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Therefore, there can be no talk of a dehierarchization of political communication, because people are given too few opportunities to discuss contents - communication remains top-down: the party dictates the content while the public listens. With respect to the Federal State of Bremen, however, the study has already been completed and the results allow a number of conclusions regarding the federal level. Relating to the possibilities of Web 2. From this one can infer that politics has not yet recognized the importance of the web.

The percentage of the public using the internet was underestimated and the concept of Web 2. But the main problem was the scepticism regarding illegal content, which could potentially be posted by users cf. Witte et al. The operators of the web pages feel responsible for the content and have only limited personnel and financial resources for its control cf. During election campaigns there are sufficient funds, but apparently they are not or only little used for participation on the internet, possibly because this would also make it more difficult to govern the discourse.

In her research concerning political institutions in Austria, Brunauer even states that the scepticism is greater the more a Web 2. Brunauer Parties, however, spend more time in social networks in order to enlist new members or voters and place greater emphasis on activities that go beyond their own party websites. Their sites do contain communities for networking of like-minded groups cf. Dahlberg , but this form of networking is less pronounced than other network activities. The fact that all parties are using YouTube is logical insofar as this platform is the market leader among video platforms cf.

Hitwise There are two other reasons for focussing on video presentation on the internet. On the one hand, 60 percent of the German households have a broadband connection cf. Bitkom and therefore easy access to videos. On the other hand, the use of videos on the internet strongly increased. Among the 14 to 29 year old users 82 percent regularly viewed videos on the internet cf. The German parties therefore follow the users onto the web and try to reach them by means of videos, primarily during the election campaign. The German election campaigns have always used the American standard as a role model.

But the German political system is not comparable with that of the U. The theoretical discussion has shown that the internet and Web 2.

Entre communautés et mobilité : une approche interdisciplinaire des médias

Web 2. The applications and technologies of Web 2. The hierarchical top-down communication flow with its one-way structures could be dissolved in Web 2. If the results of this deliberation are then utilized, the legitimation of political decisions is simultaneously secured by ensuring democratic input and output cf.

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Coenen 4f. The potential for an increase in democracy is thus given. But as Dahlberg states, a re-democratisation in view of the fragmentation of the public only exists if platforms are offered for inter-discursive contestation, especially of the dominating discourse Dahlberg ; Habermas Political parties ought to be possible carriers of these platforms. This raises the question of in what way political parties can serve as a kind of junction in order to re-unite the possibly fragmented parts of the public.

For this purpose they must operate in the, to a certain extent already occupied, parts of the net, for example in social networks. Furthermore, they must offer participation possibilities on their own websites in order to create these junctions, so that the already fragmented public can meet on them. If then they link to each other in the political discourses, the fragmentation could be bridged. The conclusion of the analysis instead is as surprising as disillusioning: The websites of the parties do not offer many possibilities for public participation in political decisions.

Although the politicians are active on social platforms such as studiVZ and Facebook, it seems that this is solely for marketing purposes and not for facilitating political participation. The empirical investigation has shown that Web 2. Thus, there can be no talk of a structural change of the public sphere. The political parties have admittedly extended their activities to social networking sites and follow young adults into the highly used studiVZ in order to approach a possible new electorate and to bind already existing electors. Facebook and Twitter are also newly integrated social networks that receive a strong interest from the parties.

At least at studiVZ and Facebook the user is given the chance to leave a comment and to discuss political content. Also the FDP started to offer participatory elements such as a discussion forum and a wiki. But in what way these comments and discussions are integrated into political decision making processes is a question for content analysis or — in the research project following — qualitative interviews.

On their own websites, the political parties generally stick to traditional modes of communication and offer only few possibilities to engage in their political communication. The main augmentation in terms of Web 2. This however does not lead to more political participation as users themselves are not able to submit content. Further analysis of the developments in and after the election campaign by the authors follow. The results of the empirical research have shown that the online communication of the federal political parties of Germany offers only few applications that hint at a development towards a deliberative democracy.

