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In addition to the exotic Holocrons, Jedi utilized standard data tapes for some educational aspects. Records also indicate that the Jedi Archives on Coruscant once held a collection of Sith Holocrons, most of which were pyramidical and—because they housed information that was dangerous in the wrong hands—off limits to the majority of Jedi. Like Jedi Holocrons, Sith Holocrons implement restrictive mechanisms to detect whether a student is prepared to receive certain knowledge. Odan-Urr kept this Sith Holocron for nearly a millennium before it was stolen by the Jedi Exar Kun, who used it to learn many secrets of the Sith.

It is also highly probable that at least one Jedi with the knowledge of Holocron construction was among the Exiles who proclaimed themselves the first Sith Lords. Although the Jedi once regarded Sith Holocrons as tools and not evil entities, the devices are embodiments of temptation to those who hope to achieve power by way of arcane knowledge. Like Exar Kun, Count Dooku became a Sith Lord; while it is conceivable that the respective experiences and personality traits of both individuals guided their paths to the dark side, the possession of Sith Holocrons certainly directed their courses as well.

Various databases and eyewitnesses testify that the Jedi Archives on Coruscant held scores of Jedi Holocrons. Unfortunately, the ancient technology of the Holocrons, as well as the majority of the devices themselves, may be lost to time. Because Holocrons have been such a significant resource in the creation of this record, descriptions of noteworthy Holocrons precede a detailed time line of events in Jedi and Sith history.

All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher. Ryder Windham is a former editor of Star Wars comics and has written more than fifty Star Wars books, including Jedi vs. Learn more about Ryder Windham. Available for sale exclusive:. Throughout the next millennium, the Jedi Order fought an internal struggle regarding the correct response to the insanity of the Contispex dynasty and the Pius Dea rule it had established. While the majority of the Order refused to fight against the very government it had protected for millennia, some Jedi served as Knights errant, taking the fight to the cultists without the permission of the High Council.

It wasn't until the 11,s BBY that the Order was approached by the Caamasi and were finally convinced to end their period of isolationism and intervene. The Jedi High Council joined with the Bureau of Ships and Services in seeding the cathedral ships of the Pius Dea with a crippling virus, and plotting to arrest the current Chancellor. The Hundred-Year Darkness. A few generations later, the Jedi Order had returned to their peaceful ways on Ossus upon seeing the Republic make a full recovery from the Pius Dea Era.

The schism stemmed from the Order's reaction to a group of heretical Dark Jedi experimenting with forbidden alchemy.

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The monstrosities which arose were deemed abominations to the Force by the High Council and war was begun to end the practice of these dark arts. By this time the Order had managed to develop the lightsaber in a way in which it was useful in hand-to-hand combat. Used before as a siege weapon due to its massive power pack, the Order's scientists were able to create a transportable power pack which could be worn on the belt of the user.

Crossing blades with the heretics, the Jedi Order finally saw the end of the conflict with the victory at the battle of Corbos in BBY. Unknown to the Jedi, these Exiles would land on the planet Korriban , homeworld of the Sith species , and conquer the natives, deeming themselves the Dark Lords of the Sith. The Jedi pursued those Sith across the galaxy, until both factions crash-landed on the planet Kesh. After a period of fighting, the two factions made peace and formed a new organization called the Doomed , striving to achieve balance between the light and the dark sides of the Force.

The battle began shortly after a Jedi Knight named Odan-Urr had a nightmarish vision of the death of Sith Lord Marka Ragnos , and the war against the Republic that it would cause. He traveled to Coruscant with Jedi Master Memit Nadill and Teta , the empress of Koros , to voice his concerns in front of the Galactic Senate , though they did not take him seriously, and took no action. Nadill learned as much as he could about the Sith Empire, then traveled to Coruscant to rally the support of the Jedi Knights. The newly christened Dark Lord of the Sith, Naga Sadow , deployed his fleets to invade numerous Republic worlds simultaneously while he left his eye-shaped Sith Meditation Sphere near Primus Goluud and used Sith magic to create thousands of illusory soldiers, which made the Sith army seem far larger than it actually was.

