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This is fabulously well-written, incisive stuff. I enjoy your blog every single day. Many things I know about, but many I do not, and it all just helps me weave another strand in the warm blanket of Gotham lore in which I cloak myself so well. It seems we were separated at birth, lol. My Dad who was born in in Brooklyn told me recently about this unusual custom. I must say, I thought he must have been mistaken…maybe a little senility creeping in!

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I feel like I heard of this in St. Louis, too, when I was a little, tiny child. Thanks for clearing that up. Thank you. Too bad strange little traditions like these die out. Love your blog and love the article. I guess great minds think alike. I submit a n article on Brooklyn history to GL about every two weeks.

Stephanie J. Block performs You're The Top from ANYTHING GOES (CBS Thanksgiving Day Parade 2011)

I met you at the dedication of Dr. Very much enjoyed your book. Many thanks, Ruth. Thank you for writing and including that Gowanus Lounge link—somehow I missed it. The photos and more detailed information are fascinating. What a great book.

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Yes, Ms. Edebohls, I am one and the same Ben Feldman. Given that Thanksgiving calls for a full buffet of dishes, it's very likely that the host doesn't have enough serving utensils for everything. Do them a solid and bring an extra pair.

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You shouldn't feel inclined, though, to pack dinnerware for the occasion. That's something that the host probably has ready to go. A standard bouquet of flowers is always a safe bet when it comes to guest etiquette, and blooms in fall shades are sure to please your host. It might be a good idea to bring a vase, too, since the host will be busy with other things. Wine is another safe bet for guests to bring to a party, especially on a holiday that's known for drinking.

Bring along a wine opener for good measure, but keep a big drink dispenser at home. While you might think that you're being helpful, if the host has whipped up a seasonal cocktail, it might just get in the way. If you want to think ahead to an entire afternoon of drinking, then wrap up a gift of coasters that the host can use as soon as possible. While napkins may also be a wise choice, we think that the host will likely have those picked out.

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A fall-scented candle will also come in handy for your host, whether it's burning during the meal for a cozy effect or afterward during cleanup in the kitchen. Again, do your best to pick out something that won't get in the way of a tablescape, like a garland would.

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As great as a garland looks on Pinterest, we bet that a host wouldn't know what to do with such a large, albeit impressive, gift. You've hit your data view limit. Request Demo Learn More.

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