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Phaedrus proclaims in this dialogue that "nothing beautiful can be separated from life, and life is that which dies.

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His preoccupation with the intellectual superman had led him to a great interest in the man wielding extreme power, the dictator, the tyrant. However, the poet did prove sympathetic to the Free French Movement led by General Charles de Gaulle, and of the Nazis he wrote in "War Economy for the Mind": "As for our enemies, we, and the whole world, know that their politics with regard to the mind has been reduced or limited for ten years to repressing the developments of intelligence, to depreciating the value of pure research, to taking often atrocious measures against those who consecrated themselves to these things, to favoring, even as far as endowed chairs and laboratories, worshippers of the idol to the detriment of independent creators of spiritual richness, and they have imposed on the arts as on the sciences the utilitarian ends which a power founded on declamations and terror pursues.

It was rather the sense of my own identity, of a sameness within vast, elusive differences. More About this Poet. Region: France.


Poems by This Poet Bibliography. Appeared in Poetry Magazine. Canticle of the Columns. The Spinner. To the Plane Tree.

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Fragments sur Mallarme , R.

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Mathews, Semiramis three-act ballet; first produced at The Opera, ; music by Honegger , Gallimard, Editor and contributor Problemes nationaux vus par des francaises includes Avantpropos , Editions du Sagittaire, Author of text Paraboles collection of twelve watercolors , Editions du Raisin, Contributor Maillol , Publications Techniques, Agassi says he read it in , at his last U. The result is not just a first-rate sports memoir but a genuine bildungsroman, darkly funny yet also anguished and soulful.

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A picture caption on Nov. He was playing in the third round of the French Open, not the finals.

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Agassi was eliminated in the quarterfinals. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser. See next articles. Alfred A. Correction: December 13, A picture caption on Nov.