Meanwhile, another battle was raging on the planet of Kirrek , where Jedi Master Ooroo and his apprentice Odan-Urr were stationed. However, when Naga Sadow's concentration was broken, the illusory Sith forces disappeared and the Republic's forces' morale was bolstered.

On Coruscant, the Jedi realized what had happened and launched a massive counterattack, easily defeating the Sith. The Republic also emerged victorious on Kirrek, however only at the expense of the death of Master Ooroo, who sacrificed his life in defeating a large force of Massassi warriors. In an attempt to find out why this had happened, Nadd went to Jedi Master Matta Tremayne , who challenged him to prove to her that he was indeed a Jedi Knight.

Nadd saw this as a threat and decided to attack and kill Tremayne. Furious at the Jedi Masters for making him kill his teacher, Nadd went looking for the Sith, because he felt that they were the only ones who would readily accept his apprenticeship and teach him about the Force. Awakening from his status chamber, Sadow trained Freedon Nadd in the ways of the dark side only to be killed by Nadd when his training was complete.

Following Sadow's death, Nadd abandoned Yavin 4 in favor of Onderon , located outside Republic space, with hopes of rebuilding a stronger Sith Empire. After Freedon Nadd had made himself the leader of the capital city of Iziz , the Sith Lord began to exile all criminals from the city; some of whom managed to survive in the deadly jungles surrounding the city and organize into a tribe of hunter-gatherers.

The world of Onderon suffered through the legacy of Nadd even after his death as a cult devoted to his memory, known as the Naddists , wreaked havoc on the people of the planet. Ommin then fled to the city of Iziz. The Republic's army converged on the planet and attacked Iziz, but was too strong and devastated the city. After the battle, Freedon Nadd's remains were taken to Dxun and sealed in an armored tomb. After a brief civil war on Coruscant, the surviving group of Dark Jedi retreated to the Vultar system , where they discovered that the planets of the system were artificial.

The Dark Jedi could not control the huge Cosmic Turbine that powered the system and quickly annihilated themselves and the entire system. Over the generations, Ossus had continued to thrive as a Jedi fortress world, holding many treasures and knowledge in Odan-Urr's massive archives known as the Great Jedi Library.

The Jedi High Council began to take a more active role in the operations of the Order, and Four Masters oversaw the construction of a massive Temple on Coruscant to house members of the Order responsible for working directly with Republic representatives. The spirit of Nadd corrupted Kun and the young Jedi surrendered to the dark side of the Force. After first traveling to Korriban, Kun then went to Yavin's fourth moon and took over Naga Sadow's ancient fortresses, enslaving the Massassi race to further his ambitious plans. Destroying Nadd's spirit for the last time, Exar Kun staked his claim as the true heir to the ancient Sith legacy, which was thought to have been destroyed.

When word of this unsettling turn of events reached the Jedi High Council, a conclave was called on Deneba to discuss the growing foothold of the Sith. During the conclave, the secret dark side society called the Krath attacked the Jedi with war droids. When the Krath were repelled, the Jedi regrouped and returned to Ossus.

The Jedi path : a manual for students of the force

Seeking retribution for his masters death Qel'Droma planned an unsanctioned mission to infiltrate the Krath in an attempt to destroy them from within. The Krath, suspecting he was a spy, injected him with a Sith poison and eventually Qel'Droma fell to the dark side and became a Krath general.

However, their duel was interrupted by the spirit of Marka Ragnos , who commanded them to stop fighting each other and form an alliance, declaring them Dark Lords of the Sith. Elsewhere, Qel-Droma defeated Mandalore the Indomitable , the leader of the Mandalorians , and with their leader defeated the Mandalorian Crusaders agreed to join the Sith. Qel-Droma's Krath and Mandalorian forces laid siege to Coruscant in an all out attack at the heart of the Republic. Jedi forces on the capital were few as their temple remained as just a small hermitage but infighting between Qel-Droma and Aleema Keto allowed for the Republic to score a victory through the capture of Qel-Droma and the retreat of his forces.

