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Thanks for that. And thanks for reading Autoblog. You still haven't turned off your adblocker or whitelisted our site. It only takes a few seconds. Joel Stocksdale. It promises to be the much-loved GTI but in a sedan skin.

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The turbocharged 2. Plus it gets a mechanical limited-slip differential and multi-link rear suspension. Naturally, we wanted to know a little more about this spunky sedan, so we got a tour of the new GLI from Adam Reinhardt, VW's American product marketing and strategy person, who told us key details. Reinhardt told us it has a lower coefficient of drag than the GTI.

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Much of the credit goes to the fact that sedans are generally more aerodynamic than hatchbacks. When asked whether this could result in better fuel economy , Reinhardt simply said they're expecting about the same fuel economy, possibly a little better for the GLI. Paul Wainwright says:.

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February 1, at February 3, at Jan says:. January 28, at Keith Lambert says:. SimonP says:.

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January 31, at TheRedPen says:. Ray says:. March 24, at January 27, at Tim-Meh says:. JF says:. RHTP says:. J T says:. Billy D says:. Paul thanks for details being a UK band, is there any sign of a UK release? Johnny Ringo says:. Chris Hubbell says:. January 26, at Nubben says:. JR Larsson says:.

Mark Montgomery says:. T-Bone says:. Friso says:. Jake says:. I was all in with the Ultimate Edition the moment I read about it last week. Paul Taylor says:. Daniel Pitterman says:. Yeoman says:. March 15, at Wilfred says:. DPman says:. Way to go! DC knows how to please fans. Looking forward to get this interesting box set. Colin Harper says:. Ian B says:. Regan Judson says:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Shop Price gbp Stock.

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Amazon uk. It took Rome over years to win the competition with Carthage and three long wars were fought in the process. Our game takes considerably less time. Some scenarios are playable in under 30 minutes. This 20th Anniversary Edition of the game includes new scenarios and variants. We have streamlined certain game mechanics, while producing exactly the same game results as the golden classic. The game original rules and components were updated by Mark Simonitch and Jaro Andruszkiewicz. It presents a conflict between two superpowers of Antiquity from a classical Clausewitzian perspective, according to which a power only reverts to military operations when there is no other way to achieve the goal: political dominance.

It introduces a naval system and exciting naval battles. Rome's goal was to break through the island chain of Sicily, Corsica, and Sardinia - Carthage's defensive line to contain Rome on the Italian peninsula. Hannibal begins in Spain and needs to move quickly to Italy if he wants to protect his allies in Gallia Cisalpina and secure the province.

Scipio army to 10 Combat Units. Hannibal, with the help of Native Guide sets out a journey across the Alps. He loses 1 Combat Unit to Attrition roll of 3 and arrives in a friendly tribe space. Rome is itching for battle. A Campaign card is played and P. Scipio moves to meet Hannibal in a battle which will be remembered as the Battle of Trebbia.

The GLI is more aerodynamic than the GTI

Scipio attacks with Frontal Attack in a true Roman style. This is matched by Hannibal, who seizes the Initiative. He attacks with his Right Flank and even if the Roman Consul is able to respond twice, he is unable to take the Initiative. Both sides lose 2 Combat Units each, and P. Scipio loses another 4 Combat Units in Retreat. Scipio retreats to Rome. The Carthaginian player plays the Numidian Ally strategy card to place three Political Control markers in Gallia Cisalpina to seize control of the province. Cathage has established a foothold in Italy. Now Rome is in danger. Hannibal ante portas!

Each of these pledge levels includes the complete game, two Kickstarter Special Expansions, and any additional content we may generate during the campaign. This is a simple, straightforward campaign. The design is complete, with more than 20 years of development and playtesting behind it.

With this campaign we are back to Kickstarter basics. There will be no rule-changing expansions and stretch goals. We will use them only to improve the game components. In order to do so, we need to use Kickstarter. We offer a great product for a great price and a short fulfillment period. There is no hidden agenda. We offer a great and simple deal.

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  • We are players at heart, so we are against Kickstarter exclusives. That is why we have prepared Kickstarter Special Expansions : free for our backers, and available later in retail, but at an additional cost. When the campaign is concluded, you will confirm your choice of add-on items in the Pledge Manager. This add-on is language independent, requires a simple assembly and does not affect the shipping cost.

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