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He was also a philanthropist who helped many charitable causes and individuals. One such cause that was of great importance to Mr. Heinlein was blood donation. In , Mr. Heinlein helped to organize the first of many science fiction convention blood drives. The Heinlein Society was formed to preserve the legacy of Robert Heinlein, not only in North America, but around the world. Please stop by their table located in the Marriott Marquis concourse area to sign up to donate your blood to this worthy cause.

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Relations Division Senior Director Dave Cody. Goldenrod Ribbon Exhibitor Red Ribbon Dealer Pink Ribbon Artist White Ribbon If you are ordering by mail, please be sure to indicate second choices as we have very few of some remaining. Fuchsia Ribbon Parade Participant Teal Ribbon Masquerade Participant Lilac Ribbon Film Festival Participant Maroon Ribbon Dinosaur illustrator William Stout updated it, rendering it in brilliant color with a touch of computer magic by artist David Robinson.

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Hyde and the Phantom of the Opera. Romero Mickey Rooney George Takei. The Julie is bestowed for universal achievement spanning multiple genres, selected each year by our esteemed panel of industry professionals. Our inaugural recipient in was science fiction and fantasy Grandmaster Ray Bradbury. Master of Ceremonies for the Banquet is Phil Foglio. Featured entertainment includes musical performances by violinist, Paul Mercer, and an appearance by Magician, Misty Lee.

Georgia Fandom Awards Georgia Fandom Award is presented for outstanding T hecontributions to the genre by a Georgia writer, artist, or fan. An award is given for the best film in each category. For , the genres are are: fantasy, science fiction, thriller, horror, horror comedy, comedy, parody, Drama, documentary, animated comedy, animated horror, and animated fantasy.

Our judges will select three finalists from each category, and choose one of those as first place. We also present two Best of Fest awards, one for live-action short and one for animated short, chosen from the category winners. The wining films will be announced in a ceremony on Monday, September 4th, at pm.

These are great films that are great fun to watch. When the evil farmer tosses a freshly dead puppet into his wood chipper, Scuttlebutt leader of the puppets is forced to take action. He pleads his fellow captives to follow him into battle against the man who has enslaved them. As always, the selection committee had a difficult job. We had many fine entries, but only enough slots for the very best.

These 73 films will entertain, enlighten, and even shock you. You even have an opportunity to see two Academy Award nominees. The shorts will screen in blocks built around a theme. There will be a block of all horror films and one of documentaries. There will be one of just animation and another with family films. Watch some short spoofs along with the comedy feature, Dork of the Rings.

Lovecraft, which will include several short works and the longer Strange Aeons, The Thing on the Doorstep. He encounters a washed out female bartender whose own tale makes his look like a cake walk. Drama, USA, 14 min. Most screenings will be in the Hyatt Learning Center. Will he make it on time? And what surprise will he find once he arrives? Big Red Ball is the compelling tale of an oversized playground ball that meets, then loses, the yellow ball of his its? Director Chuck Moore employs artful cinematography and a smoky jazz and blues score to create a playful homage to the classic French short, The Red Balloon.

A nurse, with more at stake than meets the eye, is willing to risk everything to find the truth in this sci-fi mind bender. If only he can get the crows, and the military, to leave him alone. The Erfinder family is full of great musicians—except for Suzy. Bruce is a test monkey who wants a banana. He just wants a banana. Poor Bruce. How far are they willing to go to sell their own project? Fantasy, USA, 6 min. Speewah and Crooked Mick yarns have been told since Europeans started getting lost in the Australian bush. Created to poke fun at the incredibly harsh and alien landscape, it is said that the Speewah lies west of the sunset where the crows fly backwards, to keep the dust out of their eyes.

We all have had our bad ideas, but putting those ideas to action separates those who are and are not senseless. When Benny sees the biggest coin he has ever seen he does not choose the best method of obtaining it. Thus, making his choice and outcome Centsless. Animated Comedy, USA, 7 min. A recently graduated ninja assassin is forced by the tight job marked, to become a stockboy at the local grocery.

