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The creator of the Department Q novels has sold over 10 million copies of his books worldwide… Interview - Innu Poetry from the Canadian Tundra Before their very special event with three Innu writers from the Canadian Tundra, Anna Crowe, Rachel McCrum and J L Williams took a few moments to share with us this deeply moving and inspiring translation project.

In Slow Road to Brownsville, Reynolds embarks on a fascinating road trip along 2, miles of Highway 83, a road that starts in Cana… Monica Cantieni and Sunjeev Sahota Event Watch two authors who explore the immigrant experience powerfully in their unforgettable new novels. In the Siobhan Dowd Trust Memorial Lecture was delivered by novelist Matt Haig, whose books for chi… Interview - Sophie McKenzie and Salla Simukka We talked about the complexities of writing young adult fiction and creating female characters with best known author Sophic McKenzie and newly translated Finnish writer Salla Simukka before their event together.

Also hear from one of our young audience m… The Literacy Revolution Event According to UNESCO, every region of the world during the last 20 years has seen gains in literacy rates, but the situation remains highly uneven. Canadian writer Kat… Interview - Ghada Karmi Ghada Karmi joined us in Charlotte Square Gardens for a sneak preview of her event about returning to her homeland of Palestine after many years of exile, which she has documented in her new book, Return: A Palestinian Memoir.

Alan Cumming made waves with a memoir about his tough upbringing, Not My Father's Son, the details of which… Interview - Amit Chaudhuri Before he took to the stage to talk about his latest novel, Odysseus Abroad, Amit Chaudhuri joined us for a quick chat in Charlotte Square Gardens. You can also hear from some audience members to see what they thought about the event. It tells the story of a boy's search for his father during the First World War.

Transnistria now has its own Leninist government, but is still not recognised by any other country in the world. Then, he was kidnapped in Beirut. Upon his release, Waite continued his charity work, befriended his forme… Helen Macdonald Event In her powerful, emotive memoir, H is for Hawk, Helen Macdonald recounts her obsessive pursuit to become a falconer. We spoke to Monica before their event to find out more, and we also heard from some audience members to see what they thought about the event.

We also asked some of his fans what they thought about what he had to say. Ever since, she has fought a passionate campaign for human rights… Interview - Joanne Harris Hugely popular writer Joanne Harris took a moment before her event in Charlotte Square Gardens to talk to us about her new Norse inspired novel, The Gospel of Loki. We also spoke to some audience members to see what they thought about her event. You can s… Has Psychiatry Silenced God? Author and former Bishop of Edinburgh Richard Holloway leads this discu… Ghada Karmi Event When she was forced to leave Palestine in , for Ghada Karmi it meant that she would spend most of her life away from her native land.

After their event we asked some audience members what they thoug… Interview - David Reynolds We had a quick chat with the brilliant writer David Reynolds about his fascinating journey down Highway 83 before his event in Charlotte Square Gardens. Find out from some audience members to see what they thought about the event. You can see David's … Museums and Libraries Event Museums and galleries dominate as destinations, attracting record numbers of visitors to blockbuster shows. Meanwhile libraries are facing a funding crisis and are increasingly asked to justify their existence.

We also asked some audience members what they thought about the event. Or is he just bullshitting? One of the most intelligent and likeable comics in the land, Paul Merton has had his fair share of darkness and tragedy… Making Meaning of the Voices Event People with severe mental health issues are often stigmatized by society.

From drugs to psychiatry, solutions are complex and expensive. Eleanor Longden, a voice hearer and a qualified psychologist joins James Ley, a playwright who explores his bi-polar d… Interview - David Crystal Top linguist David Crystal took a moment before his event to talk with us about accents, language and how it's changing in the 21st Century.

We also chatted to his fans after the event to see what they thought. You can see David's hour-long event … David Crystal Event A linguist and an expert on the development of the English language, David Crystal presents two books that tell us a great deal about English as it is spoken in the 21st century. Does it change who you are and who you are writing for?

Does the omnipotence of global English dominate regardless? Elif Shafak is an acclaimed author who writes in both Turkish an… Interview - Elif Shafak Writing in multiple languages was the subject of the day, and we caught up with Turkish writer Elif Shafak before she took to the stage with fellow multi-lingual writer Aleksandar Hemon.

