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My neighbor told me that it's urgent that I destroy the nests and kill the bees. She said ground wasps are very dangerous, that their stings are worse than normal bees', and that there are people in our neighborhood who are allergic to wasp stings. I checked the state agriculture extension website to see what I should do, and it seems a lot less alarmist. It says that ground wasps don't sting unless they're threatened, and their stings usually aren't severe. But the nests in my yard are near the sidewalk, and the wasps are buzzing around at a level where they could be bothered by small dogs or by kids in strollers, so I think I should probably get rid of them.

The website says that to do that I should place insecticide dust containing carbaryl in and around the nest entrances. And that's where things get complicated. Carbaryl kills wasps, but it also kills honeybees. My next-door neighbors are hobbyist beekeepers. Their hives are not right close to the part of my yard where the wasp nests are, but they're not that far, either.

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I really, really don't want to kill my next-door neighbors' honeybees. I also don't want to piss off the neighbor who wants me to kill the wasps, and I don't want to contribute to some unsuspecting allergic person going into anaphylaxis. Finally, my next-door neighbors are very nice people, but they're kind of nutty environmentalists which is to say that one of them recently posted, non-facetiously, on Facebook that she thought it would be good to have a plague that killed of most of the earth's human population, because that would allow other creatures to live , and I don't think I can discuss this with them without pissing them off.

I think that for them, it would be a no-brainer to leave the wasp nests alone. So I'm a bit at a loss about what to do that would not result in me being a bad neighbor and a jerk. Anyone have any ideas about how to handle this? Put up a sign that says something to the effect of 'hey, yo, there are stingy items here--take care! There are ground wasp nests everywhere. There are stinging insects everywhere. Dogs that bite, roots that trip, mud that stains. We take reasonable risks when venturing out into the world every day and I count the above as part of those risks.

I would politely push back against your neighbor insisting you poison the quite common insects living in your lawn by reminding them of this, and of the fact that folks allergic to bee stings are probably carrying their own remedies for said allergies. Your neighbor can always carry a few epi-pens and benadryl tabs, too, if that would make them feel more comfortable. I would probably tell the neighbor that I wanted to try some natural wasp - eradication tactics before resorting to using pesticides. I would not probably not provide a lot of specifics about how long this trial period would last or how I would evaluate its success.

I had some of those wasps living in the backyard of my house and I left them alone. I think you need to make a decision and I think you also need to give yourself a pep talk that however you decide to handle this, you are not being an asshole. You are taking people's feelings into consideration but ultimately you have a responsibility as a property owner renter to deal with this. If it were me, I think I'd be working on either highly localized carbaryl application like literally in the holes or calling your state extension and seeing if they have other suggestions.

Have a talk with your beekeeping neighbors, let them know this is happening and they can make a decision how they want to deal with it. Carbaryl doesn't have a super long half-life so it might be as simple as them relocating their hives for a week or so and then everyone can mostly get what they want.

What is the Difference Between Bees, Wasps, and Hornets?

Yes, call your state extension or look on their website as they'll have best practices for you, but deal with it asap - ground wasps are aggressive and relentless and getting stung by them is no joke. Your neighbor is doing you a favor by telling you. I stumbled into a nest in my backyard and got about 30 stings in about 30 seconds. I'm a staid, gray-haired lady and I very nearly tore all my clothes off right then and there.

As it was, once I made it inside, stripped, and got the obvious ones off my skin, I ended up having to throw my clothes outside and ultimately away as they stuck to the cloth and were impossible to detach. The real risk here is not that someone will be stung, but that you will do something that alienates both of your neighbors.

Can you simultaneously sit down with the wasp-averse neighbors, the bee-keeping neighbors, and a pitcher of iced tea and say, "I would like to be responsive to Neighbor A's concerns without harming Neighbor B's property. Is there any course of action the two of you can agree upon? Your only job is to listen and keep the talk civil. In the future you can refer to this conversation as support for whatever you decide to do. It couldn't hurt to put your chairs in the front yard a few feet from the wasps, whose continued refusal to fatally sting anyone would be a cumulative argument for their harmlessness.

Could you dose the wasp nests and then put a tent, or peg down a flat tarp against the ground, directly over the wasp area to keep the bees away? I am all about leaving nature alone. I actually am looking for a pest company that has had to remove snakes to leave them in my yard. We love, bees, bats, spiders, coyotes, etc. They are all welcome in our yard. We had ground wasps. If they get disturbed they attack in a big group and they are not satisfied until they sting you.

