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You know the doors that spell disaster I unlock You feel my presence now your stomach is a knot Open minds can be leveled up by me The devil's blood holds one eight of an ounce And the saying goes for each seal you close Another path is lit Relax it's just a hit Into your trance I float to sleep This well may drown but I go deep End game set me free One up you calm my sea Enter Easy now so easily Burn the bridge and be All that is real to me Into the flaming void I flee All legends wither You know forever is a lie The game is over In the blink of an eye Not tonight You turn me round oh yes I am easy to judge You win it is over Game over Addiction traps All collapse I don't care When it's over It's over Game over.

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Aplicativos e plugins. Mobile Android iPhone Windows Phone. Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Plugin W. Media Player Winamp. When the game is over, the camera pans up showing the dead characters, then cuts to a destroyed film reel representing the story. Afterward, the " Prelude " plays. Players may receive Game Over if their entire party is flagged as dead during a battle, which can occur if all party members fall into Death , Petrify , or Imprisoned statuses. Party members are also flagged as dead if they are ejected by the Hungry enemy's Eat , the Ghost Ship enemy's Goannai , or the Ruby Weapon enemy's Whirlsand.

The only other situation where a player may receive a Game Over is during the Opening Bombing Mission on the Sector 1 Reactor : if the time limit expires before the player escapes, the Sector 1 Reactor explodes with the party still inside and the game ends. Unused text found in the game data assigned to the Beginner's Hall in Junon suggests there were initial plans for the player to be able to continue playing from the last save point upon being defeated in battle with all their accumulated experience points intact, similar to Final Fantasy VI.

If the player defeats Emerald Weapon when there are eight seconds left on the timer, the Battle Results screen will overlap with the Game Over screen, resulting in the Emerald Weapon countdown glitch. The screen fades to black with the game's logo appearing on the bottom-right. The words "Game Over" do not appear. The player will be redirected back to the save point in English versions if they died while on mission.

Game Over (term)

In Japanese version, it functions normally regardless of what event. The game ends when Zack is defeated in battle and if he falls off the edge while fighting Sephiroth. The Game Over screen is a monochromatic screen showing Squall's Revolver with the gun section broken off near a white feather, like those associated with Rinoa. The Game Over screen appears when the the player is defeated in most battles.

There are also a number of opportunities in the story where the player will be given the option to give up where the result will be a Game Over. Despite being dream sequences , if the player's party dies as Laguna Loire , they will get a Game Over. During the train mission in Timber , if the player fails at inputting the code in time, they can give up and get a Game Over.

During the Missile Base quest, if the missiles are launched without the party setting their error ratio to maximum, Balamb Garden will be destroyed in an FMV leading to a Game Over. During the sequence in which Laguna fights a Ruby Dragon , if the player fails, they can choose to either try again or give up.

Giving up will result in a Game Over. This is also true if Squall loses his event battle with the flying paratrooper and the player chooses to give up, or if the player gives up after Rinoa is lost in space. For all three events, so long as the player does not give up, infinite retries are allowed. After a Phoenix Pinion item has been used in battle once, the Phoenix summon has a chance of reviving players in the battle to prevent a Game Over when all characters are flagged as dead, either through the KO or Petrify statuses.

However, if the player is playing in Ultimecia Castle and the "resurrection" option is sealed, then the attempt will fail, resulting in a Game Over. It features the "Prelude's" melody. The screen shows Zidane's dagger in the middle of a forest with Garnet's pendant hanging from it.

Eiko's Phoenix summon has a chance to spontaneously revive the party to prevent a Game Over when a party is annihilated. The camera pans out from the last KO'd party member and the colored words "Game Over" appear an exception being when the party is defeated by Sin 's Overdrive , in which case the screen turns white. Sometimes, depending on the stage of the game, the party member's last words would be heard before "Game Over" appears.

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The Game Over screen is nearly identical to the one in Final Fantasy X , only with added ripples around the screen. While there is no actual Game Over, the music "Blackout" is played when a character's health reaches 0 and a certain percentage of experience points is lost. When this happens, the player can choose to return to their Home Point or wait to be revived by another player.