Freeing Qel-Droma, Kun contacted his acolytes within the Jedi Order to assassinate their former Masters in a successful pogrom which left many Jedi dead. At the culmination of their attack on the Order, the Sith Lords made the suns of the Cron Cluster go supernova using Naga Sadow's Sith flagship, which they had discovered on Yavin 4; the exploding stars sent a devastating shock wave through space directly towards Ossus. Aware of their impending doom, the Jedi desperately tried to save as many of the artifacts stored on the world while a mass evacuation took place.

In the upper levels, Master Ood Bnar buried several priceless artifacts just before the Sith arrived. As the Sith attempted to strike him down, Bnar called on the Force to transform his body into that of a tree, a technique which came natural to the Neti. Meanwhile Qel-Droma dueled his brother Cay and killed him in his anger. When confronted with the finality of his actions, Qel-Droma's will was shattered and was then cut off from the Force by the Jedi Nomi Sunrider.

A broken shell, Qel-Droma surrendered to the Republic and was escorted off of Ossus as it was swept clean by the supernova's shock wave. To prevent his ultimate defeat, Kun committed a ritual which took the life from every Massassi on the planet to separate his spirit from his body and bind it to his temple.

When Jedi forces arrived on the planet they unleashed a Force-assault on the world, trapping Kun's spirit within his temple indefinitely. With many great Masters dead and the fortress world of Ossus uninhabitable, Master Nomi Sunrider called a conclave on Exis Station to formally address the Order and begin the healing process. With the entire Order in attendance, Sunrider accepted the leadership role within the Order and set to rebuild the High Council.

Relics and texts which had been stored at Exis Station after the destruction of Ossus would be transported to Coruscant as a new Jedi Archives was compiled within the Temple. Mandalorians during the Mandalorian Wars. As the Order settled in on Coruscant, the renowned Jedi Seer Krynda Draay saw it as her duty to prevent another war like the one that had just plagued the galaxy and taken so many lives, including that of her husband, Barrison Draay. Resigning from the Order and holing herself away within her late husband's massive Galactic City Estate , Draay began the lengthy process of training an army of Seers without the knowledge of the High Council.

As the Order grew complacent in the eyes of Draay, the respected Master created the Covenant , a shadowy organization devoted to spotting and dealing with any shatterpoints that could cause the Sith to emerge again. With her own son, Lucien Draay , as head of the First WatchCircle , Draay and her faithful retainer Haazen guided their movements on Taris as they sought a dangerous weapon of the Sith called the Muur Talisman. The events of the Mandalorian Wars would begin the decline of the Jedi Order. They coincided with a vision seen by four Jedi Masters—the Consular members of the First WatchCircle of the Draay's Covenant—who saw visions of chaos in the Jedi Order and the Republic as well as signs that the responsible party could be one of their Padawans.

The Masters decided to strike, but only succeeded in murdering four of their own Padawans who were near Knighthood. Their actions also caused massive civil disorder on Taris—which later made the planet easy prey for the Mandalorians—alienated Padawan Zayne Carrick from the Order, and inadvertently dissolved even their own group, being split up by the High Council and assigned to different postings around the galaxy. As each of the WatchCircle members began to die through mysterious circumstance which resembled their vision of impending doom, one of their number, Master Xamar , revealed the truth of the Covenant to the High Council and confessed his crime.

As the High Council moved to secure the Draay Estate, it became clear that the venerated Master Krynda Draay was no longer in command; Haazen, her retainer and secret Sith Acolyte , had taken over and descended into madness. Sending members of the Covenant against the Jedi Temple and hijacking ships from the Republic Navy , Haazen ultimately and inadvertently destroyed the estate and himself through an orbital bombardment.

The Mandalorians , led by Mandalore the Ultimate , began to conquer planets that were left defenseless after the Sith War. By adding the weapons and technology of their victims to their own the Mandalorians soon built a large army, and their territory grew fast. The Republic's efforts to stop the Mandalorians were ineffective, and soon Mandalore took advantage of this weakness by directly attacking Republic space. The Jedi High Council refused to help the Republic, believing that caution was necessary and unwilling to bloody their hands after the last war.

