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In the end there might not be any way for him to do the correct thing at all. Reviews from Goodreads. Jump to: navigation , search. Please be aware that if you have not read the entire current and related series an article is placed in, you may be presented with spoiler information. Inside yourself. No, they just want him to go away. The only thing he knows for sure is that, in America, it ain't easy being green. Black or brown either.

Categories : The Infected Books. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Anything that you can think of that would be considered a simple pleasure like smelling a flower, watching a hummingbird drink nectar or even seeing a baby smile gives us joy. My greatest simple pleasure is reading and I truly thank the author for that pleasure, it has been a wonderful experience. When the series is finished with book three I still will have these reads on my bookshelves, and I can get them and revisit the characters as many times as I want. A book never expires, never loses its appeal and is always there to entertain when needed.

If you ever read a first book in a new series and thought the second book could not be as good or better wait till you read this one! What are you waiting for pre-order a copy today, I did! The book was received in exchange for an honest review and I have not received any other compensation from the author or publisher other than the pleasure I derived from reading about the characters in the story.

Dec 13, Nafiza rated it really liked it Shelves: read , source-review-books , books-i-own , read The only complaint I had with Tyger, Tyger was that it ended too soon. So when I got a chance to review In the Forests of the Night, I pounced on it like a cat sighting catnip.

Before I begin my review,let's talk about the the title. If you're not familiar with the poem, the titles of the series come from the famous poem by William Blake reproduced below for your benefit : TIGER, tiger, burning bright In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry? In wha The only complaint I had with Tyger, Tyger was that it ended too soon.

In what distant deeps or skies Burnt the fire of thine eyes? On what wings dare he aspire? What the hand dare seize the fire? And what shoulder and what art Could twist the sinews of thy heart? And when thy heart began to beat, What dread hand and what dread feet? What the hammer? In what furnace was thy brain? What the anvil? What dread grasp Dare its deadly terrors clasp? When the stars threw down their spears, And water'd heaven with their tears, Did He smile His work to see? Did He who made the lamb make thee?

Tiger, tiger, burning bright In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Dare frame thy fearful symmetry? Try reading it out loud. It's awesome fun. And yes, awesome fun is an adjective now that clearly describes both the poem and the experience that is reading In the Forests of the Night.

If you haven't read Tyger, Tyger yet, I'm not sure what you're waiting for but I'm assuming that you have read it and that's why you're reading this review so you know that the sequel is just as much if not more fun as the first book in the series. I seriously love Finn. In fact, I love all the characters in the novel but I have a soft spot for Finn because Forget Etienne, I want a Finn of my very own. He's just so irrepressible and so sincere, all at the same time. A guy who can combine parts goodness with parts naughtiness - he's just, well, an awesome character to read.

There is no love triangle I hear angels singing so there is no detracting from the relationship between the two. Finn aside, Kersten manages to sustain the very quality of the story that had me glued to Tyger, Tyger. Every character in the novel and there are many characters is distinct and well created and let me tell you, in a book with many characters, this is a feat worthy of genius.

And they all come together with their distinct personalities to create enervating chaos. A chaos that will have you giggling at times and thinking at others. The atmosphere, the camaraderie is beautifully done. Another thing I really liked about Forests is that it is an ode to literature, to writing, to the beauty in words. The mythology is just as tight and well thought as in the first book and I love how the traveling between the two worlds is almost seamless. There is no excessive melodrama and no campy feel to it. The book does what it aims to and what it aims to do is entertain.

I am pleased to say Teagan has bloomed in a distinct character of her own. I had felt that her characterization was weaker compared to others because they are all just so vibrant but she came into her own in this book and I can't wait to see how she develops further. I seriously liked this book. Again, I wished it was longer but I will take what I get. The cover's gorgeous too. If you haven't read the first book in the series, seriously, what are you waiting for?

