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The Big Give helps attract major donors.

Ways to Fundraise Online

As part of special challenges during the year, major donors match donations, so online donors can double the value of their gift. Small Charities Coalition is a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales; registered company number: ; and a charity registered in England and Wales, registered charity number: Ways to Fundraise Online. Useful Services. The Good Exchange The Good Exchange is a Not-for-Profit bringing projects requiring funding to those with grants to give via a transparent automated matching system using a single application form.

Invest in a good website

Givey A social donation platform allowing projects from all over the world to raise funds to help others. GlobalGiving UK Free crowdfunding webpages, digital tools to communicate and manage donor data and online training. KindLink KindLink is a free online payment system for charities. Leetchi Leetchi. Select a category.

Even so, a more recent survey from sociologists at the University of Notre Dame echoes these findings. In their book, American Generosity: Who Gives and Why , they asked nearly 2, people about their views and habits regarding charitable giving. They found that Americans living below the poverty line were slightly more likely than others to give more than 10 percent of their income to charity. There is another possible explanation, and that is growing cynicism.

Why Are Americans Less Charitable Than They Used to Be?

Fewer Americans feel that their volunteer work and donations actually make a difference in their communities. It was long assumed that people donated money to charity out of pure altruism, meaning that donors wanted to contribute to the public good and expected nothing in return. More recently, neuroscientists have discovered that acts of charity give humans pleasure, activating two parts of the brain: the ventral tegmental area in the midbrain that gets satisfaction from sex, drugs, and food, and the subgenual area of the brain, which is stimulated in response to cute babies and romantic partners.

Respondents said their communities are not improving as much as expected, and they believe that governments, businesses, churches, and schools need to do more to help out.

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