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The sections on the vacuum environment have been redone and hands-on information, such as how to change gas cylinders, has been added. Thought has also been given to the way people do research today. For example, the extensive glossary now includes related terms making Internet searching easier. I find the production quality to be better than the first edition as well. The larger format is easier to read and many of the figures and illustrations have been improved, making the overall appearance much nicer in my view.

Available from the Society of Vacuum Coaters. Several key players in the field have contributed to the book in the form of excellent reviews, which usually end with an outlook. These very well documented and written contributions can be divided into material and coating related contributions a. For me, reading the book not only gave me a better insight into this still lively field of research, but also illustrated the importance of this statement.

Review by M.

Handbook of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Processing

Thin-Film Optical Filters, by H. Macleod, Thin Film Center, Inc. ISBN 0 2. In H. It contained a wealth of references to pertinent publications, thin-film coating design, and process development for optical thin-film technology. The third edition is no less rich and includes expanded references and information on many advances in design and technology since the second edition was published in The basic coating types mirrors, beam-splitters, multilayer high-reflectors, and edge filters are covered pretty much as before. One also could say that this was true of the chapter on antireflection coating.

However, I found the addition of a discussion on buffer layers in antireflection coating of many layers to improve performance very interesting. From a design aspect, the chapter on band-pass filters had several advances, from a technique to eliminate reflectance lobes at either edge of the high transmission band of a narrow multi-cavity filter, to adding thick layer impedance matching structures to make the very high transmittance, very narrow multi-cavity DWDM filters needed for the telecommunications industry.

The chapter on "Production methods and thin-film materials" has a major rewrite and updated photographs of equipment.

A new chapter was added, "Factors affecting layer and coating properties. Another new chapter, "Other topics," includes areas of interest developed in the last 15 years, such as a discussion of rugate filters made up of continuously varying refractive index typically modeled with many very thin discrete layers and ultra-fast coating performance, which results from ultra-fast laser pulses where transient response can become significant. This chapter concludes with a discussion of automatic methods of refining and synthesis or optimization of optical coating designs.

The third edition of Thin-Film Optical Filters is a must-have addition to the library of any optical thin-film theorist or practitioner. It provides extensive methods to use in achieving desired optical performance for a broad range of coating types and extensive references for one to use in delving deeper into these topics. Review prepared by Dale E. ISBN This is an interesting book with a rather misleading title. There is no discussion of the effect of ion bombardment on film growth, nor is there discussion of the structure-zone models of film growth.

There is only limited discussion of "I-PVD. The individual discussions are quite good though, and the book is a good addition to the library of someone serious about PVD. Review prepared by Donald M.

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To a large extent, it succeeds. In addition to sections on all of the major deposition methods, there are chapters on substrate cleaning and preparation, the vacuum environment, film nucleation and growth, analytical methods, and film properties. Because it is so comprehensive, the material is treated at a relatively high level. However, there is an excellent list of references for those interested in learning more about any of the subjects covered.

The informal style makes reading easy and the anecdotal footnotes, describing actual case histories, are both fun and valuable. Cleaning External Processing Environment App. Reference Material App. Notes Description based upon print version of record.

Handbook of physical vapor deposition (PVD) processing

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  7. Handbook of Physical Vapor Deposition PVD Processing 2nd Edition Details This updated version of the popular Handbook further explains all aspects of physical vapor deposition PVD process technology from the characterizing and preparing the substrate material, through deposition processing and film characterization, to post-deposition processing. The emphasis of the new edition remains on the aspects of the process flow that are critical to economical deposition of films that can meet the required performance specifications, with additional information to support the original material.