Afterwards we asked fans what they thought about the event. How does a writer's work travel to other nations? How do authors keep ownership of their translations? Watch two of our finest literary e… Joanne Harris Event With The Gospel of Loki, Joanne Harris has made a highly successful move from Vianne and the Chocolat novels, to something altogether more elemental.

With Loki, Harris takes on the heroes and villains of the great Norse myths in her characteristically e… Interview - Omid Djalili Acclaimed comedian and actor Omid Djalili talks about his joyously funny memoir about growing up as an Iranian in London in this interview at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. You can also watch his sold-out Book Festival event, filmed l… Malala Yousafzai event Inspirational education activist and Pakistani school pupil, Malala Yousafzai came to the Edinburgh International Book Festival to talk to a packed theatre full of teenagers. Why, despite everything, are women still not paid equally or properly represented on corporate boards?

You can also see her hour-long event, filmed live at Edinburgh International Book Festival, here on our we… Interview - Leigh and Maureen We caught up with two top US writers of fantasy fiction for young adults, Leigh Bardugo and Maureen Johnson, in Charlotte Square Gardens for a quick chat just before their event at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

You can also watch their h… Blake Morrison event Best known for As If, his landmark book about the killing of James Bulger, Blake Morrison is also a poet and novelist. He joined us to read from a new publication, This Poem. Hear how Sinclair created a central character … Omid Djalili event Acclaimed comedian and actor Omid Djalili has produced a joyously funny memoir about growing up and finding fame as a young Iranian in London.

Tom Simpson was world champion and the first Briton to wear yellow in the Tour de France. In he died during a stage of the Tour while climbing the monstrous Mont… Interview - Holly Baxter and Rhiannon Cosslett Creators of The Vagenda blog, Rhiannon Cosslett and Holly Baxter chatted to the Book Festival just before their sold-out event - talking about the blog and campaigning new book. Aimless Love, his first collection of new and selected poems for 12 years, is elegant, poignant and thrillingly accessible.

Now he returns to the subject with the much-anticipated The Zone of Interest. This is a quick interview with the pair before they took to the stage at Edinburgh Internatio… The Principle of Religion event Richard Holloway, Rowan Williams, Rchard Sennett and Angela Zito explore the key ideas that have shaped humanity. You can also watch Melissa Benn's full hour-long event, recorded live at the Edi… Michael Morpurgo event Only Remembered is a timeless and seminal anthology of First World War literature for children, edited by Michael Morpurgo and featuring artwork from renowned illustrator Ian Beck.

In this event, recorded live at the Edinburgh International Book Fest… Alasdair Gray event Hear the inimitable Alasdair Gray talking about his almost-autobiography, his masterpiece Lanark and his meetings with other literary figures at the Book Festival… Diana Gabaldon event The Outlander books by Arizona-based author Diana Gabaldon have achieved sales figures that would make your eyes water.

Little wonder that Doune Castle was recently besieged by fans keen to see the TV version being filmed. The latest instalment, Written i… Interview - Karl Ove Knausgaard In this Interview, filmed at Edinburgh International Book Festival in August , Norwegian literary sensation Karl Ove Knausgaard chats briefly about being a writer, doing author events and about Boyhood Island, the third book in his epic and much-discu… Lynn Barber event Fearsomely incisive interviewer and journalist Lynn Barber faced a Twitter storm after an article on tennis superstar Rafael Nadal, but anonymous cyberhate is nothing for someone who has taken on the likes of Gore Vidal, James Stewart and Salvador Dali.

I… Interview - Diana Gabaldon Before she took to the stage to thrill fans of her massively successful Outlander book series, Diana Gabaldon took a little time for a quick chat in Charlotte Square Gardens. Now Billy Collins returns with Aimless Love, his first collection of new and selected poems for 12 years. Elegant, poignant and thrillin… Diana Gabaldon event The Outlander books by Arizona-based author Diana Gabaldon have achieved sales figures that would make your eyes water.