The Council's decision set poorly with many young Jedi who, under the leadership of Jedi Knight Revan and his friend Alek , openly defied the Council and leading the Republic's forces in battle. Revan used Mandalorian tactics against his enemies: he was willing to sacrifice one planet if it meant securing victory at a more important one.

During the battle , Revan killed Mandalore in hand-to-hand combat and obliterated the remaining Mandalorian forces. The war with the Mandalorians was over. The Mandalorians had been defeated by a worthy opponent, and destroyed their armor and weapons as a sign of respect. Appearing before the Council to await judgment, the Council stripped Surik of her titles and banished her for her role in the destruction of Malachor V. In addition, Jedi Master Kreia , Revan's former mentor, was exiled as the Council felt her ' gray ' stance on the Force had led her students, most notably Revan, down the path of the dark side.

At the close of the Mandalorian Wars, the Jedi Revan and Malak mysteriously disappeared into the Unknown Regions , supposedly pursuing the last remnants of the Mandalorian fleet. Unknown to the Order or the High Council, the two Jedi had traced clues to the planet Dromund Kaas where they discovered that the Sith Empire lived on in secret and was ruled by the mysterious and incredibly powerful Sith Emperor.

Returning to the Republic with their loyal followers in tow, the newly christened Sith Lords began to wage a second war, preying on a Republic already weakened by the Mandalorians and taking full advantage of the immense number of Jedi who were still willing to follow the pair. This Jedi Civil War pitted masters against students, fathers against sons, and friends against best friends, making it one of the most emotionally powerful wars in galactic history. While the early stages of the war were indecisive, it soon became apparent that Revan's Sith armada was growing at a steady rate, and in a short time the Republic was overwhelmed with the seemingly limitless forces of the enemy.

World after world fell to Revan's vast fleets and masterful strategies. Determined not to make the same mistakes they had in the Mandalorian Wars, the High Council devised a plan to eliminate the enemy at its source: Revan. During one fateful battle a small Jedi strike team led by Bastila Shan , a young Jedi Padawan with the remarkable gift of battle meditation , infiltrated Darth Revan's command ship to capture the Dark Lord. During the confrontation, Darth Malak, who was stationed aboard a different ship, realized that Revan could be easily defeated and that he could then assume the title of Dark Lord of the Sith, fired upon his own master's vessel in the hope of killing both Revan and the Jedi fighting him.

The Jedi managed to escape with Revan's body, but Malak had achieved a crucial victory, for he was now the Dark Lord of the Sith and commander of the entire Sith armada. Malak continued to wage war against the Republic, relying exclusively on brute force as opposed to subtle strategies. Following the Sith tradition, he took an apprentice of his own: former Jedi Darth Bandon.

As the situation for the Republic and the Jedi became more desperate, they began to rely more and more on the battle meditation of Bastila Shan to gain an advantage over the ever-growing Sith Empire. Consequently, Darth Malak began to target Jedi Shan specifically, hoping to crush the Republic's last chance of standing against his armies. During one battle in orbit above the world of Taris , Jedi Shan's vessel, the Endar Spire , was crippled beyond recovery, and the young Jedi was forced to evacuate to the planet below. As fate would have it, two other survivors eventually caught up with Jedi Shan on Taris: Carth Onasi , a decorated soldier and war hero of the Republic, and another lowly officer who Shan recently had transferred to her command.

The key to the rest of the war, however, lay in the identity of this single, seemingly insignificant foot soldier. Onasi and Shan continued to gain more companions, managed to escape the destruction of Taris , and fled to Dantooine's secret Jedi Enclave , where their third companion was inducted into the Order and they discovered the existence of the Star Forge.

The Jedi Council commissioned their small band to seek out Star Maps from various planets in order to discover the location of the Star Forge, which they believed was the key to Malak's power. During their quest, the group encountered and defeated many Sith minions, including Darth Bandon.

