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After cleaning out her home, I found a couple pieces of my adoption paperwork that happened to have my birth name Ulla Adam and my birth mothers name Inge on them. I tried at that time with the help of friends to do some online searches but found it very difficult trying to search for information in another country and in another language. We got nowhere and I ended up just putting it aside believing unless I traveled to Germany myself I would likely never find anyone.

This year I turn As a New Years resolution I decided to give it one last try. I went online and happened to stumble onto Evelyn's website. It was simply" find your family in Germany " how in the world did I not find her site before now?? I decided to take a leap of faith and just tell her my story.

On January 1st to my surprise she responded and I had no idea at that point that she was about to change my life forever. After obtaining my original birth certificate, she went right to work. Less than 21 days she had not only found my birth mother but everyone in my family!! It was unbelievable and amazing that she could do that. Inge sadly had passed away last year but it turned out I had two older brothers had none before who did not know about me and a father who was alive and who I was his only child.

All living in Germany. She was great with contacting them and making initial introductions which was especially helpful with my father who did not speak English. It turned out that they were in shock but all very happy and wanting to be apart of my life and my daughters. We have been sharing loving conversations, pictures and tears with one another ever since.

I am planning to go there to Germany where I was born and to celebrate my 50th birthday in May with all of them and to see Evelyn. I want to give her the biggest hug which seems like absolutely nothing to give to a woman who just gave me everything! Nickie Brock Freitag, I contacted mrs Evelyn From the US after coming across her page on the web. My Father had been put up for adoption when he was a baby, and had been looking his biological mother and had no leads.

Mrs Evelyn was able to reunite a family after 62 yrs. She has been a great blessing to our family. There arnt enough words to put in this comment im leaving, because She is that wonderful. Thank you again for everything you have done. Ashlie Souders Donnerstag, Januar Evelyn is amazing!!! I wrote her not expecting much in return. She immediately responded and got to work, even though most were off for Christmas.

She has a true gift and passion for bringing families together. Thank you, Evelyn! You truly have a special gift! Ford Freitag, Dezember Evelyn you are awesome. Within weeks of contacting you I've communicated with my birth family here in the US and in Germany.

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I'm so appreciative of your tact and compassion in dealing with the delicate introductions to my birth family. You are so generous with your time and selfless dedication to helping reconnect families. You are an inspiration and I am forever grateful for your help. Scott Samstag, Evelyn was absolutely amazing how quickly she found my birth mother! And now she is helping with our correspondence due to a language barrier.

Evelyn is truely an amazing person!!! Robert Mittwoch, November Evelyn is truly a remarkable person. I contacted her in an attempt to locate my biological parents and any living relatives. Fortunately I have my German birth certificate and other documents so that helped in our quest. Evelyn has kept in constant contact with me updating along the way. She has located family and clarified several questions. She is a total professional who as far as I am concerned has skills that are unmatched in helping people find relatives.

She has done more for me in a week than I had accomplished in a year. If i could see her I would give her the best hug ever for giving me great joy. Monika Freitag, Oktober I have met an angel and her name is Evelyn. Amazing is the only word to describe how she has transformed my life and now my birth family lives. Her generous passion and skills to define so many lives is truly a gift from God!! Sandra Sonntag, Evelyn you are a blessing for those of use who are looking for our birth families. I thought after all this time, hope was lost and I would never know how I came to be.

My adopted parents were wonderful, but knowing about my birth family was important to me. You located my birth mother, my siblings and now I know my father's name as well. I speak to them often and this all unfolded in less than 2 months. I am so thankful for your help and please know you are truly giving blessings and joy to so many.

Anne Mittwoch, Evelyn does amazing work and she does it fast, I got an email on a Tuesday and by Friday she had found my mother. Claudia Sonntag, September I want to sincerely thank Evelyn for connecting me to my family after many years of not being able to obtain any information whatsoever. I was a child who was given up for adoption in the early 60s and I had virtually nothing to help me with any search, especially because I had not been given the true story of the circumstances of my adoption.

Evelyn has helped fill in most of the blanks by enabling me to find my brothers in Germany. Lifelong thanks to Evelyn! Jennifer Janousek and Krystal Toon Freitag, I'm so excited for all the new information I have found out about my family! My mother was given up for adoption in Stuttgart in She never had much information. Evelyn found me and my mother on an adoption board and contacted us. We now have found my mother's sibling and information about her mother and father. Thank you so much Evelyn. You are great at what you do! Henry Hill Dienstag, Evelyn is an angel on earth!!!