And if are wondering about the second one, it's fantastic. Finn remains awesome and I totally am rooting for Aiden who just has to be the most awesome five year old out there. Feb 11, Judith rated it it was amazing. In the Forest of the Night, book 2 of the Goblin Wars, is just as exciting and fun to read as the first book, Tyger, Tyger. Teagan, Finn, and Aiden have rescued Tea's and Aiden's father and have made it out of Mag Mell alive, but things are not good. Teagan's dad is in bad shape and has lost his memory and the Dark Man's forces are after them.

A War is coming that will destroy her, her family, friends, and all of Chicago if she doesn't fight, so she will, and Teagan Wylltson is going to win.

Harold Osborn (Earth-616)

The Goblin War series is intended as a YA book but really it has a much wider appeal. The author Kersten Hamilton has created something that bridges the gap between YA fiction and adult fiction. The plot, characters, setting, and the juxtaposition of reality and fantasy works beautifully. I highly recommend the trilogy. Nov 12, Amelia, the pragmatic idealist added it Shelves: paranormal , point-of-view-girl , unfinished. I'll have to come back to this one. View all 3 comments.

Oct 23, Melissa Hayden rated it really liked it. When Finn comes to talk to her and reassure her things get crazy quickly in the full house of the Wylltsons'. Thomas starts sprouting feathers and cat-sidhe appear. The cat-sidhe want Aiden. As Fear Doirich wants Aiden. Mamieo doesn't like Thomas because he's a highborn, Roisin Teagan's Aunt is mad at her love, her father is still trying to get his memories back more of 3.

Mamieo doesn't like Thomas because he's a highborn, Roisin Teagan's Aunt is mad at her love, her father is still trying to get his memories back and straight. Oh and the social worker is coming around too. All craziness and then the goblins come back into their lives with threats to Teagan and she starts to change after a lick from Kyle.

A war is on it's way We start exactly where Tyger Tyger left off, Teagan's crying on the roof and Finn climbing the drain pipe to talk to her. Finn captures my heart once again at the get go here. Finn has turned Teagan's plans around, though she still wants to follow them, they now have a boyfriend attached somewhere in there. We see all the same characters again in this book. I do like the extra background Thomas, the shape-shifter, brings to the family of the goblin world Mag Mell.

It was his home and he is a highborn so he knows a great deal. We can't forget about Lucy the spirit living in Aidens' hair. Aiden gets to try a few new things with his special gift of song as well. Nice to see, and I hope to see more of him in the future. So many different characters and personalities in one house, it's funny from time to time.

Another wonderful YA book that I would hand over not needing the adults to read first. But I would say do read it for the fun and wonderful writing it is. This book went quickly for me as well. I love the Celtic lore tangled into the story and I get a little feel of a fairy land as well. That is one of the things that drew me into the first story as well. I really enjoy this mix. This book seems a little slower at first, but we need to get the setting set and the characters defined as everyone is growing and changing, which is wonderfully done with keeping us attracted to the book.

Then the action picks up and leaves you desiring the third book of the trilogy. I strongly suggest giving the Goblin Wars Trilogy a try.

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It's a wonderful read and you wont be disappointed. If you enjoy fairy type books, this goblin based trilogy could very much be for you. Dec 18, Grace rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy-or-syfy , paranormal. This is very rare for me. I don't usually enjoy the second book more than the first. In fact, if it weren't for a few disagreements on some small things, I'd give this five stars instead of four!

The plot picks up from where the first book left up. While I do think it took a while for things to actually get rolling, we do get more history of everything and a new character. Something happens to Tea that makes things a lot more complicated as a normal Highborn girl and as Finn's… whatever heart. Frankly, the events made Tea more real and I liked it. Good character development, even though the ending had me screaming at the book… at 1 in the morning. The characters each developed, while staying true to their original characteristics.