The biggest interruption to their mission was the groups capture by one of the Sith fleet's command ships. This confrontation revealed a startling truth: that Darth Revan had not been killed, but had instead been rendered comatose by Malak's attack and saved by the Jedi, specifically Shan. The Jedi Council had inserted over his destroyed mind a new identity, that of a lowly officer who was now a Jedi Padawan. Darth Revan had been traveling with Shan and Onasi the entire time. Upon escaping Malak and realizing his true identity, Revan was determined to complete his mission and destroy his old apprentice.

Eventually, he and his companions discovered the location of the Star Forge and launched an attack in collaboration with the Republic against it. Revan managed to infiltrate the giant factory, which was the source of the Sith's limitless armada, and defeated his old apprentice Malak once and for all.

The Unifying Force: Star Wars Legends (The New Jedi Order)

Regarded as outsiders, Revan and Shan remained outside of the walls of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant while an increasingly strained relationship with the Order wore on them. Revan, suffering from crippling Force visions, eventually left for the Unknown Regions in search of answers. The Jedi Civil War took a huge toll on the Jedi and the Republic, leaving them incredibly vulnerable to attack. In the wake of the war, the High Council called a conclave on the planet Katarr to regroup and refocus the Order. It was at this conclave that Darth Nihilus , a member of the Sith Triumvirate , attacked the world and wiped all life from the planet's surface.

The attack on the conclave would see the near-destruction and death of the Order, with all but a hundred individual Jedi surviving throughout the galaxy. Immediately after, Triumvir Darth Sion committed his legions of Sith assassins to hunting down the surviving Jedi in the first Jedi Purge. Realizing that the threat was greater when Jedi gathered in numbers, the surviving members of the High Council disbanded the Order, with the remaining Jedi Masters going into hiding on planets across the galaxy in the hopes that this would allow them to discover the true origins of the new Sith threat without endangering everyone around them.

The Jedi Temple on Coruscant was completely abandoned, and the badly damaged Jedi Enclave on Dantooine was left nothing but a hollow shell. A former Jedi, Meetra Surik , also known as the Jedi Exile who had been cut off from the Force and exiled by the High Council years earlier, sought out the remaining Councilors who were in hiding, in an attempt to form a group to defeat the threat of the Sith Triumvirate, who were threatening to annihilate the Jedi completely. As she traveled the galaxy in search of the hidden Jedi, Surik trained several of her companions in the ways of the Force.

They decided to once again exile her, as well as sever her completely from the Force, as they felt she was a threat to all living beings around her. As they attempted to carry out their plan, Kreia, Surik's mentor, killed them, and after revealing herself as the third Sith Lord, Darth Traya, she left Surik on Dantooine. Eventually, the group of individuals Surik trained, known as the Lost Jedi , would, as Darth Traya prophesied, come together to re-establish another Jedi Order.

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As the Order was slowly reformed, Surik was able to convince Masters Shan and Atris to return to Coruscant and the abandoned Jedi Temple there and slowly rebuild. Training a new generation of Jedi, Surik reestablished the High Council with the assistance of her companions from the war and the Order and the Galactic Republic began the long, slow process of rebuilding. Within time, Surik saw the Jedi Order flourish once more, but was haunted by reoccurring dreams and a beckoning from beyond known space. Leaving the Republic and the Order behind, Surik departed Coruscant to search for Master Revan and the darkness he had sought to find beyond the galactic rim.

The Republic and the Order had thought that the Sith Empire had been completely destroyed in the aftermath of the Great Hyperspace War; unknown to them a single Sith Lord managed to escape Chancellor Pultimo 's attack on Korriban and established himself as the new Sith Emperor and continued the rule of the Sith Empire in the Unknown Regions. In BBY with peace talks commencing on Alderaan , the Sith launched a surprise attack on Coruscant, devastating the planet, killing the Chancellor and nearly destroying the Jedi Temple.

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With little choice, the Republic accepted ending the Great War. The Cold War officially was only border skirmishes between rogue elements of the Republic and Sith Empire, yet all across the galaxy both sides were supporting coups, revolutions, assassinations and even all out civil war. As Jedi scouts prepared the planet for recolonization, the Order dealt with the loss of Grand Master Zym over the ruins of the Coruscant Temple and the defection of Master Dar'Nala to terrorism.