I found out I was adopted in 19 years old and for the past 34 years I have tried to find my biological family, always coming up with no results. I was looking at our local news station and they had a clip about a brother and sister that were separated from each other as children in Germany, their story moved me so much that I reached out to them via Facebook. So I thought I will give her a try. I contacted Evelyn on 4 September and within days she informed me that my biological mother was in the United States but unfortunately had passed away, but I also found out on my maternal side I have 3 sisters and 1 brother.

Evelyn did not stop there, she contacted one of my sisters to let her know who I was and that I wanted to contact her. Evelyn was also able to obtain my original birth certificate. She also sent me pictures of my mother. First time in my life that I was able to see what she looked like. Evelyn is a true professional and she loves what she does. Like I said, Evenly is an Angel on earth. I thank you for everything you have done for me. You have filled an empty void that's been in my heart since GOD Bless you!

Lauren Dienstag, Evelyn does amazing work. My mother knew she was adopted from Germany and wanted to find her birth family. After much unsuccessful searching and many dead ends, I accidentally stumbled upon this page. I contacted Evelyn and provided her with little information. She responded within 24 hours with information on our relatives! And within 72 hours we were communicating with them. We are truly grateful. It is always nerve-racking to contact a complete stranger to ask for help and give them personal information but Evelyn proves that there is good out there.

She is very genuine and great to work with. I now know about my grandmother and relatives, I never even knew I had. This has been an amazing journey that wouldn't have been possible without Evelyn's help. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Francis Hubbard Dienstag, Evelyn found my husband's family in about a week, though his mother has passed, his uncle and cousins were very excited, as his Uncle had thought of him daily. Will be leaving for Germany Oct.

Thank you Evelyn for everything you did. Bernd Donnerstag, Evelyn found my family which was lost to me for almost 64 years, the process was very methodical as it had to be taking one step after another and it was not the easiest search but even so after only nine weeks or so of searching suddenly my natural family was found and my 90 year old mother was found alive and well. I had been adopted by a British military family and moved to England as a baby.

Two days ago I had no family except my children and grandchildren. Today I now have a mother and two brothers and three sisters and ten nieces and nephews and some of them have children too. To say I am happy is a huge understatement and not only that imagine how happy my mother is now that she has all of her children again.

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Evelyn has nothing less than my undying thanks and admiration she has given me the greatest gifted and she has given that from the goodness of her heart. Deric Montag, August Evelyn is a true master at her craft of finding people. I reached out to her on the website, not really expecting an answer after looking in many places for information on my birth mother. I was adopted in Germany and then moved to the states so language was a barrier.

I gave her limited information and several days later she had found my birth mother as if it was something very simple. She also went out of her way to help me communicate with her and explain some circumstances of the adoption. I am truly thankful to Evelyn, she is a very kind and caring person who could help you.

My only regret is that I did not find her sooner. Megan Dienstag, My Oma has been looking for her little brother and sister that she left in Germany when she moved to America. I highly recommend her!! She helped out very much. Arnie Dunsmore Donnerstag, Thank you Evelyn I was adopted to a Canadian military family and knew nothing about my biological family. I am by nature not a trusting person and was sceptical as to whether Evelyn could help me.

I did all the DNA searches before with little success. Evelyn was amazing, very professional and helpful. She found my sisters, one in the US and another that only lives km from me in Canada in a mater of days. I wish I had done this years ago. Allison Leet Montag, Juli Evelyn helped us in 4 days after we spent years searching for our half-sibling.

We are so grateful for finding Evelyn's site online and for her being able to locate our brother. Thank you so much for your expertise and prompt communications to all parties involved. Allison and family. Carla Dienstag, My father was born in Germany in , along with his brother born Both were adopted in by an American couple and brought to the US. We have always been curious but never took any further action to find their ancestry. My uncle passed away this year and my father was diagnosed with critical health conditions.

With these 2 events happening back to back I decided it was time. My father also needed his original birth certificate to complete some paperwork here in the US. I found Evelyns name browsing through google trying to find resources where I could locate not only family history but obtaining his original birth documentation. I contacted Evelyn and she was immediately responsive and willing to help.


Evelyn has been an angel sent and has not only been able to obtain and send my fathers original birth certificate he needed to provide to his doctors here, but she also was able to locate my fathers sister who I am now in contact with via email! Unfortunately his mother has passed away quite some time ago but my aunt has told me she has several other brothers and sisters and a large family and has been open to connecting with us! This whole process took about months. My father and I are amazed.