And they each seemed real. Finn and Teagen's relationship - though it makes me feel like it has some hints of imprinting like werewolves - still comes across real and uncertain. Finn is the kind of guy every girl would want: protective, faithful, funny and true. While he comes across a bit too perfect the guy's a freaking saint! Which made him less perfect in my eyes, so there. Anyway, so much for being a lover and not a fighter, huh? I got kinda sick with that, but I liked how true Tea tried to stay to her ideals. I was a little surprised when Finn said he would've been a lover too, given the chance, but whatever.

Just one more Finn facet, right? Tea developed a lot in this book, struggled with what was happening around her, but remained faithful to her family and friends and tried to protect them. You could almost see her lose her… humanness towards the end. And I really want the third book! Maybe I was paying more attention, but Hamilton's dialogue was more funny. While I'd still put her as an average contemporary writer when it comes to description, her dialogue between Tea, Abby and Finn had me grinning.

The characters came across more real because of the dialogue and Hamilton doing brilliantly keeping them in character. Hamilton does a seamless job in mixing the modern world and the… Irish? It's truly beautiful and enchanting and I can't wait to read the third book.

Nov 13, Julia rated it liked it Shelves: personal-dropbox. Her ability to drop information unobtrusively into the narrative was important, as her cast of characters is large and complex, and getting reacquainted took a few chapters. That getting to know you process is rewarding, however, as Teagan and her friends deal with the frenetic aftermath of their trip to the faerie realms.

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Teagan is under siege, with no clear path forward to secure the safety of her family and friends. It is not until the story is at it's most dangerous that things take on an eerie calm, as if the direct conflict itself smooths the way for Teagan to assess and solve the problem before her. Despite a rocky beginning, once Teagan finds her feet I really enjoyed this story.

Unfortunately, that was far enough into the book to knock this down one star over all. And for those who are as bad at keeping track of a large cast as I am, the ending of this book was more than worth the effort. Once Teagan sunk her teeth into the conflict, I was completely on board for book three. Full review at All Things Urban Fantasy. Sexual Content: Kissing. Her ability to drop information unobtrusively into the narrative was important, as it took me a few chapters to get reacquainted with the large cast of characters.

That getting to know you process is rewarding, however, as Teagan and her friends deal with the frenetic aftermath of their trip to Mag Mell. Though the overwhelming plot was a natural extension of the story Teagan is under siege, with no clear path forward to secure the safety of her family and friends , I struggled to keep up with her chaotic life. It is not until the story is at it's most dangerous that things take on an eerie calm, as if the direct conflict itself smooths the way for Teagan to assess and solve the problems before her. That transition came late enough in the story to put my rating at just under 4 bats, but the strong ending has me eagerly anticipating book three.

Sep 30, Rebecca rated it it was amazing. Teagan and Finn are back in book two of this series. I really enjoyed Tyger Tyger and could not wait for the next book in the series. Needless to say In the Forests of the Night did not disappoint. It was so amazing and just as good if not better than the first book. I really feel like In the Forests of The Night has an addictive quality about it. I started reading it and when in no time pages had flown by. I'm usually a slow reader so when I can just fly through a book it is generally a sign Teagan and Finn are back in book two of this series.

I'm usually a slow reader so when I can just fly through a book it is generally a sign of a really good book. I loved the whole story and it was really great getting back into the whole magical world of Fear Doirich and Mag Mell. I really love Celtic mythology and this book is just packed with it. I loved reading about Aiden's magical ability and getting to know some of the other characters better. I also love Teagan and Finn, they seem like such a cool couple and I really love the way they interact with each other. Overall, I would have to say that I absolutely loved In the Forests of the Night, it's a brilliant book and I know I'm going to be highly awaiting the release of the next book.

If you love fantasy and you haven't read this or the first book, Tyger Tyger yet, you are definitely missing out! Oct 21, Brenda rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , young-adult. I wasn't disappointed, and while I think I prefer the first book, the writing in this one was every bit as good. Kersten Hamilton has a knack for writing a story that flows. It's easy to get caught up in her world and want to stay there until the very last page.

