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There are 22 stories in this book. In Nicaragua they keep their tears in jars. Guyana has separation anxiety. A story about fathers and sons, love and family. Some turn to crime, prostitution, or wage slavery and others ride the rails, while one cynical social climber becomes a crypto-fascist and government clerk. A gang of fascist youths attacks a party of picnicking Jews at Cherry Beach. But its brutal honesty makes it consistently rewarding. Boston Jim Milroy, a lone trapper and trader with an eidetic memory has become obsessed with reciprocating a seemingly minor kindness from the loquacious Dora Hume, a settler in the Cowichan Valley of Vancouver Island.

Then, her estranged son calls from New York City, worried about his teenaged daughter: Grace finds herself the temporary guardian of her self-absorbed, city-slicker granddaughter Melissa. Along with her sister Amanda, she is placed on a farm. To bide the time, he studies a nest of redstarts at the edge of camp. After tragedy strikes her family, Addie learns that her grandfather too has lived with his own secret torment for more than seventy years.

Grace stays behind, tending to the homefront and the general store that helps keep her small Nova Scotian community running. The war, everyone says, will be over before it starts. Then, a handsome stranger ventures into the store. But Rudi is not the lonely outsider he appears to be. Moving from city to country, summer to winter, wellbeing to illness, the novel charts the deepening bond between mother and son even as the family comes apart.

Set in the mids, when Quebec is on the verge of leaving Canada: an unconventional coming-of-age story. Burin Peninsula of Newfoundland in Family matriarch, storyteller, and ghost Kathleen Kerrigan tells the story of her downfall. The young life of spinster Marilla Cuthbert, and the choices that will open her life to the possibility of heartbreak—and unimaginable greatness. Plucky and ambitious, Marilla Cuthbert is thirteen years old when her world is turned upside down. Her beloved mother dies in childbirth, and Marilla suddenly must bear the responsibilities of a farm wife.

Marilla is in no rush to trade one farm life for another. She soon finds herself caught up in the dangerous work of politics, and abolition. She ponders the terrible choices she made as a mother and wife. Then, a young nursing home volunteer named Timothy appears, so much like her long lost tgay son John. Andrea Fleeks, a journo-turned-blogger, is there to document it. Hurricane Hazel roars down, bringing torrential rains that cause extensive flooding. Having reached his mid-teens, he escapes, but finds himself cast adrift on the streets of the big city. In jail, he gets a surprise letter from his long-forgotten native family.

She pushes him to make even more subversive films. Soon she will also cross paths with Akiko Ueno, a beleaguered Japanese housewife struggling to escape her overbearing husband. Suddenly her brothers and sisters see Anna in a new light and try to make amends for being unkind. He remained there until his money ran out and his health collapsed, and he enjoyed every minute of his stay.

The Great War was a psychological turning point for modernism as a whole: Eksteins examines the lives of ordinary people, works of modern literature, and pivotal historical events to redefine the way we look at our past. An eyewitness account of the Tienanmen Square uprising, along with portraits of the individuals and events she covered in China during the recent tumultuous era of capitalist reforms.

In the spring of , Mowat joined a scientific expedition. In the remote reaches of Manitoba, he witnessed an Eskimo population ravaged by starvation and disease brought about by the white man. Macdonald marries for the second time and deals with the birth of a disabled child. The Klondike stampede was a wild interlude in the epic story of western development, and here are its dramatic tales of hardship, heroism, and villainy.

We meet Swiftwater Bill Gates, who bathed in champagne; Silent Sam Bonnifield, who lost and won back a hotel in a poker game; dance-hall queens, paupers turned millionaires, missionaries and entrepreneurs. Berton contrasts the lawless frontier life on the American side of the border to the relative safety of Dawson City. She fell in love with the North—and with a northerner—and made Dawson City her home for the next 25 years. Ordinary citizens were rioting in the streets, but their demonstrations met with indifference, and dissidents were jailed.

It began with the stock market crash of and ended with the Second World War. A child of the era, Berton writes passionately of people starving in the midst of plenty. The first war of the century took Canadian soldiers to South Africa, and the last sent them to Korea. Nowadays, Canadians are proud of their role as Peacekeepers. Berton traces how one war led to the next. Other stories show Saskatchewan families watching their farms turn into deserts.