The stones leak their colors as they glide down a rink. The game is over when all eight stones have been thrown. Jerry is an ordinary, if somewhat neurotic, office worker with a big date coming up. He also has a big problem. Part of his body has suddenly become big. Far too big. Chingaso has dedicated his life to avenge the murder of his parents by the clowns, and to do so, sets off for Messiah to become the one thing he hates: a clown.

Jampacked with intrigue, terror, and suspense. Conviser is a writer to watch. And maintains order with an iron fist. But a conspiracy is brewing to topple Echelon, and tumble the world into violence and chaos. Daniel, a physically scared bicycle messenger, watches her, afraid to get any closer.

When a dark rain falls, a devilish man appears and offers Daniel a deal which can only lead to tragedy, loss and sorrow. To prove to a mysterious woman swimming in the water that he is indeed a good fisherman, he uses a piece of sandwich as bait, but finds that what is in this lake is better off not being caught. Fantasy, USA, 8 min. After buying a house in the country, newlyweds Mark and Karen live in fear of a local fisherman who they deduce is a killer. As emotions run high, the tables turn to reveal the killer in us all. After her parents die in a tragic fire, a young girl is sent to an orphanage where she begins sketching fiery visions.

When the head of the orphanage sees her talent, he exploits her art for profit. After he demands more work, the girl unleashes a fire-breathing creation that takes on a life of its own. In a room alone, a writer ensnared with writers block, is bedeviled by a pesky housefly.

Whether writing something for self expression or writing a paper for work or school.

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And like the chase for a house fly, sometimes, what we need is a little passionate distraction. As his obsession becomes darker, he finds his life interwoven with that of a mysterious fortune teller with a secret of her own. An unsuspecting man falls into an otherworldly trap set by Crawford Tillinghast, a psychotic genius, in this spinetingling tale based on the classic short story by H. Cynthia Navarro paints with a similar brush. Faceless is a psychological thriller about an artist obsessed with the beauty of the human body and the unique manner in which she expresses her art.

When Murray was young, he was bitten by a wild dog. Since then, on full moons a beast within overcomes him. When his sister Stevie attempts to intervene, Murray turns on his own flesh. An innocent butterfly wants only on thing: a spot of green. But whatever the case, green is hard to find in a desert. And what little is there is more than likely to be man-made. Told via dueling timelines, Genesis Antipode is the story of Jeffrey and Rebecca, two polar opposites thrown together by the end of the world.

However an apocalyptic virus forces them to come to terms with each other. Sultry waitress Hazel is a balm to every males eyes and grist to their fantasies. Imagine you could navigate the corridors of your ancestral DNA. Imagine you could leave your body behind. Imagine you were David, for he was such a man!

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David is a time traveller, but time for David is running out. Stars Prunella Scales of Fawlty Towers. It is the most important thing in the world. Nothing as inconsequential as death is going to change her plans. Love, lust and lucha libre! Thomas and Vivvy appear to be happily married.

But the spark has begun to fade. So Thomas brings home a Mexican wrestling mask, to spice things up. But the game turns out to be very different than he expected. Heim What starts as a stupid journey into the desert becomes an even stupider journey into a surreal world of talking cars, Amish, evil cheerleaders, and thrilling violations of Zoning Board Code Our heroes hurtle through this strange adventure towards a showdown that could destroy humanity for all time.

But time is running out. Emotional storytelling and slick visuals combine with exciting martial arts action to make The Key a brutal beautiful love story. Emily wakes up to find herself in the middle of nowhere, chased by a group of complete lunatics for reasons beyond her comprehension. But her instincts kick in, and she fights to survive as she tries to make sense of the mess she has stumbled into. Thriller, USA, 21 min. Be afeared, mortals, as Thor encounters a store assistant and endures levels of customer service ill-fitting a Thunder God!

Flee, mortals, as the mighty one mocks your puny tool selection! Rejoice, mortals, as the Odin-Son is advised to upgrade to the very latest in state-ofthe-art power-tool engineering, and becomes forevermore, Thor - wielder of ImpactoPower A malevolent, African, mythological creature, the Mamtsotsi Bird, is called down from the thunder by witches to. Musa can feel something evil drawing closer. Little does she know that he has already consorted with evil to get rid of her.