My biggest beef with the book was that they didn't get to Mag Mell until over halfway into the book, and that's the most interesting aspect to the story f I really enjoyed Tyger Tyger and was excited to get to In the Forests of the Night. My biggest beef with the book was that they didn't get to Mag Mell until over halfway into the book, and that's the most interesting aspect to the story for me.

I love fantasy lands, so I wanted to spend a little more time there than we did. The parts that were there were fabulous, though. I enjoy the characters in this series, and like how they all have a distinct voice. Teagan is a strong female character that teens can admire, and the romance between her and Finn was well done.

No "I must have you or I'll die" type romance here, but a more realistic, typical teen romance, which I really liked. I would recommend this series to YA fantasy fans, and will be looking forward to reading more from this talented author. Sep 08, A. I will let the following excerpt show why I love this book so much: "Why don't you go right down and kill the creature now?

PANDEMIC Trailer (Book III in the INFECTED Trilogy)

Not after I have seen that he loves the girl as strong and right as I loved my Rory. Not if I knew what was growing in him" "Then how about the day before he met the girl? Before he ever loved at all? I really loved the way it came through, demonstrated in the actions and dialogues of so many characters. Aug 10, William Heron rated it it was amazing. I loved 'Tyger Tyger', so I was really looking forward to the next in the series. I wasn't disappointed. The characters are just as interesting, the story moves at a great pace, and there are new creatures and happenings in Mag Mell that we haven't seen before.

It was a bit darker than 'Tyger Tyger', but in a necessary way. Can't wait for number three! I enjoy the story and characters, this was good. Jun 20, Sara rated it really liked it. While it was still intriguing and kept me entertained throughout, I think I liked the first book better. The story continues where Tyger Tyger ended. The author put the last few pages of the first book in the prologue to remind you what happened. I thought this was a smart way to recap what happened in the first book.

Usually authors weave the recap into the first chapter or two of the next book, along In the Forests of the Night is the second book in the Goblin Wars trilogy by Kersten Hamilton. Usually authors weave the recap into the first chapter or two of the next book, along with whatever is happening now. I always try to skim the recap paragraphs and end up missing important new details, so I have to go back and reread those paragraphs again.

Tyger Tyger was paced well, and the last quarter of the book was filled with action and was super fast-paced. In the Forests of the Night, on the other hand, was slower-paced, with little action until the end. It focused more on what happened in the aftermath of Tyger Tyger and how the characters coped with these changes. I did like that there were more humorous moments in this book, though. For example, there is one scene where Ms. I also liked how chaotic the first few chapters were. Finn and Teagan officially become a couple in this book.

I really liked how level-headed she was about it. I was a bit disappointed that they only kissed once, and it was at the end of the book. I wanted there to be more swoon-worthy moments. Maybe in the next book? One thing I was confused about was Roisin. How did she know what they asked her?

In the Forests of the Night (Goblin Wars, #2) by Kersten Hamilton

I just feel that it was a bit unrealistic. There are so many questions I have no answers for by the end of In the Forests of the Night! Dec 02, Subhajit Das rated it really liked it. The book actually caught my attention from the book description itself. The gripping and authentic portrayal of the phases in every aspect are the base strengths of the book.

Hooking elements are there at times which kept the reading flow in a simple and uninterrupted way. Undoubtedly a captivating read for me. Would love to recommend this surely. Thank you. Mar 13, Roxane rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , young-adult , goblin. As always when continuing a series you particularly enjoyed, there's always a strange mix of excitement and apprehension. What if the sequels don't live up to the first book? Well, there's no point in maintaining any melodramatic suspens here, I loved the second book as much as I loved the first though these are two very different books.

It seems somewhat surreal that after journeying and surviving Mag Mell, Teagan an As always when continuing a series you particularly enjoyed, there's always a strange mix of excitement and apprehension. It seems somewhat surreal that after journeying and surviving Mag Mell, Teagan and Aidan actually need to start their daily routines again school, medical appointments, part-time jobs, etc.