Mitsue and her family were ordered out of their home and were packed off to a work farm in rural Alberta. King refashions old stories about historical events and figures, takes a sideways look at film and pop culture, relates his own complex experiences with activism, and articulates a deep and revolutionary understanding of the cumulative effects of ever-shifting laws and treaties on Native peoples and lands.

The lives of the first generation of men born and raised primarily in permanent settlements: Forced to balance the difficulties of schooling, jobs, and money that are a part of village life with the conflicting demands of older generations and subsistence hunting, these men struggle to chart their life course and become inummariit — genuine people. Inuit men who are no longer youths, but not yet elders.

Based on over twenty years of research conducted in Ulukhaktok, Northwest Territories. He also reflects on the ethics of immersive anthropological research, the difficulties of balancing professional and personal relationships, and the nature of knowledge in Inuit culture. Under some circumstances.

He looks at European-Native interactions in North America from the moment of first contact, discussing the fur trade, treaty-signing and the implementation of residential schools. She finds herself drawn into the troubles of the reserve. Unable to cope with the desperate conditions, she begins to fall apart. Part memoir, part history of the Canadian reserves, including the suicide crises, murdered and missing indigenous women and girls, Treaty rights, First Nations sovereignty, and deep poverty. More than a quarter of a century later, from to , seven Indigenous high school students died in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

The seven were hundreds of miles away from their families, forced to leave home and live in a foreign and unwelcoming city. The violent separation of Peoples from the land, the separation of families, and the separation of individuals from traditional ways of life — all of which has culminated in a spiritual separation that has had an enduring impact on generations of Indigenous children. Drawing on his years of experience as a Crown Prosecutor in Treaty 6 territory, Harold Johnson challenges readers to change the story we tell ourselves about the drink.

Al-Solaylee also reflects on his own identity and experiences as a brown-skinned person who grew up with images of whiteness as the only indicators of beauty and success. Raised by human rights activist parents in a predominantly white Ontario suburb, Hill describes the ambiguity involved in searching for his identity — an especially complex and difficult journey in a country that prefers to see him as neither black nor white. No longer requiring the services of the Chinese labourers, a hostile British Columbia sent them eastward in search of employment.

Today, no less than seven Chinatowns serve what has become the second-largest visible minority in the city, with a population of half a million. Their lives are a vibrant part of the diverse mosaic that makes Toronto one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Jolly arrived from Jamaica to attend university in the mids and worked as a high school teacher before going into the nursing and retirement home business. Though he was ultimately successful in his business ventures, Jolly faced both overt and covert discrimination, which led him into social activism. He tells the story of a generation of activists who worked to reshape the country into a more open and just society.

Thirty contributors examine the ever-changing interplay between nature and culture. City officials were cheerleaders for unrestricted growth. Heritage buildings were disappearing. Whole neighbourhoods were being destroyed — by city hall itself. Recently graduated lawyer John Sewell was one of many. Michael introduces her to his his inner-city haunts, to drink and drugs, and to nihilist politics. The ritual is a waste of time. What does its popularity say about shifting attitudes towards social status and leisure?

Tima Kurdi first saw the shocking photo of her nephew in her home in Vancouver, Canada. Tima recounts her idyllic childhood in Syria. A single mother and immigrant, Tima suddenly found herself thrust onto the world stage as an advocate for refugees everywhere, a role for which she had never prepared. It was February before Robert William Pickton was arrested, and before he was found guilty, on six counts of second-degree murder. In those days it was unthinkable that she would have her child and keep it.

Instead she had to hide. Her baby was born and given up for adoption. In institutional settings, most of them run by religious organizations, girls were kept out of sight until their time was up and they could return to the world as if nothing had happened. He built an international music career and became a father and battled addiction.

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Mixed-race queer art activist Nia King left a full-time job in an effort to center her life around making art. New research on some of the day-to-day concerns of transgendered people, offering case studies in violence, health care, gender identity clinics, and the law. A diverse collection of real-life stories from queer and trans people on their own health-care experiences and challenges, from gay men living with HIV to young trans people who struggle to find health-care providers who treat them with dignity and respect. The book also includes essays by health-care providers, activists and leaders.

