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Rushes covered the floor and a couple of large mastiffs sat by the door with ears pricked and watchful eyes.

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Nicolaa noticed that there were extra men-at-arms on duty here in the hall, one standing at the entrance to each of the corner towers, and two more at the door. Did you have some trouble from the French during the crossing?

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Nicolaa waited for him to explain. It was a large three-storied building situated on the banks of the Stour, the river which spanned the western side of the city. Menu More Topics. Get the App. In the Black Prince has won his resounding victory at Poitiers. As impoverished knight Gilbert Savage lies dying in the wake of the fight he tells his squire, Richard Greenele, that the story of his parents perishing during the plague is untrue. Richard, if he wishes to uncover what really happened, must travel to Colchester and seek out a sealed letter telling the truth of his parentage, and a most macabre confession that will set him on a mission for revenge from which there is no turning back Genre: Historical Mystery.

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A Mystery to be Solved at Canterbury Museum

The story is totally unpredictable and never loses the reader's rapt attention. Brenda and Hazel are witty, irksome, sharp, and pleasure-loving characters who are the perfect detectives barely managing to elude disaster by the most dire, unsavory criminals imaginable! A best seller, for sure! Although I had enjoyed the other three, this time the subject, location, and crime interested me right off.

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There is something to be said about covers of books as well. You know that this was going to be an unique crime as the cover showed a jigsaw puzzle and it continued on the back cover.

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So, I figured out there was likely a sub-plot as well as the main crime. Belinda and Hazel and Mark were back up to their usual speed. Each with their own individual styles that ends up working well together.

I found Hazel more interesting in this book as we got to know her better and through her eyes a bit. I can easily see this book become a British Mystery Series on Television.

Jane and the Canterbury Tale

Until then, I hope for many more novels. I finished reading A Canterbury Crime and thought it was one of your best works Belinda and Hazel have lost nothing of their personalities and Canterbury itself became another character in the plot This novel begins with a brief background to the history of Canterbury and in particular to the murder of its Archbishop in the Cathedral just after Christmas in Antiques dealer Hazel Whitby and her Australian companion Belinda Lawrence have been asked to catalogue and value the contents of a deceased estate, the Manor House.

Professor de Gray died nearly six months earlier, supposedly from a heart attack.

But Hazel and Belinda hear stories of there having been "blood on his head" and the Professor's body was cremated with almost indecent haste, the day after his death. They have been commissioned by Miss Mowbray who reminds Belinda of a modern Mrs Danvers to evaluate the contents of the Manor House, which turns out to be a virtual Aladdin's Cave. Shortly after they begin work, Miss Mowbray goes up to London, and there meets with an accident. As with the other 3 titles in this series, I enjoyed the historical background that Kavanagh uses to give depth to the story.

Belinda's romance with the handsome Mark who appeared in 2 and her partnership with Hazel provide continuity from one novel to the next. If oyu are new to the series, I strongly suggest you read them in order. That pair of antique dealers from Bath, England, are at it again. This time their work takes them to a manor house near Canterbury where they become involved in the crime that rocked early England--the murder of the Bishop of Canterbury, Thomas Beckett.

Well the reader may ask how that is possible. The mansion in which Hazel Whitby and Belinda Lawrence are evaluating the contents belonged to an aged professor who was finishing the last chapter of his book on that murder and the professor promised new information that would change history. The professor had either passed from a heart attack or had been murdered.

The Canterbury Tales By Night Omnibus (Canterbury Tales of Mystery And Murder) by Paul Doherty

That was the question that draws Belinda and Hazel into an investigation of his death. What they uncover will surprise the reader as much as it did them. This tale by talented author Brian Kavanagh is well worth the time. It will provide you with lots of fun as you try to think what will happen next. Lots of action and intrigue brought to the story by interesting characters make for a good time and will have you looking for other work by this imaginative author. The trail leads Hazel and Belinda into danger as it proceeds through the cellars of the Canterbury Cathedral and cemeteries and you will feel the damp chill of those places and share Belinda's unease.