He has been filled with joy to know there is more to him, his life and his story now! We are so forever grateful for you, Evelyn. I only wish my uncle were here to witness this! Heidi Donnerstag, Evelyn has been a true gem. I was adopted by US parents in Within a matter of days Evelyn started providing me information and had located my mother.

I have been able to find answers to many of my questions and receive some pictures of my birth mother, grandmother and family members. Not only did she find my family, she communicated regularly and advised me of next steps along the way. I am very grateful of all that Evelyn did for me. She is an expert in finding families and I would highly recommend her to anyone in my situation. Ashley Dienstag, My mother was born in in Germany and adopted in by a loving Canadian Air Force family.

We had always been curious about her beginning. My mother and I decided to take a chance and contact Evelyn. For a month and a half she has been in contact over e-mail providing us with information from archives and other sources. It has been the most exciting journey and I'm so happy that Evelyn has been apart of this with us. Evelyn does this research out of the kindness of her heart and we can't thank her enough. On May 17th I had a flight booked to make a second visit to Germany. While in London on May 16th Evelyn contacted me to say she had found family on my grandfathers side.

May 16th was also the day 55 years ago that my grandfather passed away. So the timing of this felt so special. Evelyn had contacted the family and arranged for us to meet the next day. She was calling them, updating them on time of arrival and arranging the times for us to meet. She made all of this happen for us. It was such a special visit that I will never forget. Thank you Evelyn for all that you do! My mother has been e-mailing her German family ever since. If it changes your life, let it. Frieda Clark Dienstag, Evelyn you are nothing short of an angel!

I was born in Mainz Germany in and adopted by an amazing American couple that loved and raised me in the US. My whole life I knew I was adopted and always wanted to know about the brother that was born before me and adopted to an American family before I was born. In 1 short week, Evelyn was able to bring so many unanswered questions to me. She not only located my birth mother, but she connected me with a half-sister I didn't even know I had! All my life I wondered about my older brother and she helped me complete that part of my life as well.

I feel at peace now because of her dedication to helping people like me. I will forever be grateful to Evelyn and her ability to connect the many unanswered questions that adopted children have about their past. Evelyn, I will forever be grateful for you! Anna Jensen Freitag, April Thank you Thank you Thank you Evelyn. I was born in Germany and lived in the US for many years now live in Australia. My family have moved around quite a bit through the years but I never forgot the hole that was left in my mothers heart from not knowing where to locate the rest of her family.

Back in the early days things were kept at bay and not spoken about. My mother and I decided to delve into those unspoken memories and tried desperately to find lost family. Finding only a few here and there but one particular side of the family left us blind. I had been looking for a few years but only recently landed on your page. Since then you have provided so much information about our family and the stories of their past it has really enriched our lives. Not only finding my mothers missing fathers information we hope to one day soon locate her half brother. This means so much to us especially now.

As we say ones' memory is a precious and helping it bring back these long lost family members helps bridge the gap. We look forward to more information and thank you again for the hard work you have already given to us. Roger Cox Mittwoch, Evelyn quickly found answers to questions I've had for nearly 60 years - in less than one week, and has put me in touch with an uncle that I didn't even know I had! I can't thank her enough. I was born in Wiesbaden and adopted by Americans in the military, who were quite open with me about my background, but I never had access to any more information about my birth or my birth mother than her name as listed on my adoption papers.

I am so excited to find out more about where I and she come from! God bless you, Evelyn! Lolita Falk Sonntag, Hello, I am so grateful to Evelyn. I have been searching for my Brother for years. I contacted her and within a few days she had found my Brother. I live in the United States and he lives in Germany. We had lost contact over 40 years ago. I did not have much information about my brother, only a birthdate and 2 old photos. Evelyn found him within 2 days. I am so happy! Michael "Koeltz" Paxson Freitag, My heart goes out to Evelyn. She found my Birth Mother, 91, who is ill with dementia, and a brother, Wolfgang and sister, Renate in several weeks.

I was always curious but thought it would be impossible. I always had a longing to find her. I was born and adopted in Munchen by a military family 58 years ago and brought to the USA where I grew up. Evelyn did so much research to find my family, communicate with them to learn our backgrounds and history.

I don't speak German and they don't speak English. So Evelyn was able to translate our initial conversations. Now Wolfgang, Renate, and I are communicating via Google translator. We have exchanged pictures. The resemblance between my brother and I is amazing. I am going to Munchen in 3 weeks to meet my "new" family. Evelyn is a miracle worker!!! I am forever grateful to Evelyn. Amy Nadeau Donnerstag, Wie funktioniert dein Kauf-Zyklus? Gibt es merkbare unterschiede zwischen der Planung vom Sommer zum Winter?

