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But, what is God calling you to do in the meantime? What is the mini-mission He wants you to fulfill while you wait? Only you and God know, so you should take some time to discern this if nothing readily pops into your mind. Author and speaker Lisa Duffy has 20 years of both personal and professional experience in helping others deal with their divorces. Born and raised in Southern California, Lisa suffered through the pain of being a divorced Catholic in the early s.

After seven years of intense struggle, spiritual growth, personal triumphs, and finally remarriage in the church and the birth of three miracle children, her one desire was to help others who were suffering find hope and healing. Lisa has worked for the church in a variety of roles, most recently bringing her divorce support program, Journey of Hope, to parishes in the US and Canada.

Lisa lives in South Carolina with her family. CatholicMatch is under the patronage of St. Which content do you want to receive? Toggle navigation. Online Dating - Gift Cards. Posted January 20, by Lisa Duffy. Share I was a complete mess—in sweats, with no make-up on. It turns out he had just moved into the complex and his apartment was on the same floor as mine.

By the time I turned 32, we were engaged and now, at 34 years old, we have two kids and are happily married. I wanted to marry a non-bald guy who was a practicing Catholic. My husband is bald and converted to Catholicism before we got married. Looking back, I see that I needed all that time being single to build up my own self esteem, hobbies and, most importantly, my relationship with Christ. I am so grateful for having had the time to build friendships and go to daily Mass. I treasure those times and I am confident now in my vocation.

Having been married for nearly 30 years now, I am confident that God had His reasons for having me wait until I was 30 to meet my husband. One Sunday afternoon, my mother encouraged me to go visit my brother at his new house. Unbeknownst to me, he had invited several friends and one neighbor who was The minute my brother introduced us, I knew this was the man God had waiting for me. We talked for hours, oblivious to those around us. Within 3 months, he proposed, and we were married less than a year later. How many rosaries or novenas could I say? We went out on a date, but a second date did not come until 7 months later.

My husband got into a bad motorcycle accident and I decided to visit him in the hospital. We re-established a friendship in the hospital and a few months later my husband asked me out again. He always tells me he regretted not asking me out again after the first date — not that I remind him of it or anything I do!

While we had a significant break between the first and second date, my husband proposed on June 8, — nearly a year after we first met. I graduated from law school and then decided to become an elementary school teacher. I hate cheese. That includes cheese on pizza, Nacho Cheese Doritos, cottage cheese, and cream cheese. View All Blogs. Prayer Why Mass? Life The Terrifying Question. Life Teen Speak Something New. Retreat at Camp Covecrest Covecrest is more than a retreat center and summer camp.

Retreat at Camp Hidden Lake Hidden Lake is home to an incredible Catholic community, gorgeous views, welcoming meeting spaces and so much more. Launch St. Louis Launch St. Louis has one goal in mind: to provide you an opportunity to hang out, have fun, and walk with your middle school youth. We continued to date and see each other over the weekends since we lived over an hour away from each other. We have so much in common from the way we were raised to our fathers both graduating from the same university in the same school of business to what we like to do in our free time to our core beliefs and values.

It was a beautiful and perfect day. And this past June we were married. Thank you CatholicSingles. Without your website, my husband and I never would have met. Ken and Christine Glassmeyer. It took six months to finally meet her. I had just returned from a cruise vacation to Bermuda and decided to check my e-mail on the CatholicSingles. To my surprise, Tessa laughnsmile76 had contacted me while I was away on vacation.

Amazingly, it did not take long for us to begin learning about one another through e-mailing on the website for two weeks and realize there was something very special developing between us. I gathered the courage to call her a week later and things just took off from there. We have now been dating for over a year and a half and both of us realize that we were meant to be with one another. In that being the case, I decided to propose to Tessa on Christmas Eve. Mike and I are getting married in August. Mike initially emailed me in July It turned out he already knew several of my friends and attended events at my church, our paths had just never crossed.

Last December, he proposed on a suspension bridge above a cloud rain forest in Costa Rica. We have been busy getting ready for our wedding and spending our lives together, as well as going on lots of adventures together. I never thought God would have me meet my future husband on the Internet! Thank you so much, Christine. I was scanning the profiles as was my habit when chatting with new people, and I realized that Tom and I had something in common, we had both been to World Youth Day Toronto I thought that this bald cowboy from Colorado was kind of cute and very interesting.