Things are quite clear though, Tea has not given up on her dreams and ambitions despite her mother's death, the revelation that she is part goblin, her love for Finn and the diminution of her father.

This is one strong and inspiring female character Kersten Hamilton has created and it's so good to see that her mind hasn't evaporated because 'Sexy Beast' as he likes to be called has come into the picture. Tea has her plan and she will try to fit Finn in it but they need to have their own lives and be able to stand on their own two feet before becoming an item.

This is how book 2 differs from Tyger, Tyger. We are familiar with the characters by now, we know the background, we know the stakes. This second book contains less action than the first but then action is not what the book is about.

That doesn't mean that there's nothing going on, there's actually quite a bit going on but this time, it's all about discovering new facets of the main characters, especially Teagan. There's of course her growing love for Finn but even that is broached in a way it hardly ever is in a lot of YA novels. Generally, parents are too quickly done away with because well, they're parents and we always think we're better off without them. Plus, their deaths or disappearances also serve as good plot devices to explain the main protagonist's vulnerability Not here, Tea does miss her mother and her father has yet to fully recover from his visit to Mag Mell but he still maintains his role as a parent.

It seems in a lot of YA novels, teens end up living under the same roof due to impossible circumstances. All those hormones, someone has too keep an eye over them. John Wyllston's character is endearing, charming and witty and he makes sure that both Finn and Tea keep a foot in the real world. Love is all nice and well, but there's a lot more to it than just love at first sight. John makes Finn and Tea wonder how well they actually know one another and the answer is of course, not very much. It's interesting to see such topics raised in a YA novel, especially in a fantasy one when more often than not the story stops when the main characters run off into the sunset and the reader can only assume that they'll live happily ever after.

I really appreciate this level of reality being thrown into an epic fantasy story. It's unfortunately too much of a rarity. This is what best describes the entire novel: in Tea's image, it finds its roots into two worlds, one is that of fantasy and Mag Mell and the other is the real world. Tea is also face with another dilemma. She has mixed heritage and her actions will decide which part will overcome the other. Ideally, we wouldn't want it to be the goblin part, but what Tea did to make sure Aidan, Finn and herself escaped Mag Mell in book 1 has somehow tipped the balance.

And her dear goblin cousins intend to make it tip yet further. This inner struggle which also has physical consequences is very interesting to withhold, especially if you analyse it through the angle of cultural diversity. Tea is convinced that she will become evil as the goblin side of her grows and matures but as Finn remarks, her new powers have not changed who she is at the core and it's really about hanging to your beliefs and staying true to yourself no matter how original and mismatched that self might be.

Your identity needn't be black or white pun not intended but generally comes in all shades of gray and in fact, in all shapes and sizes as it shouldn't be a homogeneous whole. In that way, despite their differences, the first two books in this series share a similar strength: excellent characterization Some say that the second book in a series is often the calm before the storm, that it builds up for the final chapter the third might not be the final. The ending of book 2 will certainly makes you feel this way. There's a reason why the series is called The Goblin War, a war is coming.

And it's hard to think you'll have to wait a year to know what's coming next. I feel like there was so much in this book that I haven't touched upon I haven't even mentioned Aidan I cannot recommend this series highly enough. Not only is it original and fun, it's also clever and unputdownable. If you haven't had a taste of it yet, now's your chance to read Tyger, Tyger before In the Forests of the Night comes out this November! And good news! Which Teagan then touches and analyses.

I had mentioned in my review of "Tyger Tyger" that it took the book a while to get to the good parts, but that the end of the book was really goo "In The Forests of the Night" is the sequel to "Tyger Tyger" which I read last month. I had mentioned in my review of "Tyger Tyger" that it took the book a while to get to the good parts, but that the end of the book was really good. I started In the Forests a little hesitantly, because I was definitely hoping for more of that goodness.