The author of more than 20 novels and plays, Mda is now reside… Highlights of the Edinburgh International Book Festival Just a few of the highlights of the Book Festival - what a wonderful year we had! In My Life in Agony, In this event, recorded live at the Edinburgh International B… The Voices in Our Heads: Creating Characters in Fiction event The first sign that a book works is when the characters talk back to their author, and books can represent our internal voices unlike any other art form. A panel of award-winning novelists, Nathan Filer, Edward Carey and Matthew Quick talk about their rel… Holly Baxter and Rhiannon Cosslett event Co-founders of The Vagenda blog, journalists Rhiannon Cosslett and Holly Baxter ended up with an instant hit; the blog received over 7 million views in year one and has received votes of approval from the likes of Caitlin Moran and Laurie Penny.

Controversy has dogged the sport throughout its history… Jenn Ashworth and Peggy Riley event Brought up as a Mormon, Jenn Ashworth has since become a powerful voice in British fiction. Why do these flights of fancy influence our reality? Best known for his plays the Slab Boys Trilogy and Tutti Frutti, Byrne has also designed record sleeves for Donovan and The Beatles… Michel Faber Event The astonishing, triumphant television adaptation of Michel Faber's novel The Crimson Petal and the White represents a radical new step for the previously tired costume drama genre.

In this event, Faber discussed his book with Lucinda Coxon,… Caitlin Moran Event Caitlin Moran is on a mission to reclaim feminism and make it relevant to women today… Vivian French reading Billie D Listen to the ever popular and prolific children's author Vivian French, read her contribution to our series of stories on the theme of 'Elsewhere'… Jonathan Meres: May Contain Nuts Event The former stand-up comedian turned children's novelist Jonathan Meres launched his mad-cap new novel starring the hapless Norm at the Book Festival… Richard Bath and Tommy Macpherson event Rugby writer Richard Bath has tackled a very different kind of battle in aiding Sir Tommy Macpherson with his memoir, Behind Enemy Lines.

Part of an engaging series of podcasts of leading… Marcus Sedgwick reading Archipelago Bestselling novelist of compelling teen fiction reading his story on the theme of Elsewhere… Allan Radcliffe reading Chicago Edinburgh-based Allan Radcliffe reads his contribution to our Elsewhere series of stories… Niall Ferguson Event Are we living through the dying embers of Western ascendancy?

Fiercely independent and a thorn in the side of several Prime Ministers, his contributions to politics include his vocal opposition to military inter… Jonathan Agnew event In , cricket commentator Agnew was involved in a slice of broadcasting history with an innuendo-fuelled remark about Ian Botham. But the book has become a story in itself. Servant's habit of responding to junk emails and striking up a relationship with… Ben Mezrich Event His last book was adapted to become The Social Network, one of the most successful movies of His follow-up, The Stranger's Child,… Kirstin Innes reading Horror Story Kirstin Innes' Horror Story is just one of a whole series of podcasts of leading authors reading their stories on the theme of 'Elsewhere'… John Byrne event Painter and set designer, playwright and novelist - one of Scotland's great polymaths talks about his extraordinary life and work… Alasdair Gray event Thirty years ago Lanark was published, which confirmed Alasdair Gray as the most ferociously inventive Scottish writer of his generation.

His output since then has been characterised by a close relationship between his writing… Neil Gaiman with Audrey Niffenegger event American Gods author talks Americana, myth and fantasy with fellow enthusiast Audrey Neffenigger… Louise Welsh reading Vanishing Point The popular Scottish novelist reads her exclusive short story as part of our Elsewhere series of podcasts… John Fardell: The Day Louis Got Eaten Event In this fun, interactive event for year olds, award-winning author-illustrator John Fardell introduced his new picture book The Day Louis Got Eaten and talked about his artwork, sketches and models… Caitlin Moran event What should you call your vagina?

And why does everyone ask you when you're going to have a baby? Caitlin Moran is on a mission to reclaim feminism… Anne Donovan reading Not Scotland Prize-winning short story writer and novelist reads her story on the theme of Elsewhere… Pamela Stephenson-Connolly event Her book is certainly engaging but can it live up to the claims that it is the most enlightening book on sex ever published? Launched worldwide at this event, recorded live at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, he tells the… Gill Arbuthnott reading Marilyn's Hands Listen to the author of the gripping Germ Wars and The Keepers Daughter and many other novels and fact-filled books based around science, as she reads her contribution to… Robert Coover Event The reissue of his early novels as Penguin Classics in underlines his status as a giant of American literary postmodernism.