IVAN E. Ivan also explores their years as a young butch, and life as a gender-box-defying adult. The majority of lesbians, however, were lower-middle-class women who hid their sexual identity by engaging in discreet social and sexual relationships. Drawing on correspondence, interviews, journals, and newspaper articles, Awfully Devoted Women offers a nuanced portrait of the lives of middle-class lesbians in the decades before the gay rights movement in English-Canada.

A world of private relationships, house parties, and discreet social networks. An intimate study of the lives of women forced to love in secret. Stories on coming out, same-sex marriage, adopting, having biological kids, polyamorous relationships, families without kids, divorce, and dealing with the death of a spouse, as well as essays by straight writers about having a gay parent or child. It stands on three legs, the fourth broken off and missing. Memories of his silent, powerful Swedish father and his formidable Cree mother.

Memory, fiction, and fantasy collide. Fairly or unfairly, sons judge fathers when they take to drinking. How can we know what a man is? In coming to terms with his past failures at masculinity, Michael offers a new way of thinking about breaking out of gender norms, and breaking free of a hurtful past. When Cea was five, her mother took her on the road with a new boyfriend. As the trio set upon a series of ill-fated adventures, Cea began to question both her highly unusual world and the hedonistic woman at the centre of it.

Finally, in her early teens, Cea realized she would have to make a choice as drastic as the one her grandparents once had in order to save herself. An iconography of Newfoundland that is as universal as it is personal, as mythic as it is rooted in reality, and as timeless as it is linked to specific events. Black Ice features over 70 prints, accompanied by essays from various disciplines — geology, history, folklore and literature. When his long-lost sister Beth shows up, on the run from an abusive boyfriend, the two escape to a secluded hunting camp in the woods.

Claude St-Aubin R. Over 15, people backed the book in just one month, and it remains the number-one most funded publishing project ever on Kickstarter. But during a party, someone slips something in her drink. And it all goes black. In the last decade these machines have started to rapidly disappear. Illustrator, writer and long-time photobooth lover, Meags Fitzgerald traveled in North America, Europe and Australia and constructed a biography of the booth through the eyes of technicians, owners, collectors, artists and fanatics. This month the youngest is tasked to take the ten thousand footsteps to the top of the mountain.

He once wrestled a bear. He could devour 25 roasted chickens at one sitting. The true story of Antonio Barichievich, the larger-than-life Montreal strongman who had muscles as big as his heart. When Roch outgrows his cherished sweater, his mother writes away for a new one. How can Roch face the other kids at the rink? Janet and Lawrence exchanged more than letters — and Aileen sent her beloved Teddy overseas to help protect him. Sadly, Lawrence died at the battle of Passchendaele.

In , his granddaughter Roberta Innes found Teddy and the letters in an old family briefcase. And though the mysterious night gardener disappears as suddenly as he appeared, William—and his town—are changed forever. Life on the prairies of North America. The effects of the climate on the people in the heartland. She tries to remember who she is and where she came from, despite the efforts of the nuns who are in charge. But where will they hide?

At the age of 8, Betsy was taken away to a residential school. There she was forced to endure abuse and indignity. It levelled most of the city, left thousands dead, blinded or homeless. Charlotte turns to her diary to help her cope. Then, the Spanish flu is brought to Canada by soldiers returning from fighting overseas in World War I. Her sisters fall ill with the deadly disease. The Great Depression has brought great hardship. Noreen, like hundreds of other young Canadians, contracts polio and is placed in an isolation ward, unable to move her legs.

After a few weeks she gains partial recovery, but her family makes the painful decision to send her to a hospital far away for further treatment. Adjustment to life in a wheelchair and on crutches; and ultimately, the emotional and physical hurdles she must face when she returns home. He is hoping to find his father who, he has been told, is an important man among the French.

Then he befriends a beautiful young French woman. Two men, both seeking to understand their father: Their paths collide during the violent siege by British forces in Violet, 17, is left behind by her parents to manage their busy roadside antique business for the summer. Her restless older brother, Bliss, has disappeared, and her parents are off searching for clues. But are the Kaldors real or just a dream? All she knew was that she was hungry all the time, that her parents fought constantly, that the bailiff would soon return to evict her family from their home.