With no precedent, they attempt to deal with the situation as best they can This animated horror-fantasy film uses delicately rendered blackand-white images and dark atmospheric music to evoke a mood of impending doom that hangs upon the unsuspecting inhabitants of a medieval castle who do not realize that sometimes, the dead are but lightly sleeping.

Before packaging and shipping, every thermometer must be tested to make sure that it functions properly and that the mercury rises. So, the metal doors open, the belts begin to move, and the thermometers march up to their inspection platforms. The meter lights turn on, and each awaits its fate. Animated Comedy, USA, 3 min. Christopher Weidner; Pro: Shawn Hunter A bride smiles at her husband, but her smile fades as reality begins to sink in and questions about their future begin to surface as doubt. Doubt turns to fear. Unfortunately some fears are more real than others.

Eniko has been orbiting the moon for far too long. She is fatigued from endless maintenance of her aging capsule, and plagued by nightmares of explosive decompression. When a malfunction forces her to perform a spacewalk, Eniko must pit her wits, her training, and her will to live against the fatal certainty of cold, hard vacuum. Science Fiction, USA, 12 min. A mad man sets off to fulfill his lifelong mission of vengeance on all mimes. Penetrating the mime lair, his years of both hatred and unwitting respect for the craft of mime, culminate in explosive mayhem. The mad man uses the one method the mimes are powerless against, the dark side of mime.

Looks, talent, intelligence, and a brand new contract as the Essence of Chicken Fragrance model. What more could a girl want? Problem is, her best friend Charlotte, and exboyfriend Jeremy become more angry the better her life gets. A tale of opportunity, envy, and reality. It seems like an ordinary day. Dad is experimenting in the lab, mom is at home boiling water, while sixyear-old Alex is playing around her. But this day is different. This day Dad brings something home.

And the next morning, Alex becomes invisible. Or is there another, darker, explanation? Thriller, Hungary, 30 min. Fearing a curse upon their home, they flee. Peace for the upstairs man? This documentary brings the lost art of pulp fiction magazines back to life, showing the unique art form unleashed on depression-era America. Publishers had to work to get cash strapped Americans to buy their magazines, so the covers were bold, audacious, and at times, controversial. A victim of the Spanish Inquisition is condemned, and sentenced to the dungeons to await his death. The man struggles to understand his quandary in order to find hope and faith, all the while discovering the fiendish machinations his captors employ to ratchet up the pressure in their efforts to unhinge him.

Animated Horror, Canada, 7 min. While working on his new Star Wars television series, George Lucas finds himself interrupted by Studio execs who think they know better than the creator himself how his show should go. The execs find that pitching Lucas might not be as good an idea as they thought, and not all ideas are good ones.

When a year old vampire, trapped in the body of a year-old girl, is diagnosed with manic depression, she seeks solace from prescription drugs, Bela Lugosi and the Grim Reaper. Are the visions clues to finding the truth? Is his deceased wife the only one to turn to for answers? Will he be able to understand what is happening to him?

David will eventually stumble upon the Reason. Their Jedi protector is getting old, and will soon be replaced by one of his two trainees. The other holds a dark secret could spell their doom. Science Fiction, USA, 59 min. In in the Deep South, a gravedigger steals a corpse to sell to the local medical college. Setting off in his horse-drawn wagon, he quickly realizes that the dead man has other plans.

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Newlyweds George and Anna check into a motel expecting a night of marital bliss. Once in the room, but instead find themselves haunted by manifestations of their parents. In , robots live and work among humans. Tensions rise at the workplace when John a robot writes Tom a poem for his birthday, and offense that could get John reprogrammed. When upper find out, Tom must either expose himself as a sympathizer, or live in an oppressive environment under the cloak of secrecy.

A childless alien couple just want a baby.