On October 24th, Tom got down on one knee and proposed at the Mother Cabrini Shrine where we had gone on that first spring break trip the year before. Now a little more than a year later we are excitedly awaiting the birth of our first child, John Paul. To tell our success story about meeting online and falling in love was a little strange at first, but now I cannot imagine my life any differently. Dear Catholic Singles, In July of , I enrolled in Catholic Singles, based on the advice of my cousin, who had enjoyed being a site member. I was pretty disinterested and noncommital about the idea of online dating, having never done it before this enrollment.

I had been on the site about two weeks when I received a funny and interesting email. Seamus had been on CatholicSingles. I wrote him back, somewhat interested but not too hopeful. However, Seamus was the first person who contacted me and the last. Seamus and I had many things in common; we knew this just from our emails: the same sense of humor, value of faith and family, and a common Irish heritage. We went on our first date on July 28, Neither one of us wanted the date — dinner and a walk — to end. We were both instantly comfortable with each other.

We spent the next two years in a long distance relationship — about three hours apart within upstate New York. This was challenging but drew us even closer together in many ways. We spent precious time together enjoying nature in the Adirondacks, museums in the city and just getting to know one another. On December 4, , Seamus proposed at our favorite nature preserve. We were married on July 30, in our beautiful historic church in Albany.

Bagpipers led us out of the Mass and into our life together. We are extremely grateful for that. Thank you, Catholic Singles. Someday, we will tell our grandchildren about our time — however limited! God is good. Kira and Seamus. I was dedicated to my work, helping people. I was working as a Social Worker; but I wanted to meet someone special, with a very good heart.

I checked other websites before trying yours, but in none of them I found the people that I found here. So, I decided to sign for this one and in less than three months, I got the opportunity of meeting a man with the most wonderful heart that I have ever met. This happened in March of After 9 months he proposed to me. Our engagement lasted 6 months and we got married in June 24, We have been happily married since then. This is the first time in my life that God gave me the opportunity of enjoying so much love and happiness.

We have two kids. As I tell everybody that I know, my family is my happiness and I owe this to your service. Thank you so much, Marie. Dear Catholic Singles, I wanted to write and thank you for the role that you played in bringing Chris and I together. We met through your website in July of I had not had much luck with the whole on-line dating thing and I was not expecting Chris to be any different.

However I decided to give it one last chance. We met and on our first date when he said that he also loved Mister Rogers, I knew that he was different. We were engaged in May during a trip to Boston, and we were married on December 16, God has blessed us with each other and we are grateful for your website for allowing us to meet.

Dear Catholic Singles, Thank you for introducing me to my husband.

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We first met on your website in July and just got married on October 7th, Him being from Chicago and myself being from Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada, our courtship was trying but completely worth it. We currently reside in Chicago and are excited to begin our lives together. We will pray for your ministry and hope you keep us in your prayers. Being able to find a partner who has a strong foundation in the Catholic faith is a foundation for a wonderful relationship and family.

Your ministry truly can help build strong Catholic families. God Bless you for that!


In Christ, Danielle and Chris. Dear Catholic Singles, I just wanted to share a success story with you! Shawn Shannon and I first met through your site in April On April 6, , we became engaged! We are hoping to get married in December Carrie Walters. Dear Catholic Singles, We met through your website in and were married in April We are now expecting our first child this August!

Our Catholic faith is important to both of us and with it we have built a wonderful and long-lasting partnership. Without this website, we would have never met each other. Thank you for bringing us together. Sincerely, Craig and Casey. Now, we are less than 75 days until we marry on Sept 1.

Can Mr. Wonderful hack it as a husband? Here’s how to know

Earlier this month, we had a great time during the Catholic Engagement Encounter course and we even wrote love letters to each other over that weekend. We would like to thank you all for your continuing support, love and prayers. Dear Catholic Singles, We are one of your success stories and I am just writing to give you an update.

We were so fortunate to have found each other thanks to CatholicSingles. Thank you for everything. Karen, Scott and PJ Kane. Our friends at CatholicSingles. And yes we met on CatholicSingles. We have penciled in the last Saturday in July, at St. John J.

Robb Mobile, Alabama. Dear Catholic Singles, After years of traveling down a long and winding broken road, God intervened. We feel our faith and God is what brought us together. However in literal terms, we met on that crazy internet. This was a site that geared toward our faith and religion. We met at CatholicSingles. We started emailing each other the beginning of October of We got engaged on September 29, and got married on August 18th, in Detroit, Michigan.

It was a full Catholic Latin mass. Our wedding showed the tremendous love we have for each other, our faith, and our family. Jamie and Sonya. A couple of weeks later we spoke on the phone for the first time, and in Feb, the week of Valentines day, we had our first date. We have seen each other every weekend since then, and have emailed or spoken to each other every day since our first email. On Oct 26, we became engaged and plan on getting married in July of We feel so blessed to have met each other.