Stories like Spanking the Maid, Gerald's Party and Pricksongs and Descants show that a mordant… Robin Robertson reading Partytime The Scottish award-winning poet reads his brand new work on the theme of Elsewhere… Katie Morag with Mairi Hedderwick Children's Event In this event for year olds, sensational Scottish children's author Mairi Hedderwick - and a firm favourite with younsters - brings her stories about Katie Morag and her magical Hebridean home to life. What can you expect? An absorbing event, chaired by Kate Allen… Debi Gliori children's event Debi Gliori takes us on an enchanting journey, wandering through the forests and meeting the animal characters in her acclaimed books… Carol Ann Duffy event We welcomed Britain's Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy to the Book Festival in for three remarkable events.

In this beautifully-received event she read new work from The Bees which will be published in , and was joined by chair Don Paterson and musi… David Vann and Willy Vlautin event Another chance to listen to two writers who have produced riveting, heartbreaking and sometimes shocking accounts of father-son relationships. An interesting, intelligent and compelling event, chaired by Hannah McGill, well worth revisiting… Rodge Glass, Jen Hadfield and Eleanor Thom event Three leading authors, who are all part of the writing project Elsewhere commissioned by the Book Festival, discuss what it felt like to be asked to take part… George Monbiot Passionate campaigner for environmental and social change, George Monbiot gives us practical, powerful solutions on a global scale of how to prevent further destruction of our planet through climate change in this event.

Nobel Prize-winning economist, Joseph Stiglitz, delivered a thought-provoking event with the words of a real insider. Polly Toynbee and David Walker, co-authors of two previous books on the subject, returned to the Book Festival in with the definitive assessment… Karen Campbell and Simon Lelic event Two of Britain's leading young writers stretch the boundaries of crime fiction… Seamus Heaney event We are delighted to offer you a chance to listen to celebrated Irish poet Seamus Heaney in his fantastic and extremely popular event with us in Chatting to chair Robyn Marsack, Seamus Heaney discussed his newest collection, Human Chain… Cressida Cowell children's event A chance to hear the author of the book-turned-into-big-screen-hit How to Train your Dragon in her fantastic and wildly popular kids' event, ideal for ages 8 - The adored writer provided some very silly drawings, chatted about her big hit, and mo… Powering the Planet Event How do we provide fuel for the world without destroying it in the process, and can Scotland really be a key player?

Talking to chair Steven Gale, he delighted festival audiences with his warmth and humour, offering a fascinating insight into how… Simon Callow Event On Monday 16 August, a gentleman came to the Information Desk to return his earpiece unused. In a sold-out event chaired by Steven Gale, he discussed his much talked-about best-selling novel The… Andrea Levy event In Andrea Levy joined us for a captivating event to discuss The Long Song. Alongside chair Charlotte Higgins, Andrea Levy spoke of her striking new work to an eager audience… Anthony Browne Event Learn about the importance of visual literacy with a master creator of picture books.

Brilliant and hilarious, the madcap misadventures of Rover and the Mack family are unmissable… John Green event On 15 August droves of enthusiastic fans were treated to a visit from American teen novel master John Green. In a stroke of genius he arranged a meet-up beforehand for the Edinburgh-based fans in his audience! A sold out event packed with fans, the British legend discussed life in the public eye to an enthusiastic… Jeanette Winterson event Legendary writer Jeanette Winterson inspired her audience with tremendous charm on 16 August, speaking movingly of happiness and the pursuit thereof.

Suitable for S2 - S6, she talked about place, people and invention in this fascinating and charming event… James Robertson Event Winner of the Saltire Book of the Year award, James Robertson talks to James Naughtie to launch his novel And the Land Lay Still - in an event full of humour and surprises… Roddy Doyle event Booker Prize author Roddy Doyle's writing has been described as urgent, funny and often deeply moving, in this video we see him reading from his new novel The Dead Republic before responding to audience questions… Louise Welsh event Much-loved author of The Cutting Room and The Bullet Trick Louise Welsh discusses and reads from her new novel… Carol Ann Duffy children's event Our new Poet Laureate is as always provocative and heart-rending in equal measure.