Singam 2 - Tamil Full Movie - Suriya - Anushka Shetty - Hansika Motwani - Devi Sri Prasad - Hari

Looking over all the possibilities, they choose a handsome astronaut to be their unknowing surrogate. The female makes herself look human and goes to him. But his romantic human ways sparks more than her maternal instincts. Horror Comedy, USA, 6 min. Lenore brutally murders her husband, dismembers his body, and conceals the pieces within a grotesque sculpture. And when Officer Morley questioned Lenore, she lost her composure.

What shattered her resolve? All we know for sure is that Lenore dissolved into a gibbering wreck, confessed, and remains stark raving mad to this day! Marty comes home to find his wife, Vivian She had hired a private investigator to spy on him. Now she has the evidence of his philandering.

When two women in a park both lay claim to the same child tempers flare and the fight is on. In the mean time there are evil people trying to kill him so that they may take over the world. A short-short, The Urge is a spoof, deflating the exaggerated horror behind old vampire movies. You might expect the vampire to leave his coffin so that he can commit heinous crimes, but this time, he has far more pressing things on his mind.

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  • Given Away, A Sicilian Upbringing: Winner of The Sons of Italy Literary Award, 2016!
  • Animated Comedy, Canada, 2 min Whore. A young woman is kidnapped by a violent stranger on orders from her husband, and brought to a sleazy New Jersey motel room. The husband is obsessed with vengeance for her past misdeed. But things are not what they seem, and the idea of abuse somehow overlaps love. He is, for lack of a better word, evil.

    What to do now? Luckily, she has the voice of Dr. Rackenport to instruct her. This documentary, which draws you into the comfortable era of poodle skirts and car hops, teaches Betty, and the viewer, the proper techniques of disposing a body. Uh-Oh: A Brief Encounter is a computer-animated short about a brief encounter on a notso-far away planet, told without dialogue and set to the music of the legendary Raymond Scott.

    Animated Comedy, USA, 2 min Rather, she did Witchwise is a swirling tale of horror, magic, murder, and vengeance. Slow and steady gets you fired! Rules, restrictions, guidelines, suggestions, commands, punishments, work work work.

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    Life in an Orwellian toy factory goes as planned. Well, it does until a young leverpuller sees a bright-eyed girl who works at the factory across the street. Relentlessly hilarious! Comedy, USA, 20 min. David is also a budding voice Wars universe; his sixteenth novel seventh Star Wars novel , Betrayal, came out in May, and his next, Exile, is due in February, He is also in postproductioin on Deadbacks, a low-budget horror movie he scripted and directed.

    Steven R. Addlesee teven R. Addlesee, 46, lives in his S hometown of Columbus, Georgia. He is a freelance professional comic artist and writer with an Associate of Science degree in Computer Information Systems. His first published credit was as a penciller of The Star Slayers 7 by Ultrazine. In , Steve achieved his first professional published credit as co-inker of Power Defense 1 by Miller Publishing. Steve has achieved over 65 published credits as an artist, cartoonist, columnist, illustrator, inker, letterer, and writer, and has inked over 1, pages.

    Richard L. Altstatt ichard L. Anderson has more than K sixteen million books in print in 30 languages. He has penned many popular. In , he set the Guinness World When not producing artwork, Chris likes to pass the time traveling with his family, watching old movies, or reading nonfiction. An avid hiker, Anderson dictates his fiction into a recorder while hiking. He is a member of the prestigious Explorers Club. He also, occasionally, stays home and writes. Angelique Armae ngelique Armae aka M. Her favorite toy was Emerald the Witch, a small doll with green eyes, green hair, and purple skin.

    Ankrum dubbed the voice of Scottish Actor Denis Lawson who. Award, and Word Weaving Award. When not writing, Angelique designs websites and book covers. She is the recipient and two-time nominee of the Dream Realm Award for best cover art. She enjoys traveling, learning about the ancient Celts, exploring history, and learning new languages. Angelique studied history and French literature at Skidmore College.

    Currently, she is tackling Gaelic Irish. One other acting highlight was when David had a chance to work with Jerry Lewis, who directed him in a film called Cracking Up.