Neither of us has ever been married and had nearly given up on ever finding someone to share our lives with. Of course, we never would have met without your website, and we so grateful to you for giving us the chance to find our soulmate. We just celebrated our 8th Wedding Anniversary on January 21st, We are still very much in love and met on CatholicSingles. We have told our story so many times, often to people who doubt that internet dating can be any good. Well it can be very, very good. We are proof. We are active in our parish and find strength in our belief in God.

Paul and Tori. We wanted to follow up with more wonderful news! She is truly a child of CatholicSingles. We both thank God everyday for all the blessings that this Love has brought into our lives. Most of all, our beautiful daughter who is the light of our lives. It is such a gift to find someone with similar values, beliefs and faith and we are grateful to CatholicSingles.

The great thing about meeting online was that we both knew we had a starting point of sharing our faith. It gave us a chance to get to know the basics about one another before we even met in person! I had been on Catholic Singles for a while, but knew I did not want to move out of our rural state. It was difficult meeting anyone on the website in our area. I would check from time to time to see if there was anyone new in the area.

One day there was a very interesting profile. I reactivated my account… the next day I had an email from Thom! We began emailing and found we lived about three hours apart. We had many common interests, views and knew common people. After about a month of emails and phone calls, we decided to meet. It was such a comfortable first date-laughing, being outside, getting to know one another. Our families and friends were a huge support for us. About six months into our relationship, we knew that it was worth the risk of making some life changes and we were able to move to the same town.

Well, needless to say, we were married in June, We now have a daughter who was born around Christmas We both truly believe that God will use whatever means possible to bring two people together when they are both ready. Thanks again, Thom and Kelly. We met on June 30, after a short correspondence by computer. There was an immediate attraction, not only because of common interests and personal compatibility but also, and maybe primarily, because of the faith that we share. We had lived only a few miles apart in Queens, NY for years and both of us even knew a couple of the same people but we most likely never would have met without CatholicSingles.

To make a long story short, we were married early in and ever since we have felt as though we have one of those marriages made in Heaven. So we are certainly indebted to CatholicSingles. Dear Catholic Singles, My wife and I met through this site about four years ago. We got married on December 30, We are very happy together.

Our friendship turned into a relationship very quickly. We are attracted to each other on a deep spiritual level and we are best friends. It just made sense to both of us to search for someone on this site. We truly believe God has a say in our marriage and in how we met. So we wanted to thank you for everything you do.

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We are proof that God does work in all kinds of ways. We encourage single people to use this site and above all to have faith that God will take care of their needs. Thanks again, and God bless. Sean and Johanna. Dear Catholic Singles, Ruben and I met soon after we had both subscribed to your website, around July We physically met on February 17, and we say it was love at first sight and at first bite.

That first date lasted for fourteen hours. On the second date he asked me to marry him because he was convinced that he had met the girl he wanted to marry. Finally on January 1, we both agreed to start planning for our wedding. I got everything I asked for, that is, the courtship, the wooing and a gentleman for a lifetime. We were married Saturday, July 05, and we plan on working very hard to make this marriage work.

There has never been a doubt that this is the man God has set aside for me as my lifetime partner. Lastly, because of this website and its format, I can say that chatting on the web is a great way to meet great people even though we might never meet them physically. Many thanks to all who chatted with us and who were gracious enough to wish us well in our future when we announced we were leaving the chatroom. Best wishes to all, Ruben and Anita. Dear Catholic Singles, We are finally writing our story to personally thank Catholic Singles for this wonderful blessing.

Our story begins with a couple of my friends who had met their husbands on secular websites telling me I needed to bite the bullet and put my profile out there and see what would happen. I was a little apprehensive, since I had heard many horror stories about dates gone badly from friends who were active on other websites! I finally gave in and funny we joined almost about the same time, he in July and I in August. When Alfredo emailed me, and I checked his profile out and saw that he was from Northern California, I almost sent him an email that I was not interested as I lived in Southern Cali.

But something about his smile made me respond differently. He has a great sense of humor and would just make me laugh, soon visits were not enough and on a beautiful April day in , he proposed at the Getty Center overlooking Beverly Hills. We got married 2 months later in a civil wedding in San Jose, Ca and in December, we were eventually married in Claremont CA at Our Lady of Assumption, just a mere 14 months after we met. We are very thankful to Catholic Singles and of course to God for giving us the opportunity to find each other.

We believe that God has a plan for our lives and continues to keep our marriage strong. I encourage others to give this site a chance and place your trust in God and you might find your life-long partner, just like we did. Dina and Alfredo. She had joined the website earlier that month on the advice of her parish priest. One day I was in the chat room getting ready to sign off when she came in. I told her that I was signing off but since she was in the room that I would stay for a while.

