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For podcasts, visit the Podcasts section of the iTunes store and try searching for different keywords related to your book. You might find it useful to subscribe to Radio Guest List , a free booking service that sends you a daily e-mail with current radio, podcast, and television publicity opportunities. Unlike most radio shows, podcasts are often produced at the expense of the host.

As a result, many are seeking sponsorships to help offset their production costs.

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Sponsorships are generally short messages that are either read by the host or pre-recorded by the sponsor and played during the show. Often times, the cost is nominal but the impact can be strong if you work with shows that reach your target audience.


Give people an easy, risk-free way to sample your audiobook. SoundCloud allows you to create a free sample that you can embed on your website, in blog posts, and all throughout your social presence see mine below. Many books launch with a book trailer, but where some go wrong is creating a book trailer that is too long. I saw one that was five minutes long! Five minutes is a lifetime, but most people have a minute to spare.

A postcard-sized promotional card can go a long way in telling people about your audiobook and reminding them to order it when they get home. Online printing services like VistaPrint make it fast and affordable to produce marketing collateral for your audiobook. What groups, clubs, networks, or associations are you part of? Think collegiate, professional, religious, service, and hobby. Do any of your groups have newsletters?

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Social media sites, like Facebook , LinkedIn , and Goodreads , offer low cost, highly targeted advertising opportunities. These filters ensure that your ad is only being seen and clicked on by people who might actually be interested in buying your audiobook.

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Plus, its ad platform allows you to reach your audience based on the genres and authors they like. The Audies recognize distinction in audiobooks and spoken word entertainment across 30 different categories. Erika Liodice is an indie author and founder of Dreamspire Press, where she is dedicated to following her writing dream and inspiring other writers to follow theirs.

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To learn more about Erika and her work, visit erikaliodice. Thank you for this article, Erika. Thanks and much success to you. Every author I know of asks the same question: Okay I did my audio book.

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How do I promote it? This is true of your excellent post today, and I thank you. I urge anyone interested in creating an audio book to read your earlier post describing the process by which you developed your own book. Erika, thank you so much for putting this together. Great list, Erika! Good advice. You can also use them as contest prizes. Tip: Plenty of Facebook groups exist for you to share your free audio codes.

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Look for groups that are interactive, not spammy. A word of caution: Most groups operate on the honor system. Be prepared for those who may take your code and download a book of their choosing, never to be heard from again.

Think Bookbub, but for audiobooks. Subscribers may then request a code for your book.

How To Make An Audiobook - Everything You Need To Know To Create & Sell Audiobooks

Audiobook Boom notifies you of the requests, providing you with a spreadsheet that includes listener profiles. Potential reviewers can select your audiobook for review and request a review code from Audible. You could also try running an ad with AudaVoxx , an audiobook marketing site. Note: AudaVoxx terminated service at the end of Tip: If your book is a romance , consider adding it to the Audible Romance Package.

You can choose to enroll your completed book from your ACX dashboard. The program operates in a manner similar to Kindle Unlimited. For a monthly subscription fee, users have access to a wide variety of titles, including sweet romances i. Tip: Make sure your book is Whispersync ready.

Using Whispersync, if a reader owns both the e-book and audiobook versions of a book, they can bounce between the two, never losing their place. Amazon often offers the audiobook version of a book at reduced price when the Kindle version is purchased even at a sale price. Your email address will not be published.