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aliens – Nocturnal Revelries

Our Awards Booktopia's Charities. Are you sure you would like to remove these items from your wishlist? During the s, William J. Birnes published numerous accounts of encounters with little greys in UFO Magazine. The film Paul tells the story of a Grey who attributes the Greys' frequent presence in science-fiction pop-culture to the US government deliberately inserting the stereotypical Grey alien image into mainstream media so that if humanity came into contact with Paul's species, there would be no immediate shock as to their appearance.

The anime Dragon Ball Super also tells the story of Jiren the Grey, with the difference being that he is of muscular build. Jiren has repeatedly been stated to be the strongest foe Goku has ever faced, and that not even a God of Destruction can defeat him. His ki alone while suppressed was more than enough to shake the infinitely large World of Void, leaving all the Gods of Destruction in shock.

Greys are commonly included in alien abduction claims.

The Androgynous Andromedan by Ann L Probe (Paperback / softback, 2014)

Among reports of supposed alien encounters, Greys make up approximately 50 percent in Australia, 43 percent in the United States, 90 percent in Canada, 67 percent in Brazil , 20 percent in Continental Europe , and around 12 percent in the United Kingdom. Some alien abduction reports have depicted variant skin colors such as blue-grey, green-grey, or purple-grey and sometimes not grey at all. The skin is typically described as being extremely smooth, almost as if made of an artificial material like rubber or plastic.

Abduction claims are often described as extremely traumatic , similar to an abduction by humans or even a sexual assault in the level of trauma and distress.

Grey alien

Research has shown that emotional impact of perceived abduction can be as great as or even greater than that of combat, sexual abuse , and other traumatic events. In his book Abduction , Dr. Paul recounts the events of David Hartman's abduction. Leading up to it Hartman, a computer programmer, claims he experienced strange phenomenon with his work tech including date and time changes, words typing by themselves, and whole sets of data moving from one place to another without human intervention.

He also told of physical signs such as nausea, insomnia, and nightmares of inhuman faces coming out of the dark. The eyes are often a focus of abduction claims. They are said to not move or focus in any observable way to the naked eye. Claims often describe a Grey staring into the eyes of an abductee when conducting mental procedures. Neurologist Dr. Steven Novella argues that the Grey idea is a byproduct of the human imagination, with the Greys' most distinctive features representing everything that modern humans traditionally link with intelligence.

In , Frederick V. Malmstrom, writing in Skeptic magazine, vol. Malmstrom reconstructs the face of a Grey through transformation of a mother's face based on our best understanding of early childhood sensation and perception. Malmstrom's study offers a possible alternative to the existence of Greys, the intense instinctive response many people experience when presented an image of a Grey, and the ease of regression hypnosis and recovered-memory therapy in "recovering" memories of alien abduction experiences, along with their common themes.

According to English reproductive biologist Jack Cohen , the typical image of a Grey, given that it would have evolved from a world with different environmental and ecological conditions from Earth, is too physiologically similar to a human to be credible as a representation of an alien. Their physical structure has been sometimes viewed as supporting the panspermia hypothesis, although the level of "parallel evolution" using the term in as it is used in science fiction, distinct from the use in biology and the related term " convergent evolution " required is statistically next to nil.

Some ufologists say such seemingly impossible coincidences show that extraterrestrial beings had some influence on the evolution of life on Earth in the distant past the theory of ancient astronauts , specifically that extraterrestrials were directly involved in the evolution of primates , including humans.

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This was supposedly done by genetic engineering , cross-breeding , or a combination of both. This idea may have first gained widespread exposure with the publication of Chariots of the Gods? Proponents of this theory of alien genetic - evolutionary intervention on Earth argue that if the Greys or similar beings were performing genetic manipulations with pre-human life forms on Earth that these aliens may have attempted to influence the evolution of life forms here in a direction consistent with their own genetic makeup, and similar to their own physiology and general physical structure, since genetically that is what they would presumably be most familiar with.

Since the history of life on Earth gives some idea of what is and is not feasible on other worlds, and there is no conclusive evidence of any past extraterrestrial genetic manipulation in our own evolution, some ufologists have offered alternative explanations to accommodate for the evolutionary improbability of Greys or any other bipedal, humanoid extraterrestrial species by explaining them as being native hominids to Earth either having left or living in hiding, as Mac Tonnies proposed in his book The Cryptoterrestrials , or from another dimension, as proposed by John A.

Keel and J. Allen Hynek. Some conspiracy theorists believe that Greys represent part of a government-led disinformation or plausible deniability campaign, [ citation needed ] or that they are a product of government mind control experiments. Steven Greer , founder of the Disclosure Project , and head of CSETI , claims to have over "government, military, and intelligence community witnesses" that have offered testimony to the existence of aliens and UFOs or efforts to cover up their existence and who have stated that they would be willing to defend their claims under oath.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 25 June This article is about the alleged alien race. For topics associated with the colour, see Grey. This article possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed.

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