The story picks up directly where the first one ended, with the emergency of one character suddenly shape shifting into an animal. Teagan and Finn then sit and discuss their love with each other. Wait, did I mention there was an emergency? Is this really the best time to be discussing this?? Also, they talk about full out marriage to each other. Right… Oh, and of course this love thing is one of the focuses of the remainder of the book. Teagan does eventually get back to the Goblin Kingdom. But not until the last 50 pages of the book. And even then she literally just takes a quick walk through and then gets sent back to her own world.

What happens before that? Well, mostly the characters just talk. The one really annoying thing with In the Forests is that Teagan is an expert in everything. I have nothing against smart girls — I usually prefer that the main character is a smart, strong, independent woman. Teagan is smart in everything. And it drives me nuts. I think the worst part of all of this is that her best friend Abby is portrayed as really stupid. I felt that Teagan was putting Abby down every time she corrected her, and it really just felt too mean. I would really love to see Abby put Teagan in her place and show that she can be smart too.

But then of course the book got me a little excited, because Teagan is set to go into the Goblin Kingdom by herself. Finally, the expert is taking on the Dark Man on her own as an independent and strong woman. Except that Finn sneaks in at the last moment so that the two lovers can travel together. Because of course the love story needs to be front and center. So in conclusion, not a lot happens in this installment until the very last part of the book. There is a lot of talking and walking and not much more. Well, and the love story.

Were there parts that I liked? There were the same mythological references, branching out to historical and literary figures like Shakespeare and Merlin. That was awesome. But there was less than in the first book, and I wish that so much more of the story could have been in the other world. Will I read the third book? But only to see if it can bring back what I loved in the first place — an amazing scenery with really interesting mythological references, revolving around a young teen and her family. Mar 20, Har. One of the better second books I've read this year. While there wasn't anything fantabulous or edge-of-your-seat about it, I found it to still be a good, fun and fast read, much like the first book.

It starts off with everyone, and I mean everyone, living in the same house. The characters have to deal with the usual problems of living in a crowded house. A man turning into a raven just as a social worker is coming over. Going to school with a fairy living in your hair. The love lives of gorillas. Normal everyday things. Not to mention shadow-y, ghost like things with portents of death! I liked it because it was like a real continuation of the first book, when usually we have to catch up with what happens between the first and second book with summaries and vague references.

Thank goodness we wrote a review about it so I could familiarize myself again. Aiden is still adorable, Teagen is still rational and Finn is… well, Finn. Caitlin: It is very important to note that Aiden is, indeed, still adorable. I highly enjoyed the dinner he arranged so he could sing something specific. And the fairy living in his hair. And I liked how Teagan still had her own ambitions and desires despite all the new people in her life and the new desires that came along with finding who and what she was…and meeting Finn. She was willing to change to fit everything in but she was not willing to give up what she wanted.

I liked that about her. Christine: Me too. Teagan is such a great character. I like her. Now Finn is another matter entirely. It makes me want to roll my eyes and grin at his attempt at an endearing pet name. Encapsulating their characters very well. Caitlin: Honestly, the couple I absolutely need to make it out of this in one piece is the gorillas.

I was little torn up about what happened to them. I love those gorillas. Christine: I love the gorillas, too. And even though there was some heavy stuff that went down in this book, Kersten Hamilton still made it a fun read. It was light and enjoyable, and went by faster than I wanted it to. Apr 08, Whatchyareading added it Shelves: caitlin , fantasy , christine , series , young-adult. Reviewed at WhatchYAreading on December 6, Nov 22, Eve rated it really liked it.

I'm pleased to report that the elements which made Tyger Tyger a wonderful fantasy novel re-appear in the second of the Goblin Wars trilogy by Kersten Hamilton, In the Forests of the Night. My favorite character, then as now, the cute-as-a-button five-year-old Aiden, is even more endearing. Mamieo is still a feisty firecracker of a grandmother.