As a new Temple emerged on Tython, the Jedi resettled their ancient homeworld and began to slowly rebuild. As Shan was appointed Grand Master, Jedi explored Tython forests and ruins, reconnecting with their roots and growing stronger in the Force. Elsewhere in the Republic, planets like Balmorra and Alderaan were major battlegrounds where both sides suffered from treaty-breaking, but unofficial backing; all across the galaxy the Great Galactic War was igniting a second time. Several new heroes emerged in this time period ; these heroes were both of the Republic and the Sith Empire, and they grew more powerful and significant over time, eventually becoming the main fighters for their respective sides, as many significant ones fell in the Cold War.

Members of the Jedi Order who remained on Coruscant made up a special Jedi delegation within the Senate, while others tried to protect the ruins of the Jedi Temple and protect any of its remaining treasures.

Jedi Order

The new heroes which emerged were believed to be the ones that would lead the Republic and Sith Empire to an all-out war that would be more devastating and dangerous than any other in the past. The ravaged remains of Corellia , one of the planets attacked in the Second Great War.

The sham known as the Cold War came to an inevitable end and the Galactic War erupted on galactic scale, but was even more brutal than any other war in the past. The Jedi Order quickly mobilized to compete with the Sith Empire and various third parties, all of whom where at their peak and with many mighty heroes. Engaging each other in full-scale war once again, Sith and Republic forces clashed, while the constant specter of betrayal loomed over everyone.

Yet despite the copious amounts of traitors and third parties, they did little to stop the Republic and Empire from continuing their war. The Great War saw some of the Republic and Empire's bravest and mightiest heroes emerge, and this only created more tension and alarm, adding to the chaos already generated by the Great War.

The immense clash would lead to the defeat of various third parties and their leaders, such as Darth Malgus , leader of his own rebellion , and Bouris Ulgo , leader of House Ulgo of Alderaan. The Dread Masters of the Sith Empire would be freed, and the destructive nature of this new war would radiate throughout the galaxy, slowly ravaging it. After a long, drawn out conflict, the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic proved victorious and the Sith Empire of old was finally defeated.

The Jedi Order would return to Coruscant, abandoning Tython indefinitely, and rebuild the Jedi Temple slowly with financial aid from the recovering Republic.

Oh, It’s Got Atrocities, All Right: Star Wars: The New Jedi Order Series

A new era of peace began, but was to be short lived. Lord Hoth , leader of the Army of Light. The horrors of the Old Sith Wars and the near extinction of the Jedi Order that had resulted from the conflict were remembered in the Republic for generations. Few could have guessed, however, that a much larger conflict would soon engulf the galaxy. From within the Order's ranks Jedi Master Phanius , one of the Order's brightest members, became entranced with the forbidden knowledge of the Sith and, defying the High Council, absconded into deep space with a Sith holocron stolen from the Jedi Archives.

Phanius took up the long vacant title of Dark Lord of the Sith as well as a new name and identity: Darth Ruin. In Mysteries , the "Capture the flag" mode is altered, with the gradual reduction of the Force powers of the player who is carrying the flag. Multiplayer mode is limited to two players on the Xbox and GameCube versions of the game.

The Jedi Knight video games are set in the Star Wars universe. For the majority of the series, the player controls Kyle Katarn , who begins as a mercenary , eventually learning the ways of The Force, becoming a Jedi Master and teaching at the Jedi Academy. Prior to the events of Dark Forces , Katarn was a student studying to follow in his father's career of agricultural mechanics. However, while at an academy, he was told by officials that the Rebel Alliance had killed his parents. His anger led him to enlist in the Imperial army , where he soon met Jan Ors , an undercover double agent working for the Alliance.

Ors uncovered the real information about Katarn's parents; they had actually been killed by the Empire. Shortly thereafter, Ors' cover was blown, and she was taken prisoner. Katarn helped her escape, thus ending his career with the Empire. He then became a mercenary, and due to his hatred for the Empire, regularly took on jobs for the Alliance.

