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Highly recommended. There is no requirement to love everything on two wheels to enjoy this book but it would seriously help, as our resident bike nut said about Boris: "This guy lives and breathes motorbikes.

He's the epitome of two-wheel freedom. Boris Mihailovic has been a journalist and editor for almost 25 years. He also owns, manages and hosts www. Evelyn Waugh: A Life Revisited. The Hairy Dieters: Fast Food. My Life with Wagner. Guide To Better Acol Bridge. The Hairy Dieters: Good Eating. The Carl Rogers Reader. Your cart Close. Go Search. In , the movie Sleeping With the Enemy premiered. I was in college when I saw it, and I remember thinking, I would never let a man treat me that way.

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Two years later, I entered a relationship that was, in many ways, the kind of relationship that made me walk on eggshells and fear. He was charming and handsome and fun at first, gradually escalating the verbal and physical abuse once I was attached to him. Ten years later — and coincidentally, after four years of marriage, just like the characters in the movie — I got out. America is being courted by this kind of dangerous, controlling man for the highest office in our country: the presidency.

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Some followers love his every move because it makes them feel better about their own lives and channels the anger that has been simmering under their skin. Others stubbornly pretend not to see. Or they hate the other candidate so much that they believe that he must be the better alternative.

Your new paramour is charming at first, making you laugh and impressing you with his ability to work the room.

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But then, you start to notice that he laughs a little louder than necessary, and you see his scowl when he turns away. When he starts insulting you in public, you feel shame and guilt; you must surely deserve this. What did you do to push his buttons?

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When we see someone for who they portray versus what they are, we miss the danger signs. Like, very often and with conviction. They should've warned me that despite the exhaustion, waking up to tenderly care for her needs would be the most rewarding thing I've ever done.

That when it was just the two of us awake at 4 in the morning, I would cherish the soft quietness of the whole world, cat at my feet and baby nursing in my lap and cry because these days are fleeting. They should've warned me that watching her start to grow out of her newborn clothes would break my heart. That some days, I would just stare at her for hours and not care about the deadlines I was missing. That her little cries and screams wouldn't piss me off, but would make me rise to action, that when I calmed and soothed her, I would feel like a rockstar.

That I would sleep. Maybe not every night and maybe not many hours in a row. But that my biggest upset about sleep would be that every time she napped on my chest, I would worry that it would be the last time.

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That savoring her newbornness would become a full-time job and the best one I'd ever had. They should've warned me that I would indeed get my nails done, but that I would sit in the pedicure chair texting her father compulsively because I missed them. That I would pick up a discarded Elle and watch a tear fall onto its table of contents. So much for relaxing, these postpartum pedicures! They should've warned me that becoming a mommy would absolutely change every single thing, but that I would never want to go back and visit the "old" me, not even for a second.

They should've warned me that my life was about to become so rich and beautiful and fulfilling, that I'd look back on what it was before and think, "Poor me. I didn't know her yet. The post originally appeared on Born to be a Bride. Check out Born to be a Bride and "Like" on Facebook.