    Comic Book Review: The Trials of Shazam! #1 - Comic Book Revolution

    Nationally recognized in the haunted house business, Ben has given seminars on haunted house design and operation at many Halloween and themed amusement conventions, and has been a featured writer in numerous haunt-related publications. He has also designed and acted as a consultant on haunts and other themed events around the nation.

    He has. Ben is also well known in haunt and convention circles as a twisted character actor and appears as many hideous creatures including werewolves, vampires, demons, and a certain mad scientist known as Dr. Chris is also known for his work in the field of computer game design, where he has provided concept art and graphics for several award-winning projects. His work in the computer gaming field can be seen on a number of titles, 20th Anniversary Edition. Other Dr. My only regret is that there wasn't a bit more in the last third of the book. I was hoping there might be one more scene showing that Isaac's health had improved.

    All in all a really captivating, compelling book with two incredibly 'lovely' MCs. Highly recommended! Shelves: disabilities-illnesses-scars , geeks-nerds , to-reread-definitely , favourite-couples-and-ships , favourite-characters , law-police-fire-army-pi , big-guy-small-guy , hurt-comfort , torture , sci-fi-futuristic-steampunk. Beautiful, beautiful story! With beautiful, romantic and brave MCs! First, I have to tell you that Katerina spoilt me!

    She did! Some of the most beautiful quotes I've read. My MCs were her MCs. Because those guys from the cover? So, really, Kat, thank you! For recommending this book to me and for your great review!!! I Beautiful, beautiful story! As for an "insta-love", "bonded mate" trope, it was incredibly romantic and it actually took our MCs quite some time to get close to each other, to trust each other and to accept that unconditional love that Turk has felt almost since the beginning but that Isaac has had to embrace. Poor Isaac, damaged Isaac, who had a really bad luck with his implant and his pilot career but who refused to be weak and sorry for himself.

    After his initial downfall he found his place in the crew of the Hermes. After Isaac finds Turk left alone to die in a spaceship cell - he has to act! The Hermes crew don't trust the huge man at the beginning but Isaac He feels something towards the scared, taciturn, a bit old-fashioned seeming warrior. I won't give away any more plot Just know that the world-building was exquisite - the planet of the Corzin was so different and detailed.

    The plot twist maybe was predictable but it gave this great story the speed and the suspense. And both MCs were just beautiful, inside and out. Highly recommended for all MM sci-fi fans! And Angel Martinez, you rock! It is one thing to write a good romance novel with strong likeable characters who draw you in and create a magical relationship between you the reader and the story. It is even more rare to find that story sparking your imagination and prompting you to dwell there, making the characters come alive as if they were a part of your life.

    You have been drawn into the novel in a way that is most satisfying! When you find an author who does a good job in this, they are worth their weight in gold. Howev It is one thing to write a good romance novel with strong likeable characters who draw you in and create a magical relationship between you the reader and the story.

    However, it is quite another thing altogether to not only write a good story but to also create the entire universe in which the story takes place. To develop language and customs, rituals and history so in depth that you feel as though you could easily slip into that alternate universe each time you open the book. Welcome to Gravitational Attraction by Angel Martinez.

    The story revolves around a discharged fleet pilot Isaac, who by virtue of a chip implant gone awry, will never again be able to pilot a fighter craft. His life now consists of his duties as a communications officer aboard a C-Courier ship--a commercial transport vessel. On mission they discover a ship in distress and onboard one survivor--a Corazin fighter named Turk. Now at this point I could go into several paragraphs describing what happens in this novel--and all of it would be fascinating and you would be awed by the depth to which Angel Martinez crafted her world and the characters in her novel.

    Suffice it to say that these two men endure countless hardships from the almost near death disruption and reprogramming of Isaac's chip which leaves him so physically wired that he can barely stand to be touched to the near fatal rescue Turk performs near the end of the novel when he must save his planet from destruction. Through it all the relationship between the two men blossoms and grows and is so incredibly sweet and poetic that you cannot help but fall in love with them yourself!

    Add on the most fascinating cast of side characters ever written and quite frankly you have a brilliant sci-fi novel that rivals the likes of Asimov and Bradbury. I really loved this book!! It was a wild romp from start to finish with a dash of love thrown in to satisfy the romantic within me!

