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Mika Absolutely accurate. Fantastic website. Rahul Hi these is good. Latif Siddiqui Very usefull,thanks. Psycho 5G here very fast. Who am I? I am an unsigned rapper and singer from Pittsburgh. Most importantly, I am building a fan base. I don't really like the word "fan" and prefer supporters or better yet community, but for simplicity sake, we will say fan and fan base here in this article. My hope is we get to a gift economy in the VERY near future.

Meantime lets share in the spirit of collaboration and NOT competition! Don't Do Free Shows I love to perform and connect with people, I've probably done around free shows over the years. It's amazing practice, but once you get to a point where you feel like you have confidence in creating an engaging live show, I suggest not continuing to do it without some compensation.

Unless of course it's for a cause you care about, it can be a lot of effort and time that does not amount to very much tangible support. The sound systems at most shows asking you to perform for free could also be a poor representation of your voice and generally folks won't know your music, so there will be little engagement.

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Especially if you are a rapper, your lyrics might be too hard understand. You may get a few die hard fans from a show, but that same effort you put into an online marketing campaign could yield thousands of new die hard supporters. At the same time, I don't suggest not performing for more than a month or two, to keep you limber and in touch.

How are you supposed to make your email to them stand out? When I started reaching out to blogs many years ago, the volume of emails coming to these sites wasn't as large. I definitely received some blog love, and it helped my SEO a great deal, but more and more folks are making amazing music, which is awesome , and this marketing strategy of emailing music blogs is now over-saturated.

Just imagine how many submissions Stereo Gum and Pitchfork get? And, getting no response, time and time again can be a discouragement that you don't deserve - but don't worry, blogs will start reaching out to you , once you build a fan base. I never contacted them asking them for an interview Don't Worry About "Getting Signed" 95 percent of signed artists fail. With those odds, it makes more sense to learn the new music business on your own.

You can stay Independent and keep control of your music by learning and applying the principles of marketing to your music. You'll have a better shot at sustainability than if you sign somewhere and let a label with a 5 percent success rate manage your career. Not to mention the control they will have over your creativity and image.

I partnered with someone that loves my music and loves marketing, and it helps if you love and enjoy each other as people and have similar spiritual and creative interests! Having my own marketing and events firm didn't hurt, but it was about making many financial and PR mistakes and learning from them that actually created the sustainability. Give your marketing person a piece of your potential profits and all the love you can muster as this type of support is such a precious gift to an artist. There is a ton of great music and lots of talented artists out there, but there seems to be very few talented marketers in the music industry.

It's a copyright license you put on your music that allows you to let others download your music for free and use it for whatever they want. They just have to give you credit for it. This is a very unique and new marketing strategy that will get you many new fans.

How I "Made It" in the Music Industry: My Top 10 Tips

If you are not comfortable doing this, that's understandable, because I was not at first. Why would we spend hard-earned money and time writing, recording, mixing, and mastering my music only to give away for free?

I argued for a long time with my partner about it, and the value of art. It wasn't that I wanted to make a ton of money off of my music, but I wanted to stand for the value of all art in general. But in the end I trusted his instinct -- giving away all 5 of my albums for free. I also am not into the monetary system as it is anyway and loved that anyone could have access to music, even if they couldn't afford it. These sites host CC music and have large member bases so you'll immediately start to see plays and downloads.

You have begun to build a fan base! There are definitely more of these types of sites -- Google them. You are, but there will still be people that want to support you by purchasing it. Then there are the people that won't even know your music is free - they'll also buy it or stream it on Spotify. Even though Spotify only pays less than a penny a stream , don't worry about money, just be happy that you actually get streamed and are growing a fan base for your art!

Those are the only ones that really matter IMO. Let Others Make Money Off Of Your Music This may seems strange and make some feel uncomfortable, but yes -- let others make money off of your music, without paying you anything. What does this mean exactly?

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Remember that Creative Commons license you signed up for? You already agreed to this. You're letting others use your music for their own financial gain as long as they give you credit. Good news -- this will get you even more fans!!! Here's how you can let others make money off of your music:. What's a Youtube content creator? Search on Youtube how to paint your nails , how to grow tomatoes , how to downgrade windows 8 , how to learn karate!

Don't be one of them. If you want to know how to use these correctly, "i. Enjoy your knowledge without criticizing others. You were probably taught to always avoid split infinitives. If you see what I did there, congratulations. But keep it to yourself when you're critiquing others' work. I guarantee you have more important battles to fight. Sure, it can be annoying, but so many people do this that maybe it can't really be considered wrong anymore: They begin a comparison but don't finish it. For example, they say something like, "Our company's products are better, cheaper, and more efficient.

Most of us understand that they simply mean they're efficient--maybe in comparison to their previous performance, or to other options. These are two distinct words and phrases, but they're used almost interchangeably, even though technically they shouldn't be. The trick here is that most of us understand that we're not supposed to use double negatives, which means that most often they're being used intentionally incorrectly.

Correct the speaker, and you'll come off like the only person who doesn't get the joke. This is the coup de grace, because even those of us who write for a living, and who think we know all the rules, most often don't. For example, perhaps your grammar teacher in high school told you never to start a sentence with a conjunction. But he or she was wrong. Like this column?