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Even when her friends try to help her change her judgmental attitude, Katy is certain that seeing things as black and white is the only way to please God. But as love softens her heart, slowly shades of gray seep into her world, and she discovers the right answer isn t always the easiest one. Additional Details Series Volume Number. Reviews Christner has written a novel about the Mennonites that is rich in detail without being overbearing. The characters are well written and believable. The main female character is unsympathetic at times, but redeems herself in the end.

Dianne Christner has written a lovely Mennonite romance, presenting some of the struggles that their young people go through in remaining close to their faith, families and community.

Something New (Plain City Bridesmaids V2)

The story gives some real introspect into how they view themselves and outsiders. The main character, Katy Yoder, has chosen to be a housekeeper as her profession. Throughout the story, she keeps a journal of cleaning tips and recipes, hand cream remedies and their recipes, and spiritual insights. Her journal is shared at the end of the book. If you''re a fan of Amish or Mennonite inspirational romances, you''ll really enjoy this one. Fans of contemporary Inspirational fiction will enjoy Something Old.

The characters are well-developed and for the most part, likable and sympathetic. Dianne Christnerdelivers many valuable lessons of faith that transcend specific religious boundaries. Katy's love story and journey make for a truly delightful read.

Plains City Bridesmaids Series by Dianne Christner

Here''s a little secret. I typically cannot make it through Mennonite fiction.

Something New The Plain City Bridesmaids

Y''all know I adore Amish fiction, but the mennonite ones don''t grab me I miss the buggies, the lack of electricity, the plainness that the Amish provide. With that said, this book had me from nearly the beginning it didn''t instantly grab me, but about a quarter of the way in I started loving it. The main character, Katy, had such an amazing transformation in this book.

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I loved her character development. She grew so much and I felt like I was growing along with her. There were a few parts that were a little flat, but the book had such a great payoff in the end for me. Readers will appreciate Katy''s struggle to remain firm in her faith in a world blatantly opposed to God''s standards.

Something New

Choosing to please God by loving others is neither plain or simple. Talk about opening one's mind! Katie comes off at first as too judgmental, and a bit "holier than thou" even towards her friends, but everything that happens to her makes her start to painfully accept that there is room redemption, and that differences can divide or strengthen a friendship.

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The characters are nicely developed and the situations are believable, and the author succeeds in making the reader step into Katie's mind and shoes! This is a "different" kind of read mixing the Mennonite, Amish and English together bring us a true to life read! Throughout the story, Katie keeps a journal of cleaning tips and recipes, hand cream remedies, other recipes, and spiritual insights.

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If you''re a fan of Amish or Mennonite inspirational romances, don''t miss this light, fun read! Great for summertime reading enjoyment! Your Review. How do you rate this product? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Are you ready to begin your journey to a deeper faith? In this six-session video study, Kathie Lee invites you to join her as she visits sites in Israel that have impacted her life. As she shares her story, coauthor Rabbi Jason Sobel, a messianic Jewish rabbi, provides fascinating background details that make the story […].

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