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I am usually not a fan of growling, thrashy metal, but there is something about this now defunct band I simply can't pinpoint - perhaps it's their subtle quirkiness or their ability to pick a melody in the midst of the noise. A new band with an excellent debut under their belt.


They nicely fuze a sense of melody in the vein of Porcupine Tree with the spacey experimentalism of Pink Floyd circa Floyd clones are a dime a dozen. Floyd clones who sing in their native language, thus distancing themselves enough from their inspiration, is a different deal.

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Musically this is a must for Floyd fans who don't get annoyed by immitation the sincerest form of flattery , and can take a bit of originality, even if it's in the form of another language. Highly hypnotic grooves and incredible guitar work heavily inspired by Krautrock and Kosmische, their songs range from the extremely soothing to the truly uplifting. Oh, and Muzak is probably their best album, it's a mystery to me how low it is rated here on PA. I don't know why I didn't check Saturnia before, it's great I found the new Savanna album disappointing, compared to the EP. The new songs sounded much better live in my opinion though: more Space Rock and less bubblegum Last year, I asked O Corvo Mudo if they were going to release the album on a physical format but I'm thinking they probably never will Do you know these two that were added this year?

Hell yeah! I love love love Saturnia, and you are perfectly right: Muzak is a wonderful album. O Corvo Mudo better not break up wtf!?!?!?!!! My mind quickly jumps to conclusions on Wednesdays. Trouble, maybe I' m too subtle. Problema, talvez eu seja muito sutil. Mouth made of metal, metal, metal.

Boca de metal, metal, metal.

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I hope you find your dream. And darling never settle, settle, settle. E querida nunca resolver, resolver, resolver. Chasing down the devil, devil. Perseguindo o diabo, diabo.

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Chasing down the gods. I' m living like a silent movie.

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  2. Now Shines the Dew.
  3. Where I'm Going.
  4. Eu estou vivendo como um filme mudo. Shut your mouth and see straight through me. Finding that you' re hiding in your money. I got a million ways to lose it. But nothing in my life worth proving.

    Mas nada na minha vida vale a pena provar. Chasing, all my time is wasted. It ' s the push and the pull.

    El diablo mudo

    It ' s the rise and the fall. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Education. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Pinkney Davis Awesome list. It would be extremely helpful if it was listed one word per line. Is this list available in a spreadsheet file including the word pronounciation? I want to import this into a index card quiz tool.

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