Christmas would be a time of empty stockings instead of presents under the tree, a time of mashed potatoes and turnips instead of turkey. His mom Astrid is loving but unreliable. When they lose their apartment in Vancouver, they move into a camper van, just for August. When some bullies at his new school almost kill him by slipping a peanut into his sandwich. Then, he enters the world of competitive Scrabble, searching for acceptance. Josh Saunders is transformed into a mountain lion. Trusting only his best friends Des and Marina with his secret, Josh tries to return to normal life.

But an encounter with Elzie, another Wildling, brings him unwanted attention from the authorities. Fearing he stole it, Kia 16 keeps it secret. It comes from the distant colonized planet of Malem, where her father caught the illness that eventually killed him. It is illegal for any off-worlder to possess a Malemese diamond. Then, Kia is travelling to Malem, as a translator-in-training. She wants to return the diamond to its original owner.

Now, the fearsome witch of folklore needs an assistant, and Masha needs an adventure. No easy task, with children on the menu! What caused the CanLit Boom? Blending elements of Nishnaabeg storytelling, science fiction, contemporary realism, and the lyric voice.

Sixties Scoop. Bill C Blood quantum. Pass and permit. Numbered Treaties. Terra nullius. The Great Peace : Are you familiar with these terms?

Literature. TV. Journalism.

Vowel, legal scholar, teacher, and intellectual, opens an important dialogue about the concepts and wider social beliefs associated with the relationship between Indigenous peoples and Canada. In 31 essays, Chelsea explores the Indigenous experience from the time of contact to the present. Natural, musical, meditative, warm, and unexpectedly funny. Lieblingscomics hier Link.

Und: Songs Link! Buchtipps sind… sinnlos. In meinem privaten Zuhause- Freundeskreis jedenfalls:. November sprach ich auf Deutschlandfunk Kultur Ein entkrampftes Format — das viele Leute z. Fotos von den Hunden. Fotos von den Babies der Hunde. Dieser Film will viele offene Fragen beantworten. Canaletto - and the Art of Venice. Don Giovanni - Venedig. Bis sie zum Geburtstag ein tausendteiliges Puzzle geschenkt kriegt und es in Windeseile zusammensetzt.

So erwacht eine neue Leidenschaft in ihr Three Faces. Mackie Messer - Brechts Dreigroschenfilm. Doch Brecht hat ganz eigene Vorstellungen davon, wie der Film aussehen soll. Ein Dichter inszeniert die Wirklichkeit - Das hat es noch nie gegeben! Nach dem Tod seines Vaters macht sich der Koch Masato auf eine kulinarische Reise nach Singapur, um dort die Puzzleteile seiner Familiengeschichte zusammenzusetzen.

Un nemico che ti vuole bene. Gegen seinen Willen macht der Killer sich auf die Suche nach einem potentiellen Feind Ohne diese Welt. Statt Autos benutzen sie Pferdekutschen. Shoplifters - Manbiki Kazoku. Canaletto and the Art of Venice. God is not working on Sunday. Nur 20 Jahre nach dem Genozid gilt Ruanda als eine der progressivsten Nationen des afrikanischen Kontinents. Und das ohne staatliche Hilfe. August im Rahmen der Filmfestspiele von Venedig seine Weltpremiere feierte.

Stronger than a Bullet. His dream was to be a martyr. Many of his photos were misused to create war propaganda for martyrdom. Today he views himself as being responsible for sending thousands of boys to their graves. Under the Silver Lake. Durch einen Zauberbaum kann Muck sich wehren. The End of Meat. Doch vor einigen Jahren wurden daran Zweifel laut. Unter aller Augen. Was uns nicht umbringt. Maximilian ist ein gefragter Psychotherapeut.

Bis sich Maximilian in die Patientin Sophie verguckt. Being with Animals. Juliet, Naked. Liquid Truth. Doch privat hat der Sunnyboy ganz andere Seiten. The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir. Ajatashatru Oghash Rathod stammt aus dem indischen Rajasthan. Dort will er ein Nagelbett kaufen, denn nur damit ist ein Fakir wirklich ein Fakir.