    This is the first novel I have read by Angel Martinez but I assure you it will not be the last! Nov 30, M'rella rated it really liked it Shelves: contains-violence , year , species-aliens , contains-disability-injury-illness , g-sci-fi , contains-hurt-comfort , location-space-off-world , p-military , g-action-adventure , char-n-asian. Go figure :. Mar 18, T. The crew of the Hermes responds to a mysterious distress signal from a ship left drifting in space. It appears to be empty, but upon closer inspection there seems to be one possible life sign - a survivor. Isaac Ozawa, the ship's communication officer, and a team of others are sent to rescue whoever might be left alive and see if they can figure out what happened.

    What Isaac finds is a bloody mess throughout the ship, and one lone man locked in a holding cell. A giant of a man whom he coaxes out The crew of the Hermes responds to a mysterious distress signal from a ship left drifting in space. A giant of a man whom he coaxes out and into safety. A man who turns out to be a Drak'tar warrior named Turk. Isaac feels an immediate connection and attraction to the silent, traumatized man, and makes it his mission to provide comfort and solace. Because Isaac knows about being different, broken, and not fitting in.

    Once a promising pilot, his brain did not meld well with a high tech implant, and he was left with an untrustworthy body, his career gone. As the crew takes Turk to his original destination, Turk has secrets of his own that may prove dangerous for his new found friends. His own brain is valued by the military for it's potential, and he is committed, through his honor and word, to serve those who could cause harm to the man he now has fallen for - Isaac.

    Will Turk be able to maintain the honor of his people and keep Isaac safe? Are the secrets he holds enough to drive him and Isaac apart? Can he keep his love safe? Angel Martinez blew me the hell away with this inventive, beautifully crafted and well honed epic sci fi romance. She has it all here - characters that leap off the page and demand attention, a story line that grabbed me from the first page, and a world that is finely detailed and designed. Isaac is fantastic. A hero with a huge heart who has somehow found his way back after being broken physically and emotionally.

    His sense of self was so crushed with the failure of his dream to be a pilot, and then the slow loss of his relationship almost ruined him. But the strength of the man, his character and soul came shining through. And Turk is a revelation. A warrior, quiet and strong with a huge sense of honor and commitment.

    A man like him needs no one. And yet. He bonds so quickly with Isaac, allowing him to be the strength and support he needs, then returning it when Isaac is in need. Such a gentle-hearted giant, and so sincere in his love and giving. Martinez really astounded me with this book. The whole of it spoke to me, shouting and demanding to be heard and enjoyed. I could not put it down, and read late into the night to finish it and still wanted more.

    The action, the romance, the sheer sense of adventure, fun and exhilaration had me remembering back to how I felt when I saw the first "Star Wars" movie in Such innovation and excitement - it made my blood run hot and my heart beat faster. Thanks for bringing that back to me, Ms. I love that "Holy Hell" feeling of amazement. One of the best books of this year.

    Any year. Welp, this started out well enough with the tension and characters with individual personalities, including humor and appropriate for the moment seriousness. The humor remained, as well as the characters, but not much of the tension, at least not for me. I think this is mostly due to the endearments and light-hearted dialogue during many of the heavier, action or battle scenes.

    This tended to dilute the density that should have been there. The writing style is smooth, I like it and felt comfortab Welp, this started out well enough with the tension and characters with individual personalities, including humor and appropriate for the moment seriousness. The writing style is smooth, I like it and felt comfortable and glided on through it. I would probably read something else by this author because of that.

    As for the story, I would call it ok but not entirely memorable. There is creativity with the place and people names, as well as the words spoken in one of the character's 'foreign' languages. I pretty much had to come up with my own pronunciations for it all. I don't mind doing that, especially if the words appear regularly, which allows me to more easily remember how I did decide to pronounce them. The connection and resulting relationship between Isaac and Turk didn't completely grab me. I didn't become invested fully. They're sweet and kind and sort of hot. It felt like the surface gestures overwhelmed the deeper feelings, so that when the emotion needed to exert itself in the story, it lost some of its impact.

