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Many mystery fans have said they don't generally like science fiction but loved these stories and science fiction fans who didn't think mysteries and science fiction mixed as if Asimov's Elijah Bailey stories never existed have gotten hooked on the world of History Professor and former FBI profiler Carolyn Masters and the blunt and sometimes obnoxious Michael Cheravik, professor of criminology and former Dallas homicide detective. This boxed set includes the first three novels in the series.

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Dark Side of the Moon This is the book that began the phenomenon. Following the death of her mother, Carolyn Masters needed a change. Leaving her position at University of California, Merced for Armstrong University on the moon was supposed to be a new life and an escape from the demons of her past. However, she isn't on the moon long before her colleague and Lunar Independence advocate John Martinez is murdered. Being the first official murder on the moon, the local police are out of their depth and call in her curmudgeonly adversary Michael Cheravik to lead the investigation, and he calls her.

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Together they must unravel the mystery of the professor's death, stop a terrorist attack on Earth and maybe fight a few demons of their own. Forecast: Murder Weather forecasts on the moon are percent accurate because the undergound towns in the newly independent Luna Republic make their own weather. So, when the weather report on the news was wrong, Carolyn knew something was wrong. The phone call from Micheal confirmed it. Someone was sabotaging the weather. Before long their investigation uncovers the dark side of sports wrestling, cigarette smuggling, steroids for the brain and a serial killer.

Murder is a Family Affair Dexter Harrington III's passion for dressing up like a vampire and hanging out in goth bars was an embarrassment for his family. The Harrington's were one of the moon's old money families. But when Dexter's body is found with a stake through his heart, Carolyn and Mike must enter the dark world of vampire play and the even darker worlds of corporate secrets and old family money.

Unraveling the mystery of Dexter's death uncovers family rivalries going back generations and a terrorist plot which could kill thousands.

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Also included in the collection are three mini-mysteries and excerpts from two soon to be released novels in the series. Download a sample today and join the others who have become fans of the Dark Side of the Moon series. Read more Read less. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Not Enabled. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

Showing of 9 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Very interesting plot, great characters. There's humor, mystery, science fiction and romance. The characters are well developed, with interesting backgrounds. The story takes place in the future, on the moon and the two main characters, Caroline and Mike, have been hired as professors at the local university.

Their different perspectives of life as well as they different personalities are shown during their conversations. Though very different, they also complement each other quite well, which is good because some months after their arrival, they are asked to head the investigation of the first official murder on the moon. Caroline uses her knowledge of human psychology to profile criminals, the way a character from "Criminal Minds" would.

Mike, on the other hand is an expert in criminology so you could compare him to a CSI. What makes this book work, however, is the human aspect of the story. After all, underneath all the futuristic gadgets, this book reads like a cozy mystery. There are some typos and several other errors that should have been corrected by an editor, but the story is so compelling that I was still glued to the book.

Terri Main is a fabulous writer. I have loved her cent Bible studies and now love this mystery series. This book includes three full-length mysteries, three mini-mysteries and two excerpts from upcoming books. I loved everything in the package. I will have to read more of her fiction. I loved this story. It really made it seem plausible that some day people will actually live on the moon almost as comfortably as we do today here on earth. The action was easy to follow and the characters seemed like real people, some good and some not so good.

Intriguing stories. If you like cozy mysteries in exotic settings, this is for you. Couldn't make it past first chapter! Lesson learned. Never buy an e-book without trying a sample first!! Format: Kindle Edition. In an attempt to distance herself from that past, she takes a teaching position at the lunar university at Armstrong City. But the manipulated atmosphere of the doomed city creates a mask hiding the less controlled elements of the lunar independence movement. What at first appears a cut-and-dried case becomes a complex mystery that threatens even Earth.

The mystery is a good, old-fashion who-dun-it. Even a what-dun-it. Carolyn gets saddled with an abrasive ex-cop, Michael. Between the two, peeling back one layer of the mystery leaves them with yet another puzzle to solve.

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  6. The only potential downside would be for mystery readers who want quick action. Main focuses on character and world building for the first few chapters. And it really is in the world and characters that Main excelled. Both are not only believable, but have depth and richness usually found in more seasoned authors. There are only two hiccups to that believability factor. One, Main has obviously done her homework on the science. Much of it follows hard science in potential near-future abilities. Other than that one scientific miss, I found the science very believable, so overall she gets a high score on that account.

    Two, there is room for improvement in the dialog. Main portrayed a Christian character authentically, rather than the caricatures one tends to find on either side of the fence. Both Christian and secular readers have little to fear here. Another area that the reader will enjoy in this book is the descriptions.

    The beginning has a touch of A Space Odyssey to it as we follow her on the trip to the Moon. Note: I received an ebook from the author upon which this review is based. My rating: 4. Carolyn Masters, ex-FBI profiler and current University instructor, is recruited to assist Mike Cheravik in an uncommon murder investigation. Carolyn and Mike are both haunted by their pasts, but other than a shared determination to catch the killer, seem to have little else in common.

    This book abounds with gadgetry and processes that the author envisions for our future about ninety years hence. For example, the My rating: 4. For example, there will be small food storage containers Tupperware comes to mind that self-refrigerate — how cool is that?