Her flair for language is nothing short of breathtaking. Listen to her event and be transported - best listened to with nothing to distract you from the warmth, the flow an… Sebastian Barry After being awarded the coveted Costa Book of the Year Award earlier in the year for his incredibly moving novel The Secret Scripture, Irish writer Sebastian Barry went on to receive the James Tait Black Prize for Fiction too, which was announced in a spe… Alistair MacLeod Much to our delight, Alistair MacLeod agreed to travel across the Atlantic from his home in Ontario to be with us at the Book Festival.

One of the foremost novelists and short story writers, he is a master craftsman, an exquisite stylist whose work i… Griff Rhys Jones Comedian, writer, broadcaster and presenter, Griff Rhys Jones spoke at the Book Festival about Britain's rivers, taking the audience on a tour of the most beautiful and extraordinary waterways, exploring their place in the country's soul and their importa… Paul Preston Leading foreign correspondents such as Hemmingway, Gellhorn, Orwell and many others, now forgotten, were present during the Spanish Civil War.

In this fascinating event, eminent historian Paul Preston explores their courage and skill and, through a huge t… Irvine Welsh The man who delved into the dark reality of contemporary Edinburgh was the first of the Book Festival's late evening events. Irvine Welsh here talks about his new collection Reheated Cabbage, which brings together an eclectic mix of stories capturing… Emmanuel Jal Forced to become a child soldier for the rebel army in Sudan's bloody civil war, Emmanuel Jal was put into battle in Ethiopia.

He finally escaped, told his story in War Child an incredible and moving memoir-cum-story and now spreads messages of peace an… Kate Atkinson Our opening Meet the Author event for went off with a bang - and why not?

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Miser Snoot and the Bibliomaniacs. Charlie O'Shields. Escaping the Underground. A Mule Will Do. Escape from Moonshine Mountain. Pencils Down. A Time for Courage. Christina Semmens A Time for Courage. Pandora the Sea Turtle. Little Horse. Three Mischievous Dogs. Peggy Anne McLeese. Ezra's Incredible Race.

The Adventures of the Matterhorn. Robert's Secret. When Aliens Took Over the World.


The Second Hand. Kira's Dream. The Pigs and Friends. Spirit Wolf. Mason's Haunted Castle. The Pirate and the Magical Seed. Tatsiana Balashova. Ida B Katherine Hannigan Alberto Jimenez Rioja. Suluhu Meets the Bully. Lightning Bolt and Blazer. Matt Zanders Jon Lundin. Brisa's Tales Naj's Tears. Alexander, Spy Catcher. Brandon W Barnett Rafael Nazario. Don't Stir the Tea! Nick Pricer-An American Heir. The Robinsons collaborated on the Hugo-, Nebula- and Locus-winning Stardance Trilogy, concerning zero gravity dance and its role in communication in space.

Spider and Jeanne met in the woods of Nova Scotia at the end of the 60s, and lived for their last two decades in British Columbia. Thomas S. He has edited three volumes of the Noirotica crime-noir anthology series, two anthologies edited with Nancy Kilpatrick In the Shadow of the Gargoyle and Graven Images , and two vampire anthologies edited with Michael Rowe Sons of Darkness and Brothers of the Night , and published two short story collections, Dark Matter and Parts of Heaven.

Ian Rogers is a writer, artist, and photographer.

Agatha Award

He is the author of the dark fiction collection Every House Is Haunted and Supernoirtural Tales , a series of stories featuring supernatural detective Felix Renn. Glenn Rolfe is an author from the haunted woods of New England. He has studied creative writing at Southern New Hampshire University, and continues his education in the world of horror by devouring the novels of Stephen King and Richard Laymon.

He, his wife, Meghan, and their two girls currently reside in Augusta, Maine. Gord has been writing since an early age, his desire to put pen to paper was strongly encouraged by his talented father. He is a member of The Horror Writer's Association with main interests in horror and science fiction, but also enjoys good suspense thrillers as well as comedy crime novels.