And these few offered applications are in turn first and foremost geared towards like-minded groups. Inter-discursive contestation is still not possible: Users can take part in political occurrences through social platforms or party-integrated communities, but are not able to take part in decision-making processes.

In addition to that another survey was taken in February to determine if the websites had changed a few months after the election. The new results of the study shortly before and after the election show that there is a noticeable change in reference to participation because CDU and SPD implemented a live chat in which citizens can discuss issues with politicians. The FDP and the Lefts went one step further by integrating citizens in the election campaign asking them to decide on the party program or to discuss current topics.

This is more than any other party offers, especially since these parties assert that they will use the feedback to improve their programs. Whether they will actually do that cannot be proved now; this is an opportunity for further research. Implementing live chats and asking citizens about political issues presents new possibilities for participation. In February , the FDP still asked citizens to decide on the election program.

This can definitely be called progress towards participation. It is likely that other parties will follow them. Including the opinions and ideas of citizens would take this one step further. If this is the case one could argue that Web 2. Abramson, P. Claggett, W. Recruitment and political participation. Political Research Quarterly , 54, Eine Untersuchung am Beispiel von Weblogs im Bundestagswahlkampf In: Gabriel, Oscar W. Bimber, B. Polity 31 1 — Bitkom : Schmalband-Internet wird kaum noch genutzt.

Retrieval date: Blumler, Jay G. Bode, Bernhard : Wahlbeteiligung ein Alarmsignal. In: Deutscher Bundestag Eds. Bonfadelli, Heinz Die Wissenskluftperspektive. Massenmedien und gesellschaftliche Information. Band 2: Anwendungsfelder: Wirtschaft, Politik, Publizistik. Budge, Ian : The new challenge of direct democracy. Oxford: Polity Press. Bundesverfassungsgericht 44, Bundesverfassungsgericht 85, Dahlberg, Lincoln : Rethinking the fragmentation of the cyberpublic: from consensus to contestation. Sozialpsychologie des Internet. Gabriel, Oscar W.

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Martin Fuchs und Hendrik P. Lensch: Illumination and Light Transport CRC Press. Sebastian Koch, TU Darmstadt: Masterarbeit: Development of a mobile projector camera system for structured light scanning. Herr Prof. Wolfgang Fuchs ist seit an der HdM. Aktuell ist er Mitglied im Hochschulrat. SharePoint Forum , Stuttgart. Bachelorarbeit Schwerpunkt: Recht und Internationale Politik und Recht.

Schwerpunkt: Urbanisationsprozesse und Entwicklungspolitik in Malaysia.

Politische Kommunikation | SpringerLink

The case study of Petaling Jaya", Kuala Lumpur, Berlin, Germany. Munich, Germany. Ghellal, Sabiha; et. Media Convergence Handbook.

Research activties by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schulz

Excerpts can be found in Chapter 2 and 3 and the full paper in Appendix A. The Remediation of Nosferatu: exploring transmedia experiences. ACM, Excerpts can be found in Chapter 4. The Roaring Hammock. Mensch und Computer —Proceedings , Ghellal, Sabiha. Ghellal, S. Interactive movie elements in a pervasive game. Exploring augmented live video streams for remote participation. Lindt, I. Computers in Entertainment CIE ,5 1 , 8. Combining multiple gaming interfaces in epidemic menace. Pankoke-Babatz, U. Designing cross media games. Humboldtforum Foundation, Berlin.

Elena : Displaced Reality Video. Save the Kittens : Play. Sheep Attack : Play. Kai Goetz. Einstein Lebt. Sielaff, and Oliver Grau. Intuitive virtual production tools for set and light editing. In wurde er an die Hochschule der Medien zum Prof. HD Editcam-Ikegami ,78 , 23min, R: Mark A. Red One, ,24 , HD-4K, www. HD, Varicam mit 35mm-Bildkonverter, ,85 - 35mm, 97min, Supermm ,24 , digital intermediate processing, 15min, XDcamEX, 84 Min. Dubai, London, Sotogrande, St.