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If they are not revived by another player within one hour they will automatically be returned to their Home Point. The screen turns crimson with the words "Game Over" with the exception of the entire party crushed by the Demon Wall , in which case the screen will turn black and then the word Game Over will appear on the screen.

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Uniquely, if all members of the active party are killed in battle, the player gets an option to bring in reserve party members, and Game Over happens only after members in both parties die the Demon Wall battle being the exception. Game Over will still result if all normal playable characters are KO'd, but a Guest remains active. The battle scene turns gray and moves to the party leader. The words "Game Over" appear in blood red, and the party gains a little Experience and will fail the quest that is tracked.

The player returns to the last save point, rather than the main menu. Words written in the Cocoon alphabet appear before their transition into English: Game Over. The game will ask if the player would like to repeat the battle or return to the last save. An identical menu appears upon defeat of the characters in battle, prompting the player to either retry or quit. During Coliseum battles, the game asks the player if they want to quit, retry from the last battle, or to choose a new challenge.

The song "Hollow Seclusion" is played in the Game Over screen. Falling in battle is not invariably a Game Over, though being forced to escape a battle will reduce the amount of time left in the world by one hour in Normal and Hard difficulty.

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If the player runs out of time, a cinematic will play of the Apocalypse , followed by the text "And so the world ends" before displaying "Game Over". When a player is downed, their character collapses to the ground and the player is asked if they wish to return to their home point.


The player can also wait for another player to revive them. In A Realm Reborn , if the player fails to complete a mission, "Duty Failed" will appears on screen and the game will take the player back to the spot before the quest. If the duty was failed due to the death of the player, the player character will remain dead after returning to the original location. In later versions of the game, the player will be revived automatically.

The game is over when the lead character dies. If the lead character's HP drops to 0, he will enter a Danger state where his maximum HP starts draining. If the character's maximum HP is drained to 0, he is knocked out.

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Danger can be removed by recovering HP by any means, and getting KO'd still gives the player a few seconds to recover with a Phoenix Down. If the lead character is caught in a QTE attack during Danger state, the game locks into an instant game over, as items cannot be used during QTEs.

When playing on Easy difficulty, Carbuncle will revive the lead character whenever they are KO'd. If the "no help" sign appears in battle, Carbuncle will be unable to save the lead character.

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At the start of chapter 4, the player has to keep up with the imperial chancellor, Ardyn Izunia , while manually driving. If the player fails to keep up, the party exits the car and the game ends. If the player loses Ardyn while the Regalia is moving, the car will stop and the game ends. During a train attack by the imperials , the player must protect the Magna Fortia. If it is destroyed, the game is over. Once in Gralea , the party has to escape in the Regalia before the gate closes. If the party does not reach it in time, the game will show the gate closed then transition to the game over screen.

This happens also when the player does not make it to the hangar gate in nineteen seconds in the Zegnautus Keep. During the Lonely Rumblings of the Longwythe quest, there is a timer to escape from the rousing adamantoise. If the player doesn't leave the area within the time limit, the game ends. If the Regalia Type-F crashes while flying, it will be an instant game over.

A party member will shout a unique line and the screen will fade to black as the Regalia lands on the bottom.

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In Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn , when Ifrit grabs Ardyn, choosing to wait several seconds rather than pressing the button prompt will lead to a game over. The same happens when attempting to finish off Somnus, though the latter must be fought all over again. When the game ends, the screen fades to black and displays "Game Over" in red. The player may then load the most recent save, or return to the title screen. Should the game end during a boss or main story event, the player is presented with the option to continue from the last saved checkpoint.

When fighting Garuda , Carbuncle won't be able to save the lead character. If the player gets a game over, they will have the option to retry the battle by continuing from the last checkpoint. Oddly, the "no help" sign does not appear in battle. The game over theme is "End of the Road". Screen turns black and the words "Game Over" appear in ice blue. The player will be returned to the title screen. Screen slowly fades to black and the words "Game Over" appear. This usually happens if Marche dies at a Jagd , sent to prison, snuffed, or the entire party has been KO'd at a story battle.

The Game Over theme is "Defeated by Sleep". It is again the Game Over music. To get a game over, all of Class Zero must fall in battle. In some boss fights i. In this scenario, Class Zero will enter into the Chapter of Darkness and be faced with an endless horde of Rursan Reavers.