In the first level of Dark Forces , which is set prior to A New Hope , Katarn recovers the plans to the Death Star , a heavily armed space station capable of destroying entire planets. The Rebel Alliance uses the plans to find a weakness in and then destroy the Death Star. Katarn then aids the Rebels in stopping the threat of the Imperial "Dark Trooper" project. Despite the successful missions on behalf of the Alliance, however, Katarn does not join their cause.

His father, Morgan Katarn, had discovered the location of "The Valley of the Jedi", a source of great Force power, but a Dark Jedi named Jerec murdered Morgan in an attempt to find the location. Katarn travels to the Valley of the Jedi while learning the ways of the Jedi himself. Eventually, he confronts and defeats Jerec, avenging his father's death.

During this time, Katarn learns of a Sith temple on the planet Dromund Kaas. There, Katarn is corrupted by the Dark Side of the Force. However, Jade is able to convince him to return to the Light and they leave together. This incident causes Katarn to distance himself from the Force and return to mercenary missions with Jan Ors. Katarn believes Desann to have killed Ors, and so he returns to the Valley of the Jedi in an attempt to reconnect to the Force so as to stop Desann. Desann, in league with the Imperial Remnant , uses the power of the Valley to endow his troops with Force power, before using them to launch an attack on the Jedi Academy.

However, Katarn defeats Desann and discovers his true path, becoming a tutor at the Academy. Jaden eventually encounters a Sith cult led by Tavion Desann's former apprentice who plans to restore the Sith to power by using stolen Force energy to resurrect an ancient Sith Lord, Marka Ragnos. If he chooses the Dark Side, he kills Tavion, fights and defeats but does not kill Katarn, and then flees with Tavion's staff, which is capable of absorbing the Force.

The game ends with Katarn setting out in pursuit of Jaden. The developers wanted to adapt the first-person shooter format to include strategy and puzzles, which at the time, had never been done. Dark Forces thus features numerous logic puzzles and parts of the game requires a strategic method to progress, often involving manipulation of the environment. This style of gameplay has remained constant in all Jedi Knight games. In Dark Forces the music was implemented using iMuse , [26] software that alters the music depending on what is happening at any given moment in the game.

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Even before the release of Dark Forces , Justin Chin had planned out Katarn's role in Dark Forces II , indicating that Katarn would face a "big trial" in a game that would be a "rite of passage. The Force plays an integral role in how the player plays the game. Chin said in an early interview that progress through the game is based upon the abilities the player develops.

The characters are represented by live actors while the backgrounds are pre-rendered. The subsequent success of Outcast led LucasArts to continue the partnership with Raven, leading to the development of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy a year later; "With the overwhelming success and critical acclaim of Star Wars: Jedi Outcast , continuing an alliance with Activision and Raven Software was a clear and very easy decision," said then-president of LucasArts, Simon Jeffery.

Instead the focus is on Jaden Korr, a student of the Force under Katarn. The decision to change protagonist was made by the developers for gameplay reasons. The Jedi Knight series as a whole has been well received. The series itself has been described as "highly acclaimed," [76] and has been noted by IGN as one of few Star Wars themed video game franchises that is of consistently high quality on the PC.

Oh, It’s Got Atrocities, All Right: Star Wars: The New Jedi Order Series – Mr. Rhapsodist

Individually, each game in the series has been generally well received. In , Dark Forces became LucasArts' highest sell-in with more than , copies accounted for at launch. The only exceptions are the PlayStation version of Dark Forces , which was perceived to have graphical problems [81] and the GameCube version of Jedi Outcast , which was seen as considerably inferior to the PC and Xbox versions. Games in the Jedi Knight series have also received specific commendation and awards.

Dark Forces II was judged the best game of the year for by five publications, and was number one in PC Gamer ' s "50 best games ever" list in Gameplay aspects of the series have also been well received. The lightsaber charted at number 7 in UGO Networks 's countdown of the 50 best weapons in video games. The publication commented that using such a weapon in a game was "extremely satisfying," and stated that lightsaber usage had been refined as the series continued.