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No wonder he was ahead of his time.

Polio: An American Story

Besides, he was probably no stranger to other—popular during the Romantic era— ways of mind stimulation. In fact, his mind might have been overcrowded and in need of emptying due to laudanum — an alcoholic dilute solution of opium. Why add yet another reason to the long list of reasons we use to justify medicating ourselves?

Roughly one in every ten Americans has taken some sort of antidepressant. This is a lot of supposedly happier people. In April of , on this very blog, Robert led us on a quest to shine some light on the value of poetry. Throughout the responses poetry sparkled like a multifaceted gem. One theme, however, was dominant — the therapeutic value of poetic expression. Some of the responses were particularly personal.

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Poets are courageous. Although the benefits of expressive writing have been a subject of scientific research, the field is still relatively new. James W. Pennebaker, the pioneer of Writing Therapy, is just 65 years old. The scope for work is vast, with new branches of knowledge bound to emerge. Poetry Facilitation is one of such new and rapidly developing branches. Even to its designer, Molly Middleton Meyer.

13 Fantastic Short Story Collections

It would be loud like a beating heart, the sound of children laughing, church bells ringing, a choir singing, the sound of clear blue days when the sky sings love. All rights reserved. Poetry is not an elite club.

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Poetry is a place open to everyone. It boosts your mind, memory, and imagination. It soothes and heals. It makes you feel alive. This is very nice blog its useful for every people thank you for share this information. So glad I introduced you to Molly.


Awww lovely of you to say so Sasha — I enjoyed both pieces very much and yes delighted to be introduced to this field of study. Enjoy some computer-free time! Wonderful for little kids, even more so for grownups. We follow the life of an aging Cuban fisherman, Santiago, as he battles a marlin far out in the Gulf Stream. Though Santiago is old and ailing, he is fierce and his short tale is packed with vibrant energy. A haunting yet humorous tale, Child Of God tells the tale of Lester Ballard, a violent man falsely accused of rape, who has recently been released from jail.

Repeat Offender – Short Story - Pink Slip and a Lifesaver

As he travels the hill country of East Tennessee we experience the sordid events of his life with both unease and dignity. Over time, the girls begin to realise that Miss Jean Brodie may well be in her prime, but she may not be everything they believed her to be.

Stories I Tell Myself: Paloma the Lifesaver

Algernon is a lab mouse, however he is extremely clever having had an experimental brain operation. Charlie is a man, however has an IQ of 68 and is considered mentally disabled. Charlie volunteers to be the first human to undergo the same procedure as Algernon and quickly transforms into an intelligent, scientific breakthrough.

Suddenly, Algernon begins to deteriorate, and with his newfound intelligence, Charlie wonders if the same will happen to him.

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  6. In a commune named iDEATH, the sun shines a different colour every day and different coloured watermelons provide building materials. Weird and wonderful, the world of In Watermelon Sugar is gentle and whimsical. In Spanish it means too many letters. It means sadness, it means waiting. It is like the number nine. A muddy color. It is the Mexican records my father plays on Sunday mornings when he is shaving, songs like sobbing.

    Published in , In The Orchard, The Swallows is a beautifully written book about a young Pakistani boy who was imprisoned for falling in love with a girl. Throughout years of hardship, his tender love for the girl has kept him going. This classic, compelling tale explores the tale of two men as they strive to find work during The Great Depression.

    Lennie and George have nothing except each other, and the dream that they will one day own land. Having lost his job at an oil company during the Depression, Raymond Chandler decided to become a writer. The Big Sleep is the first of his books to include famous P. I Philip Marlowe, who is hired to handle someone who is blackmailing a dying millionaire. Kate Chopin only wrote two novels before her death in Her second novel, The Awakening published in , was far more popular than her first as it was widely condemned.

    The story shocked its readers at the time as its protagonist enters into an affair knowingly to escape the boredom of her marriage.

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    When ordinary schoolboys are stranded on an island they attempt to govern themselves and believe their situation is actually an opportunity to have fun. However, as time passes primitive fury and primal behaviour take over. What did days, weeks, or hours matter? Throughout Sula we follow two black heroines from their close childhood friendship in Ohio to their turbulent adulthood as they travel on differing paths.