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  8. Recently, he has also started dabbling in writing Motion Picture Screenplays. Andrew Penn Romine lives in Los Angeles where he works in the visual effects and animation industry. He has also contributed articles to Lightspeed Magazine and Fantasy Magazine. Martin Rose resides in New Jersey, where he writes a range of fiction from the fantastic to the macabre, holds a degree in graphic design, and enjoys blurring the line between art and life. She has M. I think now, if I have the chance, I'll live in Kobe, Japan. No matter where I'm living, I'm a Colorado girl, so branded behind the left knee.

    Denver happens to be where I am, as I write you this note. I also went to the University of Southern California and received a Master's in International Relations so maybe I've developed a fetish for chalkboards and classrooms. And then, when not writing or reading, there is the world of film with directors: Kurosawa, Tarkovsky, Kubrick, Herzog, McAbee's offbeat musical The American Astronaut , and Miyazaki's eight anime films or Otomo's Akira or Oshii's Ghost in the Shell or well, that list also is too long.

    Getting outside once in a while is also a good thing so I'm a runner and also walk the dog, as long as there are no squirrels. The dog wants to dine on live squirrel; she dreams of it and even runs up trees in her sleep. If you get the chance to read Forbidden Cargo and the others soon to come, more than anything, I hope the actionquest gives you some small pleasure and strikes a flame in you for a new train of thought. Dan Rubin makes his home in Pouch Cove, Newfoundland where he works as a writer, musician and independent publicist.

    His short stories and poetry have won awards and been published in Convolvulus, OnSpec and Canadian Composer. Dan is also a recording artist with five albums of original music released to date. Jacob Ruby lives in Kansas City with his wife, who is also a writer. He received his BFA in painting, is a 3D illustrator and animator by trade, and spends the rest of his creative energies working on sci-fi, fantasy, and horror stories. As an academic, editor, reviewer, and organizer, Robert has been actively promoting Canadian SF for over thirty years.

    In addition to dozens of conference papers, journal articles, book chapters, and a half dozen entries in the Encyclopedia of Literature in Canada, Robert has edited over issues of various SF newsletters. In , he co-edited with Yves Maynard the Tesseracts 5 anthology. He is currently working on a textbook for use in Canadian university SF courses. Geoff Ryman carries a Canadian passport and finds it the most logical thing to describe himself as being. Clarke Award and the John W.

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    Campbell Memorial Award first place. His mainstream novel Was won the Eastercon Award and was produced professionally as a play. The musical version of Was opened in Dayton, Ohio in The book version the Print Remix won the Philip K. Dick Award.

    Stillbirth: Your Stories

    He also led the web design team that designed the first websites for the British Monarchy and No. Fred Saberhagen passed away June 29, Her prognosis is good, and she hopes to be cancer-free in She has three novels out about angels and demons: the first two and a companion novel in her Fallen Redemption trilogy. Lilith Saintcrow is the author of several paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and young adult series, including the "Jill Kismet" and "Strange Angels" series. She lives in Vancouver, Washington, with her children, several cats, and other strays.

    After having completed an associate diploma in fine arts, Lawrence Salani decided that writing would help spur his imagination. He has always been interested in horror stories since schooldays, favourite writers being H. Horror and death are analogous. For the last twelve years he has been a self-employed computer consultant working in the Edmonton, Alberta, area. He is married with four boys. His wife is a C. Brett Alexander Savory is the Bram Stoker Award-winning co-publisher of ChiZine Publications, has had nearly 50 short stories published, and has written two novels.

    His horror-comedy novel, The Distance Travelled, was released in , followed by In and Down in His first short story collection, No Further Messages, was released in November Robert J. Sawyer is one of the most successful Science Fiction authors in Canada and the world. He has written numerous novels which have been translated into several languages, and has contributed to a number of anthologies and publications. Bianca Sayan works and hibernates in Toronto. During the day, she fiddles with code and spins yarns about a brave new world of data transparency.

    By night, she is losing the battle against her closet of hobbies. She spends a lot of time thinking how to make things better and is pretty antsy for the future to arrive. Steven James Scearce is a writer by profession. He is a former journalist and assistant editor for a Midwestern arts and entertainment magazine. At present, he concentrates most of his creative efforts on the sci-fi web fiction series, Unknown Transmission.

