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Find out about caesareans at private hospitals, and compare your care options across different birth settings in our Birth Choices guide. Find out about caesareans at public hospitals, and compare your care options across different birth settings in our Birth Choices guide. There is usually no shortage of people willing to share their stories about giving birth, but not everything you hear will be true. Find out about some of the most common myths concerning having a baby. In the meantime, we will continue to update and add content to Pregnancy, Birth and Baby to meet your information needs.

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Caring for someone. A great place to start for support and services Visit Carer Gateway. General health Pregnancy and parenting Aged care Caring for someone. Doctors usually recommend that women choosing a VBAC deliver their baby in a hospital.

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There is a slightly higher risk for uterine rupture and perinatal death of the child with VBAC than ERCS, but the absolute increased risk of these complications is small, especially with only one previous low transverse caesarean section. Where the woman is labouring with a previous section scar i. These include intravenous access a cannula into the vein and continuous fetal monitoring cardiotocography or CTG monitoring of the fetal heart rate with transducers on the mother's abdomen.

Vaginal birth after cesarean section

Most women in the UK should be counselled to avoid induction of labour if there are no medical reasons for it, as the risks of uterine rupture of the previous scar are increased if the labour is induced. For ERCS, the choice of skin incision should determined by what seems to be most beneficial for the present operation, regardless of the choice of the previous location as seen by its scar, although the vast majority of surgeons will incise through the previous scar to optimise the cosmetic result.

Hypertrophic very thick or unsightly scars are best excised because it gives a better cosmetic result and is associated with improved wound healing. On the other hand, keloid scars should have their margins left without any incision because of risk of tissue reaction in the subsequent scar. The choice of VBAC or ERCS depends on many issues: medical and obstetric indications, maternal choice and availability of provider and birth setting hospital , birthing center , or home.

Some commonly employed criteria include: [3]. The presence of any of the following practically always mean that ERCS will be performed - but this decision should always be discussed with a senior obstetrician: [9]. VBAC, compared to vaginal birth without a history of Caesarean section, confers an increased risks for placenta previa , placenta accreta , prolonged labor, antepartum hemorrhage , uterine rupture , preterm birth , low birth weight , and stillbirth.

However, some risks may be due to confounding factors related to the indication for the first caesarean, rather than due to the procedure itself. A caesarean section leaves a scar in the wall of the uterus which is considered weaker than the normal uterine wall.

Vaginal birth after caesarean section: Current status and where to from here?

There is virtually no risk of uterine rupture in women undergoing ERCS i. The chance of having a successful VBAC is decreased by the following factors: [1]. Complications whose risks significantly increase with increasing number of repeated caesarean sections include: [1]. Aside from uterine rupture risk, the drawbacks of VBAC are usually minor and identical to those of any vaginal delivery, including the risk of perineal tearing. Maternal morbidity, NICU admissions, length of hospital stay, and medical costs are typically reduced following a VBAC rather than a repeat caesarean delivery.

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A consumer-driven movement supporting VBAC changed medical practice and led to soaring rates of VBAC in the s and early s, but rates of VBAC dramatically dropped after the publication of a highly publicized scientific study showing worse outcomes for VBACs as compared to repeat caesarean and the resulting medicolegal changes within obstetrics. However, a major turning point occurred in when one well publicized study in The New England Journal of Medicine reported that vaginal delivery after previous caesarean section resulted in more maternal complications than a repeat caesarean delivery.

Your Next Birth after Caesarean Section - Maternal, child and family health

This will consist of a routine antenatal appointment but is also a chance to discuss previous deliveries and explore options for birth in this pregnancy. An enhanced programme of care has been developed to provide a one to one appointment and a group session from specialist midwives and obstetric doctors. To help understand the likely schedule of appointments click here.

Please be aware that this schedule is not restrictive and may alter according to your individual needs.

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This is an informal group session held around weeks of pregnancy.