Red One, 4k ,24 , ca. Digi-Beta, 30min, KiKa, Dokumentarfilm - Portrait der Stadt Berlin: 80 Teams beobachteten am 5. XDcamEX, 24 Stunden am 5. Aids und der neue Leichtsinn. Beta SP, 15min, Zum Anderen werden die Themen im Kontext zu weiteren transmedialen Anwendungen gesehen, bei denen Film als klassischer Ausgangspunkt audiovisueller Bewegtbilder gesehen wird.

Die Forschungsschwerpunkte fokussieren Gestaltungsfragen, die auf technischen Neuerungen basieren und untersuchen deren Wechselwirksamkeit. Wide Gamut. His feature films e. He is invited as speaker to international conferences and fairs. Neue Perspektiven. Perspektiven auf Medienkommunikation im Alltag junger Menschen.

Juni Hochschule der Medien. Seit Okt. Digitaldruck, Verfahrenstechnik, Mathematik. Jun — Sep. Bisherige Forschungsthemen. Inkjet-Druck keramischer Pigmente zur Dekoration von Geschirr. Inkjet-Druck von Kratzfestlacken zur Dekoration von Glas, u. Imaging Sci. Magdassi, World Scientific Publishing, Bischoff, R. Felgenhauer, Th. Stadler, V. European Coatings Conference: The power of ink-jet materials V, Hartz betreut zahlreiche Abschlussarbeiten zu allen Gebieten der Fernseh- und Kinotechnik.

Davor plante sie die integrierte Kommunikation von Produkt- und Servicethemen der Fluggesellschaft an alle relevanten internen und externen Zielgruppen im Produktmanagement. Januar - Promotion Dr. Hassenstein, Katrin : eBranding und Public Relations. Wiesbaden: Springer VS. De Gruyter, S. Wiesbaden: Gabler. In: Strategic management during and after the financial crisis: 5th-6th November Pforzheim, Osijek.

Quo vadis, PR? Unternehmenskommunikation im Spannungsfeld zwischen Unternehmensstrategie und Digitalisierung. Der Mittelstandsverbund, Heilbronn, 8. Kommunikationsstrategien in der Krise. Unter welchen Bediungen PressesprecherInnen Karriere machen. Jahrestagung des Bundesverbands Hochschulkommunikation. Think manager, think male? Antrittsvorlesung an der Hochschule der Medien, Juni Feminisierungstendenzen in PR-Berufen. Vortrag beim Hedler M.

Montero M. Heide, "Produktpiraterie - Strukturwandel und rechtliche Entwicklung", BetriebsBerater , ff. Februar Heide, "Protection of process technologies in China, know-how protection, enforcement and license strategies", Forum Seminar, Amsterdam, Lekelefac, Colin; Hild, Johannes; Czermak, Peter; Herrenbauer, Michael : Photocatalytic active coatings for lignin degradation in a continuous packed bed reactor. In: International Journal of Photoenergy Awungacha Lekelefac, Colin; Czermak, Peter; Herrenbauer, Michael : Evaluation of photocatalytic active coatings on sintered glass tubes by methylene blue.

Deutsche Patentanmeldung DE 10 A1, Deutsches Patent DE 10 B4, Deutsches Patent DE B4, Einwegbeutel umfassend eine Mehrschichtfolie Herrenbauer, M. Lauer, M. Nachbauer-Sturm, C. Deutsche Patentanmeldung DE 10 A1; Herrenbauer, M. Funktionseinrichtung, Prozessfluid und medizinische Behandlungsvorrichtung Brandl, M. Multi-chamber bag Brandl, M. Internationale Patentanmeldung WO A1, Der Medienunternehmer Wolfgang A.

Er ist Juror u. In dieser Zeit entstanden mehr als neue Planspiele und Szenarien. Er verantwortete u. Heute Experiment- morgen Alltag? Cockpit: Betriebswirtschaftliche Lernumgebungen, in: Tagungsband zum The Siamese twins who never met? Berlin, S. Deutsche Ausgabe des Startup Owner's Manual. Eine empirische Untersuchung zur Nutzung von Social Media. Vortrag auf dem G-Forum gemeinsam mit Anna Rind.

