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The Holy Spirit and renovation 4. The Spirit and the birth of new churches 4. The Spirit and the birth of contextual theologies 4. The mission to cross frontiers 4.

Lectures in Systematic Theology: Doctrine of Christ (Volume 3)

The missio Dei of the Father 4. The apostolate of the Son 4. The overcoming of ethnocentrism in the Community of the Spirit 4. Pentecost, bicultural identity, and cross-cultural communication 4. The mission to heal the creation 4. The Spirit of God and ecology 4. The Holy Spirit, prayer, and Christian worship 4.

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The Holy Spirit and the holiness of love 4. The Holy Spirit, doubts, and the certainty of the faith 4. Biblical images of the church and the kingdom 5. The people of God 5. The body of Christ 5. The temple of the Holy Spirit 5.

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The bride without spot or wrinkle 5. The New Jerusalem from heaven 5. The life and purpose of the church 5. Latreia —worship 5. Koinonia —fellowship 5. Katartismos —enablement 5. Diakonia —service 5. Martyria —testimony 5. Signs of the true church 5.

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The true church is one 5. The true church is holy 5. The true church is catholic 5. The true church is apostolic 5. The true church is missionary 5. The missions of the church 5. The mission of the apostles 5. The mission of the prophets 5. The mission of the evangelists 5. The mission of the pastors 5. The mission of the teachers 5. The organization of the church 5. Organization and tradition: The Catholic-Anabaptist dialogue 5.

The three classical types of church organization 5. Vision, mission, organization 5. Organization and gifts 5. The believers church: The messages of baptism 6. Voluntary baptism of faith through intervention of the Holy Spirit 6. Incorporation into the community of the redeemed sinners 6. Death to the old and resurrection to the new humanity 6. Forgiveness and washing of sins 6. The celebration of a covenant with God and the church 6. The message of the elements 6.

The message of the participants 6. The message concerning the past 6. The message concerning the present 6. The message concerning the future 6. The church as a fraternity of judges and of righteous conditions 6. The sacrament of binding and loosing 6. Guidelines for church discipline 6. Authority and purpose in church discipline 6. Distinction between church and world as necessary for a priesthood of hope 6. Open assemblies—more than just a democratic regime 6. The church that gives voice to everyone 6. The sacramental dimension of Christian assemblies 6. Priestly economics of the gifts 6.

Gifts of the Spirit as sacraments 6. The church of covenants and blessings 6. Foot washing and ordination for ministry 6. Marital vows and celibacy 6. The anointing of the sick 6. The liberation of the possessed 6. Koinonia -ethics 7. Christ, the measure of Christian ethics 7.

Christ and the models of cultural transformation 7. The church, the ethical body of Christ 7. Ethics as contextualized theological praxis 7. Church ethics: Public, prophetic, transformational 7. The diversity and limitation of ethical systems 7. General concepts 7. Ethical systems of utilitarianism 7. Ethical systems of idealism 7. Ethical systems of dialectics 7. The Torah of the people of Israel 7. Body ethics 7. Ethics and world vision 7. The holiness of life 7. The holiness of sexuality 7. The beauty and aesthetics of creation 7. The equilibrium of creation as analogy 7.

Work ethics 7. A theology of work 7. A theology of capital 7. A theology of the market 7.

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Economic evolutionism and the survival of the weakest 7. Community, division of labor, and the public good 7. Political ethics 7. Political evangelism as public calling of the church 7. Political ministries as called to service 7. Many will be grateful to Joel Beeke and Paul Smalley for giving this immensely valuable gift to the twenty-first-century church.

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Beeke and Smalley have written a work useful to the church at large that teaches Christians what they should believe and how they should love, but they have not sacrificed academic rigor to achieve these goals. This text is fully reliable, well written, easily understood, and thoroughly researched. This first volume of four will undoubtedly be a blessing to the church, and I look forward to the following volumes!

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Joined by Paul Smalley, this first volume of Reformed Systematic Theology is a virtual gold mine of biblical doctrine that is systematically arranged, carefully analyzed, historically scrutinized, and pastorally applied. I am not aware of another book quite like this invaluable work. It is very accessible and will be of interest to a wide readership. Beeke and Smalley are to be congratulated, and I look forward to further volumes in the future. Though the Reformed faith is often caricatured as merely intellectual, this work demonstrates that Reformed theology is also profoundly experiential, as no chapter fails to move from theology to doxology.

This resource will instruct the mind and inflame the heart. Few are the books in our day that fix our eye firmly on God and his truth. But here is one book that does just that. I commend it heartily as a God-honoring and life-changing volume of real biblical theology. This is theology functioning as it ought to function—calling us to worship. Sign In. Other Retailers. JavaScript must be enabled in your browser in order to view or purchase other formats on this page. The church needs good theology that engages the head, heart, and hands. Related Media: Download Excerpt.

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