Todos lo saben - Everybody knows. Female Pleasure. Ausgehend vom traditionellen Flamenco macht sie sich auf die Suche nach einer neuen Ausdrucksform und bedient sich dabei auch bei Elementen der Improvisation und Perfomance. Leningrad, Anfang der er-Jahre. Mit seiner Punkrockband begeistert der coole Mike nicht nur seine Freundin Natascha. Mike nimmt den charismatischen Jungen unter seine Fittiche, an dem auch Natascha Gefallen findet. Vorpremieren zur Ausstellung — Das Geheimnis. Cine Mar - Surf Movie Night.

Bruno Ganz verliebt sie sich erstmals in einen Leidensgenossen. Genesis 2. The Cleaners. In Anwesenheit des Regisseurs Christian Frei! Der Trafikant. Der Unschuldige. Pippis neue Erfindung wird ausprobiert. Ein Heissluftballon mit Bett als Gondel. Er schreibt, dass er Piraten das Versteck eines Schatzes verraten soll und deshalb von ihnen auf der Insel Taka-Tuka gefangengehalten werde. In der flirrenden indischen Metropole Mumbai arbeitet die junge Ratna beim reichen Unternehmersohn Ashwin als Hausangestellte.

Mitten im Herzen Europas behauptet sich eine unglaubliche Vielfalt. Birds of Passage. Mit dem Profit eng verbunden sind jedoch auch gewaltsame Nebenwirkungen. Plaire, aimer et courir vite. Jedoch weiss Jacques, dass nicht viel Zeit bleibt, um diese Liebe zu leben. The Guilty. Asgers einzige Waffe ist das Telefon Jan Anton Spieker befindet sich auf dem Weg Richtung Spanien, um dort seinen leiblichen Vater kennenzulernen, doch in Berlin wird er von seiner Mitfahrgelegenheit versetzt und steckt erst mal fest.

Diese frustrierende Tatsache passt jedoch immerhin perfekt in sein Weltbild. Ab Do, Oktober um bis So, Oktober um Ab So, Wie immer weiss man nicht genau, was man von Moore erwarten darf. Leave No Trace. Yvette Z'Graggen. Werk ohne Autor.

In einem kleinen Dorf in der westafrikanischen Savanne wird der winzige Junge Kiriku geboren. Er spricht bereits im Mutterleib, ist intelligent, schlagfertig, kann sehr schnell laufen und ist in jeder Hinsicht ein besonderes Kind. Lazzaro Felice. Da spannen Lazzaro und Tancredi zusammen Dies ist die Geschichte eines grossen Balls. Ab Fr, September bis So, September Europas erster interaktiver Live Film inspiriert von den Kriegsdienstverweigerer des 1.

In einer Krisensituation trifft er eines Tages jedoch eine radikale Entscheidung und wird daraufhin entlassen. Pettersson und Findus: Findus zieht um. September um bis So, September um Der Basketballtrainer Marco bildet Campeones, also echte Champions, aus. Nach einem Unfall muss Marco neu beginnen - als Trainer eines Basketballteams, das sich aus Menschen mit geistiger Behinderung zusammensetzt. Ein Kind kommt zur Welt. Dorj und seine hochschwangere Frau Suren leben als Nomaden in der mongolischen Steppe.

Chris the Swiss. Er bespitzelt andere und wird selbst bespitzelt. Nach dem Mauerfall ist alles anders Place publique. Als sie auf einer Party aufeinandertreffen, kommt es zur Konfrontation. Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda. Utoya Doch um Ab So, 9. September um bis So, 9. Ab Sa, 8. September um bis Sa, 8. Ab Fr, 7. September um bis Fr, 7.

Umweltschonende Elektroautos, nachhaltig produzierte Lebensmittel, faire Produktion: Hurra! Gaspard va au mariage. Begleitet von Laura, einer exzentrischen Frau, die seine Freundin spielt, wagt er den Ausflug in die Vergangenheit. Tout le monde debout. Mit Elsa Zylberstein und Alexandra Lamy. Ab Do, 6. September um bis Do, 6. Amur senza fin. Also macht sie sich auf, die gestohlene Zeit zu befreien. Normandie nue. Auf dem Land herrscht eine Krise, die Bauern in den Selbstmord treibt.