    The plotting and structure make sense, nothing felt illogical. This, along with the writing style, would encourage me to read more by this author as I stated up there. For me, the more interesting coupling comes from Rand and Travis, two supporting characters that eventually realize and allow themselves to act upon that realization of their attraction. This book is too long to be considered a comfort read, along with the other reasons stated. It is an enjoyable romp of fluff in space, with some fun detail and a good level of creativity.

    View all 9 comments. Shelves: military , didn-t-love , in-sickness-in-health , paranormal , science-fiction , this-is-what-i-call-true-love , kids-and-family-stuff , injured-mc , sweet , insta-love. This was an interested sci-fi read. It's wasn't my typical read, so it was a bit strange in the beginning, but I was soon enthralled by the story. The book won't be for everyone, but I think fans of science fiction and aliens will love this. People who enjoy reading sweet romances and can read anything will love this book.

    The couple were really sweet together, sometimes I was confused when Isaac would get snarky with Turk, and be all lovey dovey at the same time. If you can get past the insta-lo This was an interested sci-fi read. If you can get past the insta-love, it will be a great story for most. I don't have an issue with insta-love - in fact I love reading books with insta-love - but for some it can be an issue. Both MC's had their issues which helped their connection.

    The bond they had was definitely a huge bonus to the story. The endearments were sweet, too. I swooned a bit when Turk would call Isaac "my heart". I'm just a big sap for that sort of thing. The space jargon was an issue for me. My problem, I think, was that I don't normally read this type of book. I don't watch sci-fi shows, so things can confuse me slightly. But even when I was confused by things - especially the whole women thing - I never stopped enjoying the read. In all honesty, it was a great sci-fi experience. Another tiny issue I had was the names There were a lot of names at times and my poor tiny brain couldn't process all of them.

    Perhaps, if they had been more common names, I would have had an easier time. But some of them slipped my mind and I had to look back to try and remember who the person was That was probably just me, though. I really enjoyed the book, and I am glad Marc recommended it to me. For fans of the genre, it is a fabulous read.

    Aug 29, Elena rated it really liked it Shelves: m-m , lgbtqia , 4-stars , sci-fi , pub-dsp , aliens , abuse , read-and-reread. Angel Martinez builds a fascinating world in this book. The writing was very good and the storyline well developed. The fact that they were adorable together helped, too. He's the classic strong hero and somehow managed to project his strength even in his most vulnerable moments.

    I loved everything from the writing style, creative plot and all of the characters from the main characters to the lessor characters who all still had huge roles throughout this fantastic novel. For me it was just one of those books you just didn't want to end. When Issac Ozawa, who's been honourably discharged from the military as fighter pilot, due to a botched eye implant enhancement, finally finds work on a intergalactic trade vessel the Hermes.

    There ship encounters a vessel deep in dead space and proceeds to check it out. Even though there is not a single life signature and it's predominately a prisoner transfer ship, not all prison cells can be scanned properly for signs of life. They know they need to get inside to check it out properly just incase there is someone stuck in their cell. Isaac is sent to check it out alone. What they find inside is horrendous, a race of scavengers that slaughter every living thing in sight has attacked, and even though Issac was the one to breach the hull and send in a remote bot he knows he has to go back with the crew because he found a lone survivor just before his implant goes haywire and passes out as a migraine hits.

    What they find in the cell is a lone survivor, a gigantic man from an almost mythical race of humans to some. They are known of and documented but extremely rare and rarely seen. He is a mess, and lashes out from his ordeal, completely freaked out by what has happened to him, but when they find out where he need to be delivered it's too late. Issac is compelled to this beautiful gentle giant and the gentle giant wants Issac, needs him to help keep him grounded from the horrors and to reality. Once docked where he was supposed to arrive 2 weeks late, he is indeed greeted by the ENSO Military but not all is as it seems.

    This is literally the beginnings of an amazing sci-fi that launches from this point to secrets and lies and a beautiful race of people who protect a hidden race and the fight to do the right thing. It's a very fast paced, action packed ride that careens through the universe at break neck speed. I need more!!!!! View all 4 comments.