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Stechlin, Brandenburg, Deutschland. Kessin, Mecklenburg-Voor-Pommeren, Duitsland. Balkan Peninsula. British West Indies. Stechlin, Brandenburg, Duitsland. Arbil, Iraq. Ashur, Iraq. Bombay, Maharashtra, India. Bolan Pass, Balochistan, Pakistan. Bisitun, Iran. Bisitun, Mesopotamia. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Canford, Dorset, England, UK. Calcutta, West Bengal, India.

Bushire, Iran. Bishapur, Iran. Borsippa, Iraq. Babel, Iraq. Babylon, Iraq. Qalah Shergat, Iraq. Birs Nimrud, Iraq. Bavian, Iraq. Bussorah, Iraq. Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin, Germany. Sanssouci Palace, Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany. Neuenkirchen, Lower Saxony, Germany. Soltau, Lower Saxony, Germany. Utah, USA. Iskenderun, Republic of Hatay. The Capital. Vatican City State. Auschwitz, Klein-Polen, Polen. Molching, Bavaria, Germany. Monaco, Baviera, Germania. Dachau, Baviera, Germania. Dunganstown, County Wexford, Ireland.

Sarajevo, Bosnia. Bay of Pigs, Cuba. Beieren, Duitsland. Dachau, Beieren, Duitsland. Dachau, Bayern, Deutschland. Molching, Bayern, Deutschland. Molching, Beieren, Duitsland. Carrer Himmel. Dachau, Alemanya. Molching, Alemanya. Landsberg am Lech, Baviera, Germania. Parma, Emilia-Romagna, Italia. Cornwall, England, UK. South Holland, Netherlands. Warsaw, Masovia, Poland. Lower Saxony, Germany. Constantinople, Turkey. Porto, Portugal. Smithsonian, Washington, D. Massachusetts, USA. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. St Petersburg, Russia.

Rio, Brazil. Braintree, Massachusetts, USA. Kreuzberg, Berlin, Deutschland. Town of Ivy, USA. Barcelona, Spain. Holy Roman Empire. Leopoldville, Belgian Congo, Africa. Braunau am Inn, Alta Austria, Austria. Obersalzberg, Bavaria, Germany. Greece, Europe. La Scala, Milan, Italy. Berliner Opernhaus, Berlin, Deutschland.

Berliner Opernhaus, Berlin, Germany. Der Sturmvogel, Berlin, Deutschland. Reichskanzlerplatz, Berlin, Deutschland. Theodor-Heuss-Platz, Berlin, Deutschland. Iowa, USA. Stralsund, Meclemburgo-Pomerania Anteriore, Germania. Nordhausen, Turingia, Germania. Montagne Harz, Germania. The Zone. Stanmore, London, England, UK. Nordhausen, Thuringia, Germany. Harz Mountains, Germany. Lubecca, Schleswig-Holstein, Germania.

Mauvais Karma. Nordhausen, Thuringe, Allemagne. Montagnes du Harz, Allemagne. Hambourg, Allemagne. Stralsund, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Allemagne. Stanmore, Londra, Inghilterra, Regno Unito. Danzica, Germania. Postdam, Allemagne. Lubyanka Building, Moscow, Russia. Wiltshire, England, UK. Langeudoc, Occitanie, France. The Dolmen de la Prunarede. Saint-Maurice-Navacelles, Occitanie, France. Les Salces, Occitanie, France. Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, Russia. Kremlin, Moscow. Benzheim am Rhein, Cologne, Germany.

Bissau-Abbau, Prussia. Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Helmbrechts concentration camp, Hof, Bavaria, Germany. Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Stanmore, Londres, Angleterre, Royaume-Uni. Londres, Angleterre. Verenigde Staten. Stalingrad Wolgograd , Sovjet-Unie. Volgograd, Ryssland. Lissabon, Portugal. Rincon, Mexico. Vienne, Autriche.

Auschwitz, Poland. Bursa, Turkey. Bithynios, Turkey. Demyansk, Russia. Taganrog, Russia. Spartakovka, Russia. Sevastopol, Ukraine. Rynok, Russia. Vertyachy, Russia. Voronezh, Russia. Berlino, Elba,. Voroponovo, Russia. Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Peskovatka, Russia. Morozovsk, Russia.