Indes findet sich ein grosser Konzept-Fotograf, der Massen nackt inszeniert, in einem Stau wieder. Steamboat Bill, Jr.

BUNDESWEHR: Das verlorene Bataillon

Doch der neureiche Bankier Mr. King erbaut ebenfalls ein neues Dampfschiff und liefert sich nun mit Steamboat Bill einen heftigen Konkurrenzkampf. Figlia mia. Vittoria 10 lebt mit ihrer Mutter auf Sardinien. Die beiden verbindet eine symbiotische Beziehung, doch dann begegnet Vittoria Angelica, einer wilden und orientierungslosen jungen Frau. Adam Fionn Whitehead weigert sich, eine Bluttransfusion anzunehmen, die sein Leben retten wird. Amoureux de ma femme. So was von da. Au poste! Swimming with Men. Ein Briefwechsel entspinnt sich Nico, In den 80er-Jahren tourte sie mit ihrer eigenen Band durch Europa.

Summer Momente kindlicher Ausgelassenheit wandeln sich zu nachdenklicher Distanziertheit. What will People Say. Zuhause gehorcht sie strikt den Traditionen ihrer pakistanischen Familie. Doch als ihr Vater sie mit ihrem Freund erwischt, kollidieren zwei Welten. Searching for Ingmar Bergman. Los Perros. Ihr Mann ist ein erfolgreicher Unternehmer, der nur seine Karriere im Kopf hat. Ni juge, ni soumise. Lola Pater. Le brio. Looking for Oum Kulthum. The King - Mit Elvis durch Amerika. Apfel und Vulkan. Gemeinsam begeben sich die Filmemacherin Nathalie und ihre Freundin Fabienne in die Welt der Erinnerungen und des Vergessens: Fabienne, um sich aufs Sterben vorzubereiten, Nathalie, um sich dem Leben zu stellen.

Pope Francis - A Man of his Word. The Sense of an Ending. Eines Tages holt ihn die Vergangenheit ein Under the Tree. Blue Note Records: Beyond the Notes. Pop Aye. Er erkennt in ihm den Freund aus seiner Kindheit. Sweet Country. Sie findet heraus, dass er sie mit Prostituierten hintergeht und konfrontiert ihn mit der Diagnose.

Simon Kad Merad ist fast 50 Jahre alt und ein ausgebildeter Geiger. Trotzdem geht es mit seinem Leben und seiner Karriere nicht voran. In Wahrheit ist sie aber mit ihrem Freund durchgebrannt Shadow Thieves. Visages, villages. Es geht um Menschen, Kunst und Fotografie. Luis and his Friends from Outer Space. Sando-me no satsujin.

Shigemori ist ein renommierter Anwalt, der den wegen Mordes angeklagten Misumi vor Gericht verteidigen soll. Da Misumi die neue Tat bereits gestanden hat, scheint alles klar zu sein Nach katastrophalen Hochwassern soll die Rhone auf einer gigantischen Baustelle mit mehr Raum neu belebt werden. I Am Not a Witch. Isle of Dogs. Es wird eine Reise voller Abenteuer und Gefahren.

Kang rinpoche - Paths of the Soul.

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Es macht Spass, in ihre ureigene Welt einzutauchen. Hannah: Buddhism's Untold Journey. Il Colore nascosto delle Cose. Christian tritt eine neue Stelle im Grossmarkt an. Die beiden werden schnell Freunde. Auch die anderen Mitarbeiter behandeln Christian bald wie ein Familienmitglied. Jeune femme. Doch sein wahres Ich schimmert noch immer durch. Das schweigende Klassenzimmer. Zu Ehren der Opfer will die gesamte Abiturklasse eine Schweigeminute abhalten. Lean on Pete. Level up your Life. Sarah joue un loup-garou.