    Nov 03, Eugenia rated it liked it. I had such high hopes for this book, after all, it ticks all my boxes: sci-fi, aliens, soul-mates. But it was a bit of a dud due to the uninspired writing. This was a bit of insta-everything: love, alien-species acceptance, war, peace, etc. The world building was intriguing, but the writing didn't support it. What bothered me most was the dialogue: it felt so urbane in such an alien setting that it kept throwing me out of the story. I won't go into details, but I just wanted more from this book.

    I I had such high hopes for this book, after all, it ticks all my boxes: sci-fi, aliens, soul-mates. I liked it, but it felt rushed and superficial. I'm still interested in the world created, though, so that must count for something. Jul 21, Serena Yates rated it it was amazing Shelves: science-fiction , alien-species , gay. The combination of a fascinating view of a potential future and a hot romance between two men whom I quickly grew to care for was as spell-binding as the world they live in.

    Comic Book Revolution

    Isaac is a communications officer with a problem: a malfunctioning b Wow! I'm really behind when it comes to Spidey and more mainstream comics though. X3 good luck with it by the way X3 wait wait booty? XD and thank god i found those mechanical pencils like yours! So, thought of getting something on medieval people? Or maybe you're aiming more for a Renaissance feel Since you bought a book about castles, it'd be a nice complement. And since you got a book specificaly about pirates, it'd help drown out tha accusations of Grand Hunter being One Piece with Sonic characters.

    Elson please tell me the exact names of those books with their autors and all!!! They look so amazing o. I will be forever grateful xD Nice comics also Spiderman rocks!!! They're definetly very useful books - I've browsed through them all and I'm happy I got them. Gotten some Spider-Man, too, eh? Well, his comic stories haven't been too great lately. Though I do look forward to that one upcoming issue with Deadpool in it, especially since it's written by Joe Kelly, who made Deadpool the very same guy we all love, despite being a Rob Liefeld Creation! Oh yes. I still have that noted down in the lists of recommendations.

    I will buy that comic series eventually in Graphic novel form!!! Though your reasoning makes so much sense! Which means Chaotix! Loving the Archie comics too Elson, you're actually ahead of me cos' I need to go pick up my reserved copies XD Nice work on Dawn of mobius so far as well, I can see that reference art is very important for artists, learned that from watching your journals recently. The design of the chars is simple but attractive! That's like one of the best JAP cartoon creations I've ever seen in ages!! XD Thank you so much for that link!

    I may be inspired to draw some fanart and study it's style! Looks like you're having fun, Elson And you're right, it's not fair for the guys in the United States being two issues ahead of us it happens to me in Europe, so, we're in the same boat, you and I. Anyway, I think this new story arc reggarding our favourite echidna will be something alright. Eggman in custody and he's nuts As for Spider-Man, well I think the latest story arcs have been pretty good, but nowadays i'm more eager to read the "Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man" because Peter and Gwen are dating still I support Peter x Mary Jane couple, just so you know.

    Keep it up! I'd say you and Knuckles are twins. Minus the comic books You're really making a very interesting collection of reference books for your works! Morikun Featured By Owner Nov 18, Aww, I was gonna say crabs! Prev 1 2 Next. Thank you to all the fans and creatives who have been following and supporting this character driven series and given feedback on our previous episode! As soon as I get back I'll work on it full time and have it ready by mid-June which is Summer time over in North America.

    We'd really appreciate more viewership and feedback on how we do as voice actors and producers of motion comics content! Love, Elson Wong Creator of Edenspell. Loves visual artistry, food, travel, and. Post your demo reels here for review!! Previous episode was posted 3 months ago and is reaching 10K views! Edenspell - the Official Twitter account! Raffle to win a Character Bust Sketch! We already have 25 followers since posting the announcement of this Twitter account - that's amazing!

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    People may wonder why not make a Patreon or an official website in posting content updates? The answer to that is - we plan to but it's not the right time to do so. Keep in touch and I wish you all a safe, positive and Happy New Year! The Formula to Paradoxes Apparently it was all part of the plan My deviantART subscription is almost up!

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