My family of 5 and dog retreated inside when someone stepped on the nest. We got stung many times and while inside I had to removed them from us one by one. They continued to burrow into the dogs fur to sting him and searched around to find a way to our skin under our clothes for minutes after we disturbed them. They are really nasty and I would get rid of them if I were you. Can you try a trap that they would fly into and drown themselves in? That would be less toxic to the bees, but would take longer than the poison. Iirc wasps will attack bees, so your bee-keeping neighbor might be happy to see them go as well as your other neighbor.

The people with first-hand experience telling you how dangerous ground wasps are, these are the comments you should heed before even approaching the nest. Call your extension and get really really good advice. Please remove the nests from the sidewalk area of your yard, this is an accident waiting to happen. Thank you for stepping up.

I agree with your county extension folks that solitary ground wasps that each have their own hole are not a threat to anybody. I've never seen anyone get stung by one before. Your concerned neighbor may be confusing them with yellow jackets or another aggressive colonial stinging insect that may not even live in Iowa.

It will probably do no good to tell your concerned neighbor this, however, because speaking as a biologist people usually prefer their folk wisdom about these things over entomology. In addition to signs, could you put up some edging along the sidewalk to keep people from straying too close to the nests? Maybe something like this. I'm pretty sure these are solitary wasps I think they may be Great Goldens , although they seem smaller than that , not the social ones that attack in swarms.

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Wasps are pollinators, but they are also jerks. I would not mow a lawn with wasps, and we just took down a wasp nest and will take action when they probably return to build a new one. Your neighbor dislikes a component of nature in your yard; you may choose to respond, but you are not obligated to. The idea of putting glass bowls box's links over the entrances is interesting - borrow bowls from the neighbors if necessary.

Talk to the bee-keeping neighbors to see if they have ideas about how to get rid of some wasps with out harming the bees. Explain that you want to help protect their bees, but need to be rid of wasp nests. If your respectful approach is not enough to satisfy them, that's on them. Talk to the Cooperative Extension Office. I have several wasp stories, but just reading those very good links that box posted, that have lots of pictures, has me itching and cranky.

There are so many ways to address this without being an asshole. If it were me, I'd talk to the beekeeping neighbors and get their opinion, at the very least; I'd certainly encourage all the neighbors to sit and talk together. Just because you don't currently know a solution that will make everyone happy doesn't mean that solution doesn't exist, but it will be impossible to find it if you don't at least talk to them.

Nothing's worse than crazy neighbors fixating on things on your property, except for crazy neighbors thinking they can get you to do stuff for them just by asking. Call an exterminator and ask about options. Tell them about the honeybees and see what they suggest. When he and the other heroes were restored to Earth, Pym found that he was capable of his full range of size-changing abilities, although he could not shrink and grow other objects unless he specifically treated them in his laboratory. Hank and Janet also returned to their previous romantic relationship, although he was initially distant due to his fear of another breakdown.

However, on a trip to Las Vegas Jan turned down a proposal of Hank's. She said she would not marry him again. Pym helped re-form the Avengers with the other restored heroes, stopping the menace of the sorceress Morgan Le Fay. He then agreed to stay on as a reserve member in his Giant-Man identity , returning to his laboratory work full-time. During this time, his research was monitored by Ultron, who later kidnapped Pym and others of its so-called "family.

Ultron intended to use the mental engrams of all the members of its "family" when building a new robot army with Pym's latest research. Ultron was confronted by the Avengers, but even their combined might was insufficient against the indestructible Ultron. Pym used this amidst a furious hail of blows that finally destroyed Ultron.

Yellow Jackets the Earth's Last Plague by Alfred Williams | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

Not long after this, Hank returned to active duty, and after a time returned to his Yellowjacket identity. His relationship with Jan was, as usual, turbulent, but came to be stable when he and Jan were both captured by the newest Scorpio. When Hawkeye returned from his own inactivity, however, Janet began a flirt with him that left Hank reeling. When the Scarlet Witch had her breakdown that disassembled the Avengers, Hank rushed Janet to the hospital when she was put into a coma by an enraged She-Hulk , where he stayed at her side. After she had recovered, the two decided to give things another shot.

Pym received a fellowship at Oxford , and they moved to England together. Taking a break from crime fighting, the two briefly reconciled. After Hank and Jan's last attempt at reconciliation, she left him, so Hank began a relationship with a college student at Oxford University. His not having been invited to help form the New Avengers did nothing to help his self-esteem.

