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These questions should be pondered, the answers you give may change your outlook on life How do you know if you're holding a subconscious grudge against someone? This article can help sort out your feelings. King Solomon decided to send his servant to find a magical ring.

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A story with an important message about happiness and coping. Let this inspiring poem remind you that life can change in an instant. Take a look. Whether or not you're a superstitious person, read about these 16 unbelievable superstitions from around the world, it's very entertaining! These 8 Biblical quotes are able to offer both encouragement and hope to anybody, no matter what their spiritual beliefs are.

Most of us often feel that our self-belief is disappearing and that incompetence surrounds our lives, but thanks to these 8 tips you can restore it! How different cultures view happiness and how to achieve it. Did you know that there are many body parts that can actually give off messages regarding our personalities?

Learn what the Karpman Triangle is and how it may be harming your family's relationship with each other Everyone wants to seem more attractive, not only to find a partner but also to impress others, and now you can be without changing your outer appearance! Contrary to popular belief, character traits are something that can be improved and adopted. The following 7 will make your personality much stronger! Older age comes with a series of hardships, some of which are minor but disturbing, and some of which are very significant..

Stone Thomas gives a beautiful little story that teaches us some life lessons. We all crave a romantic type of love.

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But which type of love do you have? There are a variety of tips for dealing with criticism from the environment, but what happens when our biggest critic is ourselves? Read on to find out The art of palm reading considered one of the oldest mystical arts in the world.

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Get to know yourself and others with the help of this simple guide! If you love reading tales or stories that have a moral at the end, then we have got one heck of a treat in store for you! Does the idea of death scare you? This guide will explain what will help you through your fears. Send a motivational greeting to a dear friend in need.

Selfishness has a bad name, and rightly so, but maybe not always. There are cases, like the following 9, where behavior considered "selfish" is actually not Learn to achieve balance in your life and get the inspiration you need from these quotes. These 7 sentences represent ten thoughts that can be taken to deeper levels To return Click Here. Instead of manually entering the email addresses you want to send to each and every time, you can now create your own personalized contact list that will be available for you to use any time you want to share one of our posts with your friends and family.

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Print this content. You may also like: Spirituality These Greek Philosophy Quotes Can Really Make a Difference The Greeks cultivated a great philosophical tradition the resulted in some amazing insights into right living.

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Spirituality This Beautiful Chinese Myth Teaches Us a Lesson about Love Get entranced by the magical world of Chinese folklore in a heartwarming tale of an immortal mythical white snake and a herbalist Greeting cards you may like to send:. The river of life is constantly bringing you ideas, people, situations - each one is an opportunity to be enriched or to enrich others, and to learn.

Change is the play of the universe as it entertains us in the biggest light and sound show of all time. Spirituality is not a luxury, something for people who have nothing else to do but sit around and meditate. In fact, it is the lack of spirituality in daily life that is causing the breakdown and destruction of our planet and our civilisation. As we restore spirituality we can find methods of working together to create better selves and a better world.

Thus we can see, looking at our global relationships, that spirituality is an integral part of life. While listening to news of this world filled with sorrow, with your stable intellect, give vibrations of happiness and peace to the peaceless and unhappy souls. The great enemy of peace is ego. Ego makes you judge others and think about them in an unkind way.

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  • It makes you force others to do what you want. In this way you forget you are a student and that you are here to learn.

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    Instead of learning, if you start giving advice, telling people what they should do and trying to change them,you are forgetting an important lesson in life. You can only change yourself not others. Worries are an excuse for not doing what you really have to be doing. With worry no problem can be resolved.

    Focus your attention on the present, act with initiative and the understanding that being calm and free from worry is far more effective. Read More. Get a swimsuit on sale in the clearance section at Swimsuitsforall. Get yours today! This means that if you click through them and make a purchase, IWW will be paid a small fee for referring you. It can take everything you have inside of us to do it, but oh, it feels so much better when we do.

    I am learning our imaginations can be much worse than reality. So many verses are popping into my head…. We have much better days ahead of us, friend. And still so much to celebrate right now. Thanks so much for being here, friend. Great post. This book looks interesting. I am guilty of negative thoughts. Just this morning I was dwelling on something that happened 40 years ago. I think most of us are at times, Kathy. Oh, the book is sooooo good. It was too much to try and read it quickly.

    61 Quotes That Will Make You Feel Beautiful

    But, oh my word, it spoke to me in such big ways. I was going through a lot of old things in my head as I was reading it causing me to deal with things as I began to see things more clearly. It just blew me away. I might just be slow, but it was definitely a book that I had to read slowly. I felt it was partly because it was so deep, and I was dealing with so much while I was reading it, and it is also some pretty big stuff. Some places I had to read quite a few times to fully grasp what she was saying, but it is so worth it to take the time with it like that.

    I just love her for writing this. I have been working so hard on controlling my negative thoughts. I can take one small piece of negativity and spin it into the worst case scenario. I have definitely found that taking 15 minutes in the morning for devotionals helps me set a positive path for the day. Great post! Oh, wow. I know what you mean, Lana I was just saying in another comment that my imagination is almost always worse than the reality.

    It makes no good sense whatsoever for us to do this. That is wonderful the devotional time in the morning is helping you.

    Beautiful Thoughts to Ponder

    I do mine at night. I actually tend to fall asleep listening to CDs. It is such a peaceful way to fall asleep. I read some throughout the day, but I love my devotional time in the evening listening to CDs. I have a lot, but it is not uncommon for me to listen to the same one for a month. I will love listening to it every time. It started out as 30 day challenge, but I think I might be doing this one for the rest of my life.

    I still have difficult times, but I have come so far. That is what I try to measure my progress by and not by my bad days. It is a constant struggle. We can lift each other up and cheer each other on. Hi Topaz!