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With its low-range transfer case, plentiful torque, oversized tires, generous ground clearance and hill-descent control and hill-start assist, the Xterra is able to confidently tackle most off-road obstacles. Mostly fashioned out of hard, easy-to-clean plastics, even in our top-of-the-line Pro-4X tester there is little in the way of luxury. What there is, though, is a complete — and welcome — six-gauge array; straightforward and well-placed controls; comfortable and supportive front bucket seats in a tough, nubby fabric; an excellent audio system; a nav system with backup camera; and the current usual assortment of connectivity.

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Delivery alert. Remember Me Recover password Register. W ax museums are prime examples of retro roadside kitsch, the kind of place that families have been visiting on vacations for generations. But, there's something a little darker and weirder about wax museums than your average tourist attraction. Maybe it's that the tradition of wax figures of famous figures grew out of the tradition of dressing effigies of deceased royals for funeral parades in 17th century Europe; after the burial, the wax figure would be displayed near the tomb, and you could view it for a small fee, of course.

Or maybe it's that Madame Toussad, the most famous name in wax museums, got her start making wax death masks of executed royalty during the French Revolution. Even the very idea of a wax figure is pretty disturbing, in a way; you can get eerily close to making it look like a person, but it'll always be a stiff and lifeless representation.

The fact that wax museums have a reputation for including a "Chamber of Horrors" section, dedicated to disturbing and gruesome displays, certainly doesn't help. Wax museums are definitely a dying breed, but there are still some great ones dotted across the country, each with a varying degree of general weirdness.

Here are a few of our favorites that the iron-willed might want to check out!

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When Vice writes an article called "An Open Letter to the Worst Wax Museum in America", you kinda have to take that into consideration when making a list of grotesque but fun! The subject of that article was the Hollywood Wax Museum, which the author lambastes for its poor choice of actors, questionable choices on the movie characters those figures portray, and all-around shoddy quality of the often barely recognizable celeb representations.

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But, despite all of this, its primo location on Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard means that it's regularly pretty crowded. Nic Cage from "National Treasure", apparently. Explore his life, from his time in a Confederate guerilla gang to his train and bank robberies to his death at the hands of Robert Ford, a friend well, frenemy, I guess of James.

The best part of the wax museum isn't actually the wax figures They offer evidence supporting the claim that James's death was a hoax that allowed him to escape the law and live under an assumed name until he died in the s at the age of about Is it likely to be true? Probably not, but it's definitely an interesting look at the life and death when and however it occurred of one of the country's most notorious outlaws.

The next time you find yourself sauntering through the Biblewalk Bible Museum in Mansfield, Ohio, take a good, long look at the life-size wax figure of Jesus.

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If you think you recognize him, you'd be correct. You're actually looking at a wax figure of Tom Cruise. The wax museum houses over life-size sculptures that depict 70 biblical vignettes of the life of Jesus Christ. But, what makes this museum a little different than your run-of-the-mill, non-denominational, Christian-themed wax museums, is that many of the Biblical characters are actually famous actors, celebrities and political figures, from John Travolta to the Duke of Edinburgh.

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Because these were cast-off wax figures that didn't make the cut for celebrity wax museums like Madame Tussauds. They were scooped up by BibleWalk, for relatively cheap.

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The museum was built by Diamond Hill Cathedral. Back in the s Paster Richard Diamond was inspired after a visit to a historical wax museum. Ten years later, guided by what I can only imagine to be divine intervention, Diamond began acquiring wax figures; some donated, some purchased from rejected figures at celebrity wax museums. Every year between 30, and 40, people visit the museum.

But, before you head to the museum to gawk at a King Solomon John Travolta, be warned, the museum really doesn't like to talk about the celebrity figures. They often deny it altogether. So, if you visit, please gawk in silence and respect the mission of the museum, which is to pay tribute to Christianity. But, feel free to silently worship at the feet of Tom Cruise Jesus.