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Give me instead the romance of the plain quotidian! The daily washing of cups and pumping of the bilge, the constant upkeep of the rigging as we wear through miles of marlin and gallons of tar, inch by inch, and drop by drop. Give me the coffee break daily, that someone must remember and prepare, though it is not a grand deed, and far from exciting. Give me the small words and smiles that build frienships, the late-night conversations and learning to work together with all different personalities. When considered from up close, there is little romance in these things, in the actual maintenance of a true sailing cargo ship.

But it is, in the end, far better I think to keep going than to give up, no matter how nice and restful the giving up would be. And the beauty of sail cargo is not lessened by the fact that it has not fulfilled the prediction of Clarence Winchester, writing just after World War II. It has not passed away with other glorious things we remember with a sweet ache—our childhoods, the old-growth forests of the world, life before advertising. Instead we cling doggedly to life, and others now come alongside Fairtransport to help shoulder the burden. Perhaps even some of those ships Clarence talked about, mouldering away in shipyards in various corners of the world, will soon be refit and put once more to use, carrying goods across the oceans on wings of canvas, not clouds of pollution.

That is romance enough for me. Loneliness hurts. Rejection hurts. Losing someone hurts. Envy hurts. Everyone gets these things confused with love, but in reality, love is the only thing in this world that covers up all pain and makes someone feel wonderful again.

Private Pilot tutorial 11: Weather Theory (Part 1 of 3)

Love is the only thing that does not hurt. This at least what Mesa Selimovic says. I agree. To an extend.

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But it is not the only thing. And it is surely the best thing to heal but not the only one. My last two years were mainly not too easy and it all culminated in me now being without my best friend and a partner in crime. I also lost my quadruped friend whom I saved from a disastrous live and who in return made it possible that i am now sitting here alive and on this fine vessel. I came on board nearly a week ago and I would like to share my first impressions with you. After a rather long hand-over between Remi and me to show our professionalism and dedication we even moved part of the execution of the necessary procedures into several of the off-board liquid supplying offices in La Palma and we sometimes worked daily till up to three in the morning in them!

Now we are drifting in circles at one of the most magic places I know — next to the Echo Seabank, the Paps Seamountain and Saharan Seamount. If you now imagine the rest of the seabed around being at andsomething meters, you should see a landscape which is quite a bit more impressive than any mountain area you know. These alps here are hit by a southerly current and are located between two continent plates.

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As a result, this here is a meeting place for everybody in the ocean. We have been visited by common dolphins, bottle nose dolphins, some whales and several mahi-mahis were following us for hours. At night if you shine a torch in the water you see a light show which would be impossible to reproduce with any tools in its four dimensional nature. Last time I have been here was a looong time ago and to have these conditions which make it possible to appreciate this show is also not exactly highly probable in this part of the world; to put it mildly.

So, Mr. Selimovic, only love, eeee? When I came on board there was already a very tight group of people which in itself is already a difficult situation for a newbie. It is even more difficult if this newbie is set on board as captain without knowing anything about this specific vessel and especially if there are much more Tres Hombres experienced people on board.

I really do not feel much of this on this ship. Thanks I obviously still do not understand the running gags and some procedures seem quite alien to me but i must say that it is — on my first impression — the best ship I have been on in quite a few years sailing; and this comparison stands up against navy sailing vessels and all sorts of much posher, richer and merchant floaty stuff. On the first sight.. Deja vu? Well, the seamountain break for example… Also there are at least three persons on board who are a spitting image of important persons I have known or dreamt about.

ATPL(A) Instruments and Navigation Aids (PilotBooks Book 12)

Hope it will have the same ending. But he also had nearly a thousand hours of helicopter time and we were both mindful that I was not here to interview him; he was now my instructor. As when dealing with any rookie, his first job was to explain important parts of the ship. Lancaster began my first lesson in the flight-school office by picking up a black-and-white toy police helicopter from a shelf and explaining basic principles of flight.

Then he sold me a set of pilot books out of a glass showcase that looked to have been bought from a going-out-of-business sale at a jewelry store. The helicopter he would train me to fly is of recent vintage but a lineal descendant of a model invented by the Aircraft Division of Hughes Tool. The TH was a light piston-engine helicopter and cost much less than a turbine-powered model to operate. This session lasted an hour and was devoted to a four-page inspection checklist. It required a close look at every side of this helicopter, including the underside.

It was so thorough that we might as well have been hunting for a small bomb that someone has tucked away on the aircraft.

With this guidance, Lancaster said, I would know how to check out the machine for my own flights. It seemed to this novice that the whole machine is so small and so open to view that it can be taken in with a quick glance followed by a nod or a frown, but this is considered bad form. Still, an open-minded, undistracted glance from thirty feet away is not a bad way to begin a preflight, Lancaster said.

Sometimes it reveals immediately that something is out of whack, or missing, and a mechanic can be summoned sooner rather than later. We folded our arms and took it in, top to bottom. For all the publicity about helicopters black and deadly, this ranked no more than a "1" on the intimidation scale. It has the look of a dragonfly carrying saddlebags, which in this case are twin fuel tanks.

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It also doesn't look radically more elaborate than a car, so I had to wonder why it costs a quarter-million dollars if purchased new. Since helicopter pilots need to fly regularly to stay on top of their skills, winning the license is comparable to buying a fancy boat: the initial expenditure is steep and leads to still more spending. The Schweizer sits on tubular landing skids that hold it high off the ground, giving it a poised and alert look. Above the cabin is an elaborate-looking hub gripping three airfoils that droop slightly. Each airfoil is a "rotor blade," taken together they make a "rotor.

From Boomerangs to Black Hawks, The Story of the Helicopter

When in operation the rotor rotates nearly eight times every second. Unlike airplane wings, which have a more generous curve on the upper side than the lower side, the cross-section of each rotor blade at the end is nearly symmetrical. Pointing to the rear is a slender, tubular tail boom with a second set of rotor blades at the end, much smaller than the big blades on the main rotor.

The tail rotor looks like an afterthought, but it is a technological survivor despite many attempts by helicopter innovators to get rid of it. The tail rotor's side-thrust overcomes the powerful twisting force that would result if a helicopter had only one rotor atop its fuselage and nothing to oppose it. Lancaster closed in to work the checklist. He squatted to point out the engine and its associated parts, nestled in a stout tubular frame under the cabin. It's an aircraft engine, built for dependability and costing much more than a car engine.

basic turbine knowledge pilotbooks book 11 Manual

It burns eleven gallons of aviation gasoline per hour. Lancaster rapped on the tank, starting high to low, stopping when the sound changed from boom to thump. This verified the actual fuel level. He warned me not to place all my faith in the fuel gauge inside the cabin. Of all the mistakes helicopter pilots can make, leaving the ground with too little gas for the trip is among the most embarrassing and avoidable. Despite the early freewheeling style of helicoptrians of the s, who felt they could land about anywhere, today it is not acceptable to plan on refilling at a convenience store.

That leaves mostly airports, except for the very few cities in the nation offering public heliports. A modified helicopters have flown for six hours or more, but more typical is two to three hours of operation on a full tank. Enlarge cover. Error rating book.

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Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. The information is presented in an easy to follow manner which is practical and thorough. Studying the manual will prepare you for the examination and the knowledge gained will make you a better, safer and more confident airline pilot.

While this book focuses on the New Zealand requirements for ATPL students, it will have excellent value for student pilots studying for the exams of other regulators in many countries. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages.