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We want them to back the opposition if they intervene. Party structure: According to the PUK's website, the party's decision-making body is an elected Leadership Council of 32 members.

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The Leadership Council elects the secretary-general and an 11 member Political Bureau, which is in charge of the day-to-day management of the organisation. BBC Monitoring , based in Caversham in southern England, selects and translates information from radio, television, press, news agencies and the Internet from countries in more than 70 languages. News Ticker. Text Only. Change to World.

Jalal Talabani : PUK secretary-general. Full coverage. Global voices on Iraq.

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Inspectors' report: Point by point. This is fundamental in creating the time and space in which leaders can attempt to up their game, hence producing a simultaneous win for the leaders lower stress and more time to lead , employees, and customers. Develop alternative To-Be Leadership Profiles.

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With this input and the completed BOL Grids, the three teams are then charged with creating from two to four Leadership Canvases for a given leadership level with each depicting a leadership profile that they believe would be far better able to drive a large increase in organisation performance and unlock new leadership space. By demanding two to four Leadership Canvases per level, team members are forced to think deeply about leadership and are able to present alternate variations of Leadership Profiles that respond to dominant points made by buyers and users of leadership in the company.

The teams usually take two to three weeks of drawing and redrawing their leadership canvases.


Again for small organisations, they may only have one level of leadership and hence may only need to develop alternative leadership profiles for that level. Blue ocean leadership, in contrast, is action-based just as strategy is. It focuses on what acts and activities leaders need to do to provide a leap in motivation and business results driven by people, not on who they need to be. This difference in emphasis has an important consequence for the time and resources needed to bring about a change for high performance.

But changing acts and activities is something that any individual can do, given the right feedback and guidance. Move on to step three. After the alternative To-Be Leadership Canvases are developed, organisations are ready to move on to step three of the process. The fair starts with the overall team describing the process they went through and the As-Is Leadership Canvases that became apparent for the three levels in the first step of the process.

Present the To-Be Leadership Profiles.

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Having set the stage, the teams then move on to present the To-Be Leadership Profiles to unlock new leadership space and a step change in leadership performance. Typically, the team that focused on frontline leaders presents their corresponding Leadership Canvases first. The pictures are hung on the walls so the audience can easily see them. After the To-Be Leadership Profiles are presented, the invited attendees are each given three post-it notes and told to put one next to their favourites or up to all three on a single canvas if they found it that compelling.

After everyone has voted, the senior team probes attendees on why they voted as they did. Once completed the same process is then repeated for the two other leadership levels. It is useful to deal with each leadership level separately in terms of presentation and voting for the practicality of memory recall. Have top management select the To-Be Leadership Profiles to move forward on. The eventual outcome after about four hours of the Leadership Fair is that the senior team has before them a clear picture of the current Leadership Profiles of each level, the completed BOL Grids of what leadership acts and activities buyers and users of leadership at each level believe should be eliminated, reduced, raised and created, and a selection of To-Be Leadership Profiles to create a step change in leadership performance.

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Another major reason why implementation is already being sown here is that the whole meeting is all part of an overall fair process approach where the decision taken on the Leadership Profiles going forward is the result of exposition, voting, feedback, and executive selection and explanation of their eventual choices. At BRG, voting was done by plus people. This included eliminating a range of organisational blockages and low value added reporting processes that kept frontline leaders at their desks instead of being on the floor coaching call center people on everything that mattered to customer happiness and business success.

Previously, the middle was perceived as looking for errors in what the frontline did and silencing or squelching any frontline manager attempting to do anything other than follow the book. Now that was changed. The To-Be Leadership Profile also included new actions like bringing frontline leaders together to share best practices and learn so they could be more effective. Their job was now understood to manage and integrate the collective knowledge of frontline leaders and their staff to solve important organisational problems.

Instead of controlling, and forcing compliance to rulebooks and processes, they were to provide face-to-face coaching and ongoing feedback. To reinforce this, middle management was given responsibility for performance, not control, of frontline leaders. The fast-paced, changing business landscape made careful strategic thinking more important as the past was no longer a linear projection to the future. It also required less time on solving problems and putting out fires and more time to think about which problems to solve, map strategies, develop consensus on major strategic shifts, and develop talent, which is what the to-be leadership profile provided for.

The frontline leaders were enthused and ready to charge, and almost felt like they were given a new lease on life.