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Oh, I could rut her all night! Oh, I could come all over her! And when she raises her hips, returning my own pressure, and our vaginas grind together, I know I could climax then and there. So I say, "Am I domming you, Janey? She laughs. I watch her. She watches me. Then I say, "Um Then I think about her delicious bottom. I burn more fiercely with every slap, especially when Janey whimpers, turning her head, gazing up with a look of wild delight. I spank her at least a dozen times. What are you going to do with me, hmm? But what to do next? Me being the domme and all? I need to say something rude, right?

I need to do something humiliating, yes? She purrs and murmurs, "Dirty girl This does something to me — something more than arousal — it makes me a dominatrix. Find out more at lanafox. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Meghan did Wimbledon on a different day to Kate. Why Love Island fans want producers to step in. She works down slowly, teasing my flesh with the heat of her lips. I have to bite my lip to keep from moaning.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Erotic fiction: read Camp Ardenne. Their eyes met and she smiled, overwhelmed by the affection she felt for him. She reached out to stroke his cheek and he moved his head slightly, as if he wanted to turn his face into her palm but thought better of it. His thumbs swept over the curve of her hips. Just one kiss, nothing more. He clamped them together at the base of her spine, holding her tightly. The change in position caused her breasts to thrust out mere inches from his mouth. Her attention dropped to his lips. His mouth was so inviting.

Why had she never noticed that before? Her humour disappeared and she swallowed hard. Luke watched her closely, his blue eyes taking everything in. I get turned on over a new pair of shoes. I care too much about you to let that happen. Faint traces of his clean, crisp cologne drifted towards her, teasing her senses. His free hand swept up and down her arm, leaving shivers in its wake. She leaned back and took her time looking him over, drinking in the view of him while she decided where her mouth should go next.

He gazed up at her, his expression filled with amusement. His pulse beat strong and steadily, his chin lifting to allow her easier access. Her mouth travelled up to the curve of his jaw and his whiskers prickled against her lips. She pressed a soft kiss there, then another, revelling in the masculine feel of him. His responding Mmmm vibrated against her lips.

She nibbled his ear and flicked her tongue at the lobe. His hand kept both of hers secured behind her back and she strained against his hold, needing physical contact with him. Her breasts pressed against his chest and a low growl rumbled in his throat, her heartbeat quickening at the sound. His grip tightened, his strength causing a sudden, inexplicable craving inside her. She pulled back to look into his eyes, surprised by the need she saw there. With his clenched jaw and his steely hardness beneath her, she knew it would only take the slightest encouragement from her to throw them both into chaos.

Her hands jerked in his, she wanted them free so she could touch him.

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His hips shifted beneath her, bringing her into closer contact with his erection. Her breathing turned shallow and she closed her eyes, fighting the need to moan. It suddenly hit her and she drew in a sharp breath. The tension in the air had become unbearable. She barely had time to brace herself before it all spiralled out of control. Jade hung on and kissed him back, thrusting her tongue against his.

One hand plunged into his hair while the other wound around his neck. Her knees clamped either side of his thighs and she pressed down against his erection. His answering groan had desire surging inside her. There were no teasing touches now; it was all heat and hunger. She wanted him. All of him. Luke slid one palm down her spine, curving over her ass. He squeezed her flesh and moved his mouth to her throat, leaving quick, damp kisses over flushed skin.

She gasped and pressed her mouth to his, her tongue plunging between his lips, her hands roaming his body. Heat radiated off him and his muscles flexed beneath her fingers. She sat before him in her shorts and a blue lace bra, her hair draped over one shoulder, her lips swollen.

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