    He resides in Kansas City. Andrea Schlecht was born in Germany, but grew up in Hamilton, Ontario. She later moved to Ottawa with her husband where they raised a family. Her stories and poems have appeared in Realms of Fantasy , Prairie Fire , Dreams and Nightmares , Bywords and other magazines, both genre and literary. He has been published in a number of speculative fiction magazines, including On Spec , Sounds of the Night and Collective Fallout. Matthew has also published a number of critical reviews in Canadian Literature.

    He has recently finished writing his first young adult fantasy novel and is working on a second. His next project will be a novel in French. Holly Schofield travels through time at the rate of one second per second, oscillating between the alternate realities of city and country life. Her stories have appeared in such publications as Analog, Lightspeed , and Escape Pod , been used in university curricula, and been translated into several languages.

    She hopes to save the world through science fiction and homegrown heritage tomatoes. Lance Schonberg lives in eastern Ontario, Canada with his wife, children, feline overlords, and a growing menagerie of small pets.

    Previous careers include bookseller, cubicle dweller, number cruncher, and craps dealer. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in a number of print and online publications. Gord Sellar was born in Malawi, then emigrated to Canada with his family as a small child. He's been living as an expatriate in South Korea since He is a graduate of Clarion West Peter Sellers lives in Toronto. He occasionally writes short stories.

    His dark fantasy work has appeared in the Northern Frights series, edited by Don Hutchison. In addition, he has edited thirteen crime fiction anthologies. Based in Toronto, Canada, Rebecca M. Senese writes horror, mystery, and science fiction, often all at once in the same story. When not serving up tales of the macabre, she dresses up as a zombie or vampire and volunteers at haunted attractions in October to scare all the unsuspecting innocents. She also tends to her rabbits, Domino and Gunther, to stop them from embarking on their plans for world domination.

    Five of his stories have appeared in translation in earlier Tesseracts anthologies, and four of his juvenile novels were published in English by Black Moss Press. Grace Seybold has lived in Montreal since Mark Shainblum is the co-creator of Northguard and Angloman. He was co-screenwriter of the film The Crow, and has written scripts for television. Stephanie Short was born in Newfoundland and has lived in three other provinces since.

    She divides her time between writing, knitting, and convincing the neighbourhood children that she is actually a witch. Leah Silverman saw Star Wars at the age of five, and knew immediately afterwards that she wanted to create universes the way George Lucas did. She became a writer, and had her first story published in the Tesseracts 3 anthology when she was eighteen.

    She now lives and writes in College Station, where she also raises her wonderful son, negotiates daily with three cats, and is still trying to get used to the high temperatures. I graduated from the University of Victoria with a B. As a post-Ph. My first "novel", lost in one of those moves, was a handwritten Robinsonade entitled Shipwrecked on an Island , produced when I was eight.

    My first published novel, LEGACIES, came out in February from Millennium, the science fiction imprint of Orion, London - which cuts a fairly long story short, since it was five years plus in the writing and another two in the revising. Clarke Award for that year. My fourth solo novel, OPAL, dealing with the trials and tribulations of a shamanistic practitioner on a poorly terraformed planet, has started to make the rounds of publishers and I am easing into my fifth, working title WAIORA.

    As to why I write science fiction: To indulge a passion for knowledge of all kinds and science and medicine in particular. I have an excuse to read about everything from oceanography to nanotechnology, from color theory to the history of microscopy. Science fiction gives my imagination elbow room. Before writing took over my "spare time", I fenced competitively, competing with the McMaster Varsity Squad, and studied archery and Aikido in an admittedly dilatory fashion.

    I have been a member of a variety of large choruses, most recently the Leeds Philharmonic Chorus and the Calgary Festival Chorus. I read voraciously and omnivorously, swim, and dabble in website building. Michael Skeet is an award-winning Canadian writer and broadcaster. Born in Calgary, Alberta, he began writing for radio before finishing college. Robin Skelton is a senior Canadian writer who has published several books of poetry in addition to his fantasy works.

    He is also a practicing white witch and has written several book on witchcraft theory and practice. Angela Slatter is the author of the novels Vigil and Corpselight as well as eight short story collections. The character of Kit Caswell first appeared in the novella Ripper. Lisa Smedman is the author of 20 books, an ecclectic collection of alternate history, science fiction, fantasy, gaming tie-in novels, local history books, and children's books.