Finde heute die Filme von gestern

Langsam baut sie eine Freundschaft mit der impulsiven Alice auf, doch diese hat bald andere Interessen. Ein abgehalfterter Kriegsveteran Joaquin Phoenix hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, Frauen zu retten, die dem kriminalisierten Sexhandel zum Opfer fallen. A Man of Integrity. Er habe die beiden verfolgt, sagt Annika. The Death of Stalin. Schon jetzt bringen sich Gefolgsleute in Stellung. Aber alles kommt anders! Clara Haskil. Cuori puri. Agnese und Stefano sind von Grund auf verschieden.

Dennoch entwickelt sich eine Romanze. Die Beste aller Welten. Earth: One Amazing Day. Film Stars don't die in Liverpool. Petit paysan. The Mercy. Et au pire, on se mariera. Mobile Homes.

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Stets droht den dreien der Totalabsturz, stets befinden sie sich mit einem Bein im Knast. Early Man. Les gardiennes. Paula kann einen der beiden erkennen In Spanien gilt er als einer der Wegbereiter des Neuen Realismus. Molly's Game. Zu ihren besten Zeiten lockte sie zahlreiche Hollywoodstars an ihre Spieltische.

Annemarie Jacir begibt sich auf eine Fahrt durch Nazareth. A Long Way Home. Sie sind Teil einer fragilen aber mutigen Gegenkultur.

Call me by your Name. Die Geschichte von einem Weg um die Welt. Sie setzt sich selbst unter grossen Druck Die Gentrifizierung bin ich. Beichte eines Finsterlings. Mario ist erstmals verliebt, in Leon, den neuen Mitspieler aus Deutschland. Das Erste und das Letzte. Das Leben ist ein Ganzes, auch wenn man es lange nicht erkennt. L'amant double. Es geht um die depressive Chloe, die sich in ihren Psychotherapeuten verliebt. Als sie mit ihm zusammenzieht, entdeckt sie, dass er ihr etwas verheimlicht hat.

Der Klang der Stimme. Und und und Als sie sich vor zwanzig Jahren getrennt haben, war sie schwanger und bekam daraufhin einen wunderbaren Jungen. The Florida Project. Beide wollen sie radikal sich selber sein und ihr Leben frei gestalten. Die kleine Hexe Karoline Herfurth hat ein grosses Problem: Sie ist erst Jahre alt und damit viel zu jung, um mit den anderen Hexen in der Walpurgisnacht zu tanzen. Deshalb schleicht sie sich heimlich auf das wichtigste aller Hexenfeste - und fliegt auf! Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami. Phantom Thread.

Tageslicht dringt kaum in diesen ganz eigenen Kosmos. Nun beobachtet er die Gepardin Maleika bei der Aufzucht ihrer sechs Jungen. Michelangelo: Love and Death. S'Bloch - Ein lebendiger Brauch im Appenzellerland. Appenzeller Hinterland, mitten im Winter. Am Abend wird das Bloch auf dem Dorfplatz versteigert. Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri. Mildred Hayes' Geduld hat ein Ende. Cherchez la femme! Armand und Leila lieben sich. Dene wos guet geit. Noch bis ins Score: A Film Music Documentary.

The Killing of a sacred deer. Erwan ist von dessen Art eingenommen Drei Zinnen. Er will die Beziehung mit Lea auf eine neue Stufe heben. Gabriel and the Mountain. Doch diese kostet ihn auf einem Berg in Malawi das Leben. Von Caligari zu Hitler. In Frankreich soll auf einem Schloss des Jahrhunderts eine Hochzeitsfeier steigen. Loving Vincent. Vincent Van Goghs Bilder widerspiegeln sein Leben. In seinen Bildern entdeckt sie eine seltsame Verbindung zu ihrer Vergangenheit The Artist's Garden: American Impressionism.

Anna Karenina - Vronsky's Story. Dieses bescheuerte Herz. Lars Elyas M'Barek ist zwar schon fast 30, hat aber noch nicht viel erreicht im Leben. Papa Moll. La Novia del Desierto. Lange hat sie kein Geschenk mehr bekommen, das von Herzen kommt. Maria by Callas. In ihrem Unmut wendet sie sich an ihren Bruder. Gedreht nach wahren Begebenheiten. Sami - A tale from the north.

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Fausia Kufi

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