. As for the Guardian, in among our Brexit coverage on Monday you may have spotted the unsurprising news that it is going to take a huge effort to pull the country back together after the divisive nature of the referendum and its aftermath. You may have found the names mentioned to spearhead this effort slightly more puzzling , though.

On this day, people traditionally play practical jokes on each other and have fun trying to make other people believe things that are not true. In the UK, jokes and tricks can be played up until noon on 1 April.

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After midday it's considered bad luck to play a trick. So, what kind of jokes do people play? Well, a simple example would be telling your friend that their shoelaces are undone.

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Then, when they bend down to do them up, you shout, 'April Fool! Maybe it's not your kind of humour, but watch out, there's always someone who will find it hilarious!

April Fools' Day

In Ireland, a popular prank is to send someone on a 'fool's errand'. The victim is sent to deliver a letter, supposedly asking for help. When the person receives the letter, they open it, read it and tell the poor messenger that they will have to take the letter to another person. This continues and the victim ends up taking the message to several different people until someone feels sorry for them and shows them what the letter says: 'Send the fool to someone else. JSTOR is a digital library for scholars, researchers, and students. By: Matthew Wills.

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