Now, I live in Massachusetts and she lives in New Jersey so, this would take some planning. I like to plan things out so, I thought that I would plan our first date. From my house to Jennys is 5 hours and 34 minutes or So, I found a mutual halfway point. I pulled into the parking lot and there she was waiting in her car. I gave her a big smile and a wave and she smiled and waved back. We both got out of our cars and gave one another a hug. Over the next 4 and a half hours, we sat at that Dunkin Donuts just talking and getting to know one another.

We hit it off immediately.

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We continued to see each other over the next few weeks. We spent 5 days at Lake Placid with her family and friends in February. Sincerely Derrick and Jenny. Dear Catholic Singles, Troy and I married December 17, and you have our wedding photo and story on your site remain over-the-moon happy in love and in faith in Minnesota.

On January 15 of this year, we were overwhelmingly blessed and overjoyed to welcome our first child, son we named Samuel Xavier Bernard. He was definitely prayed for and is considered our true gift from God.

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He has brought a lot of extra fun and love into our home and we are enjoying every second of every day with him. We hope this e-mail finds you well. Enjoy a happy, safe and relaxing holiday. Kerry and Troy and Sam too. My husband and I met on this site in November of ! Chris worked very long hours at his office, trying to climb the ladder in the corporate world. Neither of us were people to go to bars to pick someone up. We both are introverted and more homebodies. We also would have never met in passing as we lived over 80 miles apart from one another. We did meet, through CatholicSingles.

We truly believe that God led us to one another on this site. Thank you and God Bless! Chris and Megan Mottet. We would like to thank Catholic Singles for providing this great website for everyone. David and I met on this website in May of On December 24, , David proposed to me. Our wedding will be held this May, 2 years and 10 days after we met. God always has a plan for us, we just need to listen and be open for the call. We wish to let you know our experience and to thank you because, through your website Tom and I met on January and since then, we began to grow a nice friendship; despite the distance between us, he was in NM and I was in Lima — Peru, we get to know each other and share our faith and values.

After our first meeting in Lima on September, we enjoyed traveling to amazing places like Nazca Lines and Macchu Picchu in Cusco, we realized that God put us together, and on November that year I met his family for Thanksgiving. Even though we stayed in our own places, we keep growing our love and knowing each other better.


By July he proposed while I was visiting in USA for a month vacation; we both knew that we had to make big decisions to make this work and we put all these in our prayers, finding the answers we asked for, and on December 29th we had the most wonderful wedding with our families and friends in a beautiful Colonial Church in downtown Lima. Thank you for providing a service for Catholics to meet and fall in love. My husband and I met on your website, and were married on June 27, When Darin and I met over 5 years ago, both of us had come out of long-term relationships that left each of us heartbroken.

From the moment that we met, however, we knew this was different and special. Since we are both devout in our Catholic faith and shared the same heritage, we immediately knew our bond had lots of potential. That potential quickly blossomed into a wonderful relationship…a close friendship and a connection that was very unique and very special to both of us. We both felt as if we had known each other for years. A year after we met and dated, Darin landed a job in Sydney.

Throughout the years, we stayed very close. Any number of things could have happened after that first e-mail but, in the end, we wound up together. We both believe that God has a plan for our lives…and that plan is for us to be together. Shawn and I found each other through CatholicSingles. When we met in Denver for dinner, we both agreed that it was one of the most fun dates either of us had ever been on, and our relationship just kept getting better.

We became engaged in April of on Good Friday! We are now enjoying our life together in the Seattle area. Tim and I met on CatholicSingles in April He found me, I should say. After e-mailing for about 2 weeks, and talking on the phone another week, we met in person.

Tim invited me over to his apartment for a home-cooked dinner and by the time we hugged goodbye that night, it was obvious to both of us that this was something special. Within a month or two we were already talking about getting married. We were officially engaged 6 months after we met, and married 9 months later. Nine months after our wedding, our daughter was born! And just as He speaks to us in small ways throughout each day, He inspired us to join CatholicSingles and use that as a tool for us to meet. Shortly after joining Catholicsingles. We were married on October, 4th Thank you Catholicsingles.

I was on the site for a few months when this man sent me a message. I had been looking for a man who shares my strong religious beliefs and fidelity to the Church.