After the woman learned everything from him, she revealed herself to be a Skrull and used the power of the Hulk to defeat him. Hank was replaced by a Skrull.

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After the Skrull invasion was repelled, the real Pym found himself returned to Earth. He did not like what he found: the aftermath of the Civil War and the death of the Wasp came as great shocks to the troubled hero. Seeking to affirm his place in the world and seeking to memorialize his late ex-wife, Pym adopted the identity of the Wasp , eventually building the new Mighty Avengers alongside Jocasta , the robot harboring the brain engrams of van Dyne.

Hank took part in attempting to bring the first Captain America back after he was discovered to be trapped in time. The Norse trickster god Loki later claimed to have been posing as Eternity in order to manipulate Pym. After saving young superhumans from Norman Osborn he formed the Avengers Academy and promised he would find some way to "cure" the teens.

He led them and taught the kids how to control their powers. Tigra asked if Hank would raise William should anything happen to her. He then told Tigra he was trying to revive Wasp. It was revealed that the being he thought was Janet Van Dyne was actually the wife of Korvac.

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  8. Veil revived her, which brought Korvac to the Academy. They were only able to defeat Korvac by using the future versions of the Academy students. When the Avengers came into conflict with the X-Men, Pym allowed the Academy to be used to hold the children of Utopia after the Avengers seized the island.

    Pym later joined the other founding members of the Avengers in a trip to the Microverse after an Avengers emergency signal was triggered there. Hank came to the realization that the signal could only have come from Janet Van Dyne. The group arrived in the Microverse and followed the signal until they found Janet who had just taken out an army.

    Their brief reunion was cut short by the Microverse gangster Lord Gouzar who was trying to kill Janet. The battle ended when Wonder Man intervened and helped the other Avengers escape, but Lord Gouzar followed them and tried to kill Janet but was stopped by the combined force of multiple Avengers members. After the battle the Avengers hosted a welcome back party for Janet. Years ago, Hank Pym was approached by the Wolverine of an alternate universe, where Ultron managed to launch a massive and sudden attack on New York, and the rest of the world, quickly taking over the whole planet and annihilating humankind, [47] and wanted to kill Pym in order to prevent his future from happening.

    But Logan was stopped by the Wolverine of a near future , whose actions of killing Hank Pym created a timeline where Earth was constantly threatened by Morgan le Fay, and the heroes struggled to survive. Pym was allowed to live, but he was tasked to create a hidden failsafe program to destroy Ultron when needed. In the present, after Ultron returned when he was found by the Intelligencia , Hank Pym managed to activate the failsafe program and shut Ultron down once and for all.

    In the present day, Pym continued to investigate what he did wrong with Ultron, and apparently found the answer. After the virus with which Pym destroyed Ultron evolved into the A. She ordered Pym to help her destroy this new threat, for which Pym created a new team of Avengers: the Avengers A. After the supposed death of Victor Mancha , Pym locked himself up in his secret lab running numerous games and recording his brain activities at the same time, when Monica Chang confronted him, he revealed that he suffered from Bi-Polar Disorder.


    Eight months into the future, Hank Pym returned to his Yellowjacket identity as he joined the Illuminati and went into hiding with them due to the Avengers being on the hunt for them. Instead, he witnessed as the Beyonders annihilated numerous cosmic beings and the Living Tribunal itself. He was assumed to be lost forever, but returned eight months later to Earth and reported that he had found the Beyonders, and gave the Illuminati all the information he could gather. Years into the past, [54] the Avengers were fighting a version of Ultron most likely Ultron-7 , who attempted to access nuclear weapons in order to destroy humanity in the name of his father Hank Pym.

    After their custom Quinjet crashed, Yellowjacket faked being on his deathbed in order to lure Ultron to the vehicle, who wanted to witness his creator's last moments. Ultron fell for the ruse, and was trapped inside the Vibranium-covered aircraft and sent into space. In the present, the Quinjet had crashed in Titan , after years of isolation and being consumed by only one emotion: rage. Ultron corrupted Titan's A. Shortly after arriving to Earth and alerting the Avengers, Starfox and the other heroes were surprised by the arrival of an Ultron-shaped Titan next to the Earth. From it descended a group of androids modeled after the Avengers, who fought the real group.

    As the Avengers arrived to Titan, enormous quantities of spores were released on the Earth and into space, which contained Ultron's consciousness to infect any living being possible. After seeking refuge in the Church of Thanos, the only location on Titan without tech, the remaining Avengers that hadn't succumbed to Ultron's infection discussed their plans. Using Giant-Man's neural inhibitor, Vision would phase through Ultron and take him over in order to liberate all those he had infected, and the inhibitor would later be used to kill Ultron.

    Giant-Man entered to Ultron's base of operations to talk to him as a distraction. Ultron notified Pym that during the years of isolation he had discovered Hank's memories in his systems, and thus Hank's subconscious hatred for humanity, determining that he had been created as nothing more than a reflection of Hank.

    When Ultron was distracted, Vision phased through him and fought for control. Ultron faked being in pain, prompting Hank to hold him, and in that moment, phase Vision out of him, and phase Hank with him. The resulting event was Ultron being merged with Hank Pym. Captain America tried to reason with Hank and make him fight Ultron's control to no avail, claiming that he wasn't taking Pym but that they were the same, and Vision later tried to fight him with the same lack of result.

    As everything returned to normal, a funeral was held for Pym at the Avengers Mansion, while Ultron drifted alone in space. During the subsequent months, Ultron and Pym combined into a single being, who decided to return to the Earth fuelled by Ultron's abhorrence for the Avengers, Pym's inferiority complex and his conviction that his teammates had given up on him when they actually believed he had died.

    Ultron encountered the Avengers Unity Division soon after landing on the Earth, and pretended Hank Pym's persona was in complete control of their body in order to gain their trust, [55] with the objective to join their ranks and witness first-hand as the fury of the alien survivors would eventually descend upon the planet. While they were helping the Unity Division combat monsters in the Manhattan subway, Ultron were approached by the Wasp and welcomed back. As she caught up with them, Janet secretly analysed their conduct to corroborate if they truly were Hank Pym, and she flunked them after Ultron's lack of knowledge on certain trivial matters raised several red flags.

    When the rest of the Avengers were informed of this development, Cable pressured Pym until he caused Ultron's persona to lash out. During battle against the Avengers and the Vision , Ultron revealed their true nature as a fusion between Ultron's metal and Pym's flesh with the mind of both of them, and scolded them for having abandoned him. The Unity Division continued fighting them until the arrival of a remotely-controlled Hulkbuster Armor. The empty suit encased Ultron and forced them to board a ship with destination to the Sun. Several of the Avengers were forced to accompany Ultron in their flight to ensure they did not escape the ship.

    Once the ship was close enough to the Sun and after the Human Torch partially fused Ultron's body to the ship's deck, the Avengers teleported away. Ultron and Pym survived by shrinking and taking refuge in a neutrino. While there, Ultron wondered if Hank was truly there with him or if he was just a product of his mind. Pym's persona did not even have an answer for that question. They started to wait for the particle to be ejected into the solar wind.

    Ultron eventually returned to Earth and built cities full of Ultrons in a remote part of Alaska called the Ultronic Territories with the intention of waiting for humanity to eradicate itself. When Hydra's Avengers and the Underground attempted to steal a fragment of the Cosmic Cube who had rewritten Captain America's past Ultron had secured, Pym captured the members of both teams who once were his teammates and tried to reconciliate them.

    He eventually gave the Underground the fragment, arguing that giving it to Hydra would help their consolidation of power and progress towards peace, which wasn't in his interests if he wanted for humanity to destroy itself. After learning of the Infinity Stones ' return, [60] Ultron began a quest to collect them all. While the aliens he infected with his virus and sent to take the Space Stone from Wolverine failed at their task, Ultron was able to steal the Soul Gem from Magus after ruthlessly killing him.

    While deliriously believing that he had returned home and reunited with his friends, Hank's soul was eventually consumed by Devondra. The only parts of his body that remain organic are his head and a portion of his upper torso. These organic components can be protected by Ultron's shell, as if it was a suit of armor. Virus' strains, such as the Phalanx's Transmode Virus , to create his own unique strain called the Ultron Virus : [56] a viciously contagious new infection which converts sentient life into a physical bionic replica of the deranged robot he's fused to, copying Ultron's artificial intelligence onto their very being and turning them into cybernetic extensions of himself which act as his eyes and ears throughout the universe.

    Size Reduction: As Ant-Man and Yellowjacket, Henry Pym possessed the power to reduce himself to the size of an ant, approximately one-half inch in height, by means of the subatomic particles known as the Pym Particles. The nature, source, and mechanics of the Pym Particles remain unrevealed. Originally, when Pym inhaled a gas or drank a potion containing the Pym Particles, the Particles would interact with the electrical impulses of his brain, creating an organism-wide "reducing field.

