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Stephenson began at NC coaching cross country and track, teaching social studies, and chaperoning Magnet international trips. Stephenson, coming from a school of 2, students, will lead a school of only 1, students, where he can focus on developing personalized relationships with his students. In addition to the smaller amount of students, Stephenson will shift from a school with a concentration of International Studies to Woodland, a primarily performing arts school.

Stephenson Earns Invitation To USRowing Freshman Camp - Rhode Island

With this new chapter of his life, Stephenson feels enthusiastic to see what this new school brings him even if it means a new adjustment period. Along with this new job, Stephenson must adapt to a new community, staff, and students. This new experience will help him grow his leadership potential and as a person.

From leading the Magnet program at NC to leading an entire high school, students wish him the best on his upcoming adventure and wait to see who will fill his shoes. We have a terrific team of teachers, counselors, and advisors. Tags: assistant principal , Farewell , leaving , magnet , principal , stephenson , transfer , woodland high school. To provide a comment on a story, you must include a valid first and last name. If you do not include both a first and a last name, The Chant reserves the right to not post your comment.

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Julyana Ayache. AP Macroeconomics teacher, Dr. Pamela Roach, observes an empty classroom as it consisted solely of seniors. Seniors participated in their last day of high school on Friday, May 17, and granted the final days off, counting until their graduation date, Thursday, May Julyana Ayache , Reporter, Photographer. View Results. Magnet convocation Celebrity impact on political opinion. Signs of progress: the history of deaf rights. A tribute to the graduating members of The Chant.

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Pick up, plant, replant. The future looks bright. Not today! Looking back on the Millenium Bug 20 years later. They aim for Richard's resort and use Zula as leverage to gain his assistance crossing into Idaho. Csongor and Marlon buy a boat and chase after Jones and rescue Yuxia.

They make their move on the terrorist trawler after Jones and Zula have left but manage to save Yuxia and kill all of the terrorists on board. They manage to reach the Philippines , and make their way to Manila Bay , where Marlon assembles his T'Rain crew to start picking up all of the Reamde extortion money and use it to assist the three of them as they try to figure out where to go next. Sokolov, hoping to kill Jones and save Zula, tracks down Olivia and offers her assistance in getting out of China. Through Zula, Jones knows where to find Sokolov, but Sokolov kills those sent to kill him and Olivia.

He lets Jones know he is still alive and warns him not to harm Zula. He and Olivia swim to Taiwanese territory, where they become intimate before she locates a nearby handler. The handler's promises to get them both out in exchange for intelligence on Jones fail to materialize as a hit squad attempts to kill Sokolov as he departs. He escapes, though Olivia thinks he's been killed. Olivia is tasked with further Jones-related work, heading first to the Philippines to meet the last main character to be introduced, Seamus Costello, a CIA operative responsible for Jones-related work solely in the Philippines.

They find it unlikely Jones is there, and Olivia heads for the US as a secondary hypothesis on where Jones has gone. Olivia meets Richard to dissuade him from going to China to look for his niece as she now knows everybody is long gone. Richard is also dealing with the virus and trying to integrate a player-originated schism deviating from hard-coded good and evil character assignments to color-based alignments, the brightly colored graphical character palettes against more neutral earth-toned colors, corresponding roughly to stark versus nuanced points of view.

A major force behind the realignment originates in the writings of the two principal authors of T'Rain's narrative, one a Cambridge don who writes highly regarded fantasy, the other a pulp author who churns out volumes of poorly regarded fantasy. To provide more balance to the so-called War of Realignment, a new narrative is derived to incorporate Reamde and make sure some of the extorted money ends up in the hands of the numerically weaker earth-toned side.

All of the characters converge on the resort and its US-side counterpart, where Richard's brothers Jake and John, as well as various relatives, live with a community of Christian isolationists and Second Amendment fanatics. The terrorists camp in a location near the resort and inform Richard of their hostage, forcing him to lead them into the US while a small team detonates a suicide bomb near a border crossing as a distraction. Seamus brings the three new Americans to Idaho on a hunch shared with Olivia, who has chanced upon Sokolov in the US and also brought him to Idaho.

After being used as bait, Zula manages to escape and heads out to rescue her uncle. US terrorist cells also converge on the Idaho property, and protagonists and terrorists end up battling one another in a massive gunfight in and around Jake's home, demolishing it. In the end, the terrorists are stopped and Richard kills Jones.

In the coda, it is revealed Richard's oldest brother John was killed by Jones during the firefight, having his head bashed in with his own prosthetic leg , while others receive various levels of injury. Zula and Csongor, Olivia and Sokolov, and Seamus and Yuxia end up in relationships as the story closes at the next Forthrast family reunion. Writing in the Irish Examiner , Val Nolan called Reamde "one of the smartest, fastest-moving, and most consistently enjoyable novels of the year".

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It is, Nolan went on, a "painstakingly-researched, deftly-plotted roller-coaster of gigabytes and gunplay, a pitch-perfect pastiche of Robert Ludlum or Tom Clancy-style techno-thrillers and a comment on contemporary digitality and the ubiquity of online interconnectivity. Rowan Kaiser for The A. Kirkus Reviews sums up Reamde as: "An intriguing yarn—most geeky, and full of satisfying mayhem. Of his novels, this has easily the most structurally solid ending.

In feel, it's closest to Cryptonomicon , although all of the action takes place in the present, where information travels quickly, and cellphones and wifi are ubiquitous.

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I enjoyed it greatly, and I frequently laughed out loud at his descriptions or his dialogue; it read like a much shorter book. In an interview, Paul Di Filippo called Reamde "the most gripping and funny and wise thriller I've ever read. Entertainment Weekly called it "an ingenious epic" in their "Must List" column. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Readme. Dewey Decimal. This section's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Irish Examiner.