The Urban Public in Sociological Perspective

Internetbasierte Kundenintegration in den Innovationsprozess. Vortrag und Workshop im Rahmen der 3. Generation Media Startup im Rathaus Stuttgart. Vortrag im Rahmen der Tagung "Spielend Kompetenzen erwerben. Vortrag zum Using the lean startup approach as a fast-track to business model innovations". Struktur vs. Ornament oder Fundament der Hochschulentwicklung? Gemeinsam Strategien gestalten, evaluieren und kommunizieren". Ideas for Entre- und Intrapreneurs". Vortrag im Rahmen des Leancamps Stuttgart.

Impulsvortrag und Workshop im Rahmen des Leancamps Stuttgart. Vortrag und Workshop gemeinsam mit Prof. Business Administration in the Movies: Darstellung wirtschaftswissenschaftlicher Themen in Spielfilmklassikern. Gerne betreue ich Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten in den von mir vertretenen Lehrgebieten. Dabei gibt es keine vorgegebenen Themenliste. Diese muss noch keine fertige Gliederung sein, sollte aber Ihren wissenschaftlichen Ansatz erkennen lassen. Schauen Sie sich die Mustergliederung unten an, wenn Sie das, was das Unternehmen will in einen solche oder vergleichbare Gliederungsstrukur bekommen, dann sind Sie auf der sicheren Seite.

Gutachten des Praxisbetreuers etc. Wenn ich Sie als Nr. Beachten Sie in dem Zusammenhang, dass das Zeugnis erst ausgestellt wird, wenn Sie sich "sauber" exmatrikuliert haben. Bachelorstudierende beachten bitte, dass das Kolloquium ein wichtiger Meilenstein der wissenschaftlichen Arbeit ist. Dieses erfolgt im Rahmen eines Betreuungstermins. Da es hier immer wieder auch eklatante Defizite gibt erwarte ich, dass Sie sich mit dem Inhalt des Buchs vertraut gemacht haben:.

He is very active in the both the scientific entrepreneurship as well as the real startup community. Since he is supporting the leadership of Stuttgart Media University as the "Prorektor Innovation" which best translates as the vice president for innovation. Nils and his team are in charge of research, transfer, entrepreneurship, academic programs for corporates and internationalisation. TOPSIM was created more than 30 years ago with the vision to transfer best practices from pilot training into management and leadership training.

Pre-TOPSIM work experiences include a position in financial controlling for a semi-conductor production plant as well as an assignment as an expert for information technology in the sales department of an international airline. He is a highly rated executive trainer, specialised in Finance, Value Based Management and Strategic Management especially in designs of Management Development Programs. He has a profound background in both economic and psychological aspects of management.

The solution created for an American client received the highly recognized Brandon Hall Award in Gold. Also a number of other training offerings designed during his tenure have received awards within Germany. More information you will find on my homepage. Paul Raabe. Nach dem 2.

Seit ist er Studiendekan seines Bachelor-Studiengangs Mediapublishing. Ursula Rautenberg, Stuttgart: Phlipp Reclam jun. Auflage , S. Band 2: Fachkommunikation, Lehre, Institutionen und Gesellschaften, hrsg. Ursula Rautenberg, Berlin: de Gruyter , S. Eine Untersuchung zur strategischen Verwendung von Angriffen in den sozialen Medien unter Wahlkreiskandidaten der Bundestagswahl Professor: Druck und Medientechnologie , Druckverarbeitung. April — Aug. Position: Technical Director global. Position: Division Manager Asia-Pacific. Bereich Verlagsgeschichte. Bereich Buchgeschichte.

Produktionstechnik — Druckereitechnik. Verfahren zur Herstellung von Flexodruckplatten mittels Lasergravur. Patent Nr. Verfahren zur Herstellung von Flexodruckformen sowie dazu geeignetes Flexodruckelement. Ehrenamtlicher Richter am Arbeitsgericht Reutlingen. Eigenanalyse nach dem Ampelprinzip , Deutscher Drucker, Nr. Research assignment University of Loughborough. Analysen der Politik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft.

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