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French Revolutionary Wars.

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Irish Rebellion of Anglo-Russian invasion of Holland. French campaign in Egypt and Syria. He is best known for his military training reforms and for his death at the Battle of Corunna , in which he repulsed [1] a French army under Marshal Soult during the Peninsular War. After the war General Sarrazin wrote a French history of the battle, which nonetheless may have been written in light of subsequent events, stating that "Whatever Buonaparte may assert, Soult was most certainly repulsed at Corunna; and the British gained a defensive victory, though dearly purchased with the loss of their brave general Moore, who was alike distinguished for his private virtues, and his military talents.

He attended Glasgow High School , but at the age of eleven joined his father and Douglas, the young year-old 8th Duke of Hamilton , — , his father's pupil, on a grand tour of France, Italy and Germany. This included a two-year stay in Geneva , where Moore's education continued. He first saw action in during the American War of Independence as a lieutenant in the 82nd Regiment of Foot , which was raised in Lanarkshire for service in North America by the 8th Duke of Hamilton.

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From he was garrisoned at Halifax, Nova Scotia. In , he distinguished himself in action during the Penobscot Expedition in present-day Maine, when a small British detachment held off a much larger rebel American force until reinforcements arrived. After the war, in , he returned to Britain and in was elected to Parliament as the Member for Lanark Burghs , a seat he held until In , he was made Major and joined the 60th briefly before returning to the 51st. In his unit was assigned to the Mediterranean and he was involved in campaigning in the invasion of Corsica and was wounded at Calvi.

Moore played a leading role in the British reconquest of St. Lucia , which at the time had been occupied by a group of slave rebels under the nominal control of the local French Republican administrator Victor Hugues.

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He retook Fort Charlotte in with the 27th Inniskilling Fusiliers after 2 days of bitter fighting. As an honour the Fusiliers, regimental colour was displayed on the flagstaff of the captured fortress at Morne Fortune for an hour before being replaced by the Union Jack.

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In , he was made Major-General and served in the suppression of the republican rebellion raging in Ireland. His personal intervention was credited with turning the tide at the battle of Foulksmills on 20 June and he regained control of Wexford town before the ruthless General Lake , thereby possibly preventing its sacking. Although the rebellion was crushed with great brutality, Moore stood out from most other commanders for his humanity and refusal to perpetrate atrocities.

Another point of view on Moore is referenced - "Despite this, Moore issued orders for his troops to treat the locals as harshly as possible and to take any provisions they needed for three weeks. In May, British troops scoured West Cork searching for arms burning homes and generally terrorizing the common people. Moore himself wrote the moment a single redcoat appears, everyone flees. The official disarming of West Cork was completed by the 23rd of May. Moore and his troops had found pikes and 3, firearms, and large numbers of suspected United Irishmen were arrested. In , he commanded a brigade in the Helder Expedition , where the British campaign failed and he himself was seriously injured.

He recovered to lead the 52nd regiment during the British campaign in Egypt against the French, having become colonel of that regiment in on the death of General Cyrus Trapaud. He returned to Great Britain in to command a brigade at Shorncliffe Army Camp near Folkestone , where he established the innovative training regime that produced Britain's first permanent light infantry regiments. He had a reputation as an exceptionally humane leader and trainer of men; it is said that when new buildings were being constructed at the camp and the architect asked him where the paths should go, he told him to wait some months and see where the men walked, then put the paths there.

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Sir Arthur Bryant wrote, " Moore's contribution to the British Army was not only that matchless Light Infantry who have ever since enshrined his training, but also the belief that the perfect soldier can only be made by evoking all that is finest in man - physical, mental and spiritual ". When it became clear that Napoleon was planning an invasion of Britain, Moore was put in charge of the defence of the coast from Dover to Dungeness. It was on his initiative that the Martello Towers were constructed complementing the already constructed Shorncliffe Redoubt , following a pattern he had been impressed with in Corsica, where the prototype tower, at Mortella Point, had offered a stout resistance to British land and sea forces.

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