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Thank You to Every single one of you who have donated, If you guys get a chance Make sure to share the page, as the more donations we get the better the game will get from here on out. I have been slaving away at the world Map all day today and have finished most of the east coast. I'm guessing I will have the USA world map done in about a month. Then its on to building each city, which will probably take equally as long, then the hard stuff comes in, or as I call it the fun part, adding in the storylines and balancing everything to make the game feel great, as well as adding secrets to keep you all on your toes.

I'm still working on florida, but If you look closely you might see a hidden message. We did it! SO We have added Stretch goals that could change the game and expand it even further!

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On Israel. And we disagreed on the most petty things.

We couldn't talk to each other without having an argument. A lot like a brother. And it went on long after he left our party in Tom Gilbert, local farmer and compost producer, cleans chickens with the help of local musician and friend Jean Miller in the backyard of his farmhouse in Stannard, Vermont, a tiny town where Bernie Sanders lived in the late s.

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His wife is a super, super nice person and a huge advocate of the arts and children. I dig her. I'm a musician and met her through that. The year-old venue was created in a vacant water meter building with the help of the Mayor's Youth Office while Bernie Sanders was mayor. The all-ages venue was intended to be a safe place for teenagers to see and perform music. Dexter Randall, a dairy farmer for Organic Valley and former Progressive Party member of the Vermont House of Representatives, hosts annual pig roasts on his farm that Bernie Sanders frequently attends.

Of course people thought we were gonna blow the place up or whatever, and I could care less.

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Bernie was there and stood right beside me when I made a pitiful speech. So Bernie started coming on the scene. I met Bernie at a fundraiser. A tourist snaps a selfie aboard a Lake Champlain ferry docking at the Burlington Waterfront Park, where Bernie Sanders announced his campaign for president on May 26th, As mayor, Sanders led efforts to revitalize the waterfront from an unused rail yard into a people-oriented space with a community boathouse and public amenities. After the success of the first show, the Mayor's Youth Office started using a local auditorium for kids to play and watch music, but found that it wasn't an ideal spot.

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Related: Bernie Sanders Dreams of a Revolution in Initially, O'Meara Sander said, there was some public opposition to the new center. We had kids all the time in City Hall.

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  4. Local artists and teens transformed Main Street, a vacant water meter building into an all-ages DIY music venue. Photo courtesy of Jane O'Meara Sanders.

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    Not to mention that, in the Reagan era, with the federal government rapidly pulling funding from local governments, paying for a teen center with city dollars was no small feat. Under the management of Burlington resident Kathy Lawrence, the space played host to local punk acts like Hollywood Indians as well as legends like Fugazi and Operation Ivy. To this day, it hosts independent music of all types: while most shows at the space are made up mostly of local bands and smaller touring acts, the venerable Boston hardcore band Bane, a stalwart of the scene, played a 30th anniversary show at the venue last October.

    It's where most of us played our first shows and learned how to be in bands.

    Bernie's heir - who will lead the left in 2020?

    Most of us eventually age out of Main. But it's a cornerstone in the musical upbringing of local youth to this day. Inside Main Street.