    Although he usually chose to reduce himself to one half inch in height, he could reduce his size to any size between that and his normal size. Usually, Pym did not compress his mass into his smaller size. Instead his mass was somehow extended into an extra-physical dimension that is opened by the activating of the Pym Particles, from which the mass could later be reclaimed. Strangely, because Pym's mass was extended extra-dimensionally when he was at ant-size, he retained his full human-size strength at that size. To return to normal size, Pym inhaled another gas or drank another potion, either of which contained another type of Pym Particles.

    These particles interacted with his brain to create an organism-wide "enlarging field," which is energized by mental command. Thus Pym could grow back to his normal height and reclaim all of the mass that was extended extra-dimensionally. Size Addition: Pym also discovered Pym Particles which interacted with his brain to enable him to grow to gigantic height as Giant-Man and Goliath. The growth process required the rapid acquisition of bodily mass, comes from an extradimensional source.

    This extra dimensional mass fortified all of his cellular tissue, including his bones and muscles, enabling him to support his increased weight, and giving him superhuman strength and durability. Early in his career this caused health problems due to the strain, and he was subject to various limitations on his size and the duration of his transformations described under History.

    He can grow past the barriers of the "Microverse" to enter Overspace, a point above and apart from all other realities where it is possible to confer with abstract cosmic entities. Entering other planes of existence: Pym can use the Pym Particles to shrink to sub-microscopic stature. When Such as shrinking down to enter the Microverse, and on one occasion growing into the plane inhabited by such cosmic beings as the Living Tribunal and the In-Betweener. Super-Genius Intelligence: Dr.

    Henry Pym is one of the world's foremost biochemists and also possesses considerable expertise in numerous scientific fields such as subatomic physics, robotics, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, programming, emergency medicine, optics and entomology.

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    Skilled Combatant: Hank is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant using special styles of unarmed combat depending on his size. If he was giant, he would take advantage of his own massive form and use attacks that would either throw them off balance or render them unconscious before they could concoct a better strategy against him. Has had some training in judo, karate and wrestling. He was also trained by Captain America in unarmed combat making him a very formidable fighter. A trained scuba diver.

    Capable pilot of aircraft ranging from conventional helicopters to high tech vehicles such as the Avengers Quinjets. Martial Arts: Hank had received training in judo before becoming Ant-Man. He used a judo move to overpower an ant which was larger and stronger than himself.

    Pym has the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise. He retains this level of strength even at insect-size. At giant size, Pym's strength varies according to the height he achieves: at 10 feet tall, Pym can lift press pounds, at 25 feet tall he can lift press 10 tons. The higher Pym grows past 25 feet, the more of his strength he had to use simply to support his own enormous mass. At feet tall, Pym can lift press 50 tons. He is capable of Class strength at heights beyond feet tall, though he usually cannot maintain those gigantic sizes for long.

    Mental Difficulties: Henry Pym suffered a series of mental breakdowns over the years. Toolbot: The toolbot is a small, technological, handheld multi-tool device that stores hundreds of useful such as a key, minicomputer, and energy sword which are all shrunken down to microscopic sizes with a computer programmed "smart chip" giving Pym the right, or appropriate tool in any situation. Avengers Identicard : Hank uses it to access the Avengers Mansion. Cybernetic Helmet : As Ant-Man, Pym wore a "cybernetic helmet" which permitted him to achieve rudimentary telepathic communication with ants and other higher insects and to control their minds.

    Also, Pym formerly required gas capsules or potions to shrink, grow, or return to normal size. Yellowjacket's Suit : Yellowjacket Pym carries miniaturized versions of his Ant-Man helmet's devices in his cowl, enabling him to perform the same feats it could. His costume also has artificial wings which enable him to fly while reduced in size. As Giant Man, he created a helmet that he could use to reduce or extend other objects and people.

    See also Technological Accomplishments. Flight: After being merged with Ultron, Pym's new cyborg body made him capable of achieving self-sustained flight with thrusters in his feet. Rover Airship : It that had an artificial intelligence capable of human speech and complex reasoning. Bug shaped, the VTOL airship comfortably seated two people and could hover or fly up to mph; emit acids, flames, gases or a spotlight from its front grille, project elongating metallic tentacles used for gripping or grappling and climb up sheer surfaces using its insect-like legs.

    Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. I believe in the Avengers. We came together to face threats no single individual could withstand.

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    To make the world a safer place. Perhaps it was a simpler time. Perhaps we were naive. Jocasta just asked me where I'd be without the Avengers. I've thought long and hard about that. And I know, without question