We exchanged a few emails, and Nathaniel took me out to a lovely restaurant yes, I followed all the rules for on-line and offline dating, like meeting at a public place, etc. He was sweet and quite the gentleman, but not the idea of my prince. After much reflection and prayer, I decided that this man would be a help to me on my journey to heaven, and that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

He proposed on August 29th, and we had a simple wedding ceremony on December 28th, I thank God for using Catholic Singles to bring us together. He is taller than me, now that I know him. He is wise, very educated in the female psyche, and actually understands me! He is a good listener, very sensitive to my feelings, and a great kisser! Here is an update since our wedding. We celebrated our 3 year anniversary April 21 of We have three kids and one on the way. I asked my spiritual director if it would be wrong for me to subscribe to CatholicSingles.

She was actually the only one to reply which I took as a probable sign so I joined. Now Sophia and I are in our second year of marriage and both of us could not imagine being happier had we married anyone else. We have helped one another on our individual spiritual journeys before marriage and, by the grace of the Sacrament, we are helping one another in our joint vocation now.

Thank you so much CatholicSingles. I met Joe online 2 years ago via CatholicSingles. We had been talking via internet chat, and on the phone long distance all that time. We are getting married in the parish I work at on January 1st We are so happy and feel so blessed to have found each other. Answer: A true CatholicSingles. In , these similarities are what initially connected Kurt Schwartz and Alyssia Alaniz when they met via CatholicSingles. After a three-year courtship, they married at Corpus Christi Church on July 7, , and immediately started a family in They continue to share their faith with their two boys, Zachary, age 3 and Gabriel, age 1, and they look forward to the day when they will share the story with them about how they met.

Kurt and Alyssia Schwartz. Lauren and I were married last summer on July 17, and are now preparing to celebrate our one year anniversary. It did not take long for us to make a connection and within a few months we started traveling back and forth to meet each other in person and each others families.

After about 8 or 9 months we got engaged. We now live in Salem, OR where we both teach high school. All is well and we thank God for bringing us together. So here we are 13 years later! My goodness, a lot has happened since A lifetime of memories, love and devotion. God bless one and all! We just wanted to thank you. We got married on April 11, after meeting on CatholicSingles. We met in August after a few messages on Catholic Singles. From our first date, we were comfortable talking about everything from faith to football.

On our second date, before going sailing, we started our day with mass together. Although our lives took very different paths previous to meeting, we have always relied on our faith for answers in our relationship. We were married on August 8, , exactly two years after our first date. Our faith, and much laughter, has been central throughout our relationship and we are so thankful that God brought us together! We pray nightly for all those seeking love and hope others find a lifelong relationship through CatholicSingles.

I just wanted to inform you about another marriage through your organization! We have logged numerous phone hours, written boxfuls of e-mails to each other, and spent extended periods of time with each other on 3 separate occasions. We thank you for this wonderful opportunity and credit not only this site but God for bringing us together.

Married to St. Raphael: Why so many good Catholic girls stay single

COM, I have met a wonderful man on the site. We have been corresponding by way of email, phone, chat and quite a few visits in person. Needless to say, I feel it is necessary to cancel my membership because last Friday, June 21, , he asked me to marry him! And of course I said yes! We will be getting married in October. He is a very caring, warm, beautiful person inside and out and he is a very devout Catholic. These are the qualities that I have been looking for in a man my whole life. I am so grateful for this site, because without it, I would have never met him.

I had virtually given up on ever meeting someone I could be compatible with, much less marry someday. Just stay close to God, and try not to think too much about finding someone, if it is meant to happen, it will.. My prayers are with you all! And once again, thank you Catholicsingles. We just wanted to thank you for providing you services. We were both looking for someone who shared our faith. We both knew early on that we had found our soulmates. Despite the distance in miles Nebraska and Michigan we wrote, we phoned, we met and are now engaged to be married on December.

Thank you! I thank CatholicSingles. I have been dating someone for a few months that I met through this site! As a matter of fact, he happened to be one the first persons that I contacted. To everyone who keeps Catholic Singles going: I just want to thank you for being there. I found your site quite by accident, signed up, and within two weeks meet the man that God had chosen for me. Your site gave me the opportunity to really come to know him before we met. Things have gone very well since we met. I finally found a man who shares my faith and values. Someone to walk with me towards God.

I thank God for Catholic Singles. I met someone through this site — and it turns out she also goes to my church! But we never met, so I am very grateful to the site for linking us together. Thanks again. Thanks so much for providing this site, you have led me to the most beautiful woman I have ever met and alot of other beautiful women also. But I only need the one and all in three weeks! Thank you for providing such a valuable service. We keep talking about the future, so I believe we are going to get married in the long term. I sent emails to a few other members and received some from a few others.

Then in early September I received an email from someone in southern California.