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While it is true that leadership skills are essential equally for men and women, research shows that women adapt quicker than men in certain aspects of work. They exhibit those skills consistently and naturally. Mother Nature has created men and women in equal proportion to embody the fact that diversity is a natural phenomenon.

Women Leaders Show The Way

So, we must take the cue from nature and ensure that diversity exists in all walks of life. An ecosystem becomes holistic and complete when we have diversity across genders, cultures and backgrounds. People will have their own preferences, unique personality traits and capabilities. We have to find the right people for each job that exists in the world. It is a simple postulate.

But, then why do organizations across the world find it hard to keep up the gender diversity?

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In India, social norms in the surrounding and the economic context of a family play important roles in the decision for a woman to pursue what she is passionate about. Her interest could be in any area from art, music, science, technology and travel to education, business, healthcare, community work, politics, sports, law or anything else. All of them have beaten the odds to take definitive steps in their careers. Each one of them is immensely talented and at the same time, have been determined to create a greater impact over a period of time. They have kept growing in their stature and impact.

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  4. Their ecosystem at work and home eventually comes together to provide them with all the support needed to deal with their personal circumstances. Someone could say, it was destined to happen that way.

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    So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life. They believed in their capabilities and moved ahead. Organizations find a shortage of women talent at the mid to senior levels because many talented women drop off the talent pool just to conform to the social norms. Women leaders are known for their abilities in empathising with their colleagues at work, building strong relationships, fostering camaraderie, injecting a sense of balance and wholesomeness into the decision-making process.

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    7. They make a management team well-rounded in its approach to evaluate risks and respond to opportunities. Someone said the global financial crisis could have been averted if Wall Street was truly diverse. We see diversity being mentioned on an earnings call these days. Companies hiring a large number of woman interns and making pre-placement offers to women MBA students.

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      There are no Articles in your queue. Women unknown. The opposite of man, of whom are praised and worshipped in American society , when in actuality are as filthy and nasty as men themselves.

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      Female human. As intelligent as the male of the species though far more vicious. Usually physically inferior yet very easily enraged. Likewise, while they are reluctant to partake in such physically violent crimes such as murder, assault and rape this is not because of their self proclaimed moral superiority but rather because most are extremely hesitant to get their hands dirty. Constantly boasting about how they're superior to men and how all men are disgusting, subhuman mutations.

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      Furthermore, their assertions that one day they will rise up against the oppressive patriarchy and rule a Utopia in which there is no pain or crime are equally dubious but often hilarious. Man: Bitch be crazy! Woman: Don't call me no bitch, you ain't shit! Game of Smiles Badder Dirty Dane Chicken Coop