    Also, the author has created delightful and meaningful slang expressions. For example, on the moon someone from earth may be called a leadbottom or perhaps bouncer. There are many more such terms, but you should discover them for yourself. For the most part, the structure was tight, though I did feel it unraveled just a bit in a few isolated places. I had fun while reading this book, there was plenty of science to go along with the fiction, but it was also surprisingly free of techno-babble — which I seriously appreciated. I look forward to reading more books from this author.

    Laurie Reviewer for Night Owl Reviews For many, many reasons, I'd love to give this book more stars. The middle-aged amateur sleuth isn't such an amateur after all.

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    She has multiple degrees and teaches university courses--on the moon! But she worked for the FBI for a few years back in the day, so she knows her way around a crime scene and is a master profiler. When a rare murder occurs in the lunar colony, she's called on to For many, many reasons, I'd love to give this book more stars. When a rare murder occurs in the lunar colony, she's called on to use her skills to solve the mystery.

    And she does this very well. Terri Lynn Main has written a very enjoyable book about the near-future colonization of the Moon I can only wish it were sooner. The SF is technically good; the mystery is well-wrought. Here's my down side, and this is a totally personal take on it. The MC, Carolyn, mentions her religion multiple times. It's a topic in several conversations.

    That would be fine if the mystery involved some kind of religious cult where her knowledge of religion plays into solving the crime. Unfortunately, the mentions of Carolyn's Christianity has zero to do with the plot and, IMO, shouldn't have been included. It did not add to the story and detracted from it for me. View 2 comments. Oct 20, Julie rated it it was amazing. This book is this the first in a series.

    A mystery set on the moon. Unique location and consequences of being there. Such as compensating for the difference in gravity. I enjoyed the character development and depth. I look forward to reading the rest of the series. I was intrigued by the beginning of this book.

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    7. It reminded me of many of the science fiction classics I read in my childhood with its description of the technology of a trip from the Earth to the Moon. I learned a lot of science and astronomy from reading science fiction. But it fell off the rails rather quickly for me when the moon colony was described as a Victorian recreation. This wasn't essential to the plot in any way, but it was disruptive. The story follows many of the conventions of a co I was intrigued by the beginning of this book.

      The story follows many of the conventions of a cozy mystery, with elements of a police procedural. Carolyn Masters, the heroine, worked for the FBI before becoming a college professor, and Michael Cheravik, also a college professor, was formerly a Dallas homicide detective. Since this ideal colony has little crime and has never been faced with a murder before, our two professors with law enforcement experience investigate the case.

      3 Unsolved Moon Mysteries

      There were several things that kept taking me out of the story. One was that this book could have used a proofreading. There is a lot of missing and misplaced punctuation. It also appeared as if the author had done a search and replace on a few terms, but both ways appeared in the text. There's even one scene which looks like a portion was rewritten, but one version follows the other in the book.

      A second problem was Carolyn's pattern of speech. She does not use contractions. It works because it's done so smoothly that I didn't even notice it until he mentioned it in an interview. In the case of Carolyn Masters, it makes her speech choppy and affected. Halfway through the book this is explained, but then her dialogue changes degrees--all contractions, slang, cut-off words, etc. Another thing that bothered me was the lack of convincing worldbuilding. With the premise that Carolyn is a professor specializing in mid-twentieth century history and culture, all the references to music and television shows are from that time period.

      There's no development of current future forms of entertainment or fashion or politics or much technology. Lastly, it seemed as if the last part of the book was rushed. Several mysteries are solved in quick succession bringing back characters I barely remembered. This is not a bad book and I would consider reading more in the series, but it was too flawed to give it more than two stars.

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      When history professor and former FBI profiler, Carolyn Masters takes a position at Armstrong University on the Moon, she thinks she has left the past behind her. As the investigation progresses, they find that they must not only solve the mur When history professor and former FBI profiler, Carolyn Masters takes a position at Armstrong University on the Moon, she thinks she has left the past behind her. As the investigation progresses, they find that they must not only solve the murder, but stop a terrorist plot against Earth, and maybe exorcise the demons of their past.

      I greatly enjoyed this taut mystery and found myself on the edge of my seat through much of it, although there were a few very funny scenes as people adjusted to lunar gravity—especially the part about the Thanksgiving turkey. Do not read that while eating or drinking! Main has definitely done her homework and I found her transportation system fascinating. A huge balloon inserts capsules into orbit and their rockets jockey them toward L-5, the point at which the gravitational pull between the Earth and Moon is equal.

      For the idea of a cozy mystery on the moon I would give it five stars alone, for the plot. I would give it four, however I do have to give the rating of the book three stars. I like the lead characters, Carolyn Masters and Michael Cheravik and look forward to seeing the characters develop. I liked the sci fi and the mystery, however, editing and condensing is in need. Too many mistakes regarding relationships between characters, "niece not daughter", so many characters that the reader becomes con For the idea of a cozy mystery on the moon I would give it five stars alone, for the plot.

      Too many mistakes regarding relationships between characters, "niece not daughter", so many characters that the reader becomes confused, this is suppose to be a series other characters can be introduced later, not enough concentration on the characters that are important to the story, when one person is killed off I said "who".

      The three stars are because this was a good effort and intro.

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      However, when it came to some of the errors a good proof reading before posting should have solved that problem. Also in this introductory novel less would have been more, leaving something for the next book. What bothered me, the lifespan of humans